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    Our flight from Bariloche to Calafate was cancelled.We had to wait a long time and aerolineas didn’t offer any suitable options for other flights. The next possible flight to Calafate that was offered was 4! days later on Tuesday 13th November. With the alternative we would have lost a lot of money since all accommodations and activities in Calafate were prebooked. I claim a financial compensation of the flights due to our troubles and our additional cost for bus transfers to Calafate.

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    On Tuesday November 13th I was checking in at Ezeiza AirPort for a flight to Mendoza with Aerolineas Argentinas AR 2412. My ticket mentioned 1PC that according to IATA corresponds to 23KG. Because the Airline mentioned at checkin a maximum of 15kg, I had to pay 650ARS. I’m claiming a refund and that the airline either mentions 15kg on the ticket or doesn’t claim other passengers to pay an extra.

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    I booked a flight from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. The website is VERY misleading – you enter a screen with options, with the title ‘Ushuaia’ so I chose an option and did not realise, until too late, that I had booked a ticket to Rio Grande. I do not want to go there, and now I am told I cannot get a refund for a cancellation because the economy flight I chose does not allow for that. I don’t believe this is my mistake – this is a very misleading way to draw people in, and pay money for a destination that they don’t want.

    It is not acceptable to have a misleading website, and this needs to be addressed by the company. I would also appreciate a full refund for the cancelled flight – I do not see it as my error. I acknowledge I could have been more alert when booking – but that is not the point. The only indication you have that the destination is NOT Ushuaia is in a column on left of screen Arrival, indicated as RGA. Who the hell should know RGA is not Ushuaia. You trust the information at the head of the table that clearly states ‘Departure: Buenos Aires (BUE) to Ushuaia (USH). There should be a clear warning separating the choices between Ushuaia and Rio Grande.

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    This airline is incompetent, technologically behind and has no regard for the humanity of its customers. I bought two round trip tickets through Expedia from Buenos Aires to Mendoza, and, long story short, the airline kiosks did not work to print our tickets, airline staff was unhelpful and even though we had checked-in online the night prior and were not checking luggage, airline staff said boarding was closed 45 minutes prior to departure and forced us to pay $837.50 to get on the next flight, a change fee of more than double our original tickets. I will fight forever to get this refunded.

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    Correction: Jimmy is the name of the employee I’m complaining

    On July 28th, 2018 I arrived in Rio de Janeiro 8:30 a.m. from Iguazu. I had tickets to travel to Lima, Peru that same morning so I went straight to Aerolineas Argentinas counter GIG. I tried to Check-In on the automated machine but it gave me a notice that couldn’t process my request and to seek help. There was a man named Jimmy, sitting at AArgentinas counter doing something with his cell phone. I kindly asked him for guidance and at what time their counter will open because couldn’t Check-In at their automated Kiosk. He looked at me impassibly and with a hint of anger replied: “You have to wait until we open this counter for you to ask me question!”… I was taken aback, and asked when would that be, still trying to be friendly. He didn’t answer, just pointed at the big screen behind me. He looked disgusted that I dared to bother him with my questions.
    Later on (an hour or two) when the counter open up, and I stood on line, how unfortunate could I be to end up exactly with this horrible Jimmy with his terrible attitude “helping me”… He basically insulted me! Sarcastically asking Why I was on in-front of him if I didn’t Check-In with the system. I told him that I had tried to do so and I even asking for help. That the system wasn’t allowing me to Check-In and sent me to seek an employee. He was extremely disrespectful and I felt pushed to mentioned quietly that I will file a complaint about his behavior, then he did process my check-in angrily, while treating me with contempt and disrespect. This man (Jimmy) shouldn’t be in Customer service or anywhere near people. Jimmy has a terrible temper and an awful attitude. He feels superior and arrogantly treats people as if we were idiots for asking him questions regarding the flights or check in! In addition, his revenge for daring to asked Jimmy for his last name (which he refused to provide). He sent a “WARNING” to the EZEIZA airport about me been suspicious because I had to change planes before my final destination in Lima, Peru. I didn’t chose to stop in EZE! That was the airlines issue that didn’t have direct flights from Rio to Lima available for my program.
    When I arrived at EZE there was an agent waiting for me at the door of the arriving plane (# AR1293) and guided me to Immigration. Everyone at my plane shocked and looking at me with scared looks! That agent couldn’t explained why this was happening. It was completely uncomfortable to say the least!!! When I arrived at Immigration, the agent there spent a long time asking me questions and eventually he was very kind and friendly… I asked him why were they doing this to me?! I constantly travel all over the world, and I have never experience anything like it! He verified that, and told me. The agent who check you in, in Rio de Janeiro sent a warning about you. There I confirmed my suspicion that “Jimmy” was behind all that!
    I have to say that my experience with Aerolineas Argentinas was pretty good overall, but that man Jimmy from the GIG airport is a horrible, unprofessional, disrespectful, arrogant, vindictive person who doesn’t deserve to have a decent job “helping” customers with a prestigious company like Aerolineas Argentinas!

    My flight was on July 28th. 2018
    Flight # AR1293 GIG-EZE
    Departure time: 11:50a.m.
    NAME of employee I’m complaining is: Jimmy. Rio de Janeiro (GIG)

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    My parents got a flight from Buenos Aires to Miami el Martes 5 de Junio, flight # 1302, and my mother of 78 years old suffer a tremendous coffee burned due to the negligence of the flight attendant that never came and clear after dinner was done and gave my mother a boiling cup of coffee with out making room in the small table. my mother as mention a 78 year old woman has very difficult motor skills was unable to put the coffer steady in the table causing the cup to tip over her legs and giving her a major burn. The airline didn’t seem to concern as they only offer ice and some ointments, but never asked once how she was feeling or offer any assistance after the flight which they should of, as the passengers should be insured.
    My elderly mom is not here in the US with out medical insurance and because she is diabetic she must seek medical attention to her own expenses.
    I called the office in Miami and I wish I never had made that mistake as the gentlemen that I spoke with, told me that there was absolutely nothing he could do for us.

    With all that been said, ill will escalate the issue to the public social media to ensure the Aerolineas Argentina takes better precautions and most importantly responsibility for their passengers. If anyone at the airline will like to contact me to discuss the situation. my information is below and I will provide all of my mother information including pictures of her wounds.

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    Last Wednesday May 16, my fiancee arrive to MIA airport in a flight # 1304 of Aerolineas Argentinas from EZE, Argentina. Because of bad customer attention from this airline, she was stuck inside of luggage pick-up area for the time of two and a half hours. During that time there was minimal customer service to the passengers…no communication or even offered water. The most lamentable part of this, is I was waiting for Her, and nobody advised me of the situation not even using the speakers to bring tranquility to all the people waiting for their relatives. Really was a very frustrating and sad experience waiting for my fiancee arriving to Miami. I’m very disappointed with the customer service received from Aerolineas Argentinas at the MIAMI International Airport.

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    I was using the fly # 1304 from EZE to MIA. Departure was late 15 minutes, but that really is irrelevant. My problems start at check in. Why?, because I was booking the fly with seat #34B for personal choice. But at the moment of boocking without any explanation, AA employee just change it to # 44H. I suffered the whole fly of almost being frozen to death (that was the reason for the other seat). Luckily the plane was not full and have the opportunity to change seats.Because I was on the back of the plane, at time of lunch, I was have not choice on it, and just get whatever was left. When the plane was arriving at MIA was bad weather condition, which AA can control it, of course, that force the pilot to go around for 25 minutes until the plane was landed in perfect way for the experimented pilot . Everything was looking much better but,after do immigration, we went to pick up the luggage and you know what?, yes … AA personal in charge to download it, do not want to do it because the “weather”. Very estrange. The other airlines did it without any inconvenience . For result of this AA workers riot, we (the whole passengers and crew) were stock for two and a half hours inside the airport without water, seats or any explanation of was going on. I’ll remark that my family that was waiting for me, was not advice about this problem, which generate a lot of confusion and stress. Again AA give the note in negative term internationally. Thank’s for the ride.

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    Refund Requested
    We used this airline for travel from JFK-EZE-AEP-FTE as well as for the return to JFK. Economy class tickets with a handy priority boarding privileges and lounge access and we were off–after an hour “in-line” delay/active taxi on the tarmac.

    My daughter mumbled and grumbled and sighed about the seat pitch and dated in-flight video selections for such a long-haul flight. She was mostly correct, but outside of a bit of climate control issues (it was way too hot for way too long), I was mostly content with reading and napping for our first segment. In sum, this flight segment was an average experience.

    Regarding the meals, I was served pre-ordered “special diet” meals, which were superior in every way to what my daughter was served. As a result, I very strongly recommend traveler pre-order meals with this carrier.

    The really serious hell with this carrier began with service on the flight segment from AEP to FTE (AR1870) with a 06:15 departure. Arrived at the priority boarding counter #36 at 05:20. There was no line or others being served at the Sky Priority boarding counter. We simple walked into the terminal and directly to the woman at counter number 36. We presented our passports and request boarding pass for FTE. She said no, we had arrived outside required timeframe and continued to explain in Spanish that the we needed to have arrived 120-90 minutes prior to flight time and that the flight was now closed.

    In English, I pointed to current time (again, it was 05:20) as well as the publicly placed signage on the poles and placards indicating a 45 minute check-in limit. Furthermore, this was a regional flight, not an international flight and there are not checked bags involved. My daughter communicated the same in fluent Spanish. In sum, our flight time was 06:15 and with that we found ourselves to be within the required time for check-in.

    After several stalled minutes, the woman perched on the stool behind Sky Priority counter 36, told us again that the flight is closed and we need to walk down the hall to purchase new tickets. We arrived at the Aerolineas Argentina’s cashier’s counter at about 05:30-05:35 to explain the nonsense that we had experienced. She engaged in a prolonged silence as she gazed and tapped at a keyboard to then report that yes, the flight is closed….Well, yea! Do you realize how long we have been standing here and how long it takes to walk from counter 36? Of course the flight is “closed” now, is what I was screamed inside my head.

    $735 USD per ticket and there are only 2 remaining seats on the next flight boarding at 11:00, said she. And, no. There was no applicable value from the “closed” flight that is transferable to any other flight. Economy Class. Deal with it was the attitude. So, for a minute I allowed for cultural differences in the manners department. But, my goodness gracious. Did all these people have math problems and challenges with telling the time? Can they not read their own signs?

    Where my facial expression must have read the universal look of every single verbal profanity that stomped through my head, the cashier offered that the price is “a very good deal” for business class because it is the same price for Economy seats on the last flight of the day departing at about 16:00. I responded that that reasoning made no sense to me and asked to speak to a supervisor.

    Several minutes later, up popped a “supervisor” with no English speaking skills offering a newly discovered price available ($350 USD each) for the last two seats on the next flight (11:00). Yep. The very same two seats that were previously offered at the “best good deal price” minutes earlier. Initially, I challenged my daughter”s translation (on account of that high level of agitation and annoyance we were experiencing), but we triple checked our translated comprehension using Google Translate app, the voice function—extra handy, by the way. Google said what we already understood. Still nonsense.

    It truly is about the customer care and ground service with these folks. Up to and including that moment, the encounters with Aerolineas Argentina’s representatives were suspect at best. Extra shady is more of what I am thinking. Did I mention we are two females traveling while very not white in a very white land?

    Anyway, we paid the $700 plus taxes and fees and filed a written complaint. Then proceeded to the Sky Priority Lounge to park our butts and to pipe the heck down for 4.5 hours.

    By the way, this lounge is worth a stop. It was clean. It had good snacks and great fresh fruits as well as clean showers in a few bathroom stalls. In addition, the internet connection is superior to that in the terminal. Seemingly, because not all employees at Aerolineas Argentina can read a digital clock or compute simple maths, it is from this space that we scrambled to make alternate ground transporting arrangements in FTE as well as cancel planned excursions for that day, while we re-hydrated with fresh squeezed real orange juice (they offered pineapple, cranberry and apple, also).

    Back to Aerolineas Argentina. With lighter pockets and a day lost, we landed safety at FTE. Then, it happened again. About 20 hours or so prior to departure from FTE, we were noticed by email a response to the filed complaint. In summary, the note from AMATO YANINA in Customer Care indicated that we had arrived tardy and the flight was closed. Except, Amato Yanina clearly is missing the facts or also has issues with calculating time or did not read the signs addressing check-in time that is plastered all over the poles and placards leading up to all counter in their AEP terminal.

    And, and, and, in a similar automated email, we were noticed that our late night segment from EZE to JFK later that evening was cancelled. Furthermore, we were re-scheduled for the following day. No mention of sorry for the inconvenience or here is a buck or two to help you find that last minute hotel you are gonna need. Just the now familiar, deal with it attitude again. And just like that, we were off to absorb yet another series of Aerolineas Argentina related expenses no one wanted to experience.

    There was a fair amount of gate communication challenges (English & Spanish) on the FTE-AEP segment. By challenge, I mean there was no announcement and the signage at the gate was not correct. This resulted in a bit of bottleneck chaos between two gates. Save that Sky Priority boarding, we were make our way to the front of both lines and end up on the correct flight out. Again, ground service issues.

    So of course upon our return into AEP, I filed a second complaint regrading the initial encounter on the outbound from AEP-FTE as well as the issue with AMATO YANINA’s response. Yanina’s response failed to address all issues raised in my complaint and failed to acknowledge the check-in time rules posted on-site. The short response from Yanina truly reads as a form or automated response. I requested a closer look into our experience and requested a refund of related fees. Several weeks later we have heard no word from this group. Countless attempts to reach these folks by telephone
    [(800) 333-0276] results in an extremely extended hold time, only to be unceremoniously disconnected every single time.

    Now, I must say, the in-flight staff on the return leg (EZE-JFK) included one extra kind and helpful individual. Sadly, I cannot remember her name but she is remarkable for her kindness, attention and her professional service. Also, notable is her unaccented English language command (thanks to pre-adolesence experience in Los Angeles) and perfectly seamless Argentinian Spanish transistions…ahhh, polyglot goals for me. Aerolineas Argentina, your ground service staff should be more like this one woman.

    The on-board toilet was a bit of an issue. In the defense of the in-flight crew, this may not have been totally within their ability to control. However, one would be wise to have a bit of soap, tissues and disinfecting wipe at the ready as you head toward the toilet.

    The food was the same as the out-bound experience. If, for whatever reason you must use this carrier, pre-order meals….seriously. Oh, and do bring your own bottle of drinking water.

    I am grateful to the team that retuned my daughter and me to JFK. Thank you to the cockpit crew and to those who support their efforts to land the equipment safely. Somehow baggage handlers lost some of my stuff, but it is the type that is easily replaced. So, I ain’t mad about that.

    I feel robbed, exploited and mistreated by their ground crew and customer care personnel. Shame on you Aerolineas Argentina. As the flagship of an entire country, do you, Aerolineas Argentina, not realize that customers have more choices now?

    We are truly owed a refund for dollars spent during this air travel and its related inconveniences.

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    I can’t get a refund !!!!! There is not one person than can help me .
    I paid for a service than I wasn’t given. This airline is a disaster. I was traveling with my pets. I had every piece of paper required for senasa. Usda and CDC. Climate wasn’t an issue. The ignorance of Sandra. The person encharged at Ezeiza airport was. I need an answer!!!!

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    We booked a flight from Mendoza to iguazu (PNR. No. PIXZCK) on May 3rd. Even though We had a busy schedule and had to be in Buenos Aires on the 5th. We had spend a lot of money on the ticket, because We had to meet someone in iguazu the following Day ( May 4th). But when we were supposed to board the flight, they told us it had been cancelled, and We had to wait until the next Day to catch a new flight connecting at Buenos Aires. When we arrived in Buenos Aires, the connecting flight to iguazu (flight No. AR1720) was two hours delayed. Both of those flights were Aerolineas Argentina. Now we have less than 24-hours in iguazu and the People we were meeting has left, making the whole trip meaningless. Besides the money we spent on the plane ticket We had a lot of extra expenses such as hotel in iguazu, transportation etc. Due to the

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    On 19 April I was booked in flight ar2750 to possadas from Beunos Aires supposed to board at 07h05 I was a hour and 30 minutes early and went to gate 3 as shown on my ticket I went to the lady at the gate and showed her my passport and boarding pass and explained that I don’t understand Spanish. She said I was at the correct gate but too early so I must wait. I showed her where I was sitting at the gate and every time I heard her make a announcement I went to show my ticket and asked again every time she said wait a little longer. She was replaced by a Mr Chavez I showed him my ticket too and also my passport. He said the same you are in the right place must wait. I could see he is getting frustrated with me asking the whole time so I made sure he knew where I was and what my flight nr was and waited. The line formed eventually and I got in last to hear the this is not my gate they changed my gate twise and apperently called me on the intercom that I never heard, my flight left without me. When I came back and ask Mr chaves what I can do now he was extremely arrogant and told me I should have checked the board.. I explained that I did not check the board because he and the previous lady continuesly told me I am at the right gate and must just wait.. Mr chaves then told me to go fetch my bags at baggage claim and go book me another ticket that I will have to pay. He said the next available flight is the next day only. I tried talking to him but he just got loader telling me this is all my fault I am supposed to check the board. I went to another counter and a friendly lady helped me to get another ticket at 13:10. I don’t think Mr chaves should work with the public at all..

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    We are international travellers.
    Our domestic flight AU2889 from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires on March 28 2017 was delayed by 2.5 hours.
    Due to this we missed our International flight from Buenos Aires. Right now we are stranded in Buenos Aires. We have to book another international flight now as well as a hotel in Buenos Aires. It’s a complete loss of our money and time!

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