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    Just got back from a very nice stay in Ireland. Unfortunately getting there and back has made it a trip from hell. We left Pittsburgh on United to connect with Aer Lingus in Chicago to Dublin. Weather in Chicago prevented us from taking off in Pittsburgh so we missed out flight to Dublin. The flight attendant told us to call in about an hour for re-booking information. I called United, got the run around a bit and they said Aer Lingus had to rebook us. I waited on the line for 60 minutes then went to bed at 1am. We got up at 3 am to go back out to the airport to catch the 6 am flight which the United attendant said to be on. When we got there we had no tickets and the United person got us a ticket to Chicago thru to Dublin. When I asked the lady in Chicago if our flight back was ok she personally went in and re-booked everything for our return journey. After a week in Ireland, we showed up to return home and we were booked on the flight and had seats but no ticket number whatever that means. It’s not my problem to make sure I have a ticket number… We were confirmed on both legs from Shannon through Boston to Pittsburgh but no ticket number. I had a confirmation number but those must not mean crap. Due to some other circumstances, I did not accompany my girlfriend home on this flight however when she showed up in Boston for her connection, Jet Blue said the same thing. “We see you have a seat and are booked on the flight but you have no number, they said the number was chewed up”? In this digital age I guess he didn’t mean in the literal sense. So she missed her flight home to Pittsburgh. So they were going to put her on the next flight once they found her ticket. Which they didn’t and she had to buy a ticket for $275 to get home. This is extortion in my view, very very poor customer service. In every instance we were told we were on the flight, we clearly paid for the flight but no one could find the ticket… That is not the consumer’s problem. In every instance a ticket should have been made and the legs should have been checked for accuracy. PS she even lost her luggage. Booking number 2LLX6S

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    On the 12th April 2016 “Smart” booked two return flights to Faro, Portugal. Flights confirmed reference No. 2 mksl 6. On arrival at Dublin Airport we were offered a trip to Belfast (reason unknown) which we declined. Checked in and were not informed that the flight would not leave till 10.40. EI 494 was supposed to leave at 09.50. The departure time was later adjusted to 10.20. When boarding eventually took place “Smart” was shepherded to a TITAN AIRWAYS aircraft. And still not a comment from Aer Lingus. The delay on the return trip was put down to the French Air Traffic Controllers. Now that was SMART. Next time Smart flies with another airline.

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    I booked a flight from Edinburgh to Dublin 10 months ago. At the time my husband and I planned to take our golf clubs so I paid £30 for each set. We then changed our mind. I emailed customer service several times requesting a refund. I didn’t get a response. I phoned customer service from Australia but never got through. I left a return call phone number but never got a call. Aer Lingus’s Australian contact in Sydney were hopeless and just kept referring me to head office. I spoke to customer service at Dublin airport when we arrived last week who told me they could not help and to get in touch with reservations. This is appalling. What a terrible airline.

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    I had first class business seats from London to Boston. I had a carry on roll bag and was told at the gate that I would need to check it. I did and when I got to the plane, there was plenty of room for my bag. This pissed me off. The gate failed to put priority tags on the bag, so when I got to Boston after waiting 45 minutes for my bag, it never shows. I was told to put a claim in and they would get back to me with an update the next day.Well surprise, they did not. So I called, still no sign of my bag. I have never lost a bag before on a flight, I usually fly United but flew this airline since it was a Star Alliance. This bag has everything that I need, over $2,000 worth of clothing, shoes and toiletries and I’m sure they will not be compensating me. First I pay for a first business class ticket and this is how I’m treated? Not sure this is an airline for me.

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    Yesterday (June 15) I received an email regarding my flight booking (28PMDF), stating that my flight time on Jan 1 2017 and been changed from 8am to 11.40am. Not only is this a huge inconvenience but it also meant that I would miss my next flight from Dublin to Newark. I called the helpline stated in the email and was advised that the only alternative was to change the flight from Manchester to Liverpool. This is adding an additional cost to the journey, and as of today the price of this new ticket is cheaper than I paid for the original. I believe it would only be fair to at least be credited the difference between these as well as any additional costs incurred getting from Manchester to Liverpool or upgrade my flights to business class. I do appreciate that the sales assistant I spoke to did everything she could to assist, however the outcome is still unsatisfactory.

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    On the first of May this year we traveled to Cork for one week after hearing my husband had cancer,he needed to go before starting chemo. He was told he had a bad cancer, so we looked forward to at least a year. I booked assistance for us both as I have C.O.P.D we were taken to a point where the trolleys pick up and take to the relevant gates. We waited and waited, I approached the “lady” in charge three times as the time was running out only to be told she would call us when it was our turn, eventually we were taken to gate 23, everyone was already on board, and no wheelchairs. We were told to hurry,which we tried to do. By the time we got to the plane I was almost on my knees and my poor husband was green,the stewardess was very good and got us water and promised us help when we landed which we got. The week was a nightmare as he never recovered,and we returned 7th of May and was in Hospital 8th and in intensive care next day and died 20th in Hospital, which I blame in part to his bad treatment at Heathrow. We always travelled Aer Lingus but never again and never again will I use Heathrow. We intend going this October to have a memorial service for him but certainly won’t use Aer Lingus.

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