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    I have lost my baggage on Flight No. TG-315 arrived at IGI Airport on 17.09.2016 at 8:55pm from Bangkok, Thailand to New Delhi, India. My baggage no. is TG467403 vide ticket no. 2172215300982 and boarding pass seat no. 49J and passport no. N4024722. My bag was replaced with another passenger’s bag. He took my bag instead of his own bag either deliberately or by mistake. His bag was later found to be kept at the airport after all other baggages were taken away. My bag is of the make “Skybags” and it contains my important documents apart from my clothes, shopped items. I am contacting Thai airlines on their official numbers but no reply is received from them. We are being harassed as they are not talking to us in any manner. There was nobody at the airport and no satisfactory reply is given on phone.

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    I am most disgusted, insulted, humiliated and disappointed with the service I received during my flight from Nagoya to Bangkok onboard TG645 Thai Air (Business Class) on 31 August 2016. Due to the nature of my business, I travel widely and frequently and have always been flying TG Business Class as my first choice airline.

    The totally ‘uncustomer-friendly’ attitude of your Business Class cabin crew is truly unbecoming of an international Airline of your stature and reputation.

    On checking in at the airport, the counter staff confirmed my pre-order of my meal onboard (Japanese Bento set) which I requested when I have booked my ticket.

    However, during meal-time onboard, I was told by one of your cabin crew, Mr Teh, that there was no such pre-ordered meal for me. I was much taken aback because it was a mistake that had never happened to me before, in my experience flying Business Class with other Airlines.

    Instead of resolving my meal issue, Purser, Miss Joy came to tell me that special meal needed 48 hours to order. As a matter of fact, I have been a ROP Gold Member for many years and I am fully aware that special meal needs to be pre-order 48 hours before boarding, which I had requested when booking my ticket weeks ago. By questioning me in this manner, I felt insulted that she did not give me a chance to explain to her the situation.

    Then Mr Teh brought me an incomplete Japanese bento meal twice which looked so unappetising. I rejected immediately. Mr Teh left and returned with the same items but were only rearranged on different plates.

    Mr Teh suggested to me to choose from either Thai or Western Cuisine, so I decided for a simpler alternative – the Western cuisine from the standard menu. This time, Mr Teh returned to inform me that the appetiser for the standard Western meal was not available. Flabbergasted, the business class section was not even 70% full and I could not believe that my choice of meal was not available again. Another unjustified disappointment on this flight!

    To this point, I had not eaten anything during the meal service. When the desserts and hot beverages were being served, all other passengers were served and I was the only one left out although I was seated at 11J, which is just right in front of the galley.

    Exasperated, I asked to speak with the Purser, Miss Joy, about it. Miss Joy returned together with Mr Teh who excused himself by simply saying that HE HAD FORGOTTEN to serve me the dessert and the hot beverage. As an experienced crew, it is difficult to believe that he could have missed serving a passenger (in a smaller seating in Business Class) who not only had failed to receive a meal I had pre-ordered but also had been terribly disappointed with the replacement meal which was less than an hour ago.

    If it had been the service crew in another Airline, the crew would have wasted no time in doing service recovery. Unfortunately, this simple act did not happen onboard TG645. What happened next was beyond one’s logical comprehension!

    Soon after, when immigration cards were distributed to all passengers, I was the only who was not given a card. I had to make an extra effort to get the attention of Miss Joy who then instructed another crew, AH KHUN RATTANAPORN P (Miss Pin), to hand me an immigration card.

    When Miss Pin returned from the galley, she handed me the immigration card with very bad grace. When I asked her politely how long has she been flying with Thai Airways, she answered rudely, “I am a senior crew flying for 23 years”. She was extremely aggressive and not apologetic when answering me. As a staff with 23 years of service experience, instead of doing her profession proud, she had exhibited terrible manners and disrespect to passengers like me who chose to fly with Thai Airways. I was left with shock and humiliation with Miss Pin’s body language and answer. When this happened, both Miss Joy and Mr Teh had witnessed and confirmed about Miss Pin’s arrogance and rudeness towards me and Miss Joy, being the Purser of TG 645, was unable to handle the situation and her senior crew, Miss Pin.

    I believe Miss Pin’s bad attitude towards me was not her first time, else she would not had done it. I wonder why Thai Airways being one of the world leading international airlines would condone such intolerable act and behaviour by your arrogant senior crew, Miss Pin, to tarnish the entire reputation and image of Thai Airways?

    It is quite natural for one to interpret the actions of your cabin crew as a coordinated punitive move to get ‘that troublesome passenger’, when actually your internal communication system among your crew members had made my flying Business Class with Thai Airways the most unpleasant and humiliating experience.

    I trust that Thai Airways agree with me that this is not acceptable under any circumstances. I believe that Thai Airways will investigate dutifully into this matter so that passengers like me who had previously favoured Thai Airways will not be left with no alternative but to fly with Thai Airways only as a very last choice!

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    I was traveling by Thai air from CCU to Ulaanbaatar via Bangkok, Beijing and from Beijing by MIAT to Ulaanbaatar, Thai Airways Check in counter at CCU was supposed to book my baggage till Ulaanbaatar but they just booked till Beijing only and i cannot go out and take my bag. I contacted with MIAT airlines at Beijing…they told me that i was supposed to inform at baggage Lost and Found counter at Ulaanbaatar. Again this also i did but there was no action. I am very sad as my bag had many important stuffs. Poor customer service !!

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    I was flying by Thai Airways from Lahore to Brisbane by Boeing 777 on July 23. Flight got delayed and had to stay at airport for 18 hours. Brisbane flight Boeing 787 was at 11.59 pm. I am surprised that there was no arrangements for passengers in an event of such delays and long stays at airport. I approached the Thai office at airport and they tell me there is no policy that will entertain/accommodate a delayed passenger during travel. Really? Not impressed.

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    Lost one of my bag from Thai cargo..New Delhi India to Melbourne Australia…AWB No. 217-05712055….claim submitted in Nov 2015… positive response till now. Such a huge delay. And Thai Airways doesnt care to respond. Confused and troubled.

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    Was on a flight from Bangkok to Delhi. The service was good but I found the fares slightly costly on the website. I thought they were using the same platform. I found cheaper prices elsewhere. Hello??

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