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Flybe Facts

About Flybe
1) Flybe was founded in the year 1979 as Jersey European Airways.
2) The airline is UK’s leading domestic airline and Europe’s largest regional airline.
3) Currently, the airline flies to over 70 destinations.
4) Popular destinations served include Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Edinburgh, France, Frankfurt, Geneva, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Milan, Paris, Switzerland and Newcastle.
5) In 2010, Flybe served some 7.2m passengers.
6) Flybe has a fleet of over 70 aircraft.
7) The low cost airline operates from its bases at Aberdeen, Belfast, Edinburgh, Gatwick, Glasgow, Jersey, Manchester, Newcastle, among others.
8) Flybe has codeshare agreements with Air France, British Airways and Etihad Airways.
9) The frequent flier programme of Flybe is named “Rewards4all”.
10) In 2009-10, Flybe had a revenue of £595m.

Flybe Customer Service
1) Flybe is headquartered in Exeter, UK.
2) The customer service of Flybe in UK can be reached at 0871 700 2000. If calling from outside UK, call +44 (0)1392 268529.
3) To reach the customer service through email, write to
4) To report lost or missing baggage, reach Flybe’s customer support at (0871) 700 5000 and 00 44 1392 268510 (outside UK).
5) For information on Rewards4all frequent flier programme or to request for credit of miles, call 0871 521 5555. If calling from outside UK, dial +44 (0) 1392 268536.

There are several ways of reaching the Flybe customer service. One is by their customer support telephone helpline, the other is by emailing the airline, and the third is by writing a post to the head office or branch. Even if none of this works, we are here to hear you and forward your valuable comments.

Some of the common complaints consumers can have when flying with Flybe include reschedule or cancellation of existing booking, ticket refunds, lost/missing or damaged baggage, poor customer service, credit of frequent flier miles, or delays in flight timings. If neither calling nor writing helped in addressing your problems, post it on our consumer board here.

Besides posting your complaints on Flybe, the also gives you the opportunity to review the airline. Your valuable reviews and ratings shall judge the service of Flybe overall – whether quality, customer service or value.

  1. I’m emailing basically to complain about the delay on flight BE904 from liverpool to belfast.I was very disappointed when it was announced there would be a delay and when I enquired further as to why there was no comeback or reason given although in your favour vouchers to the value of £5.00 were issued for refreshments which was specifying for a while.BE904 was due for departure at 11.25am on Monday November 30th and was delayed till 14.20 which was the time of flight departure BE908 which one would assume I would be travelling on.Not only that but flight BE908 was further delayed until 14.45 which at this stage was very frustrating as still no reason given as to the cause of a further delay.Passengers who had booked on the flight Be904 were then told we could not board flight BE908 until we had new boarding passes.It was not funny anymore and tempers were starting to rise.AS far as I’m aware the distress caused was uncalled for especially for people with young children and elderly people who were not fully aware of what was happening.This is the second time I have flown with Flybe and the first flight was cancelled and after a two hour wait we were transferred to Belfast International airport to fly with easyjet.I assumed it was a one off experience but not to be as second time.round was even worse.I don’t usually complain but in this instant I feel very disappointed and let down with the service or lack of service shown to myself and other fellow passengers.I’m not sure that I would recommend your airline to anyone as being efficient and doing a good job as it was a long and awful experience to have to wait over three hours to get a flight home to continue my trip.Extremely let down and disappointed by the whole affair.

  2. Had the misfortune to be on a flight from Southampton to Bergerac re routed to Birmingham due to a technical problem which is fine and understandable. However the lack of communication was really straining us. We were being held in Birmingham for more than sufficient time. We were not even offered so much as a cup of tea ! Have to say the aircrew and pilot were as frustrated as us with the officials at Birmingham however this does not excuse the lack of service aspect of the flybe company’s cavalier attitude towards it’s paying travellers. Unfortunately most of those people on this flight will be looking at other carriers as alternatives for future flights after this experience with flybe.

  3. Been charged between 7 and 14 euro’s (or 6 and 12 Pounds Sterling) when using both UK and European DEBIT CARDS since 2008, even though FLYBE clearly state QUOTE ” Flybe does not charge for the use of debit cards” and yet they slip on these extra charges (having us agreed the booking at a lower first) hoping as they are small amounts we will either not notice, or not bother to complaint. Had enough, so a few days ago l filed a claim in the County Court for a total of GBP 1,515.04 plus damages and costs. Once l have a judgement (and l cannot lose as l have DEBIT CARD statements, Contracts and the cards themselves backing up each payment and debit from my accounts). I intend to make public knowledge their fraudulent sharp trading practice and will ensure both UK and the Spanish consumer trading standards follow this through in the interests of protecting the paying general flying public.

  4. Disgraceful service. My first flight with Flybe from Amsterdam to EMA since they took over the line from BMI Baby and am unlikely to fly with them again – will use KLM to Birmingham instead as it is much cheaper and more customer focused. Flight attempted to land at EMA but was aborted due to adverse weather, Stewardess just said “the captain has aborted the landing, keep calm”. We then flew to Birmingham and yet again the landing was aborted, no assistance or comments from Stewardess, we eventually landed at Manchester after 2 hours of being in the air. We were kept on the plane for 30 mins, before going on a bus to the terminal – we were then kept on the bus for another 15 mins. When we got through customs, the Flybe staff rushed us onto minibuses even preventing passengers from going to the toilet. No food or drink was offered – absolute disgrace. After a 2 hour journey by road to EMA from Manchester, we arrived at 22:00 – 4½ hours after the scheduled arrival time. I can understand the weather problems, however my issue is that Flybe DID NOT CARE for its passengers, the staff were totally unprepared for this and we were not provided any provisions. AN ABSOLUTE AND SHAMEFUL DISGRACE.

  5. From 2003 through to November 2008 my family and l were regular customers of booking on average 12 to 14 flights per annum on line. However we found that “extras” were being “slipped in” by FLYBE on either the final price or our debit/credit cards almost every time we booked costing us more than the quoted prices. Because these “extras” by their very nature are relatively small to pursue reimbursement is, (and always has been), cost prohibitive, phone calls to Flybe numbers in those days were costing anything up to GBP 1.50 +Vat per minute, they quoted 28 days to answer correspondence and to file a claim against them in the local court cost more than the “extra” they had “swiped” from our card.
    As a result of this “FLYBE culture” of “slipping in extras” we took the decision NOT to book, any but urgent Southampton airport flights, with this company.

    On 22.09.2012 due to personal circumstances l had no choice but to book a flight from Alicante to Southampton on behalf of one of our son’s friends and the same happened again.
    The offer to treat TOTAL PRICE on the FLYBE web site was 191,52 euro’s but they debited 205,52 euro’s from my MASTERCARD DEBIT CARD.

    The customer using the FLYBE web site is given no choice of what currency to pay in, and using the site for a flight from Spain automatically all the prices are shown in euro’s therefore to avoid any exchange risk (or abuse here) l used a euro based DEBIT card to pay for the purchase.

    Page 6 of FLYBE’s 2011/12 ANNUAL REPORT under the heading of “FLYBE Making flying better” they state:
    Quote: “Improving the transparency of pricing and booking processes to make it easier for our customers”.
    Quote: “Included among the new product initiatives is an outright commitment that customers will no longer be charged for paying by debit card and that credit card customers will be charged on a per booking basis regardless of the number of passengers in the booking”.

    Due to extensive publicity on the part of FLYBE) that they make NO CHARGES for DEBIT CARD purchases, and the “Drop-down-boxes” on their nine different language web sites that state each and every time DEBIT CARD FREE (Gratis in Spanish) then only to debit time and time again 14 euro’s (or nearly 12 GBP) clearly on the basis that the public will not bother to pursue them for such small amounts of money,

  6. Paid £6.50 in advance for front seat only to find after boarding that seat had been given to some one else and I was informed just to sit anywhere – no reply/refund from Flybe
    flight was Inverness to Gatwick on Friday 27th @0705 hrs
    Advice do not pay in advance for a seat you have no chance in getting

  7. Another wasted day due to cancelled FlyBe flights. Why do we bother booking with this outfit when they do this to us?

    Cancelled Belfast to East Midlands but had already provisioned to transfer everyone to Birmingham flight instead with a minimum of 45 min coach transfer at the other side, don’t think so!

  8. Sir/Madam,

    I wish to raise an ongoing issue with your flight purchase website.

    I have been using Flybe for a number of years on different routes and have accumulated a total in excess of 35 “Rewards for All” points for those flights. I however have never been able to actually book any flight using those points.

    When selecting the book a rewards for all flight at the top right of the page adjacent to the Log in out, I always end up, when completing the final stage having to pay in full for the booked flights.

    In addition to your attempts to charge for every possible twist and turn of the booking process, I am completely exasperated with your devious practices to trick your customers. From seat booking to baggage charges, insurance, transaction charge and credit card charge I am convinced of your attempt to hoodwink and con, like were it not out of necessity to use your service I would not conduct business with you.

    I personally work in the aviation sector and do not know of any other operation that will try to deceive clients with contrived charges.

    It is my intention to raise this with the travel authorities. Your service is a disgrace.

    Donald Pollock.

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