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Aer Lingus Facts

About Aer Lingus
1) Aer Lingus began operations in the year 1936.
2) The airline is national carrier of Ireland.
3) Presently, Aer Lingus operated flights to some 80 destinations.
4) International destinations served include US, UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, among others.
5) Flights are operated from its main hub at Dublin. Other hubs include Belfast, Cork, London Gatwick and Shannon.
6) The frequent flier programme of Aer Lingus is named “Gold Circle Club”.
7) Aer Lingus has codeshare agreements with United, KLM, British Airways, and Jetblue.
8) The airline has a fleet of close to 50 aircraft.
9) As of 2010, the airline employed some 4,000 people.

Aer Lingus Customer Service
1) Aer Lingus is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.
2) The customer service of Aer Lingus can be reached at 0818 365044 (within Ireland) or +353 818 365 044 (international). If calling from US, dial 1 516 622 4226.
3) To reach the Aer Lingus customer service through email, write to
4) To report lost or missing baggage occurred during your flight with Aer Lingus, call baggage department at 0818 365 888. To reach the baggage department through email, write to
5) For information on Gold Circle Club frequent flier programme or to request for credit of miles, call 0818 365900. To reach the Gold Circle customer service through email, write to or

There are several ways of reaching the Aer Lingus customer service. One is by their customer support telephone helpline, the other is by emailing the airline, and the third is by writing a post to the head office or branch. Even if none of this works, we are here to hear you and forward your valuable comments.

Some of the common complaints consumers can have when flying with Aer Lingus include reschedule or cancellation of existing booking, ticket refunds, lost/missing or damaged baggage, poor customer service, credit of frequent flier miles, or delays in flight timings. If neither calling nor writing helped in addressing your problems, post it on our consumer board here.

Besides posting your complaints on Aer Lingus, the also gives you the opportunity to review the airline. Your valuable reviews and ratings shall judge the service of Aer Lingus overall – whether quality, customer service or value.

  1. In January I booked a flight with Aer Lingus to travel to Dublin in April. In the space of 2 weeks there were 2 scheduled changes such that the flight time was pushed back over 2 hours. It became unfeasible for me to take this flight and as such I telephoned customer services to make a cancellation. I was informed that a refund would be processed within 28 days. 60 days later I have yet to be reimbursed, having twice contacted the airline to be told on both occasions that my refund would be expedited. This still hasn’t happened.

  2. Six months ago now, on a flight from Boston to Dublin, I I had booked a gluten-free meal (I’m coeliac), but was served a regular bread roll. I won’t detail the effects in polite company! But it left me sick and in pain for several days, and made for the most uncomfortable and embarrassing flight of my life.

    When my wife alerted in-flight staff to the mistake, the flight attendant who served the meal was rude.

    Six months later and I have three automatically generated reference numbers but have had no contact from Aer Lingus. Six months and not a word.

    Disgraceful. I am ashamed to have them as my national airline.

  3. I am writing to bring to your attention the fact that I received extremely poor customer service during my flight and rearranging a subsequent missed flight.

    Myself and my mother had planned to travel from Dublin to Calgary via London Heathrow on 1st February 2016. This was to visit my sister in Canada who has gave birth to my new niece in January.

    · Our initial flight from Dublin to London Heathrow Terminal 2 was delayed due to weather conditions.
    · When we landed the Aer Lingus staff on board advised us to travel to Heathrow Terminal 5 to discuss options with BA attendants at their customer service desk.
    · We took the bus to Terminal 5 only to be told we were too late for our flight and informed by the BA attendant that this should have been dealt with by Aer Lingus at Terminal 2.
    · We then had to take a bus back again to terminal 2 to the Aer Lingus customer services desk.
    · We were booked onto a new flight and told by your employee it was departing from Terminal 5.
    · We took the train back again to Terminal 5 but our flight was actually departing from Terminal 3, this caused us to miss our second flight to Calgary via Vancouver.
    · We then had to take the train back again to terminal 2 to the Aer Lingus customer services desk for a second time.
    · After explaining our issue it was extremely disheartening that your employee that made this mistake didn’t even apologise and I am concerned with the lack of remorse I received from your staff member.
    · We have now been booked on a flight to Calgary to depart on 2nd February with Air Canada but this has caused us to miss a day in Canada with my sister and newly born niece.

    I requested a gesture for the misfortune caused by your employee only to be given a £7 voucher for food in the airport. We were also provided with accommodation at the Ibis hotel only to find that our choice of meals was from a limited dinner menu which I feel was more suited to a children’s menu.

    I am a regular customer with your airline, and I have never had any problems with you in the past. While I am relatively certain this does not happen often, I am still concerned about the fact that your employee did not seem regretful and did not even apologise. I believe we would qualify for a more significant gesture from your airline in exchange for the terrible day we have had an awful beginning to our holiday.

    I hope to hear back from you about this incident in the next week.

  4. My friend and I missed our flight by ten minutes from Ireland to the usa. I understand there has to be a fee, but 150 euros which is 170 us dollars is outrageous. On top of that is what the gps Dan Dooley rent a car gave us that got us lost the whole trip and didn’t get us to the airport on time. Then when we got to the airport it took us driving around three times in the same spot and having to ask someone for help. We were running late so we parked it in a spot not Dan Dooley. I’m not asking for all of my money back, even though I allotted an hour extra for this type of thing, but some sort of negotiation should be worked out.

  5. My Flight E12243 was scheduled to depart from Gatwick via Dublin at 21.55 on 3rd January 2016.

    I could not have prepared myself for what was a most stressful experience which was to follow
    when I entered GATE 14 on that ‘never to be forgotten’ evening.

    I proceeded to boarding at APP:21.35,moving along with so many other people,documentation
    in hand until I arrived at’check in desk’.

    Here I was confronted by a rather dour faced Lady who was doing her upmost to not make eye
    contact.She noted document details and proceeded to enter data into Computer. Message response was “PASSENGER NOT FOUND” I was then with a dismissive hand gesture directed to a section at the rear of Check In to await as I understood the ‘Superviser’.

    I was most anxious to say the very least as my flight was to depart at 21.55. After what seemed
    like an eternity the ‘Supervisor’ finally arrived. There was no attempt to emphathise.Her attitude
    was not engaging and reasuring.She asked what I considered to be bizarre non relevant quest-
    ions like…what purchases I had made before going through Security and did I have any ID other
    than my Driving Licence.I asked her repeatedly to explain why I was not on record for Flight E1-
    2243,but my questions were ignored.I became more and more anxious as I feared that I would
    miss my Flight.

    Finally I was ‘told’ to proceed through to departures with no explanation given for error.

    I was aware of so many people taking in what was an ‘enterogation of sorts’ as they passed through Check In.

    I am a person approaching 72Years, and on medication. This was the most difficult travel for me.

  6. Flight EI 129 Dublin to Toronto 26th Dec 2015.
    From start to finish one of the worst flight experiences of my life, flying for business and pleasure for decades. I do not expect anything to happen with this complaint as Aer Lingus think they are above reproach. Any complaint is not taken seriously. It is a competitive market and it is time to stand up and be counted.
    1. Ground Check-in staff accused me of skipping the line when I had been in line and directed to check-in desk by one of Aer Lingus Staff. After stating my case, finally I got checked in and had no check-in luggage.
    2. Terminal 2 was busy but the restaurant area were piled high with food trash which was so unhygienic.
    3. Gate staff were unfriendly and when asked about customs in Toronto could not give an answer. If you are working a route one would think you should know a few details about the route. A little in- service education might help here.
    4. The plane had a musty smell of urine. This might be due to the fact the toilets were poorly maintained. Disgusting assault on anyone for 7 hours flight time.
    5. I had to valet check my hand luggage as the plane had smaller over head bins than normal Trans-Atlantic bins. I was assured that my 1 piece of hand luggage would be available to me at the bridge outside the plane. This did not happen. It got checked to main checked luggage. I had to claim it at baggage claim which disrupted my travel plans. That’s the whole idea of traveling with hand luggage to avoid this step of the process. The crew apologized but presumed I had checked luggage and talked about me in hear shot as we entered the baggage claim hall. Very unprofessional approach. I had onwards flights. I know the Canadian route well and was treated as if I did not know what I was doing. Far from the case. The head of cabin was a person called “Michael”. He needs to direct his staff in a better way as lead flight attendant.
    This crew on this day, need some customer service in-service to make them more professional.
    6. Flight staff had a “Careless” attitude. Drinks were serviced with 40 mins between meal service. The flight attendant forgot to give my row a meal and by the time he returned we were serviced a dried up meal without full content of the tray. A sandwich would have been better.
    The whole experience is my worst flying with Aer Lingus. The US flights are managed better with better staff. I travel the Trans-Atlantic route very 6 weeks and had started to gravitate back to Aer Lingus but this has seriously changed my mind.
    I am Irish living in the USA now and it saddened me to see the airline deteriorate so much. Once Aer Lingus was world class but not anymore.
    Please remember this is a competitive market and you can loose custom very quickly.
    Denise Davies. 27/12/15.

  7. On December 2nd 2015 my wife and I were flying home from Ireland the flight was a disaster for the price of the tickets you would think the seats would be more comfortable my dog wouldn’t eat the food they serve. Aer lingus is really taking advantage of the Irish citizens in a tourist that want to fight Ireland what do you don’t want to serve The people that fly there airlines It’s Jessica read and it’s a shame because no other airline it’s nonstop to Ireland

  8. I wish to complain about the lack of food and beverages on Aer lingus flight EI 0463 on 13 Sep 2015 from Catania to Dublin. The cabin crew on board apologised but indicated it is a regular feature on Sunday flights late in the evening,due to refreshments only loaded on board at the start of the day. Not good enough—Ryanair is now reaping the rewards of treating its customers with more respect!

  9. I have rang and emailed several times about a voucher I purchased on the 24 of December 2014 for a Christmas gift to my partner, even though I gave email addresses, contact details, terminal no of purchases on my bank statement, there isn’t anyone dealing with this and therefore I have to send this matter to the manager if not solved.. I fly with aerlingus & so does my partner, this is appalling services.. Regards Rebecca.

  10. On Aug 1 2014 I was upgraded to business class for my flight on Aug 5 2014. When i went to get my boarding card nobody could figure how to give me a pass. After 45 minutes they gave me a temporary pass with no baggage check. When i went to board they had my pass at the gate two and a half hours later with my baggage check. When I arrived in SNN my baggage was in NY. I
    was told my baggage would be sent the first thing in the morning. The baggage did not arrive till 11.30 am I had to change my travel plans. Tried to call the baggage tracing office what a joke.

  11. I flew Aer Linguis on June 25, 2014. It is usually a good flight. However, my bag disappeared en route from BRS/DUB? The bag was not photographed as I entered US Preclearance. The agents lied saying it was on the plane. I have waited four days now……no word or support. Emails, faxes, phone calls….all….no answer. This is terrible. This is the worst airline for customer service!!!!!

  12. Flew on an Aer Lingus flight from JFK to Dublin (flight 104) on May 10th 2013, the flight attendant crew were rude, discriminatory, unprofessional and racist. Would not recommend this airline

  13. My 10 month old son got tonsillitis in Ireland and we were advised by his doctor not to fly him back to the USA until today we were fined $280 for this even though there were empty seats on the plane.
    In the past my wife and I had to pay almost 4 times the price for plane tickets to attend 2 family funerals ,This is Aer Lingus’s version of compassionate airfare and yet again in both instances there were empty seats on the plane.This is wrong!!!!!

  14. This was my / our first experience of flying with Aer Lingus.

    On the return flight from the Irish Republic – EI814, we were delayed by approx. 30 minutes with the plane finally arriving in Gatwick approx.10;55 instead of 10;25. There was a significant delay, as we then had to train travel to Harlington, Bedfordshire.

    There were noisy wing flap sounds on the aircraft, taking off and landing which were very concerning and which I have not heard on other flights. Like a loud crunching sound as they moved.

    During the plane landing / taxi on the return flight, there was a very high pitched sound on / in the plane like an alarm sounding which continued for approx. 5 minutes. This then sounded again as people got off the plane.

    I think these sounds should be investigated re health & safety / hazards. Regarding the lateness, I am very disappointed. Cheaper competitors don’t have these issues and I did not expect this as I/we paid more for the Aer Lingus service.

    My faith in Aer Lingus’s reputation has been damaged. What can you do to restore this ?
    I would like to hear from an Aer Lingus representative re my concerns.

  15. My husband and I booked a trip on AL from Seattle to Dublin. As it turned out, my Uncle was going to be on business in Seattle returning to Dublin on the 23rd so we changed our flight in order to travel together. I contacted Expedia and they warned me we would have to pay a penalty ($150 each) plus whatever extra fare was due. The change in dates actually dropped the cost of each ticket by $75.00. Low and behold, AL doesn’t REFUND for a cheaper ticket, they just CHARGE for a more expensive one. Go ahead AL, keep our $150.00. It appears from what I’ve read you need it more than we do.

  16. It has been a very rare event traveling internationally that I have encountered the perfect storm of incompetence and destruction, but Aer Lingus and Jet Blue have more than met these criteria.

    It was a simple trip, Washington D.C. to Boston, to Dublin, and back to Washington D.C. through New York (IAD) two weeks later. I have travelled to 57 nations on six continents but this tops them all. In summary:

     With flights delayed June 22nd across the East Coast that afternoon for three or more hours by storms and horrendous weather, you did not wait one minute for me to get on my Boston connecting flight to Dublin. (Jet Blue 688 and Aer Lingus 138). I had left 4.5 hours between flights just in case and it came down to the last minute!

     Returning from Dublin, you failed to photograph my second bag placing me essentially in a holding cell until my bags could be found only a minute or two before the flight’s departure to NYC (EI 0105). I arrived and checked into Aer Lingus just shy of 3.0 hours before the flight – just in case and again met a full scale crisis of ineptitude.

     You destroyed my golf bag, ripped it apart – beyond repair on the return flight – (value appx. $85.00).

     You destroyed the contents of my second bag, damaging clothes and electrical equipment including a camera and electrical converter. I paid $60.00 extra for this bag’s shipment.

    Now for some specifics: On the 22nd of June, I boarded Jet Blue flight 688 for Boston in plenty of time for its scheduled takeoff at 02:45 p.m. (confirmation #UGAMA). Thunder and hail storms swept the East Coast and we sat on the plane for three hours waiting to see if we would ever takeoff. We did not take off until appx. 7:10 arriving in Boston around 08:20. I am under medical treatment for an infected toe, and called ahead for wheel chair assistance.

    You, Jet Blue ad Aer Lingus both knew several connecting flights were delayed, but you did nothing to consider the concerns of others. Fortunately for me, I had an Ethiopian chair assistant and we ran from terminal to terminal, and through all the security and got to the gate as you were closing it….right on time and with no consideration for me or others. I made it but only because I was in a wheelchair and I paid the fellow $20 to get me there. I was the last person on the plane that took off timely (Aer Lingus flight 138) at 08:50 pm for Dublin. Total for this flight (plus insurance – Allianz Policy EUSP2031856061 for $80.00) – Appx $780.00

    What happened to communication between your two airlines, what happened to others who would have to wait a day for a next flight because of your lack of customer service?

    Coming back was worse, much worse. (Flight confirmation BSYKIE) I had two bags going both ways. I paid a fee of $60.00 for my second personal bag – each way, my golf bag as my first bag. (receipt attached).

    You failed to photograph both bags. I arrived for check in at 07:50 for a 10:45 flight (EI0105 – this flight Aer Lingus cost $769.70 for a one way ticket because I was not sure if or when I could go or come back from Ireland for health reasons.)
    So my total cost for this incredible trip was $780 plus $60 plus $769 plus $60 or $1,669 – with hell to pay.

    My un-photographed for security missing bag had my medicines in it. I am a Cancer patient as well as having an infected toe. When time passed and it became clear my medicine was missing, I began to lose my emotions. Finally, both bags appeared, and I was again either the last person or next to last person to take off on this flight…not knowing if the bags I had just seen would be placed on the flight.

    Well, the good news is they were placed on the flight, the bad was the golf bag was totally destroyed, and the inner contents of my personal bag (some salts in a strong protective plastic container) were crushed with total damage to an electrical converter and damage to my Kodak digital camera that I am having repaired.

    When I finally saw my two bags at the “holding cell” for security in Dublin, the security agent then gave me the wrong passport and tickets. I left my valise in the holding cell, amidst the confusion and last minute desire to make the flight. I remembered it, and that I was missing a follow-on flight boarding pass, and was told “go speak to the airlines.”

    I went back to the holding cell area, found my valise, and found both the correct passport and both boarding passes. U.S. Customs was to blame for this mix-up but you caused the problem.

    This was a mess, and the mess was caused by Jet Blue and more immediately Aer Lingus. You did nothing on the flight going to insure that I would make it and worse yet on the flight home, and then put me in the middle seat on an aisle in the back that does not recline. Yes, there was a nice chicken and rice dinner and I truly love Ireland. I imagine you would like it if everyone does.

    Perhaps you may wish to share this letter with your colleagues, or your Board of Directors. Regardless of how you address my concerns these are important issues for all travelers in the future on Jet Blue and Aer Lingus.

    What shall you do to make it right?

  17. I booked return flights to Paris a few months back as a treat for myself and my pregnant partner. Little did we know then that our baby was going to be born with a very serious and rare heart condition called hlhs. She needs a series of operations and maybe a transplant and her second operation is due around the time we are due to fly, therefore leaving us unable to fly. Only to Aer Lingus it is not fair to cancel our flights and get a refund or at the very least a voucher to the same value. If I cancel, I will get 35 euro back, less than a tenth of what I paid and to postpone it will cost more than what I’ve paid originally.
    I wouldnt mind if they took 35 euro for costs but to charge me nearly 400 to cancel when obviously I have enough on my plate with a very sick child at home is disgusting. I hope you are proud of yourselves!

  18. I booked a return flight this morning for myself and my wife to Dublin from Blackpool and realised approximately one hour later that I had given the wrong dates.
    I then rebooked the flights immediately but was charged an additional £140.00 just over £5.00 less than the original cost of the flight. The booking was done on the internet.
    How can you possibly justify such a charge?

  19. my husband myself and our 2 children flew with Aer Lingus to Lanzaroti, Monday 25 June (flight no 28tylj). The flight was perfect but we had to suddenly reschedule as my sister cathy was going to die. She had been sick but had been given a lot more time. The next morning i tried to get flights home, we were quoted 540 euro for 4 tickets so i called home to tell them i was coming. When i called back with my credit card i was told that the flights were incorrectly quoted and we had to pay almost double that price so we didnt have enough money my husband had to call home and get his work partner to get my husband’s work credit card to pay. I am disgustd with Aer Lingus.. the person who quoted me should have honoured his first quote..we were told the insurance would cover all or some of the cost and they didnt cover any of it so we got the 20 40 flight on friday 28tylj and my poor sister passed away at 11: 20 that evening at James Hospital in the victor singe ward. I didnt even make it back to see her. I feel we should be reimbursed. It is not fair at all.

  20. My daughter was going to Camp America on sat 9th June 2012, she was flying from Belfast international to Heathrow and then changing terminals to fly on to Washington. When arriving at the check in Belfast, she was told her bag was too heavy, it was 23kg, the instructions from Camp America said she was allowed 23kg, the very rude and bad mannered woman on the check in desk said its too heavy you need to take stuff out. These instructions were followed, i went over to assist my daughter, i found the woman to be most unfriendly, disinterested and unhelpful, whereas the lady on the other check in desk was very pleasant. it is no wonder the tourist industry in the north if Ireland is the poor with people with an attitude working in the airports. we were very annoyed by the treatment my daughter got in the airport just not good enough very poor customer relation skills, if she doesn’t enjoy her work then change jobs.

  21. Myself and seven golfing friends travelled from Belfast to Malaga on Aer Lingus Airbus 319 recently and were disgusted with the lack of seat leg room. When we complained we were told that extra legroom was available at extra cost. When we booked our flights we expected to have seats that we could sit in with reasonable comfort. We agree that from now on our trips will be with Easyjet.

  22. Aer Lingus charged more than it would have cost to book a seat for a person for my granddaughter’s luggage. I am stuck with a bill for $437.98 for excess luggage weight billed on 4/27/2012 for a flight from Rome to Dublin. The ticket was 156.00 for the flight. This is abuse and should not be tolerated by consumers. AL response to me was that was policy. I won’t ever fly them again. The charge was for a study abroad student’s books that were in her suitcase. My granddaughter learned a valuable lesson and I hope one day she has the money to repay me. In the mean time AL is ripping off people with these fees that are due at the airport. I recommend a different airline. So for all you AMERICANS it is 15 euro (over 20 dollars) per pound. Fly AMERICAN AIRLINES. Their fee is only $70.00 not $437.98 for the same suitcase.

  23. April 6,2023 flight 111. I arrived at jfk at 2;00 pm. I requested a wheel. The chair that was sent was a smaller chair. I am a large woman and a large chair was requested. Appears a large chair was sent but went to someone else. One of the people with the chair said i had to take the small one. Back in october 2008, the same thing happened, i took the small chair and was burned by the wheel and received a good 4 inch blister on my left upper leg. This time i refused the chair. Seems no one want to get to proper chair, even the captain and co captain said they where going to report the problem.. This can go up against the ada, and i don’t think aer lingus would like it. I don’t like doing this, but enough it enough. My husband and i will be flying back and forth and will be using aer lingus alot or some other airline. The ref# of the first problem is 72160.

  24. Why you do not allow fliers to bring skateboards as hand luggage?

  25. during my transatlantic flight with aer lingus the temperature in the cabin was far too cold to be comfortable. most passengers were wearing their winter coats. I left the flight with a severe cold and dehydrated (the flight attendants offered only one round of beverages).

    when the same occurred on my way back, i asked the cabin attendants to do something about it. However, they were completely indifferent, unhelpful and generally, in comparison to the standards of most other airlines, extremely rude. I was sick for two days after i returned home despite spending the whole flight in scarf & winter coat.

    I fly over 100.000 miles a year and have seen quite a bit, but i have to say aer lingus is really the worst i have experienced so far ( to be fair, i guess there might be still worse airlines somewhere in world, i.e. in central asia or on the african continent)

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