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    I flew with China Eastern Airlines on November 11 from Toronto to Shanghai with my final destination being Hong Kong. Flying China Eastern was the worst decision I have made. First off, my mom’s tray was broken and this problem was brought to the attention of one of the cabin crew as people were still boarding. It was clear that anything you put on the tray will slide off. We did not get a single apology neither did any of the cabin crew tried to fix it, they basically just left it and my mom had to use her knees to support the tray when she was having her meals. While we were mid-flight I saw that there was a sticker near the overhead bins that said the aircraft was equipped with Wifi so I called a Cabin Crew over and asked if there was Wifi on this plane. The person who came over basically yelled “NO!” and I told her that there was a sticker near the overhead bins and she grabbed the remote I had on my hand and pressed the cancel call button, threw it back on my lap and just walked away. The last thing that set me off completely was during the last few hours of the flight my mom was feeling very lightheaded and nauseous.

    I called to have someone bring us hot water and this male crew member came out with a headphone in one of his ears and gave me the dirtiest look when I asked him to bring me a cup of water. He came back out with a cup of water that was first not even close to being warm let alone hot. My mom asked me to ask them if they had any sort of hot food like instant noodle which from my previous experiences flying with different airlines that it was something they serve. Again, I was met by a “NO! we don’t have!” I asked if they had any hot food and they said “NO!” and they ended up giving us a very, very cold bun. What upset me the most was an hour after we had asked for hot food and they said no, they started serving meals again, HOT MEALS. Cabin crew may have certain protocol to follow that I as a passenger may not understand, maybe they are not allowed to serve hot meals when it’s not time yet, but I would appreciate it if they would explain to us and not just say “NO!”

    My mom flew with China Eastern last year and she said the food and service was nothing close to what she received exactly a year ago. Anyways, per my initial booking at the end of June, I would have a connection flight to Hong Kong the same night I arrive in Shanghai. I got a call from the travel agency in September that the flight schedule has changed and I will not be able to fly to Hong Kong until the next morning. I agreed to it thinking that even if I were to connect to Hong Kong right after that it would be very late at night anyways. Transportation and hotel was arranged for us in Shanghai BUT we were sent to this hotel in the middle of nowhere right next to a karaoke and we had to put up with music playing all night. Aside from that, me and my mom were starving as the food on the airplane was terrible and we were only given 2 meals and a cold as rock sandwich on our 14 hour flight from Toronto to Shanghai.

    I asked the China Eastern personnel who welcomed us at the Shanghai airport if there are any restaurants near the hotel, if not, we will buy food at the airport as we were hungry and she assured us there were, but on our way to the airport, we didn’t pass by a single restaurant that was open and the receptionist at the hotel told us we can try going outside (there were no lights outside), but there are likely nothing open. My flight back to Toronto was a little more pleasant, but unfortunately, this will be my last time flying with China Eastern and it applies to my family as well. I would rather pay a little more to fly with another airline than to ever fly with China Eastern again. I was very disgusted by the way we were treated.

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    On the Oct 27, 2016, I and Mom missed the 1:45am MU0298. And we spend $760 more to take MU588 to PU DONG CHINA. When we took the flight, I saw there are many empty seats in the economic class, especially the seats on the front. During the flight, many older people or fat people or some couple who fly with babies tried to sit those seats. Unfortunately your hostess always tell them these seats need to pay 2000 Chinese yuan. I have wondering your air flight has 4 classes.
    On the Nov 29, 2016, we need to take MU9526 from Wenzhou to Pu Dong.I have checked with your ticket agent to make sure our flight is 4:05pm 2 day ago, and he said yes. When we went there, your worker said this flight was canceled and the next flight is 5:50pm. And we need to catch the MU0297 at 7:30pm to New York. In the whole flight we were nervous and run in rush.
    When we finally get on the MU297, I have been put in a middle seat. And my neighbor falling sleep, I tried to sit a empty seat which is near the emergency door way, and your hostess came to tell me that I need to pay 1000 Chinese yuan if I switch my seat. I just feel awful of you guys to make money like that, by the way your food are awful too.

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    My ticket number is 022-232-511. I booked my ticket through I called Eastern China Airline agent Ivy (1-800-200-5118). I explained to her that my flight has been changed and I have a business meeting during the layover in Shanghai with my business partner to sign an important document. Now, because the flight schedule changed, I have to make a new reservation. She gave me a waiver code and told me to give to give to justfly agent. I was asked to request them to put the same in the endorsement box so they will not penalize me $260. Justfly agent said my itinerary is minor change and refused to call China Eastern Airline or send an email to China Eastern Airline to get my full refund. I have been waiting to the full refund from them for a month. Now, justfly agent refused to get the waiver code to cancel the ticket. I booked 3 tickets flight from hnl to sgn on dec 18 and return on dec 31, 2016. After many phones, justfly agent said they are able to give my wife and daughter ticket back ( NCH9GW). I requested the full refund for two tickets but only got one. Eastern China Agent does not call or email to give me refund and agent refuse to get in touch by email or call China Eastern Airline. I am very disappointed with this whole process.

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    I have not left and already there are so many problems. I tried to confirm my flight and informed them that I am vegetarian and the response was: you want to cancel your flights? OMG!!!!! No!!!! I already know that I am in trouble and I have not left. I am so scared to travel with this airline and I have not left. I also tried to give them my china phone number but they did not understand. I emailed them twice and no response.

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    During our departure from Manila, a China Eastern Employee informed me that she was only able to print one boarding pass (for my daughter Leila) and that I would need to request the remaining two at the counter in Shanghai. The plane left 3 hours late in Manila which left us little time to board our connecting flight.

    When arriving in Shanghai, I informed the employee that I need to have two boarding pass printed. She told me I was ok with the one boarding pass and told me to continue to the gate. When arriving at a Security point, they informed me that I had to go back and obtain the remaining buddy passes. The first employee that I encountered yelled. “Why did I come back?” I told her that the man in Security told me to go back. Then her manager came out and asked what the problem was. I told him the same thing. I needed our two remaining boarding passes printed since they only printed my daughter’s boarding pass. He tells me that my daughter has to go on the plane since she has a boarding pass. I firmly told him that I am not letting my minor daughter get on a plane without me. Who tells a minor to travel on an international flight by themselves? Clearly he has no regard for her safety. He started screaming in Cantonese and proceeded to discusses with his employees.

    In the meantime, there were many people approaching the desk since their flight was also delayed, however, their connecting flight already left. They started assisting passengers who went to the counter. I patiently waited for them to print my boarding pass and started hearing that they were making the other passengers stay overnight to get on another flight. I went back to the manager and asked if he can just print my boarding pass since the employee in Manila mentioned we had confirmed seats already. He did not mention why he couldn’t just print our boarding passes. He told me that it was too late and that I would need to stay until the next flight in the morning. However, I received a trip notification on my phone that the airplane was delayed which he could have printed the passes and we could have made it. I informed him that I was just going to book tickets on United since there was no way we can stay overnight. We had work and school the following day. He then tells me to go to out through immigration. He didn’t inform us that we needed to pick up our luggage since my daughter would not be on that flight. So all the while, I thought the luggage will be sent to SFO. It was not until my husband told me that the luggage was still in Shanghai when I asked him to retrieve it.

    To make matters even worse, when requesting a refund of our flights, their customer service number is always busy and there is no email to contact anyone for a refund.

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    Mine and my friend’s baggage has yet not been traced, it is almost 24 Hours.
    Flight MU 564 from Delhi to Shanghai.
    Bag file reference number PVGMU21716
    It is very strange that even after 24 hours, the officials are unable to track where the luggage is?

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    What a BAD and HARROWING experience I have had with CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES! Seats are spoilt and the side handle was badly damaged! MU 568 SIN- to Shanghai! Worst than budget airline

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    Today 3rd Sep 2016 I was on the flight MU 710 and on 68 G. After reaching destination I realised that my ipad was at plane, but I cannot go back to check in. Just can call the staff by phone and they do not speak english at all. After several calls they told me that the ipad wasnt at plane, staff was very impolite and unhelpful, they dont want to talk with me, and said that there is nothing that i can do. This is the worst airline I have ever used.

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    I and my husband flew with China Eastern Airline today. Flight MU771 from Shanghai-Amsterdam, the check-in went very quick and easy so as the boarding. But there was one thing that really irritated me..”the flight attendant”. The flight attendant on flight MU771 Shanghai-Amsterdam on 2nd September 2016 who responsible for serving rows 31A – 40A, she always talked to me with irritating attitude and refused to serve me the last meal on flight when everyone else had one. Then I called her to ask for the meal and she just forgot and didn’t bring it. Also when she came to pick up trash she just ignored my row. I think your staff should have more of a service mind because there is such a huge competition in flight-service between airlines and a good airline has trained their staff to “care” about customers.

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    This is to bring to your information,the BAD and HARROWING experience I have had with CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES.

    I had a confirmed booking of return flight between NEW DELHI-SHANGHAI 24th August 2016 departure and SHANGHAI-NEW DELHI 28th August 2016 return (E-TICKET No. 7819650766891). The return flight of 28th August was to depart for NEW DELHI at 9:00 Local time for which I booked a FIRST CLASS FLIGHT from WENZHOU to SHANGHAI of 6:00 pm, flight no.FM 9530/MU 9530. This flight got delayed 1 hour and I requested your staff at WENZHOU AIRPORT to check-in till NEW DELHI so that I could save precious time and catch the flight from SHANGHAI which was refused to me although both flights were of MU.

    When I arrived PUDONG AIRPORT on 28th August’2016 at 8:05pm,i rushed to collect my baggage and NO HELP was provided to me by your staff,the baggage arrived after 20 min and I when reached your check-in counter I had missed the flight.

    TO my further amazement, no one helped me anyway and I was simply handed over a NEXT FLIGHT TICKET of 30th AUGUST’2016.

    I booked a NEW TICKET of JET AIRWAYS through Hong Kong for CNY/RMB 2933.00 and arrived by that flight yesterday.


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    Our India clients are very angry about the services of China eastern airline .
    Hope China eastern airline can improve its service.

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    There was a delay for MU725 on 11 Apr flying from Shanghai to Hong Kong and the plane arrive in HK just before 1:00 am in the morning. When the baggage claims were arriving, there was a free shuttle bus arranged by Eastern Airlines staff to pick up the travellers to certain destinations. I approached the staff and indicated my intention to take the shuttle to Causeway Bay. However, even after the all the baggages have arrived, I asked the staff why did we still need to wait and he answered there are some passengers waiting from previous flight. We waited for quite a long time and he continued talking on his mobile when I pressed again for the delay and he said the bus was not arriving yet and car park was not allowed for buses to stop for long. After a certain while, he finally escorted me to go to Terminal 2 where I was told that I needed to wait for another 8 minutes and he kept on talking on the mobile phone. After 2:00pm he was greeted with another colleague and he just walked away. His colleague told me that I need to wait for another ten minutes. Finally the bus arrived at around 2:08pm and I was the only passenger needing the shuttle bus service. However I got on the bus and waited for a while and I saw a group of people getting on the bus from the conversations and I was aware that they were actually the staff leaving work and about to go home. I think it was bad firstly for the plane to be delayed and the passengers made to wait for the staff to be off work in order to get on the same shuttle bus with customers. I was extremely tired, needed to wait for over 40-45 minutes for the shuttle bus to depart from the airport. What a tiring journey. Customers should be be first priority for any airline.

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    I booked a flight with your company to go to Shanghai on the 27th of August.

    Singapore to Nanjing (Delayed by over 2 hours – take off happened after 5 AM)
    Nanjing to Shanghai (missed it due to the delay on the first flight)

    Your crew member then told me to go to Shanghai by train as there was no flight to Shanghai anymore (it was 10.30 am). I had to go and catch a metro and then a train (134 Yuan) that I had to PAY MYSELF. NO ONE from China Eastern crew actually helped me at all.

    I arrived at my hotel in Shanghai at 5 PM.
    17 hours journey door to door.

    Then the return on the 31st of August.

    Shanghai (4.20 PM) – Kunming (10.40 PM) – Singapore (2.25 AM)

    Shanghai to Kunming was delayed by 1h30, I almost had no time to catch the next flight (on paper) so some staff was supposed to wait for me at the exit of the aircraft so we can do the check in faster ; but no one was there and no one spoke english. Kunming to Singapore was also delayed, we were supposed to take off at 10.40 pm when we actually took off at midnight. So instead of being at home at 2.45 AM, I got home after 4 AM, you can guess what a short night I had. Very unpleasant for a Monday morning. Journey took me 15 hours door to door.

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    First time with the airline. What an experience. How can the airline have such rude staff at counter. They cant even communicate in English. Doesnt the airline take communication seriously? How can there be any growth if customers are left unsatisfied.

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