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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    This complaint is with regard to excess baggage. My booking reference is as following –

    Airline Booking Reference – SFBYTI

    E-ticket – 235-5933366551

    I recently flew from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul (final destination Geneva) on 26th October 2017 on TK 061. I had 5 kg’s excess baggage and the lady at the check in counter in KLIA, gave me a slip and directed me towards a lady at the payment counter. I was charged RM 548 for 5kgs of excess luggage.

    They made me pay in cash as the credit card machine was not working despite two attempts. Both ladies told me that I would be given my receipt when I board the aircraft. I asked twice for the receipt but was told I would be given later. I had to booked the seat last minute and was in a hurry so I left thinking it was the new procedure.

    At the aircraft, I asked the cabin crew for the receipt and a ground staff came and gave me a piece of paper with my baggage tag number on them. He left before I was able to ask him where the receipt for the amount of RM 548 was.

    I do not have any receipt to show that I paid RM 548 for the excess 5kgs and I would very much like to obtain a receipt for my excess baggage.

    Please be kind enough to let me know how to obtain this receipt.

    Kind regards,

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