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    We were flying to Egypt on a family holiday and were informed on our arrival at the airport that our flight had been cancelled and we would now be flying five and a half hours later (meaning that we would now be at the airport for seven and a half hours). It was known that the flight was cancelled before we left home and we were never notified despite our booking being made online.

    We asked the airline to either arrange for us to be transported home (our transport to the airport was 40 JOD (about 60 USD)) or for use of the Business Class lounge. We thought that these were simple and reasonable requests that Royal Jordanian could easily grant. We were not asking them to compensate us for the afternoon and evening plans we would now miss in Cairo.We just wanted to wait out the long delay at home or in the Business Lounge.

    The customer service staff were hopeless and cowardly. No one seemed to have any authority. No one would outright refuse our requests but they kept asking us to wait 5 minutes while they got someone else to help us and then ran away, never to return. After waiting an hour and a half, we finally we found Tamara who did try and help us but said that her top manager (whom she had to call at home) had refused to even allow us into the lounge for our 7 hour wait. What a shameful response and how embarrassing for the national airline to show so little care for their customers.

    We were told that our delay wasn’t long enough to qualify for a hotel room because it was only 5 hours and 40 mins instead of the required 6 hours. For the record the delay was in fact six hours because the flight we were rescheduled onto was also delayed, as was our return flight from Cairo a week later.

    We live in Amman and fly often for business and pleasure. If we can avoid using Royal Jordanian we will. SHAMEFUL

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    Iam a frequent passenger who always chooses RJ to fly. However, on April 1 I booked a ticket to fly from jordan to beirut on flight RJ407 scheduled for April 9 at 12.15. I made it to the airport 3 hrs earlier as requested and all the information screens noted that this flight was delayed for 50 mins. After the wait i proceeded for check in to be surprised by the fact that the plane was overbooked and simply my 2 kids and i have no opportunity to fly. I asked for the duty manager Abir Halabi to discuss the issue. After a 2 hour wait the manager who never apologized for the incinveniece or delay showed up expressing her anger and lack of interest to listen to my complains and for her the story would end by offering compensation of 50$ because the policy as she claimed is ” First come First Serve”. However, as a customer I had enough from disrespect of waiting that could never be compensated. My two kids had a very hard time crying at the bench waiting for a dead end. And most importantly I coukd not make it to lebanon on the 9th to resume work after the end of the easter vacation. The unprofessionalism showed by RJ proceedings, the unfriendly manager, and the losses i had to endure make me regret my choice of flying with RJ especially that i had to first come to be served!

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    This pertains to your new policy regarding extra payment for bulkhead seats and how it has very negatively affected my experience with RJ as a single mother traveling with two children and seeking a bassinet seat.

    Allow me to describe my background and my current situation. I have flown with RJ from Cairo to Chicago and vice versa numerous times and have loved my experience and have definitely recommended RJ to friends and family before. Typically I do the trip with my husband and my now 3 year old daughter. When she was an infant, we always made sure to reserve a bassinet for her and, typically, as is the case with all other airlines we have flown with, RJ reserved the relevant bulkhead seats  where the bassinet goes (aka “bassinet seats”), with no additional charge. 

    I just had my second baby and this coming April is going to be my first trip with him and my daughter to Egypt. I will be traveling alone with the kids for the first time. I found great RJ tickets and bought them. Later, when I was calling to reserve the bassinet, I was informed that there was a new policy in place. While you could change my seat to a bassinet seat free of charge, for my 3 year old daughter, I had to pay an extra $100 per each direction i.e. $200 extra for a ticket that was just over $500 to begin with. 

    Here are my grievances with this new policy. 

    First, the new policy was not advertised anywhere. I had no idea that it would cost me an extra $200 to get a service that I formerly got for free. Had I known, I would have realized that the RJ ticket would have been more expensive than other flights I was looking at and as such I would have just gotten another ticket. As such, I feel like I have been deceived.

    Second, the new policy harmfully impacts single parents traveling with multiple children.  From reading over RJ flying policies two things are evident. One, RJ allows a parent to fly with two kids and two, RJ distinguishes between children over 2 and adults as two separate passenger categories. And yet in enacting this new policy, RJ does not distinguish between the extra passenger in the aforesaid situation being a child or an adult. In other words, whereas in the case of 2 parents and an infant seeking a bassinet seat, the policy does indeed provide the extra adult with a choice of paying extra to join the baby and the primary caretaker at the bassinet seat or else sitting separately, for a child, there is no real choice since it is unfathomable for a 3 year old to sit all by herself on a cross-atlantic flight. As such, the primary caregiver seeking the bassinet seat – in this case me – is robbed of any real choice. Given that you in general distinguish between children and adults as passengers and given that you allow a single parent to travel with two kids, the new policy should have created an exception for children if they happened to be the extra passenger seeking a bassinet seat. 

    Third, the new policy is exorbitantly priced. If the new policy was such that the extra passenger seeking a bassinet seat had to pay a more reasonably priced fee (i.e. $10 or $20), it would have perhaps not been as offensive or manipulative to the sensibilities of a reasonable passenger. As it is is unreasonably high, especially since it is an additional hidden cost.

    All in all, this new policy and its lack of nuance with regards to children accompanying single mothers has single handedly changed my view of RJ 180 degree. I will never fly RJ again and not only will I not recommend it to others, I will actively advise against it. Moreover, I have talked with my lawyer about the potential of filing a case against RJ on consumer protection grounds (misleading pricing and failure to advertise the new policy).

    I understand that your primary goal as an airline is to make profit. However, doing it in such a deceptive manner is more likely to cost you loyal customers such as myself. Whoever designed this policy lacked foresight and designed it in poor taste.

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    It is with sadness that I post this complaint , I am British and 63 years old and my experience flying with Royal Jordanian (RJ) to Bangkok and return was extremely poor .I must add that I have flown all over the world with my Companies with all major airlines in all classes over 40 years . RJ is by far the worst. I will post this complaint on all major travel sites once I have received a response from RJ in fairness to them.
    My first flight was RJ 112 from London to Amman standard class . The legroom was minimum and the seats were poor in comparison to Emirates and Etihad .The cabin crew were aggressive in their service and blamed their demeanour on the “busy flight” and a lack of ability to speak English . They favoured the Jordanians.The food and drink service was very poor , in my experience . On arrival in Amman I was greeted by security chaos and no one to explain why my connecting flight to Bangkok was delayed over 2 hours meaning a layover of 4 hours in a deserted airport. My eventual flight to Bkk RJ 182.was s a repeat nightmare of the first flight.

    Determined to have a better journey home I elected to Upgrade my flight RJ181. This procedure involved “placing a bid” and hoping to win a seat. I did get an upgrade for my first flight but had to pay for extra legroom instead. I find the process of seat allocation cumbersome and mercenary.
    So, even in Crown Class I was met with ignorance from the cabin crew who regularly said they did not understand English, I was only asking for water, again favouring the Jordanians on the flight . I tried to sleep but the service area behind me was extremely noisy. When they boarded us first they then boarded the Standard class passengers through our cabin whilst trying to serve drinks , it was almost comical and absurd . On arrival in Amman I was again greeted by security staff shouting at me etc. I had a 6 hour layover in Amman but I was assured I could use the RJ lounge . A rude young man informed me I could not, even though I had paid extra to do so on my previous ticket . Much searching of the system eventually let me in . The lounge itself was dirty and tables left not cleaned . It is “Open “ such that all the airport noise does not allow rest . My final flight RJ 111 was merely a repeat of my previous ones , poor service , poor food and really uncomfortable.
    I must now say that I am writing this complaint constructively and eagerly await a response . I repeat that my expectations are no higher than any other passengers but I feel Iwill be forced to put this report in the public domain to allow travellers an informed choice . Royal Jordanian is not an International Airline . Please allow me the courtesy of a thorough response and not a computer generated ignorance of the detail I have taken time to write

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    If I could give no stars to Royal Jordanian, I would because they don’t deserve any rating for such poor baggage handling and even worse customer service.

    You know when you start telling people your nightmare of dealing with lost luggage with RJ, and the unanimous response is that they always do this, then you’re dealing with a company that is unprofessional.

    The airport reps are slow to file claims, just sending you aimlessly to one desk area to another, and then they work to not do their job by giving you minimal assistance/information. I was provided a call center number that no one answers and an email address that no one responds to.

    When I have to pay extra for luggage, I expect a lot more. Royal Jordanian, I’ll never choose to fly with you again.

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    Let me explain you the horrible situation your airline company put me in yesterday:

    Me and my girlfriend meant to travel from Rafik Hariri International Airport in Beirut, Lebanon to Colombo, Sri Lanka, via Oman Airways operated in partnership with Royal Jordanian Airways flight number WY5044 (Booking number: 46687464 and my girlfriend’s booking number: 46687455). We purchased the tickets through

    However, with no justified reason, I was denied the right to travel by your airlines.

    Before traveling, we researched the visa requirements to enter Sri Lanka for my partner and I:
    – my partner has a US passport and would be granted a tourist visa on arrival or she can apply for the evisa
    – I am Palestinian, born and raised in Lebanon, with a passport issued from Lebanon mentioning that I am Palestinian. Before traveling, I went to the Sri Lankan embassy to make sure about what steps I had to make in order to get a visa. I was clearly told to put my country code as LBN (Lebanon) as mentioned in my passpoer and would get a visa on online, as per the rules for Lebanese issued passports.

    Even after having done all administrative steps to make sure everything was in order, when I arrived at the airport yesterday I was informed by staff members of Royal Jordanian Airlines that I could not travel to Sri Lanka because I didn’t have a visa. However, according to the Sri Lankan embassy in Beirut this is NOT the case. Moreover, the e-visa website clearly states that should anything on the E-visa be incorrect travellers can re-apply on arrival for a visa. See attached the E-visa’s we got.

    I find this outrageous, especially that no staff members could give me a clear explanation and was informed about it. your employees are misinformed about the visa entry requirements to Sri Lanka, and based on this I was denied the right to travel and enjoy my holiday. Furthermore, my girlfriend and I have now lost the money paid for the ticket, hotel, and visa based on outdated and incorrect information.

    I am completely horrified by this experience and will never travel with your airlines again. I expect to be reimbursed for both tickets as the fault is yours, not mine. I have proves that I told that I needed no visa by the embassy, therefore, I am expecting a compensation from your part since your employees were completely unprofessional and ignorant.

    I have the E-visas and all the proves.

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    Unfortunately i had to fly with Royal Jordanian Airlines company from Amman to Beirut on Oct 25th, 2017 and i checked my bag with them, they lost my bag and i have files claim with them the same day, i called them several times and email them to request update in my lost bag status and always no good answer, after 21 days of the lost i filed claim to get compensation for my bag and the contents they gave me hard time time to speak to anyone there and finally after long waiting and several international calls and emails they said the claim was sent to there office in Chicago to be handled and paid, guess what NO one answer any calls in Chicago office and they continue to ignore my requests . Royal Jordanian AIrlines is the worse airline u could fly with, although i used to fly Business class with them but they are the worse ever and i will never use there service even for free, they are the most unprofessional and careless company ever experienced, trust me safe your money, the headache and your bags for sure and don’t fly with such Airlines.

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    Dear RJ team

    I want to complaint about the delay of my flight of 1h30 from doha to Amman on 19/11/17.

    I would like also to complaint about the lack or information given to passenger while waiting with just on a electronic Board informing of the delay.

    When i checked in the delay was only of Half and Hour now it is 1:40. I am going to Jordan on a business trip for one day and half and i am olbliged to cancel meetings.

    Also your local guy in Doha is saying at the end it is because of a electrical problem at all Queen Alia aiport which is for me not true because if it was true my colleague joining me from Lebanon will have the same delay while he is not affected.

    I really deplore the unprofessional communication manner of Doha local team.


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    Today my father was not able to check in to Doha from the airport Tunis Carthage because the officer Representative of the Jordanian airline in Tunisia called ” Malika” advised that there is one world missing in the visa which is “bin” despite this is a usual practise in Qatar.despite They checked with qatar airways there in the airport n b said there is no pb. Still Malika is insisting to not do the check in sayin it will be stopped in Amman… But we confirmed from qatar airways that there will no pb in my father’s case… After all that, what happen … My father didn’t check in but his luggage has been checked in by this officer Malika n I’m surprised how this happened. Other than this she didn’t even request to get the luggage back or any effort to not make the luggage goes to Amman despite she knows that my dad didn’t travel. What a shame of this service n this unrespectful … Unprofessional … Person to send a luggage of a person who didn’t travel n stopped by her for what ever reason. This illegal what she did by letting the luggage goes Amman/Doha an the owner of this luggage didn’t travel , in face stopped by her to not travel for what ever reason. So now I m going to sue the airlines for the damage made for the luggage coz as off now it’s not received to Doha… Might b lost! and to sue the airlines for hiring a poor n unprofessional people who are providing a weak, n very bad service. If she is rigid n strict to not check in my father why she is not rigid n strict to stop the luggage to pass to the plane which will fly to Amman/Doha. This is not acceptable at all !!and it doesn’t make any sense. Tomorrow will submit my claim !

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    I used Royal Jordanian from San Diego to Jordan. Worse airlines ever. They are #1 in taking stuff from passengers bags. It was a couple of passengers complaining about missing stuff. They empty one full bag of mine and took many stuff and money from the other one. If you complaine, they have the worse Customer service system. They will keep you in circles until you give up your self. very bad service inside the airplane. Crews barely show up to give you water or drink. Very low class and not clean airlines. For a 16 hours flight The crew came one time to offer water or drinks. The food was directly from the can.

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    Worst airline experience, Doha to Sharm El Sheikh via Amman. Royal Jordanian behavior is highly irresponsible (don’t care). During all complaints and claims Royal Jordanian hides behind story that their flight are actually carried out by subsidiary Royal Wings and that their Customer Service Plan not applies. On the way to Eqypt RJ changes the second leg from Amman from afternoon to early morning forcing transit full night stay-over in Amman. No hotel or any other compensation was made.
    On arrival in Sharm El Sheikh baggage (of quite a group) was not delivered. Baggage was not delivered but needs to be collected by individual with promise that costs made are refunded. Royal Jordanian did not provide details for tracking, baggage was ready for collection only 60 hours after arrival. Costs made are not refunded.
    On the return the first leg flight was delayed from 13:45 to 20:00 resulting in missing Royal Jordanian connection from Amman. Flight was rebooked to night flight departing Amman 2:50am with 5 hours delay waiting. Royal Jordanian did not provide access to lounge and claimed not to be responsible.

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    Flew Royal Jordanian from Cyprus to Chicago with a 14 hour layover in Amman, Jordan. I called the office in Chicago a month prior to leaving for this trip and was told I would get a complimentary room at the airport hotel. When we arrived in Amman, we waited at transfer desk for over an hour and were told we would have to pay for room. Payed for supposed complimentary hotel room and was escorted to and from hotel. In Cyprus we purchased some goods at Duty Free store in airport that were confiscated at Amman airport. Ironically, they sell the same items they confiscated at their Duty Free store. For the costs associated with room and confiscated goods, I could have gotten a more positive experience on another airline. Will never fly Royal Jordanian again.

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    I have booked a ticket to U S on August 9. But at the airport they stopped me from traveling me and several women because we don’t have pregnancy report and told us to go to the office to get another reservation. While all the women who didn’t travel updated without paying extra. Fees. I have paid 350 USD extra in egypt office in mohandseen. You should have told me before that i need a report not to find this out at the airport. I searched your website and i didnt find any thing regarding pregnancy report and you didn’t even asked my husband if i have the pregnancy report when he booked a wheelchair for me because iam pregnant. It is your fault not telling me about the report.

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    I am writing to you to inform you of my latest flight on Jordan airlines. Firstly on arriving late 5minutes I was charged £140.00 extra.ok,my fault but seems excessive.
    Then on the return flight the plane was cancelled/delayed over 5hours. Due to this delay I incurred further costs amounting to over £100. Not my fault. Also this delay caused my family inconvenience and wasted time waiting to pick me up. All in all not a great experience. To be fair I often fly with Jordan airlines and this is first time dissatisfied. However I wonder if you could refund me or give me some credit for my next flight. Thank you in anticipation.

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    I am making this complaint about the flight on 21 June 2017 travelling from London to Erbil , with a transit in Amman (AMM). The flight from London to Amman was Delayed by 3 hours, also in Amman I was notified the flight from Amman to Erbil is cancelled and I flight 26 Hours later. I regularly travel to Erbil with other airlines, but this time the delay and cancellation by the Jordanian Airline made too much stress and hassle. I am very disappointed by your service.

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    I am writing to express my dissatisfaction at the baggage services. I was travelling with my family including my 1 year old infant on 12th February 2017, at 16:05 from Heathrow, flight no: RJ112. I had a buggy that was left upon boarding the plane and was told that it would be available at Amman at transit. When I got to Amman, I was told that it wouldn’t be available here and we would receive it at Jeddah. When we got to Jeddah it was not available so reported it to lost property, ref: JEDRJ22815. I called the very next day and was told that the buggy is at Medina airport, not sure how it got there. The airport staff requested it to be brought to Jeddah and he agreed to get it delivered the next day. Called the next day and was told it was at Jeddah but at South Terminal and he doesn’t have any access to the terminal via phone, other than text. I was very persistent as we were really struggling with our little one without the buggy. I got a call back the next evening saying he has no control over that. In the end I decided to travel back to Jeddah airport from Makkah via cab which cost me 500 riyals (£110). When I got to south terminal, I was told it would never had come here as it was from Jordan airline. So I had to travel to north terminal, after spending an hour there I managed to find the buggy. I feel my spiritual journey was severely interrupted and caused me and my family a lot of stress because of incompetency at your end.
    Mob: 07932655664

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    My mother and I booked to fly directly from Madrid on the 22nd January to Amman. A week before the departure date we received the notification that the flight had a “technical stop” in Barcelona. Here I attach the definition of “technical stop ” by the Manual on the Regulation of International Air Transport:

    “A technical stop right or right of technical stop is the right or privilege granted to a State to land in the territory of the granting State for non-traffic purposes, on a scheduled or other than scheduled international air service. This right is most commonly exercised to refuel the aircraft, to make unexpected essential repairs or to respond to some emergency need to land the aircraft. It may also be used in some instances to carry out the national entry requirements of a State before proceeding to a traffic point in that State. Even though a technical stop is, by definition, not made for traffic purposes, it may be necessary or desirable to discharge traffic for a time (even for an overnight stay) with a requirement to reboard it for onward movement (which could be accomplished on a substitute aircraft or other conveyance). The International Air Services Transit Agreement identifies the related term of Second Freedom of the Air — the right or privilege, in respect of scheduled international air services, granted by one State to another State or States to land in its territory for non-traffic purposes (also known as a Second Freedom Right).”

    In the flight RJ109 on the 22nd of January there were people getting on and getting off in Barcelona, which shows “a clear traffic purpose stop”. (If it is required I can share a video showing this moment). It really looked like a bus experience. The company put the Sunday flight Madrid-Amman and the Monday flight Barcelona-Amman together in a unique flight justifying a “technical stop”. Like the first flight mentioned above, the returning flight to Madrid was exactly the same. This shows that the company’s practices are questionable.

    Unfortunately, we paid for a direct flight, which cost more than a non-direct flight. The “surprising flight stop” in Barcelona caused a delay on our arrival time at the hotel in Amman (21:05 pm) and we could not have dinner there.

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    I used your airline to travel from Lebanon to Dubai on the 3rd of January. your flight was delayed 2h from departure in Lebanon and it was your fault that you couldn’t load my baggages to the flight coming to Dubai. It has been 3 days and so far no one has contacted me about my luggages. It has all my clothes, work and personal belonging. It is me who is doing all the work and your airlines doesn’t care about its customers apparently. My luggages have reached Dubai 3 days ago and everytime i call you airlines they tell me that today it will be sent and no one calls and nothing happens. I called Hussain today who is Royal Jordanian agent responsible for baggages in Dubai airport and he was super unprofessional and disrespectful and not caring about my situation.

    I am very disappointed with how this matter is treated and that no one has yet contacted me from you airlines.

    My 2 flights were: RJ 404 and RJ 614
    File reference for lost claim is: DXBRJ36085

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    My father traveled for 1 week vacation from Amman to Abu Dhabi, his baggage was lost by Royal Jordanian. He spent the whole week without cloth, and medications. He has traveled back to Europe, we were given claim form and contact number for luggage service in Abu Dhabi. Unfortunately no bag was found. I went to the airport twice I called Alia airport in Aman, I called RJ offices and wrote emails, but no one replies and its seems Royal Jordanian is avoiding any responsibility for the issue. The luggage and its contents are worth several thousand USD.

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    Flight RJ810 From Amman to Baghdad dated 13th July, 2016.

    I have chosen Royal Jordanian because I have great memories when we used to travel on it in the 90s and early 2000s. What happened on my trip from Amman to Baghdad has nothing to do with that tradition unfortunately. The flight was scheduled on 13th of July at 19:45. I tried to check in online from the previous day and the system was down, your call center told me the system is updating and asked me to try in 2 hours. I tried until the day of the flight and the system was not fixed and when I called the call center again, they told me the system was still down and they cannot help me with seat allocation because it had to be done earlier and when I said the call center person did not say that the previous day, they told me it is his fault and there is nothing to be done. I let that go and hoped to get a good seat on the airport. Once I arrived at the check in counter and without previous notice the flight was delayed 15 minutes which I considered something minor. Then they called us to board at 19:15 and said the flight will not be delayed after all, but after being on the seat of airplane since 19:20 the plane stayed idle until 20:55 with no official apology or explanation from the staff on board. When unhappy passengers asked we were told by one flight attendant that there were a group of passengers who got delayed from Tunisia and gave us the impression that somehow it’s our fault. At 20:55 when the plane was about to move the pilot said we will move now and mentioned by the way that the plane was delayed due to heavy traffic. Seriously? An international airline delaying passengers 2 hours from their flight with no apology and blaming it on traffic??

    That doesn’t happen and should not happen. The delay led to much suffering in Baghdad because we arrived at 22:15 and the major bridges were closed at midnight due to the security situation. It took me till 2:00 AM to reach my relatives house which is far from the airport due to the delay that your airline caused and nobody cared to even explain to me what happened. I wish I didn’t choose your airline not only for the suffering that I went through due to this flight but due to the memories I held of your airlines that got ruined by this bad experience.

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    I am currently on flight RJ 611 from DXB to AMM as I am writing this complaint.
    First, the flight was delayed from 1 pm to 2:10pm without having anyone from RJ call or send an email that the flight is delayed. We got to the counter and the new time was already posted on the screen.
    Second, they boarded us on the flight at 2:20pm and now it is 3:20pm and the latest news is that they are reloading the luggage on the aircraft.
    Third and most disappointing, is when I complain to the flight attendant that I have been at the airport from 10am in the morning with two toddlers, she starts comparing herself to me that she started her job as an employee at 3am!!!
    Not sure what customer satisfaction classes you give to your staff but I can tell you that this is not the right way to treat customers.
    I hope as a Jordanian that one day RJ will improve their customer satisfaction and make sure to get punctual with timing!!!

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