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    I have always been very satisfied with Aer Lingus check in and flight staff but there is only one word I would use to describe their customer relations when you have a problem and that is “appalling”. Flight E135 from Heathrow to Belfast was cancelled due to bad weather. I made an immediate on line request for a refund. When after two months I could get no response from AL I had to contact my credit card company for help. The only response I could get from the AL ticket desk at Heathrow about the delay was that “everything is done on line and we can’t help you. It is not possible to e-mail and when I tried to telephone I was kept waiting with no information about how long I would need to hold on and I ended up with a large telephone bill for an international call to Ireland before I gave up waiting to speak to some one. On 13th April I managed to find out that AL’s head office is at Dublin Airport and I wrote a three page letter with my complaint to Mr Stephen Kavanagh, the CEO and I am still awaiting even an acknowledgement, though I know it was received because it was signed for. My advice is to always pay by credit card and get them to sort out problems with AL’s customer services shambles!

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    So, it’s been almost two months since I’ve seen a lot of my belongings. I’m really tired of trying to reach out to Aer Lingus. I reactivated my Twitter account to bitch and complain ( you can literally see most of my interactions with them there…

    First it was missing bags- filed a report at the Global/Iberia/ “Aer Lingus” counter at Munich International Airport, Germany it took over three hours until someone even was able to help me out and give me a report to fill out. Called a few numbers until I finally reached someone at their Ireland location (some of the numbers on their site you can’t even contact or have stupid hours). This lady was probably the most helpful there is in that company- she told me there was no report on file, then made me a new one, in which the information wasn’t correct on- my stay in Germany was reported until the 15th, however I left on the second- always had a ticket booked until April 2nd since October… She told me one one my bags was in Munich International Airport so I tried retrieving it a few days later when I returned to Munich. First time I went before noon, was there probably two hours trying to give someone there my Airbnb address to drop off my luggage- gave a few workers the correct information was informed it was probably out for delivery and I’d receive it that day… Comes ten at night that day- nothing so I go back to call multiple non-working numbers- ended up back at Munich airport lost and found closed- the global counter told me to try again in the morning- so not even seven hours later I was at Munich for the third time in twenty hours, waited around almost another three hours after spending at least five hours there the day before.. was told I could wait longer to have someone search for my luggage (obviously was like no thanks and continued with my plans I had for that day). Already down on my luck, I had to purchase everything while I was out in Germany, I didn’t start spending until I was close to the end of my trip only cause I had to since I had zero luggage to carry back what I had to buy- literally only landed with toiletries and only the clothes I arrived with… Last day in Germany I gave all the correct information to everyone I interacted with and told them I was leaving- I have been calling multiple numbers in multiple countries to try to have my files updated online since it wouldn’t let me update it, even their workers couldn’t update it… First thing I even did at Munich was go to the security desk to ask if anyone was in for Global/Aer Lingus desk- the security laughed at me and told me I could wait at the global office and hopefully someone would help.. fast forward landed in Dublin and gave my information to the man working at the Aer Lingus counter, told me if I had a longer layover he’d let me look for it, but my flight was sooner and I still had to go through TSA/security/immigration. Fast forward landed in LAX again filed another form just in case… Post flights: a few days after I returned to the US, I get a Facebook message saying my luggage was delivered to Munich… So, the last month: I’ve been calling to try to get it picked up, I even filed for nearly everything missing (I keep realizing there’s more missing too) since my luggage isn’t in my possession at all and could still go missing if they ever decide to pick it up.. I filed for my missing contents on April 6th, and on April 11th Aer Lingus informed me via Facebook messenger that it would take at least 30 working days to view- well it’s been at least 30 working days- and I hear only crickets from Aer Lingus.. I’ve gone so far to get their attention; I reactivated my Twitter account like I said earlier- retweeting others who have been wronged, replying to Aer Lingus post, messaging them on there: literally the whole nine yards. I posted on Facebook, messaged them on Facebook, commented on their post as well. I followed them on Instagram, commenting on multiple post, talking to others who have been wronged on there as well, direct messaging on there- they don’t respond to the dms on Instagram, and all their comments seem automated. I’ve really been doing the most to catch their attention, even the people whom received my luggage has been calling to try to get them to pick it up.

    It’s very overwhelming that I feel I cannot do anything about it but sit on my hands and wait for someone to deliver it to me cause Aer Lingus doesn’t reply or offer help, or do anything but ignore and reply with automated answers.

    And all the people posting about endless emails, no compensation since last September, so and and so forth… I don’t know man.

    I wish I had a really high and strong following group on social media, then I too would ask my followers for help to retrieve all my belongings that are half way around the world.

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    My flight home from Paris to Dublin was delayed by 5 nights during Storm Emma. I was not offered accommodation for the 5 nights, I had to pay to stay a hotel in Paris. It cost me around €300. It has been 6 weeks since I submitted my receipts and claim form to be compensated for the price of the hotel. I am a student and I really need this money back. So far, Aer Lingus customer service have been absolutely appalling. They are unhelpful, rude, and totally apathetic – they couldn’t care less. I am so disappointed and I don’t know where to turn to get help. The Aviation Regulator in Ireland said if I want to complain, it must be done through the French authorities as the flight was flying out of France.

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    I flew Shannon Boston 4/18/18 . Just before take flight attendant told the passengers in row 7 and 8 that there was a problem w the exit door and to expect a high pitched noise for the flight. Not only was the noise a problem it got really cold . Clearly the seal in the door was damaged and air was leaking in. This kind of breach is unacceptable. and unsafe. Caused headaches and compromised air pressure in the cabin. No apologies nothing. .When I questioned further I was told it’ll be fine. Aer Lingus has become a Budget airline cutting corners and is modeling itself on Ryan Air. So disappointing !

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    I travelled from Dublin to Birmingham return on April 12th and returned on April 16th with Aer Lingus EI267. On our return flight from Birmingham when the gate number was shown on the screen, myself who’s in my 70’s and my brother who’s in his 80’s approached the departure lounge as we paid extra for priority boarding. I was rudely told by an Aer Lingus staff we couldn’t go in to sit down yet. We had to stand for 30 minutes! I have a hip replacement and my brother also has a number of medical conditions, one being diabetes. I’ve always chosen Aer Lingus over Ryanair however, I felt as senior citizens we were not treated very well and I will think twice the next time before choosing an airline.

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    My flight was cancelled for the 1st of march 2018 because of the storm in Ireland, in which was my layover from Portugal, it was then cancelled from Portugal and rebooked through Aer Lingus on united airlines for the 3rd of march but Are Lingus only made a reservation and did not ticket it. When I called United airlines several hours before my 3 hour journey to the airport in which this was not the airport I was originally was traveling from, United clearly stated, ” We were not ticketed for the flight and we would not be allowed on the plane and we needed to call Aer Lingus as soon as possible”. I tried to call for several hours and was unable to get through in which at this time I/we missed the last bus to the airport in Lisbon. I finally reached Aer Lingus and was in panic mode but all along I was polite and respectful, I can’t say the same for the representative from your company. She was very rude and condescending as she told me she wasn’t going to rebook a flight for me and that it was my fault because I missed my flight also question why wasn’t I at the airport. She continued to blame me for your airlines mistake and then blamed United. Clearly this was the fault of Aer Lingus and after putting me on hold for a while she then realized the mistake was that of Aer Lingus. My flight was then booked for the 5th of march. Never did she apologize. I have submitted a claim on the 8th of march for the 2 extra days I was in Portugal and at this time on April 17th have not had a response. I’ve called the airlines several times and they say the same thing every time, they’ll get back to you. I hope they will soon as that day was very stressful and caused a lot of anxiety for me. Here in America we also had a bad storm at that time and two massive trees fell in my yard causing a lot of damage. I really needed to get home as soon as possible but was delayed for four extra days, two being the fault of the weather and two being the fault of the airlines.

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    Airlingus cancelled my flight on March 13th 2018 – I asked to get a refund and i am still waiting to get reimbursed for my flight from Paris to Boston. When I call airlingus to get a status on my refund, nobody can give me any information and they just tell me to be patient. They already asked twice that my refund be expedite but I am still waiting.

    It is not a way to treat customers. I am very disappointed about airlingus. What is the regulations on the timeframe for a refund when a flight is cancelled?

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    Hello. I had a flight from Dublin to Verona on the 3rd of march and it has been cancelled due the storm, I already filled the request for a refund weeks ago but did not hear anything back from the company . They said that the refund should take up to 10 days but this already passed. Could you please advise when should I expect my refund?

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    I have raised a complaint with this company advised that they would be back in touch within 30 days and after numerous contact from myself they still haven’t been in touch. On both of my journeys to and from New York we had no inflight entertainment, Not able to reset the screen and sitting with nothing. Advised on both occasions plane was full so wasn’t able to do anything. First time flying with them however I wont be using them again, On top of this I was selected for a random search for America, that was ok however aer lingus failed to inform me of this and just would not allow me to check in online, when I called customer service they were very unhelpful.

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    On the 2ndNovember 2017 We boarded flight EI 712 in Cork for LHR, 17 minutes into the flight, all the lights went out, thereafter there was silence from the hostesses and eventually the pilot announced we were returning to Cork, due to a technical problem. this was a very distressing and frightening experience. We made an emergency landing in Cork Airport, had to abandon our luggage to evacuate the plane very swiftly as the cockpit was full of smoke. On entering the terminal we were totally ignored, no one knew how to regard all 150 of us, we had no luggage so we could not make alternative arrangements. Almost 12 hours later we retrieved our luggage, we lost 2 days of our holiday and have experienced nightmares and distress following this experience. We are bitterly disappointed by Aerlingus and their attitude to this life threatening near crash.

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    April 15 – Flew from Dayton to Chicago to Dublin to Rome.

    April 16 – Arrived in Rome. Luggage was lost. We contacted Aer Lingus who opened a claim ticket. We spent our first night in Naples.

    April 17 – Traveled to Pompeii. Still no luggage. Arrived in Positano and found a tobacco shop and purchased 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorant and hairbrush.

    April 18 – Hotel informed us they heard from the driver and our luggage would be arriving soon. We are now wearing the same clothes for 4 days. We did wash our underclothes with bar soap in the bathroom sink and dried them with a hairdryer. There are no real clothing stores in Positano. We did buy a tshirt from a local tshirt shop. We also had to sleep in these same clothes.

    I called Aer Lingus multiple times during the last 3 day and each time was assured we would be receiving our luggage. During one of the calls the Aer Lingus representative said she was going to call the driver and find out where our luggage was at. This has been so upsetting. We wouldn’t even take pictures of ourselves with the beautiful scenery because we have been wearing the same clothes.

    April 19 – Still no luggage. Traveled to Rome. Our luggage has been dropped off to our hotel earlier in the day. This does not surprise me. The driver knew we would be back in Rome on April 19th so rather than him drive our luggage to Positano, he just held it. I really do believe this is what happened. We received the luggage and Paula’s suitcase is broken. The handle would only raise about 3 inches. This created a huge problem for her considering we were traveling all over Italy. Also the luggage was ripped.

    April 22 – Travel to Venice. Keep in mind, Paula’s luggage is broken. Handle will barely raise.

    April 27 – Fly from Venice to Dublin

    April 29 – Fly from Dublin to Chicago. 2 hrs into the flight there was a medical emergency and the plane returned to Dublin. We sat on the plane for several hours before the flight was cancelled. Then we had to go stand in line for hours trying to get new flights. We received a flight from Dublin to JFK to Chicago. The Aer Lingus rep wouldn’t book me to Chicago. He said Aer Lingus only commitment was to get us to Chicago. Then we went and stood in line for another hour or more to get a hotel. We finally get to the hotel and sat down to eat our very first meal of the day at 9:45 pm. We were told from an Aer Lingus representative that we would be getting 100 euros. Instead we were given nothing and had to eat cafeteria style food. It was not good. I couldn’t believe it. We even had to pay for our Pepsi. I can’t even explain the level of disappointment.

    April 30 – Fly from Dublin to JFK. Arrive in JFK and called United Airlines to try and book a flight from Chicago to Dayton. United said they couldn’t book the flight, Aer Lingus would have to do it. I had to contact my travel agent on a Sunday and request help getting home. She contacted Aer Lingus to find out what was going on. She told me to go find the Aer Lingus desk as soon as we arrived in Chicago.

    We arrive in Chicago and had to retrieve our luggage since we didn’t have a connecting flight. Then we had to lug all of our luggage to the international wing at the Chicago airport to get flights from Chicago to Dayton. Now I’m ready to cry. I’m completely exhausted. Keep in mind, Paula’s luggage is broken. Then we had to lug our luggage back to the other side of airport to check our bags AGAIN. Then we had to go back through security. Chicago is a huge airport. We were completely physically exhausted. Paula’s arm was sore for a week after we got home from trying to pull her luggage. I had bruises on my arm from trying to carry everything. Looking back, this is probably one of the worst parts of the entire trip. It was totally uncalled for. It should have never happened. We should have been given flights in Dublin. Aer Lingus told us in Chicago that we should have been given flights while in Dublin. Aer Lingus really dropped the ball.

    There is so much more to be said but I’ll just stop here. Aer Lingus ruined the first 5 days of our trip. I don’t even have words for what happened coming home. Let me just say that I really feel bad for the lady with the medical emergency. It’s how Aer Lingus handled it. Words can’t describe how I felt and still feel about it.

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    Was out of the country when I received an email that balance was due on a flight, tried repeatedly to pay through the link provided and the website. The link did not work and no trace of my booking on the website. I had 3 flights booked and the other two were there but not his one. Could not get through on the phone as who can stay on hold for more than 30 minutes with roaming charges. I get back and call immediately, spend over an hour on the phone and not surprised that Aer Lingus has cancelled the booking and have to re-book and pay a much higher price for the same seat. Always the same with Aer Lingus. Poor customer service and little interest in customer satisfaction.
    Last time flying with them. If it wasn’t for a minor and the other two flights were paid for I would have chosen to lose the deposit and fly another airline….
    Welcome to Ireland Norwegian Airlines.

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    I lodged a complaint with Aer Lingus about damage caused to my suitcase on a flight into Dublin back in March (11th) of this year. The complaint was made on 20/03/17 (case number 1206720 ). The outcome was that I was to be compensated £50 (I live in Northern Ireland). It is now 16/08/17 and I still do not have my compensation. I replied to the lady who was dealing with my complaint numerous times and got no response. I originally replied to her email on 19/04/17 and once again on the 26/04/17 – both times requesting if she could inform me when the cheque had been posted. I have never got a reply to either and I sent a 3rd email on the 13/05/17 to which I also got no reply.

    I called Aer Lingus directly on 07/06/17, they were unable to assist me and the agent assured me she would was escalate the case and I would get a reply shortly – I didn’t and so I called them again on 19/06/17. The lady I spoke with said she left notes, and put it on priority and escalated it once again so that I would definitely get a reply this time. Once again I was never contacted with an update.

    Not getting my hopes up of a reply and the fact all of my attempts at getting a response via email with the lady who originally emailed me about my compensation had failed I made another complaint on 20/06/17 in the hope of a reply. This was a new complaint and I made reference to my original case and the fact no one had got in touch. The case number for this is 1410573 and again I never got any response on this either. Eventually on 04/08/17 I contacted them directly via social media on Facebook to complain and they responded to say my cheque was posted on 21/06/17, over 3 months since my complaint was made, no one notified me about this even though I tried to get an update on countless occasions. I informed them I still do not have the cheque to which they said it will need to be looked into further and advised if I haven’t got an update within a week then to contact them again. The lady who dealt with my case originally miraculously emailed me back shortly after the social media reply to simply reiterate that it was posted on 21/06/17, she did not give me an update as to when they would resend it as I had already explained to the person via social media I had not received it – again I replied to her to inform her I do not have it, when can I expect it to be posted again (this time with tracking please) and how long I would need to wait for an update. Again she did not reply!

    I have contacted Aer Lingus again via social media again on 11/08/17 as it seems it is the only way to get any kind of response from them and again they have informed me there is no exact timeframe of when I can expect a response. It is 5 months since my complaint was made and this is still not resolved. I believe it has taken way too long and they have not been helpful at all or responded to me with updates. It is extremely poor customer service on their behalf!!!

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    Lost/Delayed Bag flying from Venice to Dublin 9/7/17
    If your bag is delayed or missing you can forget about any help from Aer Lingus. There is no human being in charge that you can complain to. The Staff in the missing/delayed baggage section seem to be trained to act like a computer and say the same things in answer to any question. The baggage questionnaire document which I e-mailed to them remains unanswered after 7 days. Here the airline is confused, the link to fill this in is for if your baggage is missing for more than 72 hrs but the heading on the document is ‘to be completed before your baggage is missing 72 hrs. Nobody in baggage tracing could confirm 100% was the e-mail address in the form header the right one. Everytime you ring you tell you they have e-mailed both airports again, after 13 days it appears nobody reads these if indeed thay are sent at all. Some of the staff in baggage tracing were very nice but some were positively rude, not allowing you to say anything and reading off standard documentation like a parrot, giving an attitude I don’t give a toss, this is the company line so put up with it. It is difficult to believe that it is so difficult to find a bag with one flight only involved. I tried to writing a complaint to Head Office before in the past and that was a waste of time, no action was taken and I just got a standard letter of apology. Aer Lingus is the only airline who considers your name in your own language a problem, though only if it is in Irish.

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    My husband (Robert) and I travel quite often. As an example, I am a million mile flier on another air carrier. This was our first time flying on Aer Lingus. We were treating ourselves to a delightful 8 day vacation to see our 20 year old son, who is working in Madrid on a summer internship. Our booking reference number is 2KW5P2. The situation with my husband’s lost luggage was a disaster and may preclude us from ever flying Aer Lingus again. Our luggage claim number is MADEI 11328. The fact that I have memorized this number should indicate something.

    We left Chicago on June 27, and were forced to check Robert’s small wheelie/roller board suitcase by Aer Lingus check-in personnel. This bag was checked through all the way to Madrid, though we changed planes in Dublin. My luggage (Elizabeth) arrived, however my husband, Robert Sentz’s luggage did not arrive in Madrid with mine on June 28th. We filed a claim with Aer Lingus “Lost Luggage” staff at the airport after traveling for over 14 hours and provided all contact details and Madrid hotel location. Over the course of our 8 day vacation, Robert’s luggage NEVER arrived. Despite daily attempts to call the phone number for Madrid Lost Luggage provided by Aer Lingus and printed on our claim form, the phone number provided was never answered. It simply rang and rang. On Saturday July 1, after getting no response in Madrid, I attempted to speak with someone in Aer Lingus Dublin’s lost luggage area (though I had to hold at least 45 minute hold to speak to someone), and I was told that Robert’s baggage had been located in Madrid and would be sent out for delivery (which was day 5 into our vacation) on Sunday July 2. The luggage was never delivered. For the next 4 days, your automated recording indicated that “this bag has been found and is clearing Customs— this may take some time”.

    We flew home without Robert’s luggage on July 5. After inquiring with Aer Lingus Chicago Ground “Customer Service” personnel, when she looked into this reference number, there were notes indicating the claim had been closed on Sunday June 30th, because the bag had been delivered to the hotel. This was a lie! Every employee in the hotel knew we were waiting on our luggage and daily would tell us it had not arrived. She promised to look into the matter. Still after arriving back in Chicago, your automated system still indicates “bag is found in Madrid and is clearing customs- this may take some time”. After continuing to invest time daily (at least 1 hour every day) on July 5, 6, 7, 8. 9, 10 and 11) trying to locate the luggage and ensure it would be flown back to Chicago, I received a text message it was booked on an Iberia flight and would be delivered to Chicago on July 11. The phone number the SMS message provided to call back was unsupported when I phoned back to inquire if it would be delivered back to our home.

    Finally on Wednesday July 12, fifteen days after departing on our vacation, Robert’s luggage was delivered to our home. This was a disaster. Imagine taking a family holiday with no luggage for 8 days.

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    Today I received an e-mail from Aer Lingus about a change on my flight schedule. Now, instead of having a two hour connection in Dublin, I have a ten hour connection. I tried to contact Aer Lingus’ call center to complain about that twice but after 25 minutes on hold each time there was no agent available.

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    On the morning of April 17th, 2017, myself and 4 other friends were scheduled to fly from Boston to Dublin on flight 2MKU5F . At 4:30 AM a text message was sent informing Mike Heafey that our flight had been cancelled.. About 4 hours later another communication was sent confirming the cancellation which prompted Mike to call Aer Lingus to see what alternatives we had. It took over an hour on the phone to come up with an alternative flight which was leaving that same night from Hartford. it was critical that we get to Dublin the next morning as we had prepaid hotel and golf reservations. Although we got a new flight and made our next day appointments, it did not come without cost. We had pre-arranged a Limo to take us from Bridgewater to Boston and now we had to negotiate a new rate to drive us to Hartford as we had no other alternative. That cost was $500.00 for the 5 of us. Additionally, I had prepaid $100.00 for checking my golf bag but all of my associates had their fee waived. I have flown to Dublin and Shannon over 15 times and this was the worst experience and communication lapse ever. I am looking for re-embursement for those added expenses.

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    On 29th Dec. my wife and I travelled to Malaga flight ref 24PV22 having booked a RETURN flight for both of us AND OUR TWO BAGS on Jan 11th Flight EI0583. At checkin at Malaga we were told that no bags were booked for the return flight. Subsequently we were told that due to the intricasies of your website we were needed to recheck in our two bags for the return flight and that we had not done this. To get our two bags on the flight we were fined 80 Euros. Outrageous.
    Had we not booked a RETURN flight for both of us AND OUR TWO BAGS initially. Due to the trickery of your website why but why were we supposed to book our bags in for the return trip A SECOND TIME.
    In the past 15 years, we have travelled 60 times via AER LINGUS to Malaga and never experienced this problem and poor customer relations before. We are left with a very sour taste in our mouths about Aer Lingus which suggests that getting a few more Euros for the company is more important than looking after the customer in a fair manner and not helped by a changed website that seems to make online checkins complicated and confusing.
    I strongly suggest that you refund the 80 Euro that so unsuspectedly was demanded from us and will await your early response

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    On the 30th Dec. 2016 my wife and i were booked on a Aer lingus flight E10911 Gatwick to Knock. This was to be a short break to spend New year with relatives. On our arrival at the airport we were informed that our flight was cancelled due to fog but we were being put on the next Aer Lingus flight to Dublin and we would be transported to Knock airport by coach. This flight was supposed to take off at 12.30pm. My wife, who is disabled, and i had to endure a very long wait in various places, without regular accurate information eventually taking off for Dublin at approx, 4.30pm. Initially we were told we would get complimentary hot drinks and biscuits, this did not happen, we were told by a very stressed stewardess that there was no water for drinks or food on board. This news was devastating for me as I AM DIABETIC and had not had proper food for several hours. On landing at Dublin we presumed we would be escorted to the prearranged coach, this did not happen.
    We wandered around trying to find someone to give us information about the coach, at the same time trying also to find a sandwich and a drink, it was then over an hour before the coach departed which meant it was another 3 hours to Knock. We arrived at Knock airport exhausted. We are extremely disappointed with the treatment and lack of communication we received during the day of our travel and lack understanding and compassion to our situation.

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    In August 2016 I booked for myself and 4 sister for our 1st trip to Ireland in March 2017. I asked about flight insurance in case of anyone having to cancel and was told the information will be on booking. Well it wasn’t and trying to reach are lingus is ridiculous. In the mean time 3 sisters have had to cancel 5 months prior to take off and are lingus refused a refund for the tickets. Instead are lingus will put those already paid for seats back up for another person to buy……therefore double booking a seat. 5 months before take off and they can’t refund money to a person who became disabled and loss of job. Its airway thievery. I will not ever book on or refer Aer lingus to anyone ever. I can’t understand how this is legal for them to do. I could understand if the tickets were being canceled last minute…..but 5 months in advance gives them more than enough time to sell again. Shame on you Aerlingus…..shame on you.

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    Three of us flew Aer Lingus for the first time in August and had terrible experience starting with checking in at the San Francisco airport. The lady at the counter was rude and bent upon harassing us – weighed every single piece of cabin baggage and made me transfer stuff around my 6 luggage items (over all we were within limit; the check-in bags were under the stipulated baggage allowance for flights to England). I had one senior with me and another patient scheduled for surgery who could not handle luggage; so it took me several weighing to balance off the weight and a severe back ache at the end of the exercise – lifting on and off the scale, opening and closing six bags to adjust….she would not even allow an extra gram of weight in cabin bags. We had requested for two wheelchairs and she did not summon them in-spite of several reminders & standing in her face as a reminder – kept on telling me I have called but when the wheelchairs finally arrived ( I had to go scream at her to call since boarding was to start in 5 minutes and we had to go through security!!), the wheelchair pushers told me that they were free and waiting for long (we had reserved the wheelchairs in advance; I had also called a day before travel date to confirm that they have wheelchair and my special food request on our itinerary). Fortunately, the wheelchair pushers were very good and the gate was not that far – so we made the flight just a couple secs before the gates closed. We were the last to board the flight!! We all were out of breath, especially the senior.

    I was extremely worried and started praying we don’t have to face any medical issues looking at the senior. The staff inside was then rushing me to put my luggage up asap instead of helping me. All that was done and it was time to serve dinner – lo and behold no vegetarian food for us. The steward tells us we do not have your special meal request and we don’t carry any extra vegetarian food on flight. Now I had called the airlines to confirm the previous day. He did not even bother to give us sides or go check inside. While balancing off the weight across bags, I had no choice but to put some of the food items I was carrying with me for my group, mainly the sick and senior, in the check-in bags. Therefore, I did not have much on hand to give them to eat before taking their medicines. I waited patiently for him to finish serving the food to others and then go check in the back. But he did not. When I saw him back collecting the rubbish I got up and went in the back to find that another stewardess came and grabbed two of the three last vegetarian meals for another passenger who requested it!!! I was shocked. The air-hostess in the back was very polite and customer focused. She apologized, gave me the last vegetarian meal they had and said she will see what she can do. These three meals were indeed ours but the steward serving us was least bothered to go check! The air-hostess in the back did everything within her means to feed us – got us some steamed vegetables from business class, sides (bread, fruit ) and also her own meal (coincidentally she was vegetarian herself). She was an Angel among all the Aer Lingus devils.

    Upon returning back, I have been trying to contact Aer Lingus to provide my comments. No response. Filled out the online complaint form several times – each time they assign a case reference number and then no one responds. If you want to check the status of your case, you have to again fill out the same form again and it goes in an infinite loop – they assign you another case reference and no one responds. I think their tactic is to make the customer fill out the form until they give up!!! I am sincerely thinking of taking out the time to take Aer Lingus to small court and complain to federal aviation. Never flying Aer Lingus!!! My recommendation to all is the same. DON’T FLY AER LINGUS.

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    A friend and I went on a vacation to Ireland this summer in early June. Due to weather conditions, instead of flying American to Dublin, we were rerouted through Heathrow and flown to Dublin on Aer Lingus. Unfortunately American sent our luggage to Chicago. We left Dallas on Thursday and our luggage finally caught up to us on Monday. Upon returning to the states I submitted a reimbursement claim to Aer Lingus, using their forms and procedures. I have called their Help Desk, Customer Service and even contacted them on Twitter. They will not provide me with any information. I just want to know if they have received my claim, if it is being processed and how long it normally takes to resolve. Each time they tell me to do something I do it. I provide the reference numbers I have and then dead silence. One way communication is not helpful. I’m wondering if they have ever resolved a claim.

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    my sister was flying with your airline from Dublin to London, Sunday the 4th September at 840am. She was late and the check in staff said they will not check her in cause its her fault she was late. So my sister burst into tears and the staff started sarcastically speaking, even saying what do you want me to do about it? hug you! Then a cheeky supervisor said you aint going nowhere. One lady witnessed all this and said she has never seen anyone talk to like that, its a disgrace. My sister was meant to get a connecting flight to Orlando with Virgin Airlines. The staff were not only rude to my sister but weren’t even helpful, didn’t even check to see if there was any seats on later flights. My sister then went all the way to Ryanair to see if they could get a flight over to London but unfortunately they were fully booked. But at least they tried and were very understanding.

  24. 2.0

    I just came home from my honeymoon to find I have been charged 100 euro for baggage when we had 30 kg allowance between us already paid for through our travel agent. Nevertheless, when we weighed in the bag at home, my bag came in at 12.3 kg and my wife’s bag came in at 14kg…so at 26.3kg? That is well under our allowance. We have travelled with you many times and can guarantee if I am not refunded neither of us will use Aer Lingus again.

  25. 2.0

    My family of three flew Aer Lingus for the first time last month from San Francisco to Dublin and was not happy with both the service at the airport (baggage check-in and wheelchair request) and in-flight special meal request handling. These are the basic things that all airlines support. Not Aer Lingus!

    Two of the passengers traveling with me needed a wheelchair. We were going to England for over three weeks. One of the two staff members at the check-in counter was a jerk. She made a lot of fuss about little extra weight in cabin bags and personal items. Made me move stuff around between the three check-in bags, 3 cabin bags and 3 personal items and weigh several times. Over all, we were within the allowance and did not have to leave behind anything. Then she did not call the wheelchairs in- spite of reminding several times. It was already flight boarding time and no wheelchairs – I went back to her and demanded the status. She tells me I have requested but they may be busy. Soon after that the wheelchairs arrived. Both the wheelchair pushers told us that this is the first time they were notified that we were ready and that they were totally free waiting for our arrival. We had to go through security and reach the gate in less than 15 minutes!! Luckily both the wheelchair pushers were good, I could run and the gate was not that far. So we made it – probably the last to board the plane. The gates closed and flight take-off procedure started even before our breath returned to normal.

    Giving two star rating only because one of the cabin crew members was very customer oriented, nice and caring. She went out of her way to get us something to eat when our request for special meal did not make it to the flight attendants in-spite of a phone call by me couple days before departure to confirm both special vegetarian meal and wheelchair requests. The steward serving our side of the cabin told us they don’t have us for special meal and they do not carry any extra vegetarian meals. He did not even bother to go check or give us at least the sides – just brushed us off and carried on with serving other passengers. Never came back after serving everyone. I went in the back of the plane to get some bread/talk to someone since one of my family member traveling with me had to eat something before taking prescribed medicines. Right in front of me, I saw another flight attendant come asking for vegetarian meals and take two of the three last vegetarian meals left from the crew in the back. I was appalled. I talked to the attendant in the back – she was very apologetic and did her best to get us some food; not only that, she happened to be vegetarian – so she came and gave us her meal! With that meal and all the sides, the senior and a patient traveling with us made it to Dublin without starving. I would give her a rating of 5 but no stars to the airline.

    I am still awaiting the miles to be posted to my United MileagePlus account. I had the option to provide MileagePlus account number when booking. I flew Aer Lingus because they are Star Alliance members.

    Came back and submitted 3 complaints online. Still awaiting response. Never traveling Aer Lingus unless I receive some response to my complaints logged online.

  26. 1.0

    I emailed Aer Lingus at least a dozen times asking if my FAA approved travel wheelchair could be gate checked (as it can by US law for all US flights) I immediately got the run around, with Aer Lingus spinning me from office to office. Eventually, I was directed to a Aer Lingus office that said I had to fill out a long, and complex form. I forwarded the form to my wheelchair’s manufacturer and sent in the completed form asking, again, for a yes or no answer. To my surprise, they then asked for a booking number! As if I’d buy airline tickets with knowing Id have a wheelchair. Airport wheelchair services will only take you to the gate and then they leave you. There are no trips to the bathroom or restaurants. I can’t operate a manual wheelchair due to my disability and the past experiences I’ve had made me purchase a FAA approved travel chair.

    Aer Lingus makes it clear that they don’t want wheelchair users on their flights. The non answers and run around would not be tolerated in the US. I’d expect East Europe to treat me this way, but Ireland?!

  27. 5.0

    Just got back from a very nice stay in Ireland. Unfortunately getting there and back has made it a trip from hell. We left Pittsburgh on United to connect with Aer Lingus in Chicago to Dublin. Weather in Chicago prevented us from taking off in Pittsburgh so we missed out flight to Dublin. The flight attendant told us to call in about an hour for re-booking information. I called United, got the run around a bit and they said Aer Lingus had to rebook us. I waited on the line for 60 minutes then went to bed at 1am. We got up at 3 am to go back out to the airport to catch the 6 am flight which the United attendant said to be on. When we got there we had no tickets and the United person got us a ticket to Chicago thru to Dublin. When I asked the lady in Chicago if our flight back was ok she personally went in and re-booked everything for our return journey. After a week in Ireland, we showed up to return home and we were booked on the flight and had seats but no ticket number whatever that means. It’s not my problem to make sure I have a ticket number… We were confirmed on both legs from Shannon through Boston to Pittsburgh but no ticket number. I had a confirmation number but those must not mean crap. Due to some other circumstances, I did not accompany my girlfriend home on this flight however when she showed up in Boston for her connection, Jet Blue said the same thing. “We see you have a seat and are booked on the flight but you have no number, they said the number was chewed up”? In this digital age I guess he didn’t mean in the literal sense. So she missed her flight home to Pittsburgh. So they were going to put her on the next flight once they found her ticket. Which they didn’t and she had to buy a ticket for $275 to get home. This is extortion in my view, very very poor customer service. In every instance we were told we were on the flight, we clearly paid for the flight but no one could find the ticket… That is not the consumer’s problem. In every instance a ticket should have been made and the legs should have been checked for accuracy. PS she even lost her luggage. Booking number 2LLX6S

  28. 1.0

    On the 12th April 2016 “Smart” booked two return flights to Faro, Portugal. Flights confirmed reference No. 2 mksl 6. On arrival at Dublin Airport we were offered a trip to Belfast (reason unknown) which we declined. Checked in and were not informed that the flight would not leave till 10.40. EI 494 was supposed to leave at 09.50. The departure time was later adjusted to 10.20. When boarding eventually took place “Smart” was shepherded to a TITAN AIRWAYS aircraft. And still not a comment from Aer Lingus. The delay on the return trip was put down to the French Air Traffic Controllers. Now that was SMART. Next time Smart flies with another airline.

  29. 5.0

    I booked a flight from Edinburgh to Dublin 10 months ago. At the time my husband and I planned to take our golf clubs so I paid £30 for each set. We then changed our mind. I emailed customer service several times requesting a refund. I didn’t get a response. I phoned customer service from Australia but never got through. I left a return call phone number but never got a call. Aer Lingus’s Australian contact in Sydney were hopeless and just kept referring me to head office. I spoke to customer service at Dublin airport when we arrived last week who told me they could not help and to get in touch with reservations. This is appalling. What a terrible airline.

  30. 1.0

    I had first class business seats from London to Boston. I had a carry on roll bag and was told at the gate that I would need to check it. I did and when I got to the plane, there was plenty of room for my bag. This pissed me off. The gate failed to put priority tags on the bag, so when I got to Boston after waiting 45 minutes for my bag, it never shows. I was told to put a claim in and they would get back to me with an update the next day.Well surprise, they did not. So I called, still no sign of my bag. I have never lost a bag before on a flight, I usually fly United but flew this airline since it was a Star Alliance. This bag has everything that I need, over $2,000 worth of clothing, shoes and toiletries and I’m sure they will not be compensating me. First I pay for a first business class ticket and this is how I’m treated? Not sure this is an airline for me.

  31. 5.0

    Yesterday (June 15) I received an email regarding my flight booking (28PMDF), stating that my flight time on Jan 1 2017 and been changed from 8am to 11.40am. Not only is this a huge inconvenience but it also meant that I would miss my next flight from Dublin to Newark. I called the helpline stated in the email and was advised that the only alternative was to change the flight from Manchester to Liverpool. This is adding an additional cost to the journey, and as of today the price of this new ticket is cheaper than I paid for the original. I believe it would only be fair to at least be credited the difference between these as well as any additional costs incurred getting from Manchester to Liverpool or upgrade my flights to business class. I do appreciate that the sales assistant I spoke to did everything she could to assist, however the outcome is still unsatisfactory.

  32. 5.0

    On the first of May this year we traveled to Cork for one week after hearing my husband had cancer,he needed to go before starting chemo. He was told he had a bad cancer, so we looked forward to at least a year. I booked assistance for us both as I have C.O.P.D we were taken to a point where the trolleys pick up and take to the relevant gates. We waited and waited, I approached the “lady” in charge three times as the time was running out only to be told she would call us when it was our turn, eventually we were taken to gate 23, everyone was already on board, and no wheelchairs. We were told to hurry,which we tried to do. By the time we got to the plane I was almost on my knees and my poor husband was green,the stewardess was very good and got us water and promised us help when we landed which we got. The week was a nightmare as he never recovered,and we returned 7th of May and was in Hospital 8th and in intensive care next day and died 20th in Hospital, which I blame in part to his bad treatment at Heathrow. We always travelled Aer Lingus but never again and never again will I use Heathrow. We intend going this October to have a memorial service for him but certainly won’t use Aer Lingus.

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