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    I was flying by Thai Airways from Lahore to Brisbane by Boeing 777 on July 23. Flight got delayed and had to stay at airport for 18 hours. Brisbane flight Boeing 787 was at 11.59 pm. I am surprised that there was no arrangements for passengers in an event of such delays and long stays at airport. I approached the Thai office at airport and they tell me there is no policy that will entertain/accommodate a delayed passenger during travel. Really? Not impressed.

  2. 5.0

    Lost one of my bag from Thai cargo..New Delhi India to Melbourne Australia…AWB No. 217-05712055….claim submitted in Nov 2015… positive response till now. Such a huge delay. And Thai Airways doesnt care to respond. Confused and troubled.

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    Was on a flight from Bangkok to Delhi. The service was good but I found the fares slightly costly on the website. I thought they were using the same platform. I found cheaper prices elsewhere. Hello??

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