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Thai Airways Complaints: Have a complaint or review on Thai Airways? Post it on our exclusive Thai Airways consumer complaint board. Whatever it is, whether complaints on Thai Airways reservation, booking confirmation, cancellation or reschedule, flight experience, missing or lost baggage, go ahead and describe it in full detail. Your complaints and reviews will not only help Thai Airways improve its service, but will also inform and enlighten other consumers like you.

Thai Airways Facts

About Thai Airways
1) Thai Airways was founded in the year 1960.
2) Thai Airways is the national carrier of Thailand.
3) In 2010, the airline had revenue of 184,270 million Baht.
4) As of Dec. 31, 2010, the airline had services to more than 72 destinations in 35 countries.
5) Within Thailand, the airline’s network covers over 10 destinations.
6) Thai Airways operates some 560 international flights each week. Destinations include Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam , Australia, New Zealand and North America.
7) Towards Europe, Thai Airways flies to over 11 countries, and that includes UK, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain and Russia.
8) The airline is a member of Star Alliance.
9) Thai’s main hub is at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok.
10) Thai’s frequent flier programme is called Royal Orchid Plus.

Thai Airways Customer Service
1) Thai Airways is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand.
2) The customer service of Thai Airways can be reached at (66-2) 288-7000 or (66-2) 134-5483-4.
3) The Royal Orchid Plus customer support can be reached at Phone: 66 (0) 2356 1111 or Email: To enroll to the Royal Orchid Plus programme visit the website.
4) For missing or lost baggage speak with a Thai customer service agent or visit the airport’s lost baggage counter.
5) Thai’s subsidiaries include Thai-Amadeus Southeast Asia Company Ltd, Donmuang Intl Airport Hotel Company Ltd, Phuket Air Catering, Royal Orchid Hotel, Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel Company, Nok Air and WingSpan Services.

There are several ways of reaching the Thai Airways customer service. One is by their customer support telephone helpline, the other is by emailing the airline, and the third is by writing a post to the head office or branch. Even if none of this works, we are here to hear you and forward your valuable comments.

Some of the common complaints consumers can have when flying with Thai include reschedule or cancellation of existing booking, ticket refunds, lost/missing or damaged baggage, poor customer service, credit of frequent flier miles, or delays in flight timings. If neither calling nor writing helped in addressing your problems, post it on our consumer board here.

Besides posting your complaints on Thai Airways, the also gives you the opportunity to review the airline. Your valuable reviews and ratings shall judge the service of Thai Airways overall – whether quality, customer service or value. If you have neither complaints nor reviews, you are welcome to leave a word of compliment on Thai.

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Note: Use the form below to post your complaint, review or compliment. If posting complaints, please be accurate and avoid personal attacks. Do not post a one line comment, but describe it in detail, including the place, name or model number, service rendered etc. Remember you are alone responsible for what you write. Lastly, don't use all caps when writing a complaint or review.

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13 Responses to “Thai Airways Complaints & Reviews”

  • Leenaerts says:

    Hello , I have a problem.I’ve seen my flight (Reservation code: 8RWL3L – Leenaerts) on 04 December 2012, with departure in Bangkok at 13.30 PM to Krabi was canceled. Now my new flight to Krabi leaves already at 08.10 AM. But that’s impossible because I already booked a flight departing in Hanoi to Bangkok at 08.50 AM. So I can never be on time in Bangkok before 08.10 AM.

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  • Dr. Thein Htay says:

    I came to Manila by TG306 on July 11, transit one night at BKK airport and proceeded to Manila by TG 620 on July 12. By the time I arrived at Manila, my bag
    was broken and all my money inside were stolen. I disclosed the amount in my complaint to Thai airways at Manila. Everything were upside down, all the boxes opened and clothes were so messed. IT IS A CRIME. I will be back to Yangon by July 15 and then I will open a police case for it. I never expect such things to happen with TG as I do trust your airline for past twenty years. The numbers I see on the bagage tag is TG 096843; 0217096843.

    It caused so much trouble especially during an important official trip. My bag was damaged and I will not buy this time (I had to buy two baggages during my recent Geneva trip, but I never suspected your airline and thought my bags were China made and dint even demand compensation.) This time I am very furious
    and I want to ensure that you will take action.

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  • Faisal Farooq says:

    I bought 4 Tickets from Thai Airways well before departure time (6 months ago). I lost my job & then I want to refund one of ticket as I was not going, THAI has asked me about 30% Ticket fee to be deducted & asked me to get it through agent. Now agent is asking 45% Ticket fee to be deducted & THAI Airways is not willing to HELP.
    I will try to avoid THAI AIRWAYS, if I could, in the rest of my LIFE. VERY BITTER EXPERIENCE.

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  • Darren Brookes says:

    Dear Sir / Madam

    After spending a fabulous 2 weeks in Thailand I travelled home with Thai Airways yesterday the 14th of June. Our flight departed at 12.30 local time Thailand. Whilst awaiting to board the aircraft I noted a male who was under the influence of Drugs and or Alcohol. I duly warned the check in desk that this man should not board the aircraft !

    When I boarded I was sat in seat 53E to my horror I noted the male sitting adjacent to me on row 53 in a window seat, I observed him for sometime and noted that he took cigarettes from his bag (in flight) to go to the toilet to smoke, he was abusive to the staff and demanding drinks , your staff were very polite but could not handle him as he was uncontrollable at times.

    I felt it my duty as an experienced security officer used to dealing with violent situations to warn him of his conduct, I did so and found at one point physical intervention was necessary. The man calmed after this and slept for a short time, when he woke he had been sick in his seat causing your staff much difficulty , he then went to the toilet to smoke again. I became involved with this male for duration of the flight liaising with your Captain and staff at all times including making statements for the police which took considerable time and a further hour on arrival to the Metropolitan Police.

    I feel all of this could have been avoided had your ground staff took action, in essence I had no option other than to assume a marshaling role with this male being on duty for eleven hours which if honest took the shine from my time in Thailand. Your on Board Staff will confirm all of the above and I hope you might see fit to reply in a positive way taking into consideration this situation could have been avoided.

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  • T Duffy says:

    I have been to Thailand three years in a row now & although i have only ever travelled economy it always felt like First class. The staff were amazing, friendly! Each time the experience has been fantastic, from the seating to the choice of films or to the free drinks on board. I missed my flight in Jan 2012 there & i panicked all the way to the airport, my stomach sank when i realised i’d missed it by 2 days, what can i say? its true, Bangkok got me! Expecting a huge bill or a ridiculous arrangment fee to get me home to Ireland via London, but the Thai Airways staff were brilliant at getting my on the very next flight home with no fuss. Panic resolved, i look forward to my flight home. A big Irish thank you to all the staff at Thai Airways!

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  • Dipesh says:

    I had a flight today 3rd June 2012 from Mumbai to Guangzhou (China) via Bangkok. (2 person)
    Flight details are as follows: Mumbai to Bangkok: TG 340 bangkok to Guanzhou: TG 668
    Out of 2 bags, we have only received 1. and we cannot find the other bag.
    We have complained at Guangzhou airport for the same. Still waiting, no response from the airline!

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  • Tonya Thompson says:

    I just spoke to someone in LA that was a woman named “Ben” who told me that she owned Thai airways and then hung up on me! I write for a major travel magazine and I will be publishing what happened to me in Thailand and what just happened to me! This is unacceptable! I was calling with regard to a refund.

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  • indra devi says:

    I was traveling to Mumbai on 28th April with my 12 year old daughter who was to be dropped to her school on the next day. But due to the negligence of your staff I didn’t receive my bag on the Mumbai airport. I was given hard time at Mumbai airport by your staff and after couple of hours of waiting the answer which I got was you might get your bag tomorrow or it might take a week also. It was really shocking for me as I had only come to drop my daughter and was not going to stay more then two days in Mumbai.

    Worst thing was I had booked a taxi for next morning to drop my daughter to Pune which is 4 hours drive from Mumbai, which I had to cancel as I was not having any clothes or belongings. And 29th was unfortunately a Sunday, I had to search a lot to buy some clothes as the shops were closed. Due to this I had to book the taxi for next day.

    I had to suffer a loss of more then 300-400 dollars and anxiety and trouble for 2 days after which I received my bag and the assurance from your staff to get the compensation of 50 dollars. We are not a beggar to get mercy worth 50 dollars from you.

    Who are you to decide how much we have lost from your negligence. The trouble and a hard time which a woman like me and my daughter went through cannot be fathomed through your money. But I claim at least 500 dollars from your airlines not for my own compensation but to penalize you people so that you don’t put others in difficulty in future. Penalty should always pinch so that the mistake is not repeated. Only paying compensation of 50 dollars will not help.

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  • Gaurav Gupta says:

    I found one of my bags (Hard top large size suitecase) completely broken while I collected my bagagge at the Manila, Philippines airport coming from India on 19th March 2012. Got the complaint registered at the airport at the Thai airways counter and while I was promised that I will get the claim, the local office is now continously calling and negotiating on the cost of the bag – they started with $60 and have now come up to $100 which is not even half the price of the bag. The last email I received from the local office ( states they cant pay more than $100. I am not not chasing for the damage claim now, but would rather chase for the right of the customer, I strongly feel that this is now not just about the claim it is also about the harassment and mental torture that the airways is causing. I will fight this till the top most authority to ensure that no other customer is treated the way I am being treated.

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  • Augustin says:

    Greetings! Wanted to share a very unpleasant experience because of a very rude and arrogant attitude from your senior flight attendant named Ms. Saipin N. I was in TG431 on 2 April Bkk-Dps. Seat 45E. As my TV didn’t work after waiting 2.5 hours finally I was being offered to move to business class. And guess what this arrogant lady said – “You only sit there to watch TV if u sleep u have to go back to your set.” When I asked her name she even threw her name tag to me, excellent service from a senior flight attendant I guess? Waw….

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  • GOALEC says:

    Good afternoon, I am frequent flyer with silver nbr RQ03670. My complain is not directly to TG, but to both TG and Immigration at Suvarnabhumi.
    QUESTION : When will TG and Immigration find an agreement regarding the CIP / Premium lane ????? It is extremely unpleasant to have Immigration saying that without a premium voucher, business class travellers will not enjoy the Premium Lane pass. This morning, coming back on TG 304 from Yangon, I got again the same problem. Immigration officer refused to proceed with passport stamp if I did not have the premium voucher.
    Other airlines are giving these vouchers, so in the future should I better fly another airline ?

    Total nonsense that 2 Thai big entities cannot even find an agreement on their own soil .

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  • Mark says:

    On 1/4/2012 at 01:00h local time, Thai Airways rescheduled their check desk and due to it I lost my luggage (tag nr r TG244601 0217244601).
    The switch of flight was brought into the system of Thai Airways by the only woman in charge at 01:00h at the West in check desk of Thai Airways. Hence in the system of Thai Airways there must be a option to track my luggage. I can’t believe Thai Airways is not able to find my precious luggage (a dark brown trolley 80x40x30).

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  • malinee says:

    I flew on Friday 23,12 by TG 416 from Malaysia to Bangkok. It delayed more than 10 hours! I arrived Bkk at 11.35 night time and had to wait for baggage which subsequently arrived home by Taxi at 1 am. Firstly they postpone the flight for 1 hr, then 2 hr. It was total 6 times, the flight was rescheduled. Flights facing repair instances are understandable, but more than 10 hrs is not fair on the passenger. I understand the safety issue for passenger but TG cannot solve the problem and cannot find the solution for the 142 passengers. I’m Thai but this time feel bad for flying with TG. This complaint is for your improvement.

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