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    China eastern airlines are not one to choose, we had a terrible, awkful trip back from
    Malaysia to Vancouver.

    Flight delayed over 16 hrs sitting in the airport for 12 hrs then at tarmac for another 4 hrs

    Missed our connecting flight & the hassle of chaining your heavy luggage & re check back into another plane.
    Walking and no communication to directions or even any help from the China eastern airlines!
    Never never book again into this airlines

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    On 14 April 2018, my hubby and I booked 2 return tickets from YVR to KUL.

    The flight from YVR to KUL was ok
    But the return was terrible.! There was no communication as to why the flight did not take off until 12 hrs later!
    Consequently we missed our connecting flight plus the annoying and discomfort for us as Seniors with Back Surgery to Koon my hubby had diabetes using injection & handful of diabetic pills.
    We would like some explanations as the communications plus problems claiming & Re-checking all our luggage’s with no staff to assist us with this awkful experiences and what a nightmare! Staff could not speak English!
    We booked our flights with short overlay and this is what we plan!!
    Communications and attitudes of the staff is not acceptable!
    Plus 8 hrs delay in the Terminal & 4 hrs in the plane on the tarmac!
    Seriously why do put us through this??

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    During our return trip to the US, our flight from Cebu to Shanghai was delayed for 2 hours so we missed our connecting flight from Shanghai to JFK New York. As soon as we got off the plane in Shanghai, there was not a single staff to tell the passengers, who had connecting flights, what we need to do or where we need to go. We found one China Eastern staff and she told us to pick up our luggages??? So we went directly to the Transfers and talked to another staff which took them 45 minutes to handle one passenger re-booking a flight. Most China Eastern staff could not understand or speak English which is one of the factors of their inefficiency. After they re-booked our flight and I asked if they provide us meals, since it was already past 12 noon, as compensation for the delayed flight but they flat out answered “No, we already helped you transfer your checked in baggages for the next flight”. I was in disbelief to hear such answer so I demanded to see their supervisor for such ill-treatment. We have our children and 2 seniors with us and other passengers, who were on the same flight, that were starving because we waited in line for hours for them to rebook us. An hour later, somebody came with a cart loaded with packed lunches and just placed them at the customer service counter without saying anything. We got the food and asked for water and they just pointed their finger at a water fountain. None of the China Eastern staff treated their customers with respect, all of them are rude. I am writing this because I do not want people to experience the same trauma we had with this airline. Even if they are the cheapest, I will never fly with them ever again. I hope all these complaints will reach the consumer board for immediate action.

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    While flying back from Tokyo to Chengdu where my family and I are temporarily stationed, our luggage was lost between our layover in Shanghai and final destination in Chengdu. My husband’s bag was recovered and returned to us within 48 hours, however, my bag seems to have vanished into thin air. We have called both the English-speaking and Chinese-speaking customer care lines for both the airline and the airports nearly every day for about a week. It was only after a week that we were told they were filing a claim to find the lost bag (even though each time we spoke with someone we were told they were updating our case). At one point we received a call saying the bag was in Shanghai, but when we called back to see if they were sending it to Chengdu, suddenly the bag seemed to have vanished again. Lost bags can happen, but the poor customer service and the lack of ability for the airline to even determine the last location where their employees handled the bag are reasons to put this airline on a “Do Not Fly” list.

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    I’d like to address a series of wrong, painful and unfair events that’s been done by China Eastern Airlines that caused me a serious physical and mental distress on my recent travel.

    On January 10, 2018, I left Los Angeles on China Eastern Airline (Flight Number 586) with a final destination of Colombo, Sri Lanka. Since I had 19 hrs. and 50 minutes layover in Shanghai, China, I requested both my luggage (each weighed 50lbs.) be interlined all the way to Colombo, Sri Lanka. Airline representative rudely denied it saying due to an unwritten China Eastern airline luggage procedure they don’t interline luggage over 24 layovers. In Shanghai, I had to pick up my luggage carry over to the hotel and check back in to the next flight (China Eastern Flight#231) departing for Colombo at 1:40PM on January 12th.
    On February 10th, on my return journey to Los Angeles, I had two scheduled layovers. One, 2 hrs. and 10 minute layover in Kunming, China, and another 6 hrs. and 50 minute layover in Shanghai, China. Once again, shockingly, China Eastern Airline refused to interline my luggage (2 bags weigh 50lb. each) all the way to Los Angeles and refused to issue my boarding passes to my connecting flights even I had such a short layover in Kunming, China.
    To make matters worse, departing flight from Colombo at 12:15AM on 2/10/2018 (China Eastern Flight# 714) was delayed 30 minutes. This caused the arriving flight in Kunming, China, being delayed 30 minutes. This left me with a total of 1 hr. and 40 minutes to pick up my luggage, and check back into my connection flight to Shanghai (China Eastern Flight# 5464) scheduled to be departed at 9:35AM. As soon as I got out of the flight, needless to say I ran nearly 1000 ft. as fast as I could, up and down on stairs, with the luggage only to find out the gate to board the passengers had just closed like 15 minutes ago. As I was rushing through, I found it very interesting that at the Immigration check point, they pulled me out of the line to let all Chinese nationals go first before they cleared me, because I had a foreign (U.S.) passport.
    China Eastern at Kunming airport was going to put me on the next China Eastern flight to Shanghai, which was scheduled to be departed Kunming at 6:00PM. This would have made me missed my connection flight to Los Angeles. I requested to talk to his Supervisor as I was getting really concerned and exhausted. After having a long conversation, they scheduled me a different flight (China Southern Flight#CX3678) depart at 12:00PM. I then went to China Southern airline counter to check-in for my new flight.
    As I was checking in with China Southern, they indicated their policy was to accept just one piece of luggage. He then rushed and, through one of my bags on the running belt and said I had to carry the other bag inside the flight as a carry-on bag. Now I’m stuck with two carry-on bags. Knowing they wouldn’t allow my 50lb. bag inside the flight, and being a girl it’s simply impossible for me to carry it, I even offered to pay for the 2nd bag to luggage. He simply refused it. Even though one bag has already left the scene on the belt, I then decided to run back to China Eastern airline counter and ask for the same Supervisor I had spoke to before, and literally begged for help, since it was China Eastern airline’s fault to begin with. He then called China Southern airline office and convinced them to take my 2nd luggage.
    As I finally cleared the bags and got to the Security clearance, they said my boarding pass didn’t have my passport number on it, and I had to go back. Once again, I had to run back to the China Southern airline office check-in counter in order to make the time, and have my boarding pass corrected.
    Again, because they refused to interline my baggage from Kungming all the way to Los Angeles, and refused to issue my boarding pass to Los Angeles flight (China Eastern Flight#577) I had to pick up my luggage in Shanghai and check back in to take the flight to Los Angeles.
    I hope no other passenger will have to go through this. As soon as I got home (Los Angeles) my parents clearly noticed my physical and mental exhaustion. B

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    I had an invitation from Xi’an Jiaotong University, China and visited Xi’an with my family (wife and two daughters) from 20th to 29th December 2017. I trusted on your airline for this tour and returned from Xi’an to Colombo via Shanghai. Flights were; MU521 from Xi’an to Shanghai and MU231 from Shanghai to Colombo. We handed over four luggages at the check-in at Xianyang Airport (one luggage for each person). After immediately landing in Colombo, we directly came to the belt to collect our luggage and collected three bags including my one and daughters’ but my wife’s bag has not come. We immediately made a complaint at luggage services in BIA, Colombo. It was a duffle bag and there were very important and expensive items in it. Among them were mistakenly kept all keys of our house, Keys of her office, Key of her car and also some of her jewelries. Unfortunately, only that luggage has been misplaced.
    Since my complaint on 29th at BIA Colombo, we were eagerly waiting for your positive response. I know that one of the professors of Xi’an Jiaotong University also has complained to China Eastern on this matter. They are also worry about the tragic situation we had to face due to your irresponsible luggage handling. Sorry to mention that within the three weeks passed, we did not get any e-mail or any assurance from your side except one person who contacted me over the phone. From that day, I repeatedly gave him calls and it seems that he is also helpless till he gets any response from your side.
    As a frequent traveller, I have never faced this kind of a bad experience in my life. When we select an airline, we keep our trust on it for a safe journey and also for after travel services. I personally believe that, when a luggage was handed at the Check In, it is the responsibility of airlines to deliver it safely to the destination. But, unfortunately it did not happen and there is no any clue about it though nearly three weeks have already passed. It is a pathetic situation to face this type of an experience in modern world having advanced systems. So, I believe that, as a responsible airline, it is your duty to secure passengers’ faith on you. Your airline gave us a lifetime loss and a bad experience on travelling.
    I hope that you will take this matter into serious consideration.
    I am sorry to mention that, If we do not get our luggage within next week, I will take serious actions against your airlines and give a fullest publicity through social media about your irresponsible luggage handling and after-travelling services.

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    Flew to Sydney from NYC without a problem even though my flight path was far less than direct or linear. Trying to go back to NYC, they informed me at the desk that I needed a Chinese visa for my layover and wouldn’t let me on the plane without it. After an hour and a half on the phone with a customer service rep who’s English was spotty, I was informed there was nothing they could do and it was my fault and as such they wouldn’t change my flight or refund the cost. As such, I was stuck in Sydney and would use any airline other than them in the future. I have never had this many problems with a company and it was the worst travel experience I’ve ever had.

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    I travelled from Newcastle to Paris and from Paris to Shanghai. Then boarding a flight from Shanghai to my final destination of Sydney arriving 12/01/18. After arriving in Sydney I was informed that my baggage had been misplaced, I filled out the information requested at the airport and left for Home with only my hand luggage. I had no toiletries, clothing, footwear, underwear, cosmetics or most importantly my prescribed medication which was also contained in the bag. I rang the number provided with my reference number every day and was told the bag was still being traced. On Sunday 21/01/18 I was informed my baggage had finally been found, 9 days after landing in Sydney. As if being without anything as in basic human necessities for over a week wasn’t bad enough I received a txt message to say my bag would be delivered… between the hours of 8pm and 12am!!!! 12 midnight!! I live in a home with 2 year old twins and have to be up for work at 5.30am I have no clue how anyone would think that delivering a parcel to someone at midnight is in anyway acceptable. So I rang the company and was told they wouldn’t be with me any earlier than 11.30pm, I asked what the solution would be to which he replied they could leave it in a designated safe place. This wasn’t ideal but I couldn’t argue an alternative as I desperately wanted my bag back in my possession. Upon waking up this morning I had received 8 missed calls from a number I’m presuming was the delivery company at 11:45pm. I looked out onto the porch, my designated safe place and there was no bag in sight. I searched the garden and up the stairs, sure enough the bag was placed on the stairs. Exposed over night the bag was damp and dirty with no note or relevant information on. I can not tell you how distressed, upset and anxious I have been this week. I have had no clothes for Work, no appropriate footwear and not even basic sanitary toiletries! Also going without my prescription for the 9 days has really taken its toll. I haven’t received so much as an apology or any compensation or help with the costs this has incurred me and I am absolutely disgusted in the way I have been treated in this event. I think it is truly appalling

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    Booked a ticket online while accidentally selected wrong date. There was no confirmation before I finalized booking. Only after received the confirmation text message did I realized the the date was wrong, I am still not sure how it happened. Within 20 minutes, I contacted the customer service and was told 30% of airfare plus the airfare difference would be charged should I request a change. The customer service staff were not helpful.

    Many airlines allow free cancelation and changes of booking within 24 hours. Obviously, China Eastern is not one of them. I wonder how can it compete with others with such unforgiven policy and almost nonexistence customer service after purchasing a ticket. Not satisfied!

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    Booked a ticket online while accidentally selected wrong date (one day earlier). After received the text message confirming my booking did I realize the mistake made. I contacted the customer service within 20 minutes of booking, I was told 30% of the airfare and airfare difference would be charged should I request a change. The website didn’t not provide enough information to remind me about my booking before I finalized it, the customer service staff were not helpful. Many airlines allow free cancellation and changes within 24 hours of booking. Obviously, China Eastern is not one of them. I wonder how could it be competitive with such policy and almost nonexistence customer service.

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    My flight was Vancouver-Shanghai-Kunming-Dhaka.I started my journey on Dec 29,2017 through MU 582. When I arrived Kunming via Shanghai on Dec 30,2017 I got only one luggage.I went to china eastern baggage claim section but their service was unacceptable.They were unable to talk in English.After wastage long time they give me a paper and said if it is found ,the luggage would be sent to Dhaka.My E ticket was 7819568508796 and missing luggage tag no was MU 3781974275.Still i am waiting for my luggage at Dhaka.I am really disappointed with China Eastern Airline service.

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    Dad left his phone at his seat while transferring from Seoul -> Shanghai -> Singapore. Ground staff at Shanghai Airport assisted us to CE lost an found counter after many entries. CE staff confirmed item was found but need minimum 1.5hr. We need to rush for a connecting flight and unable to wait that long. Requested for help to pass to staff on next flight or arrange for pick up at destination airport but was informed that we can only pick up within 2 months in Shanghai. This is not practical in terms of costs. We have tried calling and emailing upon returning to Singapore and ask if we can provide authorization for a relative to pick up today. No response. All numbers found online are not helpful or responsive.

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    Don’t use this airline. Flight delayed three hours but no announcement, no apology, no customer service available and not even enough seats at the departure gate for all the passengers. Absolute joke. Disgusting.

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    Our trip from Bangkok via Shanghai to Los Angeles on September 25 (MU577) has caused my group and myself so much misery, anxiety, stress and nightmare! We were stuck in China for 3 days and almost detained by the Chinese government for overstaying which was not even of our own fault! It all started when we were not able to land in Shanghai from Bangkok due to bad weather condition. We were rerouted to Nanjing Airport and offered a hotel accommodation. There was no issue with that as it was caused by nature and not of anybody’s fault. The problems started on our flight from Nanjing to Shanghai. The flight was delayed and to top it all, 5 of our luggages turned up missing. It took over an hour for the luggages to just suddenly showed up without any explanation from the crew. We got in the check-in counter 45 minutes before our flight but we were told boarding has closed and that we have to rebook our tickets.

    The person at the counter was very rude and not able to speak English. We were able to rebook for the following day but did not get any apology nor any offer for hotel accommodation. We were able to avail stand by seats on the next flight but because we were on a stand by status, we checked-in last. We ran as fast as we can to the point of almost passing out just to catch the flight but as soon as we got there, they closed the gate. No amount of explanation and pleading made them to let us board the plane. Because all of our luggages have been checked-in, now we have to start the saga of retrieving them. It took another 3 hours to find all of our luggages. Here comes the next unfortunate event of our journey- sleeping at the airport. We did not bother leaving the airport with the fear of not able to come back on time. Next day came and we made sure we will be in front of the line to give us enough time to check-in and no other reason to stop us from leaving ONLY TO FIND OUT FROM THE IMMIGRATION THAT WE WERE OVER STAYING!!!!

    The immigration officers wanted to detain us for overstaying!!! We have to go through the long interrogations process and we have to do all the explanations on our own that it was not our fault. Nobody from China Eastern crew bother to help us out. I believed that it is the airline full responsibility to inform us and assist us in obtaining a visa since everything happened out of their negligence. My daughter who needed to be in school ended up crying and got traumatized in front of these officers. She did not need to go through this horrendous experience!!! All we wanted was a connecting flight from Bangkok to Los Angeles and not to be treated as criminals!!!! I hope these statements give you an idea of what we’ve gone through and not wish for this to happen to someone else. Never again to fly with China Eastern Airlines!!!

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    I had visited Shanghai for a training program through my Company(SABIC). I had booked China Eastern flight no# MU-9817 from Shanghai to Macau for Vacation post my training at Shanghai. When I reached at the HONGQIAO Airport & went for Check-In, I was told to show RMB 5000 CASH in order to fly to Macau. I was shocked to hear about this requirement as I had not heard of such a thing before from anyone else who flew to Macau, Also, No such guidelines were mentioned on the Airline Ticket.
    I told the Airline staff that I have my Hotel booked at Macau(THE VENETIAN) & even showed them Reservation Confirmation but they refused to me & asked me to get RMB 5000 cash. I was baffled and didn’t know what to do. I requested the Manager on the floor- Ming Yingjie to help me and showed him my Credit card(With INR 2,00,000 limit= ~ 19,000 RMB) + USD 100 CASH + HKD 500 CASH + RMB 200 CASH & ensuring I had sufficient money for my stay at Macau & also told him that my husband(Mr. Abhineet Sood) is currently at Hong Kong airport to board a ferry for Macau and he is carrying cash/funds(3500 HKD and 200 USD Cash and Credit Card with 3,00,000 INR limit). The Manager pretended calling & checking with someone on his phone for very long & then asked me to get CASH or leave. I called at my hotel(Sheraton Shanghai HongKou Hotel) and asked them what can I do now. My hotel told me even they had not heard of such a thing before and were equally surprised.
    I pleaded & asked the Manager(Ming Yingjie) if I could speak to some of his senior/boss but he said he had to No Boss! and that I should go away & get cash. The staff told me that I can come back with Cash & board the next flight @ 15.50 pm. I went back to the Sheraton Hotel. There was no way I could arrange RMB 5000 Cash, so my husband booked a ticket for me from Shanghai to Hong Kong through Cathay Pacific. I reached Hong Kong where my husband was awaiting for me, missing his own booked ferry & we took a ferry to Macau together. I was not asked to show any CASH at Macau Immigration. I checked with Macau Immigration if there is any such rule & Immigration officer confirmed there is no such rule from their side.

    Due to all this I & my husband reached Macau at almost 11 pm on 15 September night & my money spent on Hotel room reservation for 15 September got wasted. Also, I had to undergo so much mental trauma & torture because of no known reason. I see it as a Racist attack by China Eastern Airport staff on an Indian Tourist.
    I wish to inform you that your staff is absolutely ill-behaved and has no sense of customer service. I was pleading, yelling for help at the airport but the staff showed no empathy & gave me a deaf-ear & were talking to themselves in Chinese language & smiling at each other ignoring my presence completely. I don’t understand why should an airline stop a passenger from boarding and check he/she has enough money for stay at Macau. This is the responsibility of Macau Immigration to ensure not Airline!! Also, why should someone carry CASH( RMB 5000 = approx. INR 50,000!) to visit a country in today’s times when everyone uses Plastic money!!!!
    Pls check the CCTV footage of CCTV installed near China Eastern check-in counter of the Hongqiao airport on 15 September, Friday- Between 7.15 am to 9.00 am and you would be able to see the footage of me being tortured by your staff.

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    Worst management of customer service I have ever experienced in 15+ years of flying/traveling.

    They were completely unhelpful at resolving an over booking of their flight I had reservations for months in advance, and their only next available flight to my destination was three days later! They are also unwilling to compensate for my lost wages, transportation fees and hotel stay for the three days I was incoveniced by them.

    This needs to be addressed, as I have tried to rebook my next trip abroad by completely avoiding this company and any of their partner airlines!

    What happen to customer service and curtesy in 2017??? These airlines make billions every year and they have complete disregard for their customers!!

    However don’t get me wrong, thankfully while on board the flight the attendants were wonderful!! It was only the airport staff from my departure city and China Eastern hotline management, that have been rude and unhelpful. They have managed to stay in contact fortunately… originally stating they were not willing to compensate us what so ever and out right said “get a lawyer and sue.”

    I would just like to be compensated for my lost work wages, transportation and hotel stay for the three days I was inconvenienced. And I have official documents for all of these claims.
    MU5643 ETKT 7815647760014
    MU5644 ETKT 7815647759887

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    I had booked a flight from Bangkok to Vancouver for myself and a friend. 3 days before our flight I tried to request seat assigments and when I did so I realized I had misspelled my friends name. I had put a “o” instead of a “c” in his long last name. I contacted the agent in Bangkok and she could not change the name and instructed me to call the Shanghai office. I did so and the agent I talked to was very nice and she could correct my error but I needed to pay 100 RMB. That was NO probem for me as it was my mistake. The problem was, China Eastern ONLY could take a Chinese credit card! Of course I did not have a Chinese credit card and they would not take my international American credit card. She then suggested that I use WhatsApp to do the transaction but she could not send me the code needed since I was in Bangkok and not China. What kind of a policy is this that could not take a interntion credit card? Needless to say I had to cancel my friends part of the ticket and rebook it on a different flight as they could not put him back on my flight with the corrected name. I had to pay a fee to cancel the flight for him and then rebook it as a different price, as I had orginally booked the flight months ago. All in all a very bad experence and will never fly with China Eastern again. I have not complaint agains the agent, as she did her best, it is the policy of using ONLY the Chinese credit card I had a problem with.

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    Flight from Chongqing to Ho Chi Minh City through Kunming. The first flight was delayed for three hours (no one admitted it was delayed for nearly two hours). We called customer service to see what would happen with our connecting flight. He told us to get off the plane, get our luggage back, and try rebooking on a different flight. We did, went to the front desk, where we were told to call 95530 again. The customer service person then said that we can only get on the original flight and that we would have to wait two days. No other flight options were available, despite the fact that there were several flights heading out that day for Ho Chi Minh. We would never have gotten off the plane if they had told us that their policy was only to rebook on the same flight. I called customer service and got 30 minutes of “we can do nothing” and was put on hold 4 times before they would get a manager on the phone. She said that they would record a complaint and I would receive a phone call or email about reimbursing us for the hotel that we lost money on. Of course, no one called and no one emailed. I doubt she even recorded anything.

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    The most disgusting airline services so far in my life. MU721 got delayed on 19th july bcoz of which we missed our next two flights. Now @chinaeasternairlines is asking us to pay for the next flight ie for 20th july. No courtesy. Not at all empathetic. Who is going to take care of our next two flights which we missed today ie on 19th july? Who’s in the fault?
    Tkt No : ETKT 5894995442641/1
    ETKT 5894995442642/1

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    My flight from Beijing to Taiyuan delayed on 27.06.17 supposed to leave @ 18.15 and finally took off @ approx. midnight and the staff could not tell exactly at what time we will have our flight and there were people waiting for us for so long in Taiyuan.
    On return flight same thing, my flight was supposed to leave at 20.05 from Taiyuan to Beijing but delay to 21.20 and at Beijing there was delay to get our baggage. I missed my connection flight from Beijing to Dubai and had to pay CNY620 for next available flight and there were no staff to help.

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    I have been waiting at the airport since midday it is now 5.30 pm and after enquiring to staff about the flight they still have no news.
    a flight left just minutes ago and they did not put us on it. We always travel business class, for the reasons to be comfortable but also to be considered in times like this.
    We are very disappointed with the airline and the fact that we are not considered at all. When I enquiries, all they said was, its too late, its too late. They should have tho9ught of putting us on another flight .
    We are travelling from Shanghai to Beijiang
    July 2017
    I will log another one to keep up date. So far , no good airline

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    My parents were travelling from Sydney to kunming. The staff at the service desk, Sydney; her name was ‘Grace’ was unbelievably rude towards us. I wanted wheelchair service desk for them because my parents were sick and both of them were unable to walk more than 10 mins.
    However, Grace was not even ready to even listen to our explanation, not letting us speak ( because she could speak better english than us, of course because its her mother tongue) and passing comments like ‘you do not understand anything’. She is the most rude person I have ever seen in any service desk.
    Due to this horrible experience with China eastern service, I am never going to travel again by it.

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    This is the worst airlines I have ever traveled. I have booked ticket from Dalian to Raipur. The trip consisted of two flights of China eastern (Dalian-Kunming-Kolkata) and one Indian flight. The flight from Dalian to Kunming on 16.6.17 did not take off at correct time. It was late by three hours, due to which we were not able to catch our Kunming-kolkata flight. None of the flight attendants were ready to take responsibility for the delay and asked us to contact ground staff. The ground staffs were very unfriendly and upon arguments were ready to give flight tickets for the next day for Kunming-Kolkata sector. The denied to take responsibility for the other flights stating that it was from different airlines. So we were forced to book our domestic tickets on our own.

    The next day also the airlines, did the same thing. Instead of starting at 11.15 PM at Kunming, they started the boarding procedures leisurely. They took of after 1.00 AM and again diverted back to Kunming because of poor weather. However other airlines were landing in the same place .
    The domestic connection flights of almost 50% of the passengers including ours got cancelled for the second time and the airline officials were not even bothered about the same.
    There were no updates , even upon asking the flight attendants or the ground staffs did not give any information about when they will start again.

    I have never seen such irresponsible on ground staffs in any other airlines.

    Finally when they started again, the offloaded some of the checked in baggage stating that the weight of the flight needs to be decreased. However, the airlines allowed some frequent flyers with multiple heavy hand baggages, which were dumped even on the business class seats and on the carrier space inside the flight irrespective of their seat numbers. Flight attendants helped those frequent fliers. Because of these people, many passengers did not have space to place their hand baggages.
    Finally the sufferers were normal passengers by missing their luggage at the Kolkata airport and not the frequent flyers who boarded the flights with heavy luggage.

    I will never recommend this airlines to any of my friends. This is the most unfriendly, unprofessional airlines which I have flied so far.

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    Upon receiving my checked in backpack at my last destination, the side of my backpack was torn and ripped open with many different holes that had not been there prior to my trip. In addition, the side zipper compartment on the backpack was broken and unable to be zipped up. The left strap of my backpack broke off, and I was only able to carry my heavy load with one strap. Where my backpack had been torn and ripped with numerous holes, the earrings that I had packed on the inside of the backpack, had all been bent and broken too, some earrings missing too that I can not find. I can no longer use this backpack, as it no longer functions properly, and had a hard time transporting it from the airport to my destination. I am also disappointed about my earrings that I can no longer wear since they are bent and broken, and some missing.

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    Do not fly with this airline. Seriously.

    Your flight will be almost certainly be delayed and the staff will be unable to tell you any information at all. Then your flight will most likely be cancelled after 5+hours of waiting. Again, the staff won’t be able to tell you anything about hotels, replacement flights etc. However, they are proficient in saying ‘i dont know’.

    You will get to enjoy a 1 star overnight motel, complete with cockroaches. Of course they won’t offer you any breakfast or water the next day. Oh, and your replacement flight the next day will also be delayed by a minimum of 3 hours.

    Complete amateurs.

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    Today I had a flight leaving Okinawa Naha International Airport at 5:40 p.m. to Shanghai Pudong Airport. I checked into our flights at 12:30 p.m. and nothing was made known about the flight being cancelled. We had to find a ride to the airport and drove all the way to the airport and arrived at 3 p.m. ready to begin our vacation and find out that our flight was cancelled. We were never notified that it was cancelled until we got there and saw on the board that it was cancelled. I later received an email at 4:50 p.m. that our flight was cancelled, but we had already left the airport by then. When I tried to ask the representative what we are supposed to do, she was not of much help and then I was physically shoved by a group of people and she told them what was happening and what to do and completely ignored me and my husband. We finally found out after some guy translated for us that we would have to come back tomorrow and hope to get on a flight out tomorrow. Our connecting flight to Rome leaves at 12:35 p.m. and the first flight out of Okinawa leaves at 2:30 p.m. so needless to say we will miss yet another flight tomorrow. We were not offered reimbursement for any of the trouble that this caused or even any sort of comfort. We are out of money for the hotel in Shanghai and now out money for the hotel in Rome since we do not know when we will actually ever arrive to Rome. I have never experienced such bad customer service with any airline I have been on and am extremely disappointed in the attitude and standards of China Eastern Airlines. I would like to have some sort of reimbursement for our troubles and inconveniences because we are out money that is nonrefundable i.e. Hotel Costs, Pet Boarding, Gas, Tours within Rome, and Time. I will never use China Eastern Airlines again and will be sure to steer others away from this airline as well. I wish someone would have warned me about how horrible this airline is.


  27. 5.0

    My complaint is actually regarding the KLM ground staff at Schipol airport in Amsterdam. On December 16th 2016 we traveled with my husband from Amsterdam to Shanghai and onwards to Auckland with China Eastern. The experience was nice other than that the KLM staff made me pay for extra luggage in Amsterdam, my bag was over weight and they did not allow me to separate it into two different bags, which I later found out would have been within the China Eastern luggage rules. I made a complaint to KLM, but they refused it and advised to complain to China Eastern. Many thanks for checking if a refund of this charge of 125€ would be possible. I am happy to provide the receipt and ticket number via email or in another way.

  28. 5.0

    I was a passenger on flight MU 5810 dated 1st April 2017 which was delayed by 2 hours 23 minutes (scheduled time of departure on ticket was 18.00 hours but the flight was rescheduled at the airport for departure at 19.10 hrs and finally took off at 20.23 hrs and reached Kunming at 23.38). This led to missing the fight and loss of one full day.

    The same thing happened at the time of going. Flight number MU 556 dated 28th march 2017 departed Kolkata one hour late and this led to missing the connecting flight to Shanghai from Kunming. I had to take MU 5464 to Pudong and then flight MU 575 to Haneda Airport that left at 16.40 hours. The entire journey was delayed by 4 hours resulting in a loss of time and inability to attend a meeting.

    I would like compensation to be paid to me on account of this delay that resulted in a loss of 5000 USD and a whole lot of harassment as I had to lose one entire day.

  29. 5.0

    I booked a round trip for my father from Vancouver to Nanjing through He was scheduled to fly back on Apr.2. E-ticket shows he will take MU6144 at 7:25am from Nanjing, arriving at Shanghai Hongqiao airport around 9:25; then take MU581 at 1:30pm from Pudong airport to Vancouver. My dad arrived at Nanjing Lukou airport before 6am on that day. To his astonishment, he was told by the Eastern Airline agent that his ticket was NOT airplane ticket, but a train ticket instead. No matter how my dad explained, that agent insisted to issue a train ticket G7007 starting at 10am to him. Obviously he would miss the next plane if he took that train, so he decided to take a taxi from Nanjing to Shanghai Pudong airport. Unfortunately he still missed that plane due to traffic jam on that day, so he had to pay extra money to take next available plane, spent one day in shanghai hotel, and I took another day off to pick him up on April 3rd. One thing I don’t understand is that as a Chinese Eastern Airline member, what makes her think MU6144 is not a airplane ticket?

  30. 1.0

    I travelled from Shanghai to Guangzhou via China Eastern Airlines on Flight 5301, 1st of April 2017 at 07:40am. At security the staff confiscated my battery pack. I have travelled the world with my battery pack without incident. I travelled from Shanghai to Guangzhou in January on a domestic flight with my Battery pack without incident. I asked for an airline representative. The airline representative refused to allow me to take my battery pack, I was told the Battery packs capacity is too large. How come this has never been a problem? I am a frequent flyer and never had this problem. I found this to be unacceptable, The staff disposed of my Battery back without any options to have it shipped to my next destination. My battery pack was a very expensive battery pack used to power my Laptop. This is completely unacceptable. I require a full explanation as to why only China Eastern have not allowed my battery pack to be carried, I also expect compensation for my loss.

  31. 5.0

    I am a Delta Diamond Medallion member. I was flying on a Delta flight from Detroit to Singapore, via Shanghai. From Shanghai, I continued to Singapore on DL6460 even though the carrier was actually China Eastern. When I arrived in Singapore, only 1 of my bags arrived. The bag that arrived had a China Eastern baggage tag, which neither I nor Delta knew anything about. Apparently, China Eastern had changed the Delta baggage tags for their own tags, without informing me or Delta. For this reason, Delta could not track my bags beyond Shanghai and nobody could tell us anything about where the bags went afterwards, except that one did arrive in Singapore with me. I reported the missing bag to SATS Lost and Found in Changi Airport and they helped to eventually find my missing bag and return it to me, albeit one week later.

    I also called Delta Airlines in the USA for assistance. The first 3 people that I contacted simply informed me that Delta had no responsibility for my missing bag because the last carrier was China Eastern. I persisted and finally found a fourth Delta agent that went out of her way to write a letter to China Eastern in order to urge them to help find my bag. Personally, as a Diamond Medallion member, flying in Business Class on a code-shared Delta flight number, I found it very disappointing that Delta’s first reaction was to avoid and refute any responsibility.

    Upon opening my bag, I found that a number of items of value have been stolen, as follows:

    1. One bottle of Vodka, very special from the Ukraine. You cannot find this anywhere else in the world. I estimate the value at well over USD $100.
    2. One new and unopened package of Chanel Blue Au de Toilette, valued at USD $77. Original Macy’s department store bag and receipt were in the luggage, but not the contents.
    3. 2 personal toiletry bags from Coach with my personal effects, including bottle of Chanel Allure Au de Toilette and several bottles of Clarins facial products. The value of bags and contents are estimated at USD $550.
    4. 2 sets of Reebok sports socks, still in original unopened packages, valued at USD $45.
    5. One Luis Vuitton belt valued at USD $450 when new. Belt was approximately 2 years old, but in pristine condition.
    6. One Braun Series 7 electric shaver, valued at USD $300, in excellent condition since it was fairly new.

  32. 1.0

    We traveled from Manila to Toronto last Feb. 11, 2017. We lost one of our baggage, filed a lost baggage at Toronto airport. After a few days got a call from China Eastern personnel in Toronto, was told to wait a few days for them to locate my lost baggage, I called/ email them “so many times”, up to now they have not locate my lost baggage, it’s been 21 days. I hope China Eastern will do something to compensate for my lost baggage.

  33. 1.0

    Simply the most awful airline in the world and I travelled business class. I now have to fly the return flight and I am dreading it. They ruined my luggage which was completely soaked with soy sauce, I complained and have never heard another word from them but reading the reviews it seem I was lucky to have my baggage arrive at all. Is there a complaints department because if there is I certainly can’t find it.

  34. 5.0

    I booked a trip to Myanmar with China Eastern. In advance to my departure date the flight has been changed several times, but the big trouble happened on my way back:
    Yangon – Kunming – Shanghai HONGQIAO
    The plane arrived with 1,5 hours delay in Yangon. Apparently due to bad weather in Kunming which was clearly a lie. China Eastern staff in Yangon could not help to find a solution for my connection that I already knew I would miss and referred me to the staff on the plane. However they referred me to the ground staff in Kunming.
    After landing at 7.45pm (connection 8.10pm) I followed their instruction and walked directly to the China Eastern counter where hundreds of people were already in the queue. After more than one hour I was told there is no way to get to Shanghai that evening, although I saw online that there were seats with an Air China flight. This was the second lie. I am sure they should use other airlines to recover, but of course it comes at a cost.
    I received a little piece of paper that apparently entitled me to a boarding pass for the 8am flight the next morning to PUDONG (this makes a huge difference because it is miles out of Shanghai) and a hotel.
    I then had to follow a group to the shuttle bus for which we had to wait outside the departure gate 4. After more than 1 hour standing in the cold and my recommendation to let people wait inside, I asked the address of the hotel to take a taxi. When arriving there and standing in yet another long queue, I was told to share room with others. Only after a long discussion and explaining that I came from abroad (only international flights are entitled to single room) and being a silver member, I was finally allowed to take my own room.
    The next morning at 6am I returned to the counter to get my boarding pass. I have never seen such a mess and it took again more than 1 hour to finally receive it. I asked again if I can at least receive a compensation for my lost working day, but even this was declined.

    I am seriously shocked about the organization and treatment of people. Not only am I sure that the explanations were pure excuses, but just being moved with hundreds of people like cattle without taking care about old people and children is a surprise.
    I know delays are common in China and I flew 1 year every week with China Eastern to accommodate the necessary business trips, but this was the first time I ended up in such situation.
    This coming from a completely underdeveloped country like Myanmar where all flights departed on time is very strange to me.

    Luckily I speak Chinese. Can’t even imagine handling all this without any staff being able to speak English.
    2 days later I received an email telling me that my connection flight was also delayed by 1 hour which means, if I would have not listened to the “helpful” staff, I could have maybe made it after all. What an irony!

  35. 1.0

    I booked the following:
    AF1169 – Manchester, England (MAN) to Paris, France (CDG) (dep 16th January)
    AF0116 – Paris, France (CDG) to Shanghai, China (PVG)
    AF5204/MU735 – Shanghai, China (PVG) to Sydney, Australia (SYD) (arr 18th January)

    e-ticket – 0571225628720 / 0571225628720/3

    My luggage has been lost now since 16th January when I left Manchester Airport. It is now 10th February.

    No one can have the decency to pick up the phone of any of the numbers provided for Sydney to let me know what is happening. Your Facebook chat is useless as they give me information that is not relevant to me nor is any help is giving me the correct contact information for your airline.

    I finally get an email after chasing you and I get offered a pitiful compensation so I will go away. Well I will NOT be going away. FIND MY BAG PLEASE!

    My luggage contains irreplaceable items from my deceased father and you just try to calm me off with money that won’t even cover 1/8 of my belongings that YOU have lost!

    I am stranded without clothes, shoes, and my electronics such as hairdryer, straightener, etc, and do NOT have the funds to purchase all new clothing, suitcase, etc.

  36. 1.0

    The flight in Changchun was delayed by 30 minutes. The plane arrived in Pudong at 23:00 and in China if you have a connection flight to Europe you need to go pick your bags first and then go to the check-in counter. The last check-in of the Airfrance flight was at 23:05, so obviously I couldn’t possibly be there on time. I tried to find someone from Airfrance or Shanghai Airlines, but nobody was at the counter of those two airlines and I had to spend the all night in the airport. No compensation, no food, no hotel, no bed, not even any apologize from any of those companies. Afterwards I went to Shanghai Airlines to ask for a Certification of flight delay which they gave me and in the paper the lady wrote that the flight was delayed because of FLOW CONTROL which is a “non company reason”. She also wrote that the flight arrived at 22:30 which is totally incorrect.

  37. 5.0

    I recently flew to Thailand and back with your airline and my luggage was destroyed. I can no longer use it it is cracked which didnt occur on the way there but on the way home. This particular suitcase is the only one i have and expensive. Other then this i really enjoyed the flight and would fly again.

  38. 1.0

    We travelled from kolkata to tokyo via kunming and shanghai with China Eastern Airline, and all our 3 checked in baggage were missing. We already made a report (AI107314,AI107315,AI107316) and several phone calls and to my utmost surprise its already 6th day and still the airline could not locate the luggage and know its whereabout. They say it could be in kunming or even shanghai. Of course I understand that there are many people like this, but my only wonder is if a luggage is linked to each boarding pass/ticket no, then does this take this long just to locate the luggage? I am really really upset with the service they provide. Still waiting for it and I dont know if I get it or not.

  39. 5.0

    We arrived at Bangkok international airport January 2nd at 7:45am for China Eastern flight scheduled to depart at 10:45am. There was no check in sign for our flight and we were told by 4 different ground staff of China Eastern to wait at different checkout stands. We were finally able to check in around 8:30am and which only allowed us 15 minutes to board for our scheduled boarding. We were the first passengers to check in so the plane was late to leave the gate as it was waiting for other passengers to get through security.

    Upon boarding the plane we smelled a burning electrical fire smell. We asked for information from the flight staff and nothing was provided. We waited about 2 hours before any announcement was made that they had a mechanical issue with the plane. Only after that did the flight staff offer any water or food. We and other passengers asked for an update and no information was given.

    It was obvious to the passengers on the plane that the plane would not be repaired however we were forced to sit in the hot plane for several more hours. Eventually all the passengers were moved to another plane which departed at 5:05pm. No communication or announcements were given so waited about an hour as staff attempted to find all the passengers and move them to the new plane.

    During the delay there were other flights departing that we could have been put on, however we were held on the tarmac and given no information. We requested information on our connected flight to NYC, and the staff refused to answer us. We asked if the connected flight would wait for us or if there were any other flights to the US and the staff refused to answer us.

    We landed in Shanghai around 10:30pm. We were still not told by any staff if our connected flight or any flight was available. We were not provided China arrival or departure papers and the staff refused to communicate with us. We spent another 2 hours at the Shanghai airport where we were finally told that the airline would not offer any connected flights and we had to stay overnight in Shanghai.

    The ground staff in Shanghai was rude, refused to answer questions or communicate with us or even look at us. At least half the flight was English speaking, and no staff would speak to English speakers or call for someone who could help. We were herded like cattle into a bus which took another 45 minutes and dropped us at a low budget motel. Again we were given no options or explanations.

    The motel staff was also rude and confiscated our passports against our will. They refused to give us our passports until we boarded the bus back to the airport the following day.

    The low budget motel did not provide us any food that we could eat, and there was no nearby place where we could buy food. We were given a plastic bag with dried beef ramin noodles and no explanation of how to heat them in the room. Furthermore, all our flight bookings for this trip were for Hindu meals as we don’t eat beef. At this point I felt like a prisoner being held against my will.

    The room that we were provided was 12 degrees Celsius and we were shivering all night long. I had to wear my clothes and coat the full time we were there but I still got sick the next day because it was too cold. It was not clean or well kept. The sink was clogged and not draining properly. The tv did not work. There was no alarm clock. We were not given a king or queen bed, and instead had to sleep on separate twin beds shivering cold, hungry and thirsty. There was a dirty mattress sitting in the hallway outside our room so I was concerned about cleanliness.

    In the morning of January 3rd we checked out of the motel. There was a small breakfast area that had no food that looked edible so we still did not eat. We took the bus back to the airport.

    We had tickets to take the 8:15pm flight January 2nd flight with exit aisle seats, which we were not on due to the airline delays.

    We were told that the next flight to NYC was leaving at 11:30am January 3rd. Initially the ground staff wouldn’t communicate with us or look us in the eye and muttered that we may have to go on standby and miss that flight as well. We were eventually given seats in the back of the plane but not exit aisle.

    We had to spend another $60 at the airport on food and water and also have a large phone bill from making international calls trying to obtain flight information.

    This flight was also delayed and departed at 12:30pm. There were no Hindu meals available on the flight.

    Because we arrived a day late to NYC we both lost a full day of consulting income for our small business.

    No apology or compensation was given.

  40. 5.0

    I was travelling from Sri Lanka to Japan last Monday with a transit in Shanghai. The officers in Shanghai told me that they are unable to send my luggage in the same flight and no reason was given to explain the situation. I did not receive one of my suitcases yet and almost 10 days have passed. Really surprised to see your attitude towards my lost baggages.

  41. 1.0

    On a recent flight from London Heathrow, 2 of our suitcases were damaged beyond repair by someone gaining entry to them. One of the cases had both pull tags (connected by a lock) ripped off, the other had one of the pull tags cut off as looking at the bent tag, it wouldn’t pull off. As both cases had travel padlocks on them it is my understanding that these should be cut off and the cases should be left undamaged. As it is we’ve been left with two unusable cases as they cannot be secured. Photos are ready to send.

  42. 5.0

    Chin Eastern has lost my luggage coming from Bali, MU5030 tags-MU434734 + MU 434735.
    I am in Paris…already 3 days waiting, no one contacts me.
    I am trying to contact to find a way to trace my luggage but I have no luck with any customer service reps.
    Absolutely sad.

  43. 5.0

    Today I was denied to board my flight because your front desk check-in employees refused to accept my Taiwanese passport as a legitimate source of identification. My flight number is on December 9th (MU) China Eastern Airlines 598 from YVR to PVG for a layover and then (MU) China Eastern Airlines 5007 from PVG to TPE. There is a 72 hour visa exemption for layovers in China and because my flight to Shanghai is a layover, having my Taiwanese passport along with my Taiwanese Identification number is valid identification for me to board the flight. Your employees not only refused to listen to me explain, they also refused to help me solve my problem when I politely asked. Instead, they said my flight will be a no-show and the refund issue will be my own problem.
    I ask for a refund for the flight I was forced to miss which delayed my later schedules and plans.
    As a college student working a part-time job to earn money, this issue isn’t something I can overlook so lightly. I urge you help my voice be heard and prevent future customers from experience the unfair and unprofessional treatment that I received today.

  44. 5.0

    I was coming from Kelowna to Kolkata On Dec. 2nd. The route was like this: Kelowna-Vancouver- Shanghai- Kunming-Kolkata. The flight Reached Kolkata 12.30 am Dec. 5th. I was supposed to pick up my luggage at Kunming and recheck those luggage at Kunming Airport for Kolkata. However, my luggage was lost and I did report. I also contacted few time with its CSR, but she never got back to me. It is been almost a week and the inconvenience is increasing gradually.

  45. 5.0

    I flew with China Eastern Airlines on November 11 from Toronto to Shanghai with my final destination being Hong Kong. Flying China Eastern was the worst decision I have made. First off, my mom’s tray was broken and this problem was brought to the attention of one of the cabin crew as people were still boarding. It was clear that anything you put on the tray will slide off. We did not get a single apology neither did any of the cabin crew tried to fix it, they basically just left it and my mom had to use her knees to support the tray when she was having her meals. While we were mid-flight I saw that there was a sticker near the overhead bins that said the aircraft was equipped with Wifi so I called a Cabin Crew over and asked if there was Wifi on this plane. The person who came over basically yelled “NO!” and I told her that there was a sticker near the overhead bins and she grabbed the remote I had on my hand and pressed the cancel call button, threw it back on my lap and just walked away. The last thing that set me off completely was during the last few hours of the flight my mom was feeling very lightheaded and nauseous.

    I called to have someone bring us hot water and this male crew member came out with a headphone in one of his ears and gave me the dirtiest look when I asked him to bring me a cup of water. He came back out with a cup of water that was first not even close to being warm let alone hot. My mom asked me to ask them if they had any sort of hot food like instant noodle which from my previous experiences flying with different airlines that it was something they serve. Again, I was met by a “NO! we don’t have!” I asked if they had any hot food and they said “NO!” and they ended up giving us a very, very cold bun. What upset me the most was an hour after we had asked for hot food and they said no, they started serving meals again, HOT MEALS. Cabin crew may have certain protocol to follow that I as a passenger may not understand, maybe they are not allowed to serve hot meals when it’s not time yet, but I would appreciate it if they would explain to us and not just say “NO!”

    My mom flew with China Eastern last year and she said the food and service was nothing close to what she received exactly a year ago. Anyways, per my initial booking at the end of June, I would have a connection flight to Hong Kong the same night I arrive in Shanghai. I got a call from the travel agency in September that the flight schedule has changed and I will not be able to fly to Hong Kong until the next morning. I agreed to it thinking that even if I were to connect to Hong Kong right after that it would be very late at night anyways. Transportation and hotel was arranged for us in Shanghai BUT we were sent to this hotel in the middle of nowhere right next to a karaoke and we had to put up with music playing all night. Aside from that, me and my mom were starving as the food on the airplane was terrible and we were only given 2 meals and a cold as rock sandwich on our 14 hour flight from Toronto to Shanghai.

    I asked the China Eastern personnel who welcomed us at the Shanghai airport if there are any restaurants near the hotel, if not, we will buy food at the airport as we were hungry and she assured us there were, but on our way to the airport, we didn’t pass by a single restaurant that was open and the receptionist at the hotel told us we can try going outside (there were no lights outside), but there are likely nothing open. My flight back to Toronto was a little more pleasant, but unfortunately, this will be my last time flying with China Eastern and it applies to my family as well. I would rather pay a little more to fly with another airline than to ever fly with China Eastern again. I was very disgusted by the way we were treated.

  46. 5.0

    On the Oct 27, 2016, I and Mom missed the 1:45am MU0298. And we spend $760 more to take MU588 to PU DONG CHINA. When we took the flight, I saw there are many empty seats in the economic class, especially the seats on the front. During the flight, many older people or fat people or some couple who fly with babies tried to sit those seats. Unfortunately your hostess always tell them these seats need to pay 2000 Chinese yuan. I have wondering your air flight has 4 classes.
    On the Nov 29, 2016, we need to take MU9526 from Wenzhou to Pu Dong.I have checked with your ticket agent to make sure our flight is 4:05pm 2 day ago, and he said yes. When we went there, your worker said this flight was canceled and the next flight is 5:50pm. And we need to catch the MU0297 at 7:30pm to New York. In the whole flight we were nervous and run in rush.
    When we finally get on the MU297, I have been put in a middle seat. And my neighbor falling sleep, I tried to sit a empty seat which is near the emergency door way, and your hostess came to tell me that I need to pay 1000 Chinese yuan if I switch my seat. I just feel awful of you guys to make money like that, by the way your food are awful too.

  47. 5.0

    My ticket number is 022-232-511. I booked my ticket through I called Eastern China Airline agent Ivy (1-800-200-5118). I explained to her that my flight has been changed and I have a business meeting during the layover in Shanghai with my business partner to sign an important document. Now, because the flight schedule changed, I have to make a new reservation. She gave me a waiver code and told me to give to give to justfly agent. I was asked to request them to put the same in the endorsement box so they will not penalize me $260. Justfly agent said my itinerary is minor change and refused to call China Eastern Airline or send an email to China Eastern Airline to get my full refund. I have been waiting to the full refund from them for a month. Now, justfly agent refused to get the waiver code to cancel the ticket. I booked 3 tickets flight from hnl to sgn on dec 18 and return on dec 31, 2016. After many phones, justfly agent said they are able to give my wife and daughter ticket back ( NCH9GW). I requested the full refund for two tickets but only got one. Eastern China Agent does not call or email to give me refund and agent refuse to get in touch by email or call China Eastern Airline. I am very disappointed with this whole process.

  48. 5.0

    I have not left and already there are so many problems. I tried to confirm my flight and informed them that I am vegetarian and the response was: you want to cancel your flights? OMG!!!!! No!!!! I already know that I am in trouble and I have not left. I am so scared to travel with this airline and I have not left. I also tried to give them my china phone number but they did not understand. I emailed them twice and no response.

  49. 1.0

    During our departure from Manila, a China Eastern Employee informed me that she was only able to print one boarding pass (for my daughter Leila) and that I would need to request the remaining two at the counter in Shanghai. The plane left 3 hours late in Manila which left us little time to board our connecting flight.

    When arriving in Shanghai, I informed the employee that I need to have two boarding pass printed. She told me I was ok with the one boarding pass and told me to continue to the gate. When arriving at a Security point, they informed me that I had to go back and obtain the remaining buddy passes. The first employee that I encountered yelled. “Why did I come back?” I told her that the man in Security told me to go back. Then her manager came out and asked what the problem was. I told him the same thing. I needed our two remaining boarding passes printed since they only printed my daughter’s boarding pass. He tells me that my daughter has to go on the plane since she has a boarding pass. I firmly told him that I am not letting my minor daughter get on a plane without me. Who tells a minor to travel on an international flight by themselves? Clearly he has no regard for her safety. He started screaming in Cantonese and proceeded to discusses with his employees.

    In the meantime, there were many people approaching the desk since their flight was also delayed, however, their connecting flight already left. They started assisting passengers who went to the counter. I patiently waited for them to print my boarding pass and started hearing that they were making the other passengers stay overnight to get on another flight. I went back to the manager and asked if he can just print my boarding pass since the employee in Manila mentioned we had confirmed seats already. He did not mention why he couldn’t just print our boarding passes. He told me that it was too late and that I would need to stay until the next flight in the morning. However, I received a trip notification on my phone that the airplane was delayed which he could have printed the passes and we could have made it. I informed him that I was just going to book tickets on United since there was no way we can stay overnight. We had work and school the following day. He then tells me to go to out through immigration. He didn’t inform us that we needed to pick up our luggage since my daughter would not be on that flight. So all the while, I thought the luggage will be sent to SFO. It was not until my husband told me that the luggage was still in Shanghai when I asked him to retrieve it.

    To make matters even worse, when requesting a refund of our flights, their customer service number is always busy and there is no email to contact anyone for a refund.

  50. 5.0

    Mine and my friend’s baggage has yet not been traced, it is almost 24 Hours.
    Flight MU 564 from Delhi to Shanghai.
    Bag file reference number PVGMU21716
    It is very strange that even after 24 hours, the officials are unable to track where the luggage is?

  51. 5.0

    What a BAD and HARROWING experience I have had with CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES! Seats are spoilt and the side handle was badly damaged! MU 568 SIN- to Shanghai! Worst than budget airline

  52. 5.0

    Today 3rd Sep 2016 I was on the flight MU 710 and on 68 G. After reaching destination I realised that my ipad was at plane, but I cannot go back to check in. Just can call the staff by phone and they do not speak english at all. After several calls they told me that the ipad wasnt at plane, staff was very impolite and unhelpful, they dont want to talk with me, and said that there is nothing that i can do. This is the worst airline I have ever used.

  53. 1.0

    I and my husband flew with China Eastern Airline today. Flight MU771 from Shanghai-Amsterdam, the check-in went very quick and easy so as the boarding. But there was one thing that really irritated me..”the flight attendant”. The flight attendant on flight MU771 Shanghai-Amsterdam on 2nd September 2016 who responsible for serving rows 31A – 40A, she always talked to me with irritating attitude and refused to serve me the last meal on flight when everyone else had one. Then I called her to ask for the meal and she just forgot and didn’t bring it. Also when she came to pick up trash she just ignored my row. I think your staff should have more of a service mind because there is such a huge competition in flight-service between airlines and a good airline has trained their staff to “care” about customers.

  54. 5.0

    This is to bring to your information,the BAD and HARROWING experience I have had with CHINA EASTERN AIRLINES.

    I had a confirmed booking of return flight between NEW DELHI-SHANGHAI 24th August 2016 departure and SHANGHAI-NEW DELHI 28th August 2016 return (E-TICKET No. 7819650766891). The return flight of 28th August was to depart for NEW DELHI at 9:00 Local time for which I booked a FIRST CLASS FLIGHT from WENZHOU to SHANGHAI of 6:00 pm, flight no.FM 9530/MU 9530. This flight got delayed 1 hour and I requested your staff at WENZHOU AIRPORT to check-in till NEW DELHI so that I could save precious time and catch the flight from SHANGHAI which was refused to me although both flights were of MU.

    When I arrived PUDONG AIRPORT on 28th August’2016 at 8:05pm,i rushed to collect my baggage and NO HELP was provided to me by your staff,the baggage arrived after 20 min and I when reached your check-in counter I had missed the flight.

    TO my further amazement, no one helped me anyway and I was simply handed over a NEXT FLIGHT TICKET of 30th AUGUST’2016.

    I booked a NEW TICKET of JET AIRWAYS through Hong Kong for CNY/RMB 2933.00 and arrived by that flight yesterday.


  55. 5.0

    Our India clients are very angry about the services of China eastern airline .
    Hope China eastern airline can improve its service.

  56. 5.0

    There was a delay for MU725 on 11 Apr flying from Shanghai to Hong Kong and the plane arrive in HK just before 1:00 am in the morning. When the baggage claims were arriving, there was a free shuttle bus arranged by Eastern Airlines staff to pick up the travellers to certain destinations. I approached the staff and indicated my intention to take the shuttle to Causeway Bay. However, even after the all the baggages have arrived, I asked the staff why did we still need to wait and he answered there are some passengers waiting from previous flight. We waited for quite a long time and he continued talking on his mobile when I pressed again for the delay and he said the bus was not arriving yet and car park was not allowed for buses to stop for long. After a certain while, he finally escorted me to go to Terminal 2 where I was told that I needed to wait for another 8 minutes and he kept on talking on the mobile phone. After 2:00pm he was greeted with another colleague and he just walked away. His colleague told me that I need to wait for another ten minutes. Finally the bus arrived at around 2:08pm and I was the only passenger needing the shuttle bus service. However I got on the bus and waited for a while and I saw a group of people getting on the bus from the conversations and I was aware that they were actually the staff leaving work and about to go home. I think it was bad firstly for the plane to be delayed and the passengers made to wait for the staff to be off work in order to get on the same shuttle bus with customers. I was extremely tired, needed to wait for over 40-45 minutes for the shuttle bus to depart from the airport. What a tiring journey. Customers should be be first priority for any airline.

  57. 5.0

    I booked a flight with your company to go to Shanghai on the 27th of August.

    Singapore to Nanjing (Delayed by over 2 hours – take off happened after 5 AM)
    Nanjing to Shanghai (missed it due to the delay on the first flight)

    Your crew member then told me to go to Shanghai by train as there was no flight to Shanghai anymore (it was 10.30 am). I had to go and catch a metro and then a train (134 Yuan) that I had to PAY MYSELF. NO ONE from China Eastern crew actually helped me at all.

    I arrived at my hotel in Shanghai at 5 PM.
    17 hours journey door to door.

    Then the return on the 31st of August.

    Shanghai (4.20 PM) – Kunming (10.40 PM) – Singapore (2.25 AM)

    Shanghai to Kunming was delayed by 1h30, I almost had no time to catch the next flight (on paper) so some staff was supposed to wait for me at the exit of the aircraft so we can do the check in faster ; but no one was there and no one spoke english. Kunming to Singapore was also delayed, we were supposed to take off at 10.40 pm when we actually took off at midnight. So instead of being at home at 2.45 AM, I got home after 4 AM, you can guess what a short night I had. Very unpleasant for a Monday morning. Journey took me 15 hours door to door.

  58. 5.0

    First time with the airline. What an experience. How can the airline have such rude staff at counter. They cant even communicate in English. Doesnt the airline take communication seriously? How can there be any growth if customers are left unsatisfied.

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