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WestJet Facts

About WestJet
1) WestJet was founded in the year 1996.
2) Currently, the low cost Canadian airline flies to over 70 destinations.
3) The airline operates its flight across Canada, United States, Mexico and Caribbean.
4) Popular destinations served include Calgary, Vancouver, Hamilton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, New York, Washington, Cancun, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Bermuda, among others.
5) On an average, WestJet operates some 420 flights each day.
6) The airline operates from its main hubs at Calgary Intl Airport and Toronto Pearson Intl Airport.
7) The frequent flier programme of WestJet is named “Frequent Guest Program”.
8) WestJet in 2011 was recognised as J.D. Power Customer Service Champion.
9) WestJet has a fleet of close to 100 aircraft.
10) In 2010, the low cost carrier had revenues of $2,607 million.
11) WestJet as of 2011 employs some 8,000 people.

WestJet Customer Service
1) WestJet is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.
2) The airline’s customer service in Canada can be reached at 1-888-937-8538 (1-888-WESTJET).
3) If calling from the US, dial 1-855-547-2451. If calling from the UK, dial 800-5381-5696.
4) To report lost or missing baggage, call the customer support at 1-866-666-6224 or 1-866-695-2247 or visit the Lost & Found center.
5) For information on Frequent Guest Program or to request for credit of miles, call 1-888-937-8538 or write to accounthelp@westjet.com.

There are several ways of reaching the WestJet customer service. One is by their customer support telephone helpline, the other is by emailing the airline, and the third is by writing a post to the head office or branch. Even if none of this works, we are here to hear you and forward your valuable comments.

Some of the common complaints consumers can have when flying with WestJet include reschedule or cancellation of existing booking, ticket refunds, lost/missing or damaged baggage, poor customer service, credit of frequent flier miles, or delays in flight timings. If neither calling nor writing helped in addressing your problems, post it on our consumer board here.

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  1. Morning of April 15th when I try to do an online check in and realized that my flight was on the 14th and that I missed the flight for my husband and I to go home from Florida to Toronto….I panic and quickly called WestJet to see if there’s anything they can do to help me out. The agent that answered the phone wasn’t too friendly and she told me that there’s nothing they can do and I have to pay full price to get home. We had no choice because we have to get back so for the both of us we had to pay close to $800.00 to get home. A friend of mine had the same problem last year and her Airline only charged her $150.00 to take the next flight home from Asia to Toronto, now that’s excellent customer service. Not happy with WestJet’s customer service at all! Very Disappointed!

  2. On April sixteenth I returned home from vacationing in Cancun. My flight #2311 was full and one of the flight attendance did an amazing job of serving the passenger’s on board. I was unable to catch her name however she seemed to be of Jamacian decent judging by her accent and very lovley. I was so pleased to witness her kindness and all around posotive attitude. I do hope this reveiw some howis relayed to her becuase the kind of customer service she provided yesterday quite frankly is rare in this day and age and people like this should not only be promoted but celebrated.

  3. I am from New Brunswick. Thank You for setting up your call center here. I am confused as to why you are only looking for Bilingual employees. Is this call center not going to serve all of Canada and will at least 70% or more of your customers be requesting their service in English. New Brunswick has a 70% English population and by flying the Acadian Flag at your announcement effectively snubbed a lot of people ………………….. Just Saying

  4. Reservation No CQJJQX
    Wife and I were booked on Flight No 550 from Comox to Calgary on the 25 March. When we arrived at the airport we were told due to the aircraft breaking down there was an aircraft change to a smaller aircraft and we were displaced to another flight the next day, A phone call or an email to me prior to leaving for the airport would have been worthwhile. After we told the rep that we had to be in Calgary that day, we were then told that we could possibly be put on a flight to Edmonton later that day but there was no connecting flights available and we would be on our own, again not acceptable then they said that we could take an Air Canada flight to Vancouver and connect to a WestJet flight to Calgary from Vancouver,what a run around.

    As we were making these arrangements another WestJet rep told us the flight was changed due to weather in Toronto. Seems the story was changing faster then one could blink. We arrived back at the Comox airport for the flight and was informed that our baggage would be booked thru and will be handed over to WestJet I was assured this not only by WestJet but also by Air Canada Reps. Guess what happened we arrived in Calgary our luggage didn’t…. When I went to the baggage counter to start proceedings for a lost claim I was informed that WestJet and Air Canada had no handover agreement and it was Air Canada’s fault my luggage did not make it.

    After being told this the rep took a piece of scrap paper wrote my phone number on it and told me that if it showed up he would call. When asked for the tracking number he said he had to go and quickly left. I then went to the Air Canada baggage counter and was treated like a human being they stated that the last airline we traveled on was the airline responsible for tracing luggage when I explained what happened they quickly got on the phone to Vancouver and started a trace thru the computer. Within 5 mins I had a tracking number, two complimentary over night kits and a phone number to call the next day.

    As we were leaving the Calgary airport I went back to the WestJet desk and no one was there. On Saturday morning my luggage was delivered not by WestJet but by Air Canada, even though there was a WestJet baggage tag on it from Vancouver to Calgary. In an attempt to be nice I called the WestJet baggage counter to let them know that the baggage was delivered, seems that 1/ they had no idea what I was talking about and when they finally figured it out 2/ they didn’t care that I had the baggage just that they were still looking for it but when asked they would not give me a tracking number. Poor way to run an airline when the other airline runs circles around you. The feeling I got was that WestJet employees didn’t know or care. Makes me very cautious to even consider traveling with WestJet again.

  5. Your company got big real fast and you forgot that the “Customer is always right” your staff own the company but we the traveling public pay your wages and power tripping bullshit tactics will only cost you a major loss..giving to charity and all your slick ads will never compensate for the abuse of passengers. I supported your airline for years but never again. You threw my disabled husband ( 61) and myself (64 ) a long suffering caregiver of 24 years ( with no respite ) off your plane at Calgary Airport on the early morning of October 2 2015. We were en route to London, Ontario to see our grandchildren.,and instead were left in the freezing cold at the Calgary Airport and even threatened with RCMP action. This after your staff seated us in the wrong seats. You say you help disabled passengers that is a bare face lie. YOUR STAFF HAVE NO TRAINING IN DISABILITIES ….Transport Canada have the file.

  6. Complaint

    On Feb 15 , 2016 I was traveling back to Nova Scotia from Fort McMurray when I was stopped from doing so because my drivers license had run out on the 13th of February , two days before my fly date and was refused passage.
    All I had with me was my expired drivers license with my Picture , my Trade certificate with my picture , which I was told was not a government I.D. which is fair , my health card which was good and a half a dozen credit cards , with my name on them , which I used to pay for my luggage , which is what I am writing about .
    Seems I paid 4 times to have my suitcase flown home once in the period of February 14th to February 19th twice with my CIBC Visa card and Twice with my RBC visa card . Only one of these should have been used . I will have to eat the $1200 cost of waiting in a motel for 4 days for my passport and purchasing a new ticket because I guess that was my fault for not being home when my license ran out . But I will not pay for something that was not used

  7. I was booked on flight# 7136 on March 2nd 2016.due to the weather my flight was cancelled.I had to rebook my flight the next day and pay for my luggage again,i should be refunded my first luggage charge. Waiting patiently for a reply.

  8. We were told to download the WestJet App as you could view movies on the flight on your ipad. Great idea. We brought ours. Upon sitting down we realized there was no screen or other entertainment for passengers without ipads. As we took off the stewardess told us that the ipad app didn’t work on this newer plane and they would be coming around with ipads that could be rented for 6.95… These ipads were preloaded with movies and what a great deal!!!
    I asked the stewardess how come if the plane had no entertainment on board besides the back of the passenger in front of you head they should be handing these ipads out for free instead of another in flight gouge like luggage and food. She started to explain to me a bunch of nonsense and before I could interject a male steward quickly started to shout out the WestJet complaint number. I started talking after he was done and he rudely jumped in again with the complaint number again. The female stewardess looked embarrassed and I realized im not going to say another word here. So we played games on our ipads as we were at least fortunate to have brought them but I felt bad for the rest of the passengers that felt cheated or looked at back of heads for 5 hours…I’m copying and pasting this to the complaint department as well.

  9. Reservation Ref Number: IHMOIX

    I am writing unfortunately because of the less than desirable treatment I received on my way home from my wonderful trip to San Jose Mexico.
    Firstly I did go through a lot of trouble regarding a letter from my doctor regarding my anxiety but my flight to San Jose was great. The staff clearly stated pre boarding and personally came to make me feel welcome. It was a smooth and pleasant flight. However on the flight home, I heard no pre boarding announcements and therefore I boarded the flight later. Although I showed all of my paperwork, AND physically showed the attendant at the kiosk my letter for my dog (requiring emotional support) the second I actually got on the plane, instead of saying hello or greeting me in a friendly way, the flight attendant (Dan) abruptly and offensively said “you need to put your dog in the kennel sweetheart!”. (The tone was condescending and rude! ).

    The way it was said, “Sweetheart” is offensive, (sexist and inappropriate especially with the condescending tone Dan used. I am a grown woman (45) and using the term “sweetheart” is very PATRONIZING and belittling, especially coming from on a male flight attendant!!! I could perhaps let it go if it was a language issue but the flight attendant was clearly English and should have referred to me a “mam” or ask me my name! I had my letter in my hand he didn’t ask me about my dog or if it was an emotional support dog, instead just in my opinion, scolding me like a child first then ask questions later – if fact I had to tell him my dog is an emotional support dog and I have a letter which I promptly showed him. Unfortunately, as a person with anxiety, the event was very upsetting and I immediately felt embarrassed and condescended too in front of many passengers. I feel strongly this was unacceptable and I immediately broke into tears and felt very uncomfortable as the treat,net was exactly opposite of the great service, caring and empathetic from the flight attendants on the first flight. In fact I’m very surprised as I was on the flight over. “Dan” then said it wasn’t written on my boarding pass that I had an emotional support dog. It felt like he was blaming me. I told him that wasn’t my fault as I told the attendant at the kiosk just minutes before physically boarding the plane and even showed the attendant my letter????

    Again, I had already been on the flight to San Jose (the following week) with no issues – in fact a warm and friendly welcome and in December I had again furnished a letter supporting the need for an emotional support animal (westjet) when I travelled to Ontario because my mom had a heart attack.
    The inconsistency between staff is ridiculous, very disappointing and has left a bad feeling for me.

    Years ago I was a victim of Domestic violence and I was assaulted which left me with a black/blue eye. I was travelling home from Toronto Ontario to Vancouver and as I boarded the westjet plane, again another rude and insensitive male flight attendant said something like “oh I wonder what the other guy looks like”. I was in shock that a flight attendant from what westjet advertises is a caring airline would ignorantly make an insensitive joke without knowing what the person’s circumstances are/were. Apprehensively and very bad taste. This situation today feels like a repeat of that and has further upset me. To insult or say something insensitive first before thinking of how the other person (female victim of domestic violence!!!) is very ignorant and disgraceful.

    I would highly suggest that staff be better trained and whether or not people have a disability or not, they be treated with respect and dignity!!!!!

    Also the entertainment system wasn’t working yet Dan Said tablets could be rented for a charge???? The movie and television shows was advertised to be free in you magazine as a promo, and it worked fine just a week ago?! The service promised was not honoured (I have my own tablet!! Took the time to download the westjet app yet then you demand people pay for tablets when your service is NOT working?

    On the way to San Jose the entertainment was free (promo). This is ridiculous I am on almost a five hour flight, I brought my own computer and have already downloaded the westjet app specifically to watch a movie yet because the system isn’t working I’m left to pay to rent a tablet that’s preloaded when I have my own tablet???? vERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

    Although I have been flying with westjet recently and have joined westjet program, I am very disappointed with the service and will definitely reconsider my loyalty and whether or not I will fly with westjet again. It is very unfortunate because westjet has some great things (like direct flights, etc.). But to worry about whether or not I’m going to be treated nicely or receive rude, condescending and terrible service is concerning.

    Well flight was an hour late my dog hadnt had a chance to go to the bathroom in over 8 hours. We have been waiting over 20 minutes for luggage and no one at westjet seems to know nothing about why it’s taking so long finally 40 minutes later the luggage arrived?! I find this very stressful especially since I have anxiety now I worry about my dog having an accident. It is not healthy or fair for him to have to hold it for so long and again no one seems to know what the problem is. I thought I would be home by 9 pm, it is 10:30 pm and I just got on the sky train- past 11 pm by the time I got home, I’m exhausted and the positive, happy feeling I had with westjet just a week ago is gone. The most disappointing thing is your staff did not offer any apologies and acted like it was no big deal. I know there were many passengers who were very upset and concerned about possibly missing there connections to Victoria and other places.

    This is the most disappointing flight I have been on. Very disappointed, upset because I was treated much better just a week ago.

  10. We booked our trip to Puerto Vallarta through West Jet. We travelled Feb. 6-14, 2016. When I was researching the different hotel & flight packages I decided on Sunscape. The Westjet site had packages available and it said Sunscape had renovations complete Nov./15. It also stated that there was a Mezzanine level which included pictures of a large soaker tub & 4 Jacuzzi’s. It also had pictures of a very nice Spa. Well, it turns out renovations have barely started and are not visible to vacationers. The Spa pictures were actually from the hotel down the beach Secrets. The soaker tub & 4 Jacuzzi’s were empty and in poor unusable condition. The water from the shower in our room ran out the shower and behind and in front of the toilet and all over the bathroom floor as it was all one level. The web site also stated 24 hr room service which was also incorrect. It is advertised as a 4 Star but, definitely is barely a 2. I will be posting a Review in regards to this All Inclusive Resort & Spa. When I called and spoke with the WestJet Travel Agent who booked this trip for us after I was going to book myself but, when I got to a certain step in the booking process it conveniently said to contact a WestJet Representative. So, when I mentioned what hotel I had choosen she had not even heard of it and could not give me any feedback on it. Hmm I wonder why? We chose WestJet as we have travelled with them in the past and plan on doing alot more travelling in our future. But, now will do more research and go by word of mouth as pictures are not always accurate. Not sure if we will go the WestJet route again.

  11. I was on return flight WS2543 from Cozumel on Sat. Feb. 27th with a departure time of 15:40 to Toronto, approx. a 4 hour flight. We had assigned seats 14BC. About an hour into the fight they were coming around with sandwiches etc. The only time we ate that day was breakfast at the resort in the morning. By the time the attendant got to us there was only one beef wrap left and no other sandwiches, I purchased the last beef wrap left but my wife could not purchase a turkey sandwich ( did not want the beef wrap ). This was very sad and on top of that there was a family behind us with two children who could not purchase any sandwiches for their kids. I don’t understand how an airline on these extended flights would not have enough sandwiches on board to satisfy their customers. I would like to see the response we get for this complaint as this will determine if we fly WestJet on future vacations.

  12. Today February 23rd 2016 I tried to book a flight using your airlines, like I always do , but this time I was having trouble. My intent was to have my wife to visit her elderly mother as a surprise in newfoundland for mothers day.I went into the site Cheap Flights .ca but encountered a problem.The booking sent me back several times and so provided a phone # to call for assistance 1 888 247 2262. I explained to a lady that I was having trouble and I once again walked through the booking process with her and once again got the same message. She said that she was able to book for me. She asked my destination and I explained that it had been Deer Lake Newfoundland she stated that Deer lake was in New Zeland. I asked her where she was and she stated that she was in India.has it gone to where we need to speak to people in India to book a flight or get answers when they have no knowledge of the geography of the your flight destinations? I ender up booking on your airways a different provider.I feel that I have been inconvenienced and request some assistance in this booking. I frequently travel trough your airlines when I go to see my son and grandson in Winnipeg. Is this what I can look forward to for my next booking in July and October ?

  13. My friend and myself want to lodge a complaint on our trip back from Loreto. We acquired a rescue dog while we were down in Loreto. We were prompt to get a hold of westjet a week before we are about to leave Loreto. We were told that our connecting flight to Victoria would not allow us to bring this 5lb Chihuahua on our flight leaving Calgary at approximately 8pm. The airlines told us that they already had two small dogs in the cabin and would not allow more than this. We realize that rules are rules. So we had to schedule a flight later that evening which we were ok with. The point of question is why were we charged another 100.00 dollars per seat because the airplane and company would not allow a 5lb dog on our original flight. We change our flights a few times for this trip and were only charge a 20 dollar service fee per seat. We feel since we are trying to save an animal from Mexico we were totally taken advantage by this airline. . West Jet has the opportunity to make things right in this matter. We are giving them time to do so. If westjet values their customers they will step up and do the right thing. If not we will never book another flight with this airline again. Thank You

  14. Confirmation no PQCNEB Flight from Calgary to Toronto I paid for a seat 6F but was placed in 28C. WS 662. Not a big deal but this is the third time this has happened.
    I prepay for seats so that I can have a comfortable trip.
    Also confusing was the gate change for Flight WS 335 Calgary to Kelowna December 25th. No announcement was made and when I asked the agent if Gate 16 was correct he said yes. But as it turned out it was A 18. WestJet 532141400

  15. My partner and I booked a Westjet flight separately and when going online 24 hours before our flight left in order to book the plus seat front row to accommodate for travelling with our 4.5 month old we saw two different screens. My partner, a “Mr.” had access and the ability to book his seat in the very front row and myself, a “Miss” was not. We have been a common law couple for 13 years, we are not married. I choose to title myself as a Miss. We refreshed our screens several times, as we were both on different laptops, and each time the same screen showed up. My screen had no access to the front rows and his did. We then called the Westjet customer service line to try to book with her and express our concerns the representative said that there was no way she could prove I was telling the truth regarding what we were seeing on our computer screens and that she couldn’t book the seats for us. At that time, she also informed us that one of the front row seats that we wanted now had already booked. She said that perhaps because I identified myself as a “Miss” Westjet assumed I was a female under 12 and would not give me online access to the front row seats. She then put me on hold for close to 30 minutes to find out. She came on 30 minutes later to tell me that, in fact, this was the case. I argued that this was a ridiculous policy and that if I were a man I would be treated differently, which was obviously the case, as I am a woman who chose to be titled “Miss” and was not granted the same online seat access as my partner, a “Mr.”. She responded by saying she was insulted by my suggested of sexism and then hung up on me. I am extremely disappointed in both this ridiculous Westjet policy and the treatment from their customer service representative. This policy is outdated and inappropriate as it suggests that every woman over the age of twelve should title themselves as a “Mrs.” when historically this title is reserved for married women. In addition, the fact that this person hung up on me for my comment was very unprofessional, as I was talking about a policy, not her. She should have passed me off to her supervisor where I could have had the opportunity to express my concerns.

  16. I just took my wife off at Kelowna airport to catch a plane to Calgary this morning. I went inside with her to make sure all was going to be ok. She had two carry on bags with her. We had fit both bags into the carry on rack to check if they were ok and both fit in although one was a bit tight but did fit. The lady near the check in where we were said that the tight one could not go. I explained to her that my wife had flown from Palm Springs to Kelowna and back in Jan. & Feb. this year with the same bags and had no problems but she basically said that is too bad, The one bag cannot go even though it had fit in the test rack. Have the rules changed since Feb./15?? If not then why were we subject to the frustration of figuring out what to do with her things? I was getting very frustrated myself and my parking ticket was about to run out so I left before I said something that may get me into trouble. My wife ended up putting some of her stuff in my sisters bag who was also travelling with her. She had flown from Palm Springs to Calgary in Jan./15 and then to Kelowna and the same in reverse on her trip back to Palm Springs in Feb./15. Those same two bags were fine through all of those stops so just what is the problem here? Please advise.

  17. Our complaint has to do with the flight from Punta Cana to Toronto on October 17, 2015. We were returning with our 4 grandchildren from a wedding. The flight number was WS2609 leaving at 4:49 PM. We didn’t get off the ground until 6:05, however, the captain was very good in keeping us informed as to the issues – contract personnel taking their sweet time to get the baggage loaded. We certainly do not blame WestJet for the delay. HOWEVER when we went to order sandwiches we were told that sandwiches were not available on this flight. We were told that WestJet didn’t stock sandwiches because they didn’t want any waste at the other end – What??? There was no notice of this on our tickets or your website. If we had known we would have purchased some food at the Food Court in the terminal before leaving. We had 4 grandchildren with us and I am a diabetic. Not to have food aboard for a dinner time flight is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Now, we did make do with the snacks you did sell and luckily I always carry a couple of protein bars. BUT you have to do a better job – some notice would be helpful

    Yours truly,

    Mike Flood

  18. After a visit to see my son in Toronto he dropped me off at the airport, went to the gate for my flight to Calgary then off to Victoria, waited for quite awhile, finally they said we had to get another flight, so off I went, must have been a half a mile to the other terminal, I am 75 years old, had to carry my winter, heavy coat, a big book & my heavy purse & carry on luggage, we sat at the new gate for awhile, then we boarded the plane, we sat for along time, the pilot announced it was a new plane & they were checking it out, so we waited finally the pilot said there was an electrical problem, so off we went again carrying all my stuff a half mile, got to the new gate, the pilot said they had found an empty plane, after awhile they called the people that were going to Victoria, so I went up, she said they had a plane flying direct to Victoria, so I ran to the plane, people were already boarded, I got my seat, last one on the plane to be informed that we were going to Saskatoon, then to Calgary so why was I not just left at the other gate to go first to Calgary then Victoria. I was supposed to get to Victoria at 826 but did not get there till 11.16, that walk for an 75 year old women was not right, I have always traveled West Jet, the service has always been so good, this time it was a disaster.

  19. Thank you for the quick response to my complaint, but unfortunately we haven’t had the same service with my husband’s additional expenses stemming from the cancelled flight from Comox, BC on September 28th at 5:55am (flight 3210).
    My husband called and spoke to a representative while we waited for his rescheduled flight out of Comox that day and was given a number to fax the bill from his rental vehicle to. I personally got a letter drafted, explaining what happened, and forwarded the bill with it to the number he was given. I included his cell number and email address, but he has yet to hear back from anyone. I understand that an $800 bill for a rental is quite a shock, but it was quite a shock to us that he was going to miss his free company provided transportation to site and that we would have to cover not only that bill but also the bill for the gas to drive 5 hours each way. Please have someone get back to me and if need be, I can forward the paperwork again.
    Knowing that you are a company that prides itself on customer service and satisfaction, I’m hoping that this is just a mix up that can be easily rectified.
    Thanks, Jill

  20. I’d like to start off by saying that all your staff yesterday were helpful and polite, which is why we love flying with your carrier.
    Unfortunately we had an “Air Canada” morning with you guys yesterday as my family prepared to fly home from Comox, BC at 5:55am on flight 3210. Check in and security went as normal, but once in the departure lounge, we were first informed that the plane had to be plugged in for a bit of a charge “because someone left the lights on last night.” A few minutes later we were all informed that the battery of the plane needed to be replaced and that we would all have to be rebooked on later flights. We were directed to either see him at the gate or head back to see the ticket counter to be rebooked. My husband went ahead of us to the ticket desk and I got there as fast as our two year old daughter’s little legs would carry her. The agents weren’t given the heads up that we were coming, so we all beat them to the counter by minutes and once they were able to get back, needed time to boot up their computers. This was when we were all told that we had to go retrieve our luggage before we could be rebooked. I left my husband in the lineup with our daughter and ran off to get the bags on the other side of the terminal. I had to go past the departure lounge windows, where I saw people still standing in line and being rebooked without heading to get their luggage, because it would have meant they had to leave security to do it. Once back with our bags, the computers were up and we started trying to figure out how we were going to get home.
    We looked at all sorts of options that would get my husband back to Edmonton before his work bus left at 1pm, including driving down Island to fly out of Victoria. We couldn’t get there in time for the 9am flight, so we were left with only the option of flying him out of Comox later in the morning and renting him a truck that was capable of driving down oilfield roads to get him to camp an hour outside of Wabasca. We had to rent it for two weeks, as he can’t return it until his next days off and it cost us $800, even with the discount he got through the company he works for.
    This was also going to be the first time my husband would be flying with our daughter in her own seat beside him. He was excited to get to fly beside his little girl for the first half of our trip, and mommy was happy she would be exiled to the other side of the plane for some mommy time. To be able to get him where he needed to be for when he had to get there, our daughter and I ended up flying out separate of him in the afternoon. I also got the pleasure of flying with a two year old until 10pm last night, when I would have been back home by 11am and had her in her crib for her nap that afternoon.
    My husband finally made it to camp and got checked in for 11pm last night and I got our daughter in her crib for 10:30pm and myself after 11pm. All of us had to be up again for work before 6am today. I’m one tired momma bear this morning.

  21. Paid for seats for my children. The seats were switched. Should I get a refund? You have the West Jet movie app for iphone and android but not BlackBerry. Not professional at all. 2 strikes on this trip. I paid for a family trip 5 adults an infant and a baby.

  22. My wife went to purchase airline tickets in Edmonton international sept 18,at around 7:05 pm, for a flight that was scheduled to leave at 9:45 pm, she was denied, have to be there 2 hrs early, well 7:05 pm with a 2 hr departure is 9:05 pm…….. The plane doesn’t leave until 9:45 pm….
    Why was she denied this flight ? I haven’t seen my wife in 2 months, very disappointed, with westjets decision… Appearently the girls at front desk very rude also, we had called early to make arrangments for the late ticket purchase, and come on we were 5 minutes late ….

    U made my wife cry…… whats wrong? u don’t want my money ?
    Bad decision on westjets part
    I will no longer be needing your services!!!

  23. Hello there. I had a booking ZILJCC for Sept 10 direct to Edmonton only to discover that the time was pm not am. I know when i booked this flight the first on your list was this flight. This was an error on my part. However i did contact Westjet and change my flight. The rep Lisa was very polite and helpful. But thinking it over the fee I had to pay to change this seems unreasonably high considering putting that PM on the top of the booking list is bound to cause error for passengers booking. I would like to ask that the $533 fee be reconsidered as I am a faithful customer. Also in light of the media coverage from this past summer really made me think twice to book with Westjet. I paid dearly for the original flight and feel like a change in taking an AM indirect flight should not cost over $ 500. Thank you awaiting your reply

  24. Generally, I only fly WestJet however here in Toronto we had a 1hr delay to get on flight 433 to Edmonton and the experienced further delays due to mechanical issues with the plane. Understanding there is always issues like weather and such but poor management of scheduling and system faults is aggravating to say the least.

  25. On Sunday (Aug 2), we flew from Charlottown to Calgary. We left at 7 local time and arrived home 8 plus hours later. Their was a lot of confusion at the Toronto airport, not all of it due to a storm. 1. There was confusion on the part of flight crew from Charlottown as to whether or not Calgary passengers needed to disembark. 2. Confusion at the disembarking gate about how fast we needed to hurry to the new plane assigned to us. One WestJet agent said that we could take our time and catch a bite to eat as planned. A second one directed us to a passenger cart because we would not have time to get to “2BC”. We listened to second one, but their were no passenger carts at the place we were told. The agent at the gate of 2BC hurried us onto the plane skipping our picture ID. We boarded, got strapped in, then waited for good 45 minutes while another connection came aboard. To add insult to injury, just as we were about to open a package of nuts that would serve as our substitute supper, we were asked to refrain from eating nuts due to the presence of a “severely allegenic child” on Board. This was pretty difficult given the need to offset diabetes. I don’t fault the airline for having to make adjustments because of the severe storm that went through Toronto. But I do fault the airline for not have clear protocols of communication in such events. An airline that has 16 years experience should have figured this out. The confusion which was pushed onto us as passengers, was due to the confusion of back-up protocals, with everyone on the same page. In addition to heightening my own health issues, our experience did not give us a lot of confidence that employees actually knew what they were doing.
    Finally, between the late arrival on the return, and a the change of departure times on our journey from YYC to Charlottown (with less than 24 hours notice) ten days prior, we paid out $85 in taxi fares. Westjet’s desire to maximize filled seats not on inconveniences passengers, it costs them additional money. Given my experience, I will continue to NOT fly Westjet for business purposes. It is clear that departure and arrival times are rarely as posted. If it were only about safety I could understand it. But these costs and inconveniences are clearly not about safety.

  26. I recently took a trip to Fredericton New Brunswick. When I left Toronto, the plane was on time, the staff of the flight were great. The flight down to Fredericton was excellent. I returned to Toronto on July 25th on Flight # 3407. The ground crew in Fredericton were great as well as the staff on the flight. The flight itself was wonderful, a bit of turbulence, which could not be helped, and fantastic we landed at 7:47 PM on Saturday, a little early which was great.. This is where the trouble started. The pilot came on the air and said well we have to wait for the ground crew. So we sat and waited for approximately 14 minutes. We could see the ground crew out there and they were sauntering around , moving very slow as if they had all the time in the world.

    They finally opened the door, and the small stairs were lowered. They had to ask the flight attendant if she wanted the ramp brought up, she said yes. Then the flight attendant had to tell them to lower the handles on the steps before bringing in the ramp. The flight attendant asked several times for the back door to be opened. This is most disturbing. The flight attendant, co-pilot and pilot were not happy at all. None of the passengers were happy having to wait so long and then witness the inefficiency of the ground crew. Our Reservation code was QBQGR. I even informed the west jet rep when we went to get our luggage. She was also appalled. I do hope that someone gets back to me in a reasonable time, and also I hope that the ground crew are sent back for retraining and actually know how to move more than a snails pace. This was very upsetting given the fact that everything had gone so well up to that moment. It was just the inefficiency of the ground crew in Toronto that has really put a big black mark in my books for west jet.

  27. Your flights don’t have free movies onboard on your T.V.S if you are not going to give free moves on board the plane we will not fly with you anymore until you let people watch movies for free we will fly with Air Canada where they give free movies we want free movies so please do something about it thanks Kyle Marsden

  28. I am not happy with the change in our flight. We booked a direct flight to Edmonton and got to airport to find out its now a connecting flight. I didn’t anticipate a connecting flight and already had made arrangements to be picked up at airport. The price was more for direct flight but that’s what we wanted. The flight left later and landed in Winnepeg cause Calgary airport was shut down due to the weather. We lost the whole day of our vacation and if we had the direct flight this wouldn’t have had happened as Edmonton wasn’t shut down and our arrival would’ve been 8:50 am instead of 5:30 at night!

    Thanks for your time to read this


  29. Very disappointed. Agent was extremely rude and dismissive. I simply asked why we had not been notified of our flight cancellation via email or text or any other means. Told me to step aside and that she would not speak with me. I was very polite. I asked to speak to a supervisor and for her agent ID both of which she refused to provide. I found someone else to get me a supervisor who did give me the agent ID. Its really unprofessional and she should not be working for an airline if she cannot deal with customers. Pam, agent ID17414 just another reason to not fly westjet

  30. Front end service was great, I asked to change my seat and they accommodated my request.
    Now the service for coffee and soft drinks was terrible on flight 659 Halifax to Toronto July 1,2015. I was in the back row and the steward never asked me if I wanted anything I waited and he never said anything again so I let it be. But service was trying to make them selves look good but they do not pay close attention to there work. Very sad for customers being happy. I usually fly air canada but my work has been using west jet lately and I hope this matter is looked into and does not fall on deaf ears.

  31. My wife and I went on an interconnecting Westjet flight (June 22/15) between Saskatoon and Nanaimo. The incoming flight was delayed in Saskatoon due to the Westjet Winnipeg incoming flight having a medical issue with a passenger on that flight. As a result of the 45 minute delay my wife went to the Westjet kiosk and inquired as to how this was going to effect our interconnecting flight out of Calgary to Nanaimo. She was told that yes it could be possible that we would miss our flight out of Calgary because it was going to be tight as our flight would be 15 minutes coming in late however Westjet would consider putting us up for the night if that happen.

    My wife then ask since it would be only 15 minutes late could they not contact the out bound Westjet flight to Nanaimo and let them know that this interconnecting flight would be 15 minutes late and ask if there flight could be held until we got there. The Westjet attendant at the gate kiosk replied no there is nothing we can do.
    Consequently my wife and a very pregnant lady also making the connection, had to run through the Calgary airport while I brought all the luggage from the rear. When they got to the gate kiosk they found that the interconnecting flight had not even boarded and waited 10 minutes to board.

    To avoid unnecessary stress would it not have been possible for communication between Westjet Saskatoon and Calgary as this would have eliminate a lot of stress for the interconnecting passengers?

  32. It is very difficult to find reason to complain about any of Westjet’s service or way of doing business. It is very frustrating though that Westjet still allows their seats to recline. It seems that seat spacing has been refined to maximize seating volumes while maintaining a reasonable flight experience. But the fact that passengers are still allowed, at least on domestic flights, to recline their seats is an incredible annoyance to more paying passengers than it satisfies. Please advise me that there is a consideration to disable reclining seats. Regards, John

  33. Subject: Pets on Board Policy
    I have reviewed your Pets on Board Policy and would sincerely suggest the Policy requires further review and changes.
    My wife (Joyce) along with 37 others were part of Lakeshore Tours and Travel group on a visit to Newfoundland.
    The flight to reference is WS 518 Departure 9:20am from Toronto to Deer Lake NFLD, Seats 22E and 22F.
    First , I want to compliment all the WestJet staff at the Airport and on the Plane. They were polite , professional and understanding of our concern.

    Company policy certainly puts the staff in a difficult customer service position.
    The issue is: there was a dog in the row behind us that barked through approx. 90% of our flight.
    As well the dog apparently by accident was let out of its kennel.
    Also, the dog was barking continuously at the airport terminal before we left.
    WestJet staff were excellent trying to calm the situation.
    However why is there a policy that allows a dog, in this case, on Board when one person is made happy and all other passengers (especially passengers sitting in close proximity) very upset.
    I want to assure you the concern was not just expressed by the people on our tour but others as well on the flight.
    We asked ourselves “What would of happened if there were 5 dogs allowed on Board???”
    I do not complain for the sake of complaining , I can assure you that this kind of situation places your staff in a very awkward position and “Will” impact future travel on your airlines.

  34. My wife and I had a return flight from LaGuardia to Toronto the evening of June 18. Just before the time for boarding the flight we were informed that the flight was cancelled as a result of weather conditions in Toronto and between Toronto and New York. This was not true because we checked and ascertained that there were no adverse weather conditions either in Toronto or between Toronto and New York. We were told that WestJet would not accommodate us. We had to return to New York to a hotel that was not the hotel we had come from, which was then fully booked, but that was essentially a junkyard for US $450 a night. For all this we had to wait in line at WestJet at the airport where there were only two people looking after a couple of hundred people. I lodged a complaint earlier relying on your assurance that you respond to and follow up all complaints. I have heard nothing since.

    I intend never to fly WestJet again if I can avoid it. I lodged a complaint earlier relying on your assurance that you respond to and follow up all complaints. I have heard nothing since. I intend never to fly WestJet again if I can avoid it. This was a most unhappy and unpleasant experience with no attempt to remedy the situation or two recompense us for our trouble. This was a most unhappy and unpleasant experience with no attempt to remedy the situation or two recompense us for our trouble. We should have been notified by text or email long before the flight was to take off that it was being cancelled. As I indicated above, what we were told about weather conditions being at fault was not true. The truth was that President Obama was flying in from Washington to New York to attend the Al Smith dinner. The whole thing was handled by WestJet in a less than acceptable way.

  35. International travel and WAIT TIMES to cancel/change a flight. The amount of time I spend on the phone trying to change/ cancel a flight costs me as much as your change fee. What abut your CALL BACK service, it’s spotty. Why can’t I just Cancel/Change online like other airlines. Also, you have gotten ridiculously expensive compared to other airlines. With the oil decrease your prices remain the same as other airlines are cutting there prices

  36. hello, After spending thousands of dollars a year for travel, I have finally had it with you westjet. for many reasons but the latest was my flight on March 21st from Halifax to Edmonton supposed to depart at 3:50 that was cancelled and I was not made aware as you sent an email…but not to me but my wife’s work email address. Why??I don’t know as you have mine on file. I had paid a $267.00 change fee to be on this flight even with gold status, to not be told it was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Image an airline that would have a spare plane incase of situations like this…A crazy thought Right. But then to have my flight rebooked for the next morning at 7:30 am and to get there and sit on the runway for 3 hours due to you being short staffed…not my problem. I paid good money to be on a flight that for no reason other than yours did not go on time…But am I entitled to a refund for my change fee….No way. Your service at one time was excellent, for someone who spends $10,000 a year on flights, I would not recommend you even as a last resort. You would think in situations like this there would be exceptions as again it is your fault not mine.

  37. Last year on July 2, 2014 I was taking return flights to London, ON from Victoria BC with West Jet when I had met the most rudest air flight attendant ever at my lay over in Calgary, AB. [Boarding pass D48 Seat 25A boarding time 12 AM] I had just flown with West Jet from Victoria BC to Calgary, AB with my traveling in cabin fur-baby (dog). I had spent a lot of money and time researching what is required from Air Canada and West Jet Airlines for pet carriers. I had chosen the Sturdibag which will form to any under the seat of any airplane. I also was very considerate to sedate my fur-baby for the flight back to ON.
    As I was waiting in the lay over in Calgary , AB the Flight Attendant seeing to us passengers for boarding noticed that my pet carrier did not meet West Jet exact measurements. I had explained to him that it was a Sturdibag which is meant for the most room for my fur-baby and that it will fit under the seat. His exact words were, “The carrier is suppose to fit under the seat not squish under the seat. I could hold you over for the next flight out tomorrow.” I was tired and shocked since I was flying a red eye flight to be considerate to other passengers. He then stated, “I will let you on and see what the stewardess have to say.” I also had pointed out that I had just flown from Victoria BC to Calgary, AB with West Jet and they had said it was okay. His answer was, “They should have never boarded you.” I boarded and my steward did not have anything to say to me except to tell me the rules of having a pet in cabin.
    Reason why I am writing now is because I am planning another trip to BC and I did like the fact that the lay over time with West Jet was shorter than that of Air Canada. Now since this incident I am afraid that I might have to go through this same friction from another flight attendant. So I have decided to book both my to and from flights with Air Canada.
    I feel this attendant needs to study up on pet carriers and how they have come along way that gives the pet a more enjoyable and safe mode of transportation on any plane that is needed to travel to visit family since my fur-baby is part of my family and I was visiting my sister in BC that I have not seen her in 13 years. Hopefully someone will train this man what good customer service is, since I did not receive that.
    Victoria and fur-baby Lady.

  38. Hello West -Jet we booked a vacation with West -Jet to go to Las Vegas we arrived at the Toronto airport and found out we had to book ourselves using one of the computers at the Wets Jet counters ..I’m not very good at computers so after several times trying to figure it out I went up to the counter and asked one of your employees if they could come and help me with this..the girl told us it wasn’t her job and we would have to figure it out ourselves after several attempts we got it right. Then when we arrived in Las Vegas we had to sit for over 1 hr. waiting for the shuttle that I booked through West Jet to pick us up and take us to our hotel why I dont understand..they couldn’t give me a answer why it took so long to pick us up. But other than that we had a great time and cant wait to go back.

  39. I was to fly to Fort MacMurray on valentines day to spend it with my fiancee that I had not seen in two months due to him being away working, I called before I left Barrie to enquire about the flight due to weather-the hotline stated flight was on schedule. When I arrived to the airport after an hour and a half drive..I found out as I walked in they had cancelled my flight due to maintenance issues. I could not get to Fort MacMurray on valentines day-I opted to fly to calgary that night because I have a friend who lives there and then left the next morning and flew to edmondton-then Fort Mac-I missed 24 hours of my vist-did not arrive until almost 2pm the next day and I was only there for two days due to my fiancees work schedule and mine-my trip could not be extended!!!

    I am extremely disappointed to say the least-I will not see him now until the end of April-I got to see hime for 24 hours versus 48-I would like compensated for this flight -it was our first valentines and I spent it -flying trying to get there-I do not have alot of money and spent over $600 to see him-I was devastated and I think I should be given at least a voucher to fly and see him another time. this cancellation totally riuned our valentines and my visit there-we were both so upset by it -it was diffiuclt to re-group in the short 24 hours I had and enjoy ourselves-no one has even called to apologize or to check and see how this could rectified-this is appaling -honestly-some one needs to make good of this situation!!!!! hoping to hear from someone and thank you-not a nice event ! and I fly with westjet frequently.

  40. I was on flight 2731 on march 3 from Dominican republic to Montreal via Toronto. Pilot announced that plane could not land in Toronto due to ice storm and went back to of all places Norfolk Virginia. Probably half the passengers on the flight were going on to Montreal I wondered why we did not divert there? I asked my assoc here in Montreal whether the airport in Montreal was closed and he said no, so I missed business meeting and much more. Wonder why they did not just fly to Montreal.

    The Norfolk deal was a disaster, we sat on tarmac for an hour while they tried to figure out how to get us off the plane and through customs, then the captain came on the speaker and I quote “Folks we have made confirmed reservations for all of you at local hotels, proceed outside the airport once you have your baggage and there will be shuttle service for all passengers to their hotels.” That was all a lie , when we got off the plane they had one baggage man moving suitcases in the baggage claim area so it took almost an hour and a half for all to get their bags
    then when we went outside there was no direction no shuttle service and no one from WestJet was there to tell us what to do, you had 100 plus people standing in freezing drizzle including children wondering what to do , then one of the Norfolk police officers came out with a list of three hotels ( no reservations first come first serve ) so I did not want to catch pneumonia and took a 32 dollar cab ride to the Hyatt place in and many others did the same.

    Now I know that a captain is responsible for his passengers until they reach their final destination and this crew was terrible, did not care about the passengers after they got off in Norfolk but sure they had all their transportation arranged as they all had a smile on their face the next day, but no apologies even to the passengers for the disaster the night before.

  41. Good day.

    I have been receiving phone calls from Westjet (recorded message) telling that I received a rebate of some sort. In order to claim the said rebate, you have to wait for an “operator” to pick up. I have waited numerous times just to tell te person at the other end to stop calling on my cell and home phone. I’m pretty sure they don’t bother with my request because most of the time they just hang up without saying anything. No apology nothing.
    So this is my complaint. My cell phone number is 613-240-2827. The number showing on my my phone when Westjet call is 613-240-9289. Of course you can’t call them back and let them know to stop that unwelcome practice.

    I hope you have better luck with the others. I’ll make a point not to make business with WestJet just for that reason.

    Yours truly,

    Luc Bechard.

  42. I really think west jet should give some consideration to changing the uniforms. I have noticed that the skirts are way too short. There are often times that we can see the girls panties when they are operating the golf carts.

  43. I am currently sitting on one of your planes after meeting two of your staff members, who could care less if we fly your airline or not. We are departing on your 5:45 to loss cabos.
    You have changed your baggage police and now require us to pay for bags. Not a concern as we always fly carryon. We were just hassled by one of your lovely employes to the point of embarrassment about checking our carryon. I book around 50 legs a year on your airline.

    I just want to remind you, as in your briefing speech “we have a choice”.

  44. Weather related stays
    I would like to say in principal if your employee tells your
    Customer to get a hotel voucher they should give you one.

    I was waiting 8 hrs had I known I was not receiving one I would
    Have booked a hotel room not at at top rate !

    Was told we don’t do that who told you that? I said the west jet employee
    At airport I just flew in from .

    Then I personally booked a room and the
    Nice guy behind counter told me how they just had another call
    From west jet blocking a whole bunch of rooms for travel vouchers !

    Huh …. I guess my situation was not important !

    A little disapointed ! To say the very least !

  45. I was very upset that my 6.35 Toronto bound flight (WS 676) was cancelled with less than 24 hours notice on Thursday, Jan, 22nd. The 12.20 am flight made my Friday meetings in Toronto very difficult and tiring. I do understand things happen sometimes but while the person I spoke to to convey my distress at this sudden and unexpected change was very professional, there was little sympathy for the frustration I was feeling. My trust in your airline has been seriously impacted and diminished…..which makes me quite sad as up to this point in time, I have always enjoyed flying with your courteous and professional staff.

  46. Why do my ears HURT SO MUCH when I fly west jet? Do they fly at a different altitude? I don’t think I can fly with them again because it was SO PAINFUL! Does anyone else have this problem? I have flown LOTS with other airlines but only west jet causes me this much pain. 24 hrs later and my ears still have not adjusted. Any comments or suggestions are appreciated. I am familiar with chewing gum, yawning, etc. This is not an ear popping thing butter of a “I think I am going to loose my hearing” kinda pain. Like I said; I don’t experience this with any other airline. Thanks.

  47. So here I am at the vancouver airport. It is 4:30am. Have been here for couple hours from cancun vacation waiting to catch my last flight to prince george, home.

    Turns out air canada opens their custumer service desk/ baggage check in at 4 am. But the west-jet counter stays closed till 5:30am even though staff keep goin back in forth to staff room and the computers.
    Now you have dozen westjet custumers complaining out loud. Out ragged. Me being the more quiet type. So I figured id write this. Atleast have chairs for people to sit in instead of making us look dumb standing there sitting on luggage/ golf carts that belong to airport. Seems service should at the very least match if not exceed your canadian competitor.

  48. July 24, 2014 I booked a flight from St. John’s NL to Tampa through Toronto (for Jan. 8th ) because of a nightmare with our last WestJet flight which ran through LaGuardia. The flight was booked early to ensure as few issues as possible with the flight. What we received from WestJet was another disaster. We were delayed by over 2 hours in St. John’s NOT DUE TO WEATHER BUT BECAUSE WESTJET ALLOWED AN INTOXICATED, HUNGOVER,AND NAUSEATED LADY WHO NOT ONLY VOMITED WHILE BEING CHECKED IN, BUT BOARDED THE FLIGHT, INFORMED THE ATTENDANT ABOARD THAT SHE WAS ILL, WAS GIVEN A GLASS OF WATER, SAID SHE WAS OK, BUT SHE VOMITED AGAIN AND WHEN WE WERE READY FOR TAKE OFF, THE PILOT DECIDED TO RETURN TO THE TERMINAL TO DISCHARGE THE LADY.
    We were to be in Tampa 12:59 Jan 8th.

    We were not informed of any changes to our flight until in Toronto we were given a boarding pass which put us through LaGuardia on a flight at 4:30 and put us in Tampa at 10:22 that night. I said that my last trip was a nightmare through LaGuardia in May /14 and wished not to go there. I was told that I had the option of waiting 24 hours at my expense in Toronto or go through LaGuardia.

    When we arrived in LaGuardia our flight via Delta to Tampa was cancelled but luckily we got on another flight to Tampa. We arrived in Tampa 11:00pm and had no luggage. The Delta desk finally located our luggage in New York. We received our luggage suppertime yesterday Jan 9th. My wife and I had a terrible day. Not only were we out of pocket for meals but our ride from the airport to our home in Pinellas Park were interrupted.

  49. We flew Edmonton to Phoenix, flight 1464 on Dec 31. After arriving in Phoenix we waited for 1 hour 45 minutes for our luggage to reach the carousels. They have not replied to my emails. This caused transportation inconveniences for the whole plane load. Had they all gone on holiday?
    We were not impressed. we did learn there were two direct US Airways flights from Edmonton the same afternoon – at a cheaper price!

  50. Flight 105 14 dec 14 Calgary int ab. 8:15pm arriving abbotsford 8:43 pm. Seat 15B. Seat 15 A was occupied by a fairly stocky man. Seat 15C was occupied by a woman who weighed around at least 400 pounds. I was told to sit down quickly for the flight was ready to take off. I said how am I to sit there. The answer given to me by a flight attendant was we cannot do anything until the seat belt light goes off after take off. I had no choice but to sit down . The heavy lady sat down and her arm and body covered my whole right breast area and arm . When she sat down it was with a force. No one came back to move me finally I had to stop a stewardess requesting me to assist. She told me I would have to pay extra money for plus seats . I told her I paid for a full seat and that is all that I am requesting. She said I will send someone else to help you. A young man then came by and told me to sit in any empty seat. I told him no that I would like him to show me a seat. I had to go through major surgery 4 years ago.i felt my safety was absolutely at risk. I talked to someone at the airport . They told me to send an e-mail. I am 64 years old. This was a very bad experience. Please get back to me. Nerma Shergill

  51. I don’t know why I’m bothering because I sent a complaint to BOB CUMMINGS and he didn’t think it was important enough that I lost a day of my trip because 5 mins. late and wouldn’t put our bags on plane but we could go on….how sad is that a 3year old and 1 year old…my Grandaughter and myself with a broken ankle….our taxi left ( 100.00 and 6:00 am..oh but we could stay and get the 4:15 pm flight….no food for kids…Hamilton Airport Nov.12 Flight WS 0585…so we had to do it all over again the next day…..Thanks I do hope someone does do follow ups…maybe I’ll change my Rating if I hear from someone this time

  52. I’m writing to let you know that I had a same day return flight from fort Mcmurray to edmonton on the 25th of November 2014 and was unfortunately let down by a couple of things. My flights were WS 158 & WS 255.. I’m only writing because normally the service with westjet, which I have used quite often, is impeccable. And I would like to continue recommending it to others as I have done in the past. But this last experience left a bit of a bad taste in my mouth. To start I will tell you that my flight in the morning was at least 45 minutes late. Unfortunately for me my reason for travelling to Edmonton was to get a time sensitive medical procedure. Which due to the delay I then was unable to make. I did still try to rush to the clinic which was nearby, and did not have checked in baggage but even with taking extra precautions and time to allow myself a grace period I was unable to get there on time due to the extra delay and then the mandatory de icing.
    So I chalked it up to a disappointment and a wasted $500.00 fare. This I could swallow. But. the problems began to arise again on my departure from edmonton. Apparently we had another delay again so I called my work shuttle to let them know we would be arriving late. My connection in fort Mcmurray is usually a $60+ fare in a taxi to my final destination so I called to let them know it would be late . Anyways with that sorted I settled in with the fact it would be a little while longer. Then we finally boarded the plane. It was almost full and the safety speech was given and everyone was ready to take off, or so we thought. Then suddenly they started calling out names on the passenger manifest asking if these travellers were indeed on the flight?! How could this be when they had just scanned and checked our boarding passes and IDs? This went on about once every 5 minutes for 20 minutes. So already we have been delayed and now they don’t know who is on the flight? Okay. After a while the attendants called what they said was the final name and we then sat there with no further information in silence for ANOTHER 10-15 minutes. Then the names start all over again, and they are asking if more guests could put up their hands if they are indeed in the plane. It becomes a little ridiculous at this point. Myself and other passengers were wondering, Are they going to call the entire plane out one by one? Most of us by this time are thirsty and tired and want to get to our final destination. This was clearly not a weather related delay and more a computer or human error. Finally, after quite some time, they do let us in on the truth that the computer system has failed and they have to get the last third of the plane to produce boarding passes again. So we all get up find our paperwork. At this point a gentleman behind me buzzed an attendant, as I was about to do, to ask for a glass of water. It is only normal as we should have been in the air by then and he was obvioulsly trying to be patient but was thirsty. A woman on staff came up to him and said she couldn’t help him because she was suppose to be sitting down. This is unacceptable to me as I am pregnant and was also thirsty and we had been waiting a very long time on the Tarmac. This to me does not reflect the world class service that I have become accustomed to and am proud of when flying with this Canadian company.
    In the end both my flights were delayed due to unrelated incidents. I felt like the service was unapologetic and un- organized and willing to go the extra mile to make up for the experience which is what I would expect from your airlines. And that there was a serious lack of communication which also cause me to lose another connection by land, in fort Mcmurray and an additional $60.00 on top of my waste of a $500 fare. I think that granting a simple request for water for your guests would have also gone a long way.
    I hope to fly with you again but at this moment I have doubts about the quality of service and organization and communication. I hope that someone will at least get back to me or address these issues in the future knowing that some of your guests expect a higher quality of service. Maybe sending email or text alerts about delayed flights so people can make the appropriate arrangements within a reasonable amount of time? Or at least offer water to guests if they are stuck on a plane at the gate for longer than half an hour with no explanations.

    Thank you for you’re time
    J redondo

  53. Wow what a difference flying with WestJet from 1997 and 2014 has been for me. Back then I was so impressed with the level of comfort, service & value. Add the personal human element that set them apart and I felt like a passenger of the glory days of flight. Sadly that experience cannot be said or felt as my recent trip to Punta Cana with WestJet felt like a bus ride to Ft. Mac
    from Edmonton. Cramped seating( which is ok and tolerable for flights 3hrs or less), the absence of inflight entertainment (unless you pay a fee for the use of a tablet),light snacks that make free samples from the grocer feel like a dinner date has left me curious why WestJet has sunk so low. I knew of the added $25 extra bag surcharge (my wife & I spent 2 weeks) but was disgruntled, it really should be clarified as $50! My next tropical vacation will be with a carrier who places the travel in line with the destination. In other words, WestJet will be my 1st choice for travel to Calgary, Vancouver or Winnipeg.

  54. First thing let me tell you that my wife and I love Westjet and are very comfortable when we fly with you, we always upgrade to the plus seating..
    The stewardess are always funny and great to get along with intil our last flight Nov 8th flying out of Toronto to Nassau bahamas..
    The flight attendant who was working in the back came up front and did nothing but complain to the flight attendants about how unsatisfied she was working for Westjet, this went on for about 20 minutes with the other girls..I pay extra to seat up front and enjoy the ride not pay extra to leason to a un-happy employee…I really did want to stand up and say something to her and the other girls..just not the atmosphere we are used to on Westjet..I will be in contact via the phone with them because this was unacceptable, my wife does not like flying to begin with , but when we do fly it must be Westjet because she feels comfortable with them…maybe it’s time to try Air-Canada..

  55. I recently travelled to Toronto on Westjet, on Thursday, Oct. 16, arriving in Toronto at approx. 8:30. The seat-back television took $12.60 from me that I was told would not be charged to my credit card account. Here’s what happened.

    Half-way through the flight I decided to watch a film and run my credit card through the machine in front of me. No film appeared on my screen. I had spent $6.30 (incl. tax) and received no film. I called the steward over who explained to me that one could only order films during the first 15 minutes of a flight, that it was too late to order one, but he was positive it would not be charged to my credit card because he had been told (by someone) that the charge does not occur if you run your card through the system to the right of the screen when films are not available.

    After he assured me no charge would appear on my credit card, he took my card and ran it through the slide himself, noting I was correct that no film was notw available. I asked if I had just paid for the films twice and he said no. No, he said, I would not be charged at all: no charge would appear on my credit card.

    Guess what? I just got my VISA bill and there on the bill I am charged $12.60 for movies I never saw.

    This may seem a small thing and a small price, but it is frustrating. I feel like I should share this experience with friends and relatives, about how I was billed for films I never saw. Friends were surprised when I told them films were not free. They will be even more surprised to discover that sometimes, when you pay for them, you get a bill but no movies.

    I would like to add it was never clear that movies must be paid for during the first 15 minutes of the flight.

    I would like to fly Westjet again (which was otherwise an excellent flight), but may have to reconsider given this confusion.

  56. I was heading to Langley BC for the thanksgiving long weekend. My mom had recently moved out there and I was going to see her new place for the first time. My sister and nieces are also out there so it was going to be a nice family thanksgiving. Due to the busy season I had booked a flight to Vancouver connecting through Edmonton. Not ideal but it was a good connection and it would get me there. I usually fly to Abbotsford because it’s much handier for my sister to pick me up at that airport than in Vancouver. I was sitting at my gate waiting for boarding to start. At the next gate they were just finishing boarding the flight to Abbotsford. I knew it was a long shot but I went up to the gate agent and asked if there was any chance of switching flights. I said if it was any trouble not to worry I just thought I would ask. Well the two Westjet gate agents were fantastic. They smiled. Said they would do their best and got me on the direct flight to Abbotsford. It meant an extra 4 hours with my mom and family. Joey and Judith were the 2 gate agents in Calgary domestic that went above and beyond to help one family’s Thanksgiving last a little longer. Way to go Westjet!

  57. I have traveled a lot but not so much with West Jet. Was happy with my flight to Nova Scotiabut not happy with my flight back. I found that when we left Halifax on Sept 7 , 2014 there were no TV on flight. The staff told us it would be available in Ottawa, then in Ottawa they said there would be no TV on the flight, right through to Edmonton. If we were informed earlier that this was happening then we could have brought a book or something for our flight. I am very disappointed that the staff would not announce this so as to give us a heads up.

  58. Being harassed by phone calls. My home phone rings, I answer it and have a computer generated voice talking to me about West Jet. I have never flown West Jet and these phone calls would never stop me flying West Jet. The call is trying to give away air miles and how West Jet cared that I flew with them. After that, I didn’t listen anymore. I’ve had seven calls in seven days. These harassing calls happened to me earlier in the year. I didn’t do anything about it then, but I am now. They even leave messages on answering machines.

  59. On Thursday July 24th I was supposed to board a WestJet flight to Kelowna at 1:10 pm. Just after the pre-boarding started, we were told that the flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems, and that there was no idea what was going to happen to the passengers. We were advised to get our checked-in luggage an proceed to the check-in counter. No information was forthcoming and it was known that following flights were full. While I was waiting, a WestJet agent called my name, had two boarding passes in hand and said they were going to put me on the next flight out – to Fort McMurray and then to Kelowna. She got my luggage retagged and then escorted me to the security line-up. I thought this was OK, because at least I was going to get to Kelowna – travelling to see my son who had just had a significant brain operation – so I was a bit upset. At no time was I asked if I wanted to go that route, and being in a bit of a rush did not look at the boarding pass from Fort McMurray, nor was it explained that I would not get out of Fort McMurray until 10:30 pm – a layover wait of 5 hours. I do not know what happened with the other passengers, and I would like to know if they managed to get to Kelowna before the midnight hour that I did. I am 70 years old and an experienced traveller and I should have asked more questions, but being that I was upset about my son (and I know that is none of your concern) I felt rushed, and as I was sitting on the plane to Fort McMurray in Alberta!! I felt like a stupid little old lady who had been given the bums rush!! I think it should have been better explained to me and I think that there should have been more information forthcoming at the check-in desk at Vancouver. I have travelled quite a bit with WestJet and always had good service, but this time I think that the rating was very low indeed. Thank you, Joanne Boyd

  60. Just checked in at lax westjet. So unprofessional. One agent playing with other persons hair, talking about non work the whole time I was checking in. So much for the customer being their focus. These girls need supervision and proper training.
    I assume that these agents, wearing westjet outfits are not true west jetters but local people hired to assist westjet in la.
    Not representing west jet very well.

  61. I arrived in Calgary from London, ON, flight WS531 and picket up my luggage only to find the lock and zipper pull was missing from one of my carry bags. Nothing was missing from the suitcase but I can no longer lock it. The lock was new, just purchased today. Not impressed at all.

  62. I am usually pleased with the service I receive from Westjet until the day my luggage got picked up by someone else. The westjet customer service agents at baggage claim were rude, condescending and lacking in common sense. This experience happened recently in Toronto and the agents were named Kari and Rebekhah (I think I got that spelling correctly). When I tried to point out how they could have easily pleased a very inconvenienced customer, to make their company shine, I got shut down very fast. They did not want to hear my suggestion. They were rude and condescending even before I attempted to point this out. A shame with so many young people looking for work that these two young ladies should be in a position to be the face of this company.

  63. I recently flew with west jet on my trip to Bahamas and I was extremely dissatisfied with the unfriendly staff at the Montreal dorval airport. At check in, no one directed me to the gate and supervisor (ID #14412) was not helpful and very incompetent when I needed to reschedule my flight.plus, flying back home I had a 3 hr. delay because a crew member was missing.

  64. My wife and I have been traveling for seven years now and last year was the first time we flew Westjet, all was great and we really enjoyed your staff’s humour, so we decided on Westjet again this year, but unfortunately, the experience was not so good this time. We were to depart on Jan 22 on flight WS2580 scheduled for 9:15am, but there were mechanical issues with the aircraft, the pilot announced that since we were in Toronto, there were some spare airplanes, unfortunately, there were other planes with issues so the spares got used up, so one had to be flown in from New York, which delayed the departure by 6hrs. We basically lost the first day of our vacation and by the time we got to the resort, we had to take the only few rooms available, and not what we had booked, so at this point, not that big of a deal, stuff like this happens. On our return flight, WS2736 on Jan 29th, all was going well and we departed on time, unfortunately, the temperature on the plane was so hot that the passenger beside me took off his shirt, talk about uncomfortable, rubbing elbows with a sweaty stranger. We got to Toronto earlier than expected and went through customs in record time, only to get to baggage claim to find out the baggage doors on the plane were frozen and we would have to wait…yet again, this delay caused us to miss our scheduled shuttle and by the time we got to our hotel, the restaurant was closed. I understand this type of thing happens, but 3 issues in one trip has me wondering if we should choose a different airline next year, I’d hate to switch because the staff is so great, but I have to question the integrity of the aircrafts, are corners being cut for the sake of keeping flights cheaper?

  65. I was on a flight from the Bahamas landed in Toronto on Dec 20th on flight 2639.As usual landing in TO we waited and waited and of course there was no flight and they said we would get the next plane. Then 5am came and there was still no flights so they put us in a hotel but the problem started when we got there we didn’t even have a hour to sleep and had to check out. I got a new flight that didn’t arrive until a few hours later. I know they took a plane out of the hanger because all of a sudden they said our flight was here and we got on the plane. west jet knows I need to have assistance because I have nerve damage in my arms back and neck and I can’t lift anything but had to do all that by myself. I am still suffering with the worst pain ever even my lower back and my arms and knees as well as my ankles. I did not need to rush about because of the holidays I needed to get home because of the sever pain I was in and I am still in extra pain. .I would like to know how you are going to help me with the pain and suffering i am still going threw. Ottawa was ready for us but the one thing I do trust from west jet is I trust the pilots to.get me home. why do you not have straight flights to the Bahamas?

  66. My husband and I flew WestJet on November 9, 2013. We boarded the plan and as soon as everyone was seated, we were told that one of the attendants went home sick, she had the flu, and that we would have to wait until we got a replacement before we could take off. So we waited 2 hours, in the plane before a replacement flew in from another flight. This flight was to be 5 hours & we ended up being on the plane for 7 hours. The head attendant was a bit rude & short with people cause I was so hot I could hardly breathe & he told me there was nothing he could do about it. Then when they started service, we were so hungry & as it happened being in the middle of the plane, we were the LAST people to be served and there were NO sandwiches left, so our dinner was twizzlers & chips…..this was the first time to travel WestJet & all in all not a good experience.

    Thank you
    Darlene Jepson

  67. I recently flew from edmonton to vancouver sun aug 11 flight 141 seat 5b. I did my check in at the computer and looked at the seat selection I was given. I wanted to change from the middle seat to a window which was 1 up. I was booking in 3 hrs before my flight and the charge would have been 45 dollars and i declined, may be that was a mistake. When i got on the plane in the isle seat was a 350 pound guy if he was an ounce. i got in my seat and pushed the armrest down and the obese guy couldn’t get into the seat. I moved the armrest up a bit and he fell in. I couldn’t use my tv controls as his obesity fell over and covered the armrest. I couldnt us the controls for the tv or anything. The seat in front was empty and 3 on the other side. I would have moved but he was snoring before the plane took off. If you have limits on the size of baggage you allow on you should also have a seat there when booking flights, if they cant fit in it pay for 2 seats. The booking attendant must have thought about the poor chap that has to sit next to him. I will probably still fly west jet as it is still the lesser of the evils. Good thing it was only 1 hr and 20 min. This kind of thing should not be happening. I paid full fare and i should have got everything that was included.

  68. On Feb 27, my wife and I flew Westjet from Van to Calgary, flight left at 5pm. It was the last leg of our flight from the Philippines,our 3rd flight that day. We were tired. Next to me on the aircraft, I was in the middle seat, my wife in the window, sat down this incredibly huge obese lady. She not only filled her seat, but overflowed into mine! I could not sit comfortably in my seat, but was forced to flip up the armrest and lean against it, trying to find some room. It was a very uncomfortable flight!! By the time we landed, I had a sore back. On leaving the aircraft, I told the stewardess of my uncomfortable seat and she responded with compassion and concern, asking me if a $100 voucher would help alleviate the situation somewhat? I stated that would be OK, and she took my boarding pass, and my email address, and said that Westjet would be in touch. I thanked her, and left the aircraft, and have been waiting to hear from Westjet ever since. Nothing!
    Was that a false promise?

  69. We had a great flight from Toronto to Jamaica on February 10th. Our flight back to Toronto was delayed for two days as they had mechanical problems with WestJet’s plane. Instead of sending us on another plane, we had to stay over two days.

    On February 17th, we boarded the plane and the engine wouldn’t start. We sat on the plane for over an hour and there was no air-conditioning on the plane. My husband has high blood pressure at times and I had to use ice to cool him down and give him lots of water to drink. I don’t high blood pressure and I just couldn’t wait to get off the plane, it was so hot. People were saying it was 110 degrees. I believe it. I think if they have problems with the plane, I can understand, but I cannot see leaving people on a plane without air. I thought my husband was going to pass out.

    We had to wait at the airport for at least 2 hours before they could accommodate everyone at another resort. We stayed overnight at the Grand Palladium, which was really nice, but we had to return to airport next day.

    The plane was supposed to be repaired. They flew two mechanics in from Calgary to fix plane. We sat in the airport was for our plane to go back to Toronto, but no, again the plane couldnt’t be repaired due to needing more parts to fix it. We again had to wait a couple of hours again for accommodations to be arranged at another resort. It took at least an hour to get to the resort
    the Grand Palladium again. The resort was really nice, but we really didn’t enjoy it due to the fact that we had to be ready to catch another plane; very time consuming. We must have went through customs at least 6 times. I have never experienced a delay like this before. I don’t if I want to fly WestJet again because of this. My main complaint was sitting on the plane when it was so hot. I don’t know why we had to go back to the airport so many times; you would think that they would know the plane would have been properly repaired before they had us board again.

  70. I was flying from Vancouver Bc back to Los Angeles on flight 1698, when I couldn’t find a space to put my luggage and asked for help, the flight attendant Tami was not willing to help me, she said just find another space, the hand carry was heavy and I couldn’t lift it over my head and needed help, I have to open each compartment and finally found one at 9, I am sitting at 1.
    I asked your service person “you cannot help me?”. She ignores me totally.
    I got another flyer to help me with my bag, the more upsetting incident is after I was seated she actually helped another flyer to look for vacant compartment space, and even helped to put it in the right way.

    That is very rude and unacceptable service. I am not paying for discounted tickets.

  71. On 19 September we flew West Jet from Vancouver to New York via Toronto from Vancouver (#366 and #1210). This was the first time we used this route and we found the baggage transfer process in Toronto difficult and poorly handled. The baggage attendant in Vancouver told us he could not give us specific instructions, but that someone there would assist us when we got there. I personally didn’t see anyone to help, my wife says there was someone who was on a cell phone. We followed the signs for transfers without any difficulty, but we missed the sign for baggage claim for transfers and wound up in the regular baggage claim. An airport attendant rather severely told us to read the signs. We then found the proper baggage claim, but there was no attendant there and the signs were quite confusing as to where next to proceed. We did figure it all out, but the whole experience was quite stressful and could have been avoided with a description of the process beforehand, a little assistance after leaving the plane, and better signage.

  72. My experience with Westjet has been absolutely deplorable. They know absolutely nothing about customer
    service. They should change their slogan to “We care only about your money because we are owners too”. I
    had booked a vacation package in middle of April of 2012 with Westjet vacations to go to an all inclusive in
    Punta Cana in July of 2012. The day after my booking, the hotel experienced a major fire and some parts of
    the resort had to be rebuilt. I asked Westjet if I had the option to change the vacation package and initially
    they said no because the departure date was still months away and that they were dealing with current
    departures only. I had stated to them that I did not want to wait last minute to make alternate
    arrangements but they would not budge.

    I made a second call to speak to another associate and my line got
    disconnected. The third time I called, another associate told me not to worry because the resort was huge
    and I could avoid the construction noise by moving to a quieter part of the resort. What a joke. I finally got
    fed up and spoke to a supervisor who gave me the option to change to another resort within a two week
    decision period with no penalty and she allowed me to select seats on our flight with no charge. When we
    were ready to depart to the resort, we found all of the TV’s on our flight were not working. Needless to say
    my 2 kids were extremely disappointed. Once we arrived on the island, we were told that they forgot to pay
    for our tourist card in advance (their responsibility) and so we had to go through the hassle of filling out
    paper work and scrambling through our pockets for U$ cash to pay immigration.

    The arranged ride to our resort was a jalopy of a 6 seat minivan and not a bus and my wife and I feared for our lives. Once we arrived
    at the resort, they had the nerve to schedule a meeting the following day for us to meet with their tour guide
    so that they could sell us tours. Their excuse was they wanted to tell us what time our bus would pick us up
    to take us back to the airport. The flight back home was delayed by an hour. Westjet decided they were
    going to be “nice” and reimburse us for the tourist cards plus an additional $60.00. The catch? I had to book
    with them again within a 1 year period, otherwise I would lose the original payout of my pocket (my own
    money) and the additional $60.00 so-called gift. I told them there was no guarantee that I would be flying
    within this 1 year period, so they gave me back my money and took back their gift. Well guess what? I am
    going away again and guess who I am not flying with? In fact, I am spending more to fly with the

  73. Dear sir

    Flying on a plane, or anything else, its just a joke with for employees. Like when the mask falls, you will hear ‘hello Jim’ says your flight attendant on a flight to Fort McMurray from Edmonton. He said everything wrong during the safety briefing. He even said that he is not having a good day.

    I brought a ticket and had to change it so I cancelled it within the 24 hours. I didnt get a refund back. When I called, I was hung up on, shouted at and finally was told ‘yes’ it was an error from your side and we will give to a credit to use in the future. The person was rude, ot one but two of them. I asked for a manager, I was told that they dont believe in transferring to management. Sometimes you have to be professional and serious, but that is not the training given to your employees.

    Tell be, if god forbid something happens to a plane, who is going to remember what to do. When there is a matter of someone insulting someone, its not a joke or returning my money.

    I asked to be put back to my card as per your condition, I was told ‘NO’.

    Please let me know what is all this, business or a joke.

    Shahid Saleem

  74. With the size of your company, I do not know if anyone will even read this complaint, but I felt I needed to bring it to someone’s attention.
    My family has only ever flown West Jet.Taking our trips to the coast up to three times a year.
    The service has always been helpful and friendly, from calling in to make our reservations, to the servers on the plane.
    On July 25, I took my two sons to the Calgary airport to fly out to Abbotsford for their summer holidays.
    When booking in the bagage, we were served by a customer service representative named Dany-Ella.
    We found this lady to be very rude, her customer service lacking, and my sixteen year old son even commented on it too.
    I know Westjet prides themselves on their customer service, so to have employees that give customers the feeling they should have spent their money elsewhere, is a poor reflection on the company.
    Thank you for your time.

  75. It was a nightmare flight from Vancouver to Toronto.
    I flied 10:56 pm to Toronto from Vancouver on July 27.
    I checked in 1 hour before flight.

    I was told there was still good seats arrangement for three of us.( Was it sarcasm?)
    It turned out two seats were in front of the toilet.
    My seat was the next to the toilet by a hand length and attached to the rare wall, cannot be reclined.

    It was late night flight, so I needed sleep. But whenever someone used the toilet,
    the movement, light, smell and noise all made me up. No-reclining help certainly didn’t help, either.

    Furthermore, the screens were user-unfriendly, very hard to find how to turn then off. So it took me a while to figure out. But the passenger who sat next to me, couldn’t and gave up. Then she had slept with the bright screen on before I figured out.

    I was not accustomed for booking seats for extra money. So I thought 1 hour before flight was enough.
    I had NO idea I was assigned such a horrendous seat.
    Such a seat should NOT be sold to a PAID customer.
    It ought to be meant for flight attendants or for unpaid customers.

    I was very disappointed for a worst seat I ever imagined.
    It was my first experience with Westjet and I regretted my decision to use it.

  76. My spouse and I fly only fly with West Jet. We live in Cold Lake Alberta, which is a long drive to the airport and home again. On Friday 15th of June we drove my mom to the airport to catch her flight that was departing at 11 PM. She is and older lady and has only flown twice in her life. She read her information wrong she was suppose to fly out the following night at 11pm. Anyway we could’nt let her stay there for a day and half waiting and to drive home and back to edmonton the next day would of been crazy. My poor mom was so stressed out.Because we were told we would have to pay more money to be able to get her on the flight. I reallize that you have to make money. But when i talked to my mom the next day she said that the flight was only half full.
    I feel that she should have been able to be put on that flight for the same price we paid. It was close to $800.00 for a week and an extra $200 and somthing to get her on a day early. My mom did’nt have the money or the means to pay the extra. I am glad we were there to help her. I do hope that if this happens to anyone else again you can hear their side of the story and show some compassion.

  77. I called and waited 35 minutes for a retun call and when I received the answer in regard to missing credit for rewards, I was told to email accounthelp@westjet.com. I subsequently emailed on the travel rewards, but still no response. Customer service is very poor!

  78. Today I was disappointed to learn that I did not accrue any reward miles when I booked a Wesjet vacation to the Dominican Republic for three people in April 2012. This was my first time booking travel and I did not realize that I had to actually enroll in the Rewards Program (my husband who had previously looked after our travel plans passed away in October 2011).

    The Westjet representative who helped me with the travel arrangements and to obtain an ID number and password – did not mention that I had to enroll separately in the Rewards Program. I did ask her about the allotment of points – she responded that only I would receive the points as I was the one who was booking the flights. No mention was made of the need to enroll. My booking number was #958891 and the trip totalled over $5,000.

    My daughter lives in the Dominican Republic. During the past twelve years my husband and I visited the DR every year, sometimes twice a year. I intend to continue to do so in the future for as long as my daughter lives there. As a result, I would like to benefit from the Rewards Program.

    Given my situation, I am writing to ask if there is any way you would be able to make an exception and to allow me the reward points for the trip I took in April 2012.

    Sincerely, Avril Davies

  79. On a recent flight from Saskatoon to Moncton I was delayed by one full day. This was a great inconvenience.Since I have booked a flight returning to Saskatoon which needed to be changed as result of the original delay. I was hoping to have the change of flight fee plus the difference of the two fees waved as compensation for this misfortune. The booking agent I spoke with was unable to help. She had no idea who I could speak with to explain my frustrations.


    Joseph Trecartin

  80. My family has never flown west jet, but having heard many good things over the years, I sent my son home last night to Toronto form Las Vegas, after connecting with American from Los Angeles where he attends school. We always travel Air Canada, but he missed his flight due to illness, and found the Westjet connection same day (Flight 119, May24,12). WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT!! He swears never again! Unfriendly staff, no TV’s, nothing! when he asked about the tv’s, they looked at him as though they didn’t know what he was talking about. American, he said, was great…Westjet – never again!! Well done, guys, but Im sure you couldn’t care less anyway, which is why he had such a bad experience!
    Sharon Dunn

  81. I purchased (as a Christmas present for my son) a return flight from Fort MacMurray to Toronto. He lost his job and could not make use of the ticket. Westjet offered to refund the ticket less a 7% (approximate) charge. When i complained about the charge, the customer service supervisor with whom I spoke offered to refund the whole amount.
    That never happened.
    I phoned recently to inquire as to whether it could be put in place, I was left hanging on the phone for about one half hour and the phone went dead.
    This does not strike to me as a company that is trying to satisfy customers.

  82. I used the WestJet travelscape (1-855-239-3431) to book a HOTEL for my training in Alberta, Canada beginning April 10 to 14/12.
    Logged onto the WestJet reservation site, used the phone number: 1-855-239-3431, and you can book a hotel using the WestJet website.
    I booked with an agent who charged my credit card using American funds, although I’m travelling a domestic flight (duh……called from CANADA).
    The next day called the same phone #: 1-855-239-3431 – tp cancel the reservation, emphasizing that I should not be penalized given that i paid advanced price to ensure full refund of 908.56 and re-booked to ensure a quote in Canadian funds – transaction completed.

    GUESS WHAT? NEVER received the full credit refund.

    I’ve phoned 1-855-239-3431 several times, Even talked with a
    1. supervisor, and
    2. A manager,
    Have gotten the runaround.
    By the way…..the phone call with the Supervisor got suddenly disconnected…hmm
    Even sent a mail on March 8, 2012. Got a reply from “reply@travelnow.com” (travel@expedia.com) telling me I’ll be fully refunded –
    Today, it’s March 20, 2012 – NO FULL REFUND -.
    Spoke with a Manager “Mandy” – Monday, March 19, 2012, he told me he’d email me my account transactions indicating that my VISA was reimbursed. Haven’t heard from Mandy as of March 20, 2012. No emails from Mandy, Nor Sue the Supervisor, or any other agent dealing with WestJet.

  83. I was signed up and received a number last year with west jet. This was done by my company Costco. I use Westjet now but when i checked my account there is nothing there? My number was always on the docs when travelling. Can you research and give me those points.Thank you

  84. March8th I was on a return flight from Palm Springs the flight was cancelled do to mechanical problems and I was assigned the next flight to Calgary and then on to Ottawa asked to make sure that I would have enough time to make my connecting flight I was told that they would not have given it to me unless I was able to make the connecting flight.well when I landed in Calgary I was told that I missed the connecting flight and would have to take the 12:40am flight which I did and had to go to Toronto and then a connecting flight to Ottawa.I was up for over twenty four hours trying to get home when I did land in Ottawa I was informed that my luggage was sent to Winnepeg. I did receive my luggage in the afternoon thank you but I missed a days work and lost pay.I feel that I should be compensated for my missed day of work as this was west Jets problem.
    I do enjoy flying with West Jet but would not like to have to endre this again.

  85. I would like to leave a word of thanks. Recently had a wonderful journey with WestJet. The flight was on time, food served was excellent and best of all, got a good deal on price.

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