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    I have booked a ticket to U S on August 9. But at the airport they stopped me from traveling me and several women because we don’t have pregnancy report and told us to go to the office to get another reservation. While all the women who didn’t travel updated without paying extra. Fees. I have paid 350 USD extra in egypt office in mohandseen. You should have told me before that i need a report not to find this out at the airport. I searched your website and i didnt find any thing regarding pregnancy report and you didn’t even asked my husband if i have the pregnancy report when he booked a wheelchair for me because iam pregnant. It is your fault not telling me about the report.

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    I am writing to you to inform you of my latest flight on Jordan airlines. Firstly on arriving late 5minutes I was charged £140.00 extra.ok,my fault but seems excessive.
    Then on the return flight the plane was cancelled/delayed over 5hours. Due to this delay I incurred further costs amounting to over £100. Not my fault. Also this delay caused my family inconvenience and wasted time waiting to pick me up. All in all not a great experience. To be fair I often fly with Jordan airlines and this is first time dissatisfied. However I wonder if you could refund me or give me some credit for my next flight. Thank you in anticipation.

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    I am making this complaint about the flight on 21 June 2017 travelling from London to Erbil , with a transit in Amman (AMM). The flight from London to Amman was Delayed by 3 hours, also in Amman I was notified the flight from Amman to Erbil is cancelled and I flight 26 Hours later. I regularly travel to Erbil with other airlines, but this time the delay and cancellation by the Jordanian Airline made too much stress and hassle. I am very disappointed by your service.

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    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction at the baggage services. I was travelling with my family including my 1 year old infant on 12th February 2017, at 16:05 from Heathrow, flight no: RJ112. I had a buggy that was left upon boarding the plane and was told that it would be available at Amman at transit. When I got to Amman, I was told that it wouldn’t be available here and we would receive it at Jeddah. When we got to Jeddah it was not available so reported it to lost property, ref: JEDRJ22815. I called the very next day and was told that the buggy is at Medina airport, not sure how it got there. The airport staff requested it to be brought to Jeddah and he agreed to get it delivered the next day. Called the next day and was told it was at Jeddah but at South Terminal and he doesn’t have any access to the terminal via phone, other than text. I was very persistent as we were really struggling with our little one without the buggy. I got a call back the next evening saying he has no control over that. In the end I decided to travel back to Jeddah airport from Makkah via cab which cost me 500 riyals (£110). When I got to south terminal, I was told it would never had come here as it was from Jordan airline. So I had to travel to north terminal, after spending an hour there I managed to find the buggy. I feel my spiritual journey was severely interrupted and caused me and my family a lot of stress because of incompetency at your end.
    Mob: 07932655664

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    My mother and I booked to fly directly from Madrid on the 22nd January to Amman. A week before the departure date we received the notification that the flight had a “technical stop” in Barcelona. Here I attach the definition of “technical stop ” by the Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport:

    “A technical stop right or right of technical stop is the right or privilege granted to a State to land in the territory of the granting State for non-traffic purposes, on a scheduled or other than scheduled international air service. This right is most commonly exercised to refuel the aircraft, to make unexpected essential repairs or to respond to some emergency need to land the aircraft. It may also be used in some instances to carry out the national entry requirements of a State before proceeding to a traffic point in that State. Even though a technical stop is, by definition, not made for traffic purposes, it may be necessary or desirable to discharge traffic for a time (even for an overnight stay) with a requirement to reboard it for onward movement (which could be accomplished on a substitute aircraft or other conveyance). The International Air Services Transit Agreement identifies the related term of Second Freedom of the Air — the right or privilege, in respect of scheduled international air services, granted by one State to another State or States to land in its territory for non-traffic purposes (also known as a Second Freedom Right).”

    In the flight RJ109 on the 22nd of January there were people getting on and getting off in Barcelona, which shows “a clear traffic purpose stop”. (If it is required I can share a video showing this moment). It really looked like a bus experience. The company put the Sunday flight Madrid-Amman and the Monday flight Barcelona-Amman together in a unique flight justifying a “technical stop”. Like the first flight mentioned above, the returning flight to Madrid was exactly the same. This shows that the company’s practices are questionable.

    Unfortunately, we paid for a direct flight, which cost more than a non-direct flight. The “surprising flight stop” in Barcelona caused a delay on our arrival time at the hotel in Amman (21:05 pm) and we could not have dinner there.

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    I used your airline to travel from Lebanon to Dubai on the 3rd of January. your flight was delayed 2h from departure in Lebanon and it was your fault that you couldn’t load my baggages to the flight coming to Dubai. It has been 3 days and so far no one has contacted me about my luggages. It has all my clothes, work and personal belonging. It is me who is doing all the work and your airlines doesn’t care about its customers apparently. My luggages have reached Dubai 3 days ago and everytime i call you airlines they tell me that today it will be sent and no one calls and nothing happens. I called Hussain today who is Royal Jordanian agent responsible for baggages in Dubai airport and he was super unprofessional and disrespectful and not caring about my situation.

    I am very disappointed with how this matter is treated and that no one has yet contacted me from you airlines.

    My 2 flights were: RJ 404 and RJ 614
    File reference for lost claim is: DXBRJ36085

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    My father traveled for 1 week vacation from Amman to Abu Dhabi, his baggage was lost by Royal Jordanian. He spent the whole week without cloth, and medications. He has traveled back to Europe, we were given claim form and contact number for luggage service in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately no bag was found. I went to the airport twice I called Alia airport in Aman, I called RJ offices and wrote emails, but no one replies and its seems Royal Jordanian is avoiding any responsibility for the issue. The luggage and its contents are worth several thousand USD.

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    Flight RJ810 From Amman to Baghdad dated 13th July, 2016.

    I have chosen Royal Jordanian because I have great memories when we used to travel on it in the 90s and early 2000s. What happened on my trip from Amman to Baghdad has nothing to do with that tradition unfortunately. The flight was scheduled on 13th of July at 19:45. I tried to check in online from the previous day and the system was down, your call center told me the system is updating and asked me to try in 2 hours. I tried until the day of the flight and the system was not fixed and when I called the call center again, they told me the system was still down and they cannot help me with seat allocation because it had to be done earlier and when I said the call center person did not say that the previous day, they told me it is his fault and there is nothing to be done. I let that go and hoped to get a good seat on the airport. Once I arrived at the check in counter and without previous notice the flight was delayed 15 minutes which I considered something minor. Then they called us to board at 19:15 and said the flight will not be delayed after all, but after being on the seat of airplane since 19:20 the plane stayed idle until 20:55 with no official apology or explanation from the staff on board. When unhappy passengers asked we were told by one flight attendant that there were a group of passengers who got delayed from Tunisia and gave us the impression that somehow it’s our fault. At 20:55 when the plane was about to move the pilot said we will move now and mentioned by the way that the plane was delayed due to heavy traffic. Seriously? An international airline delaying passengers 2 hours from their flight with no apology and blaming it on traffic??

    That doesn’t happen and should not happen. The delay led to much suffering in Baghdad because we arrived at 22:15 and the major bridges were closed at midnight due to the security situation. It took me till 2:00 AM to reach my relatives house which is far from the airport due to the delay that your airline caused and nobody cared to even explain to me what happened. I wish I didn’t choose your airline not only for the suffering that I went through due to this flight but due to the memories I held of your airlines that got ruined by this bad experience.

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    I am currently on flight RJ 611 from DXB to AMM as I am writing this complaint.
    First, the flight was delayed from 1 pm to 2:10pm without having anyone from RJ call or send an email that the flight is delayed. We got to the counter and the new time was already posted on the screen.
    Second, they boarded us on the flight at 2:20pm and now it is 3:20pm and the latest news is that they are reloading the luggage on the aircraft.
    Third and most disappointing, is when I complain to the flight attendant that I have been at the airport from 10am in the morning with two toddlers, she starts comparing herself to me that she started her job as an employee at 3am!!!
    Not sure what customer satisfaction classes you give to your staff but I can tell you that this is not the right way to treat customers.
    I hope as a Jordanian that one day RJ will improve their customer satisfaction and make sure to get punctual with timing!!!

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