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Royal Jordanian Facts

About Royal Jordanian
1) Royal Jordanian was founded in the year 1963.
2) The airline is the national carrier of Jordan.
3) As of 2011, the airline had a fleet of over 32 aircraft.
4) Currently, Royal Jordanian flies to some 60 destinations worldwide.
5) International destinations served by the airline include India, Thailand, UAE, Malaysia, Oman, USA, UK, Canada, Israel, and Russia.
6) Royal Jordanian operates from its main hub at Queen Alia International Airport.
7) The airline serves some 3 million passengers annually.
8) Royal Jordanian’s frequent flier programme is named “Royal Plus”.
9) The airline is a member of the Oneworld alliance.

Royal Jordanian Customer Service
1) Royal Jordanian is headquartered in Amman.
2) The airline’s customer service in Jordan can be reached at +962 6 5100000, 6 5202000 or 6 5857111. (airport).
3) If calling from the UK, dial 08719 112 112. If calling from the US, dial 01-212-949-0060 (New York).
4) To reach the customer service through email, write your complaint or feedback to
5) For information on Royal Plus frequent flier programme or to request for credit of miles, call +962-6-5503873. To reach Royal Plus by email, write to
6) For reporting lost or missing baggage, call 962 6 5100000.

There are several ways of reaching the Royal Jordanian customer service. One is by their customer support telephone helpline, the other is by emailing the airline, and the third is by writing a post to the head office or branch. Even if none of this works, we are here to hear you and forward your valuable comments.

Some of the common complaints consumers can have when flying with Royal Jordanian include reschedule or cancellation of existing booking, ticket refunds, lost/missing or damaged baggage, poor customer service, credit of frequent flier miles, or delays in flight timings. If neither calling nor writing helped in addressing your problems, post it on our consumer board here.

Besides posting your complaints on Royal Jordanian, the also gives you the opportunity to review the airline. Your valuable reviews and ratings shall judge the service of Royal Jordanian overall – whether quality, customer service or value.

  1. Dear Royal Jordanian Airlines

    As a frequent customer of yours I am writing in regards to a very unpleasant experience we had with your company. We booked a flight on the 17th of July from Beirut to Chicago via Jordan. First of all the flight from Beirut was delayed in taking off by one hour which makes the connection flight in Jordan a nightmare because we had to run in order not to miss out the flight.

    We were Five persons, Me, my husband, My one month old new born baby and my two nieces 10 and 9 years old. As a frequent and loyal customer we overcame what happened and continue our trip to Chicago where were surprised and shocked when we found out that our seven luggage’s were missing.

    we had to claim for them and they informed us that the luggages will be delivered to our place the next day, the incident of missing luggages left us without our essential staff, so we were obliged to go and buy clothes and toiletries and all what you need when you are abroad.

    On the first day we had to make international calls to Jordan to inquire about the missing bags but unfortunately no clear answer. On the second day same thing happened and still we didn’t have any answer.

    The third day we had to call as well to be informed that the luggages had arrived but if they want to deliver them it will take another two days , so we had to take a van taxi to go the airport and pick them up because off course we cannot wait another two days on top of the three.

    I understand that mistakes happens but what I don’t understand is the lack in customer care that we faced which left us in very confused situation.

    The catastrophe happened when we receive the baggages when found out that all the food were in expiry status and had to throw them in the bin because they contain cream and milk and have stayed long without fridge.

    My parents lives in the states and always we bring fir them a lot of food , sweets, cakes and in big quantities to last them for a long period.

    So to summarize what happened to us :

    Delay in taking off which make the connection flight a nightmare.
    Had to buy a lot of staff and clothes for 5 five persons (2 Adults and 3 children).
    Had to put additional costs to take a van taxi to go to the airport and bring the bags.
    Make international calls for three days to inquire about the missing bags.
    Plus all what we had in the 7 bags , foods, sweets, cakes were thrown in the bin and were no longer good for consumption.

    Chirine Hamati

  2. My wife and I flew to Bangkok (BKK ) from Tel Aviv (TLV) via Amman on March 20, 2015.

    First of all, I would like you to know that I specifically chose RJ because I thought it would have better customer service than the other choices we had.
    I was very wrong.

    We recently returned from an Istanbul trip last week, and Turkish Airlines is so much better than RJ in terms of friendliness and customer service. It was really too bad that we already booked our flight with RJ before we flew with Turkish Airlines.

    We were on RJ 341 from Tel Aviv (TLV). As soon as we checked in our one piece of checked-in luggage, we were told that we also have to check in our carry-ons because they are too large for the flight to Amman. We were assured that we would be able to get them in Amman so we could take them with us aboard our connecting flight to Bangkok (BKK) on RJ 182. We cheerfully agreed.

    Problem 1. While waiting for Flight 341 in TLV, 3 gate changes occurred. There were not any announcements made. I only found out about them because I was looking at the gate monitors where the information was different from the Airport monitors, and on our tickets.

    Problem 2. When we were about to board, Gaby the planeside manager rudely told us we cannot get our bags in Amman because they are not standard bags and that we will get them in BKK instead. He said he was watching us while were checking in and he was pretty sure they were too big. We have travelled with the same bags around the world without any problems, except now. I was told to take out everything that I might need, but that would have been everything in the carry-on. I had my CPAP machine and clothes that I needed for my conference that I wanted to make sure arrived with me when I get to Bangkok. I pleaded with him to just at least try, if they won’t fit, I would gladly concede. He even had the audacity to tell the crew that one of the reasons for the delay was our bags! RJ341 was supposed to board at 2300, we did not start boarding until 2340 and finally took off at past midnight.

    That was not the end. We encountered more unfriendliness and rude behavior aboard our flight to BKK.

    Problem 3. During our entire flight to BKK (RJ 182), every flight attendant in the Economy section seemed to be very bothered that they were serving us. There were sighs and rolling of eyes when they served us. I have to say that one lady gave a hint of a smile when we said “thank you” after she gave us two cups of water we asked for. My wife and I are very disappointed with RJ’s customer service. The way they handled our concerns was very unprofessional. Our whole flight experience with RJ was very stressful. I am not looking forward to our return flight on March 27. I am not going to fly RJ ever again!

  3. I’m an under graduate student who arranged to travel from Sri Lanka- Colombo to Amsterdam for an acedemic purpose. I was travelling for the very first time and was alone. My departure flight was on 25/01/2014 and i was supposed to return on 26th of March from Amsterdam. my ticket was confirmed but i got to know that the flight on 26th of March was cancelled from the Amsterdam Airport. I found it by myself not from the ticketing office. Then I contact the tiketing office in Sri Lanka and they said that I had to choose either flight on 24th of march or 28th of march as my brother’s wedding was on 29th i had to choose 24th. With that option I had to wait 16hrs in Jordan. It was not secure for a girl who was alone and according to the migration rules i had to hand over my passport to them and stay in an hotel alone. I had to pay for the wifi facility that was really not nice and even i lost 2 valuable days for my academic work in Netherland.

  4. I traveled in your Airways on 15/12/2013, Tripoli-Amman-Delhi, because of bad weather flight was not in schedule and there was 3 hours delay in Tripoli. After reaching Amman, again there was a delay so I enquired about my luggage. They assured me everything was fine. I requested them to note my complaint and give attention to my baggage. They agreed to. When I reached my destination Delhi, my luggage was not there. I called several times to place a complaint, but the customer service does not respond positively. Very poor communication!!

  5. Flight 267
    Airbus Industries A340 Jet
    Amman (AMM)
    02:15am -Sep 11, Tue To
    Detroit Wayne (DTW)
    08:05am -Sep 11, Tue

    We have travelled on the above trip which was by far the worst flight we have ever took in our life. We were a family of 4: 2 children 6 &11 years then my husband and I. We booked our flight seats online ahead of time. When we got into the airplane they changed our seats and locate us in 4 different parts of the airplane. I couldn’t believe how ignorant they were. We talked to them and tried to explain to the staff and manager that this doesn’t work and our kids can no way sit by themselves in a 13 hour flight, they were not able to do more than putting one child with a parent. The other child was sleeping on strangers’ shoulder the whole trip and we all were feeling very miserable and exhausted at the end. We will never fly with Royal Jordanian again and we told all our friends who decided not to use them either.

  6. The following complaint has been raised with Royal Jordan Airlines for the issue of tickets for travelling to Saudi Arabia, unfortunatley their website for contacting them is not working! Despite phone calls and numerous tries to resolve this matter they have not responded.
    It’s not just my family they have charged, the airline is going to charge nearly a 100 passengers today 14/07/2012 for this blunder.
    The tickets were already expensive initially and to be held to RANSOM BY CHECK IN DESKS at the time of boarding of either PAY UP or GO HOME is outrageous!

    Booking Ref: UK277535
    Flight No: RJ112
    Ticket No (1 of 12): 512 9474971607

    “I have just paid £2200 extra over the phone to your desk clerk at heathrow for 12 of my family members to fly out to jedddah for umrah. The tickets that were issued were apparantly not valid for UMRAH! Whats going on here, they are on the same flights, sitting on the same plane, going to the same place as the other passengers, yet you are charging more just because they are going for UMRAH? As a MUSLIM airline you should be ashamed at yourselves charging extortionate fares above standard listed prices for going for UMRAH especially in Raamadan! I demand a full refund of the £2200 immediately. I have also listed this complaint with CAA.”

  7. I was flying from Amman to hong kong on Sunday 8/12/12 flight no RJ0182 and I was treated in a very rude way by Taghreed cabin Crew supervisor. My issue was that there was no sound when I was trying to watch a movie. I raised my issue to Taghreed however she was very abrupt and rude didn’t listen to me and always interrupting me and said I can’t do anything for you. I tried to explain That I will be traveling for more than 13 hours and I can’t have a seat with no sound. She even didn’t apologize and said I have more than 15 problems like yours then I proposed to change the seat but I was told fact the flight is full then I proposed to be upgraded to BC but she refused as well. This dilemma was ended when the passenger in front of me proposed to change the seat with me since she was not intrested to watch movies. However I was concerned about your customer service having people like this with no customet service skills and with no proffesionalism creates bad image to your company. No initiative to solve the issue and other customer proposed the solution. I will not recommend your company at all and I will tell all my friends about this horrible experience as I felt very offended by the way I was treated with. No apology no empathy or sympathy with the guest complaints and issues.

  8. I am trying to join your frequent Flyer program! I recently recieved an application on a flight with a FF number 1000666844. All my efforts have gone vain, your web site is not user friendly for this program

    Ron Rivard

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