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    We had a very bad experience with EVA Air . We entered Taiwan from PH Oct 28 and had no problem in getting our boarding pass since i did web check in and did not come in group . We got a group tour package from a travel agency . Oct 31 was our last day and need to go back to PH from Taiwan . All our passports were forwarded to our tour leader a representative of the travel agency so she can get our boarding pass . My husband is an American citizen and they asked for his identification being used in the PH so he gave his PH Drivers License . We were on hold for more than an hour and they did not want to guve his biarding pass together with those in the group with US Passport . They are asking for any proof or ticket that they will go back to US . So we want to understand why what was it all about ? US passport doesnt even require Visa for them to put flyer on hold . This was a big insult to them taking into consideration that all of them were retired senior citizens going to countries for trip and enjoyment . Sas to say but this was a big inconvenience that mark as negative impact to country of Taiwan ! Also us having worries of fying using Eva Air again Z we are frequent flyer of diff Airlines . This is our first time to use Eva Air and this is such a nightmare for us . #neverforget #flyernightmare #nomoretaiwan

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    Hi, myself and my wife have just used your service and flew economy from Heathrow to Bangkok. I tried on 3 occasions at the airport to try and upgrade our seats so we could have a better experience. At each stage we were advised, when you go through checking, then at checking we were told when you go through boarding and when we went through boarding we were told to wait till we were sat and then they will let us know. An hour into the flight and no one cane over. I asked a stewardess and she said sorry we are fully booked. I had tried on free occasions to upgrade our seats to make this honey moon a better experience and I just got robbed of it. My recently pregnant wife is struggling beyond belief with back pains and having to sit up right for 12 hours is unacceptable. Especially when I have tried to pay extra for this service. Not only that, food was delivered cold, woman behind me was aggressively loud and I complained about it multiple times yet nothing was done, which didn’t help the sleepless journey. Can you please get in touch and do something to accommodate this.
    Flight Br068 – 20th October 2018
    Return flight Pg952 – 2nd November 2018

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    I was on a flight to Vietnam from Houston international airport. I had checked in my belongings and my carry on was checked fine and pass at check in. I headed to my D5 gate and decided to stop at a duty free store to buy gifts for my family back home and never thought I would be charged an extra $150us by eva airline for now over weight carry on. I will never flight this airline again and I will post this complaint onto social media to let everyone know how bad business practices eva airlines is. I would rate this airline zero star if I could.

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    I travelled today sept 7 jfk to Manila flight BR 31, right now I’m in Taipei for stop over. I’m in premium economy, I dnt see much diffeeence in food that they served between economy & premium economy, the seats obviously bigger. The last meal before touching down Taipei coffee was cold as ice, I asked for hot one they said I put too much milk… fyi I put only 1 half & half then they said they don’t serve hot beverages when the seatbelt light is on. I asked for water also they gave me a cup of water usually they give bottled water.For 15 years I was taking this airline but with this kind of service…. not worth the money. Time to find a better airline.

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    Dear Sir I travelled with you on the 31st Aug 2018 from Bangkok to LHR I was treated very badly by your staff. I am disabled and a wheelchair user. I arrive at Bangkok airport 1 hr early as I have been promised on the last 4 trips with you a bulk head seat as long as not infants were booked to these seats 3 out of the 4 trip adults occupied these seats with no children. I waited in the area for assisted travel the same place I always go. This time we waited a considerable length of time and then was told to go and wait in the que this is not the normal way we are treated. ask why they had changed the normal way they said I was incorrect and they never used the end position for assisted travel I have photos showing on the 31st aug of them using the position for other wheelchair users. Lie number one I was told I could make a complaint by phone call lie number 2. I was also treated very badly by the person who pushed me whilst I was talking to the manager he pushed me away from the manager whilst I was still talking when we got to past port control he took me away leaving my wife to collect the passports . I asked him to stop doing this but every check point he keep treating like I was a child. A person in a wheelchair is not the same as a parcel we are people. The check in point failed to provide a MAAS sticker. on the plane I was shown to the wrong seat and was then shouted at by a passenger for being in the wrong seat. I had to move seats unassisted. At the end of the flight I had to remain in my seat which is normal procedure. the person assisting me flight crew . then decided to help a passenger who had misplaced his coat. so I was further delayed until I said to her are you the only fight crew on this plane could she not get somebody else to help this man. when I was taken off the plane I was left in a corridor with not help for an extended period. I feel your company have disrespected me as a person because I am disabled and treated me like luggage.

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    Not sure if this is the right place to provide feedback but i’m unable to locate an email address that i can write to on your website. I have heard good things about EVA airlines but have never been on a flight with EVA before. For the planning of my upcoming trip with my family, i thought i wanted to give it a try since we are planning to go to Taipei and Okinawa from Singapore.

    I tried to complete my online booking over 10 times in a span of two days and each time an error message pops up and indicated that there is error encountered during the process. This is fine and maybe I’m missing something. I called your customer service (Singapore) reservation hotline 3 times and each time the customer service agent gave me different advice without resolving the issue.

    As I’m writing this, I know that this will be the first and last time I’m going to attempt an EVA flight as the whole experience is frustrating enough which includes the information on your website that is lacking in so many ways compared to Singapore Airlines. You still have a long way to go to become a prestigious airline and hopefully you do not piss off too many customers as you go along.

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    I flew with Eva air the first time last July 1 , 2018 from Toronto to Manila. When I arrived Manila, one of my suitcases was not there and they later told me it was left in Taiwan and will be arriving the next day. I told them that we have a flight to catch to Davao city the following day with family picking us up as we still have to travel by land for 3 hrs . As they don’t fly to Davao, their reps from Manila told me they are going to send it via another airline, this time PAL (Philippine AirLines) as soon as it arrives. After they texted me that the suitcase has arrived and that I have to retrieve it ASAP, otherwise I have to pay for storage fee. I rented a van to go pick it up then aI found out the luggage they have for me is a backpack that belongs to somebody else, in spite of the correct airway bill number. Now PAL explained to me that my luggage at that time was in Palawan by calling the number of the person’s name in the backpack. In short , both were switched. I gave Davao office a photo of my suitcase to make sure the next time they text me, it will be the correct one. On July 7, I finally got my suitcase back . I told Eva air Manila office that for 2 occasions I rented a van to retrieve the suitcase as one way travel to Davao from my place takes Almost 3 hrs with the on going construction and checkpoint stop. It also caused me a week of disrupted itinerary, no personal clothes( had to buy some and borrow). Some of my daughter’s (organic) food are in there. Eva said they will give me a 30 dollar voucher for all the inconvenience. Are they kidding me? I told them it doesn’t even cover the rent of the van the first time. They told me they will tell the appropriate people about it. On the way home, I mentioned it during check in. They told me to ask again during boarding. While waiting to board, an agent gave me 50 USD in an envelope and asked me to sign a paper.acknowledging that I received the money. I told her it was not enough but she said that is all she got to give me. Eva air Toronto advised me to file a complaint as she can’t do anything about it. There is no way I’m planning Eva air again.

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    Let me preface this post by saying that I have flown EVA for the better part of the last 20 years. Most of my travel has been between South East Asia and the United States. More often than not, I enjoyed my experience. That being said, I will no longer be patronizing EVA due to the events detailed below:

    I had booked a Business Class rewards flight for my wife and me, using my EVA membership points for a flight from LAX to CGK on July 7, 2018. I received a confirmation email assuring me that my flight had been booked and confirmed well prior to my departure date. As most of my travel is business related, I have very limited flexibility in my travel dates.

    Being a vegetarian, I called EVA on July 2nd to confirm my vegetarian meal option. The agent asked me for my confirmation number and, upon checking, could not locate my confirmed flight. I asked her to dig deeper to find out what the issue was. She promised to call me first thing in the morning to follow up with me. Fast forward to July 5th, I still did not hear back from them and initiated a second phone call.

    Upon getting through, I explained my situation to this second agent. She requested a copy of my confirmation email which I forwarded to her. She verified that this was a valid confirmation but insisted that there was nothing she could do for me as the flight had been oversold. I pleaded with her to open up at least one seat for me as I had to get back to Asia for a meeting, even insisting that there would be no rush on my wife’s ticket. She proceeded to give me robotic, unapologetic answers. I attempted to escalate the situation by getting a manager involved who proceeded to offer me only standby status on the 9th and 10th of July. By this point, I was irate to say the least. I asked why they had purposely bumped my redemption ticket in favor of a paid fair but neither manager nor agent was able to give me an answer. Instead, they continued with their robotic apologies.

    I understand that a company requires sales to stay in business. That being said, I have been a source of their “sales” for the last 2 decades. How else would I have been able to redeem two business class tickets from my reward miles with them? What disappoints me the most, however, was their distinct lack of empathy for my predicament. Did they not realize that the erosion of their corporate ethos was what put me in this predicament in the first place? 20 years ago, EVA was a company that took care of its customers. My wife and I had enjoyed their services over this time, as reflected in our gold status with them for the better part of our membership with them. That being said, EVA has fallen very far; happier to make a quick buck than to ensure that their loyal customers are being treated fairly.

    EVA, I’m no corporate wiz but I know that this is not how you should be treating your loyal customers. As we speak, I am still stuck in Los Angeles and your agents have yet to call me back. My patience is wearing thin, please make it right…. Feel free to contact me if you require more information pertinent to my booking.


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    I had recently used Eva air to KL and returned to Houston. I arrived on 26th May and for the next 3 days I called the Houston Eva air office because their online portal for my Infinity Mileage keep telling me that my mobile no. is wrong even though I had used that to register for an account. No one picks up that phone and no one calls me back making me think that this Houston office is non existent. It might just be a PO box. I am very annoyed that such a big airline don’t seem to care about their customers nor the level of services they provide. I had paid a large sum of money for my travel, at the very least, surely it does not take that much effort for your team to help reset that account. Your website is woeful. What is the point of having these miles when I cannot access them to use them? I would not consider your airline in the future. The food on the way there and back were terrible and I had stomach upset both ways. Its a 16 hours flight for the Houston to Taipei part of the flight which make it really terrible to have a bad stomach and hungry. There is nothing on your snack list that were even decent. It did not used to be like that when I first used this airline. What a shame!

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    I booked a trip to Taiwan in June 2 leaving from Toronto to Taiwan and I would like to ask a simply question regarding Infinity mileagelands. I have called Toronto for past 2 days May 11 and May 14 from 8:30am till 10:30am without anyone pick up the call. Voice message said Toronto office open at 8:30am and I call but hold for 2 hours without anyone pick up a call, I don’t believe anyone actually work in the office. I am very disappointed with your office service and I will not consider EVA Air in the future.

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    My partner and I travelled from Bangkok to London Heathrow with you on Sunday 6th May- flight BR0067.
    During our 14 hour flight we were only offered 3 drinks in total and the staff were nowhere to be seen.
    I chose the prawn noodle dish which was served approximately hour before landing.
    Since landing I have had a severe case of food poisoning and diarrhoea caused by the re-heating of the prawns.
    I Hope that EVA improve their service as I sure I speak for others in that 3 drinks is not enough and caused dehydration and nausea throughout the flight.
    It has also cost me 3 days off work due to the food poisoning.

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    There are usually 2 flights out of LAX to TPE every night, one of them will always experience delays. Unfortunately, in my case it was well over an hour.
    Rudest customer service at the TPE check-in. The customer service representative wouldn’t bother to help with seat assignment; I was told to do it through internet. The problem is, I’d booked my flight through a travel agency, and I wasn’t given a confirmation number to change my seat on the internet. The flight wasn’t full and there were empty seats available. Meals and selection of shows were subpar. There’s a bit of wait before they started to pickup the trays after meals. EVA customer service really needs attention.
    I’d have to be really desperate to fly EVA ever again.

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    My connecting flight from Taipei to New York, got canceled and I was stranded in a foreign country homeless, cold, and hungry with no compensation. Had the option to wait 5 days in the airport for a free flight home. Information desk was giving me bad excuses.

    Thanks alot EVA you cost me my savings and my job.

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    Re Flight BR067 Friday 16th March from Bangkok to London. Worst treatment by Cabin crew with Eva in all my years flying with you. I’m guessing the person next to me tried to get an upgrade to first class and used me as leverage to get the upgrade. After he was sent back to his seat. Three cabin crew were talking in Chinese and looking at me. After that every time they went past me they made sure to flick my legs with the Curtain without fail and the meal I asked for they made sure to give me the other meal. I’m flying with you in November and really hope I get better service then

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    My partner and myself are frequent flyer members and travel every year with EVA to BKK, on our return to LHR from BKK this time we were told are bags were to heavy and would have to be made lighter, we fly premium which has 35kg weight limit, we were 35 and 34 kg’s. we have not had this problem before and it was most inconvenient, we had to re queue twice.

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    Hello, I had a one way ticket with Eva air BR0068 14th February from london heathrow to bangkok this is my first time with Eva air I have been on many long haul flights but I found it to be the worst experience flight was 9.25 pm I had 3 small cups of orange in 11 hours the staff throughout the flight were nowhere to be seen I rang the bell about 5 times and no one came so had to go and look for staff I asked for more juice and she literally put a drizzle in a cup ! The couple who I sat next to were also not happy the man asked fir a beer and she said we are not serving drinks yet..He also was ringing the bell but to no avail.. He eventually got a drink and the lady had a wine and the stewardess spilled it on to my trousers and she did not even apologise there attitude was they couldn’t be bothered, I’m truly disgusted never again !

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    I am Business class passenger who had a misfortune of missing a luggage during my trip from JFK New York to Manila on board Eva Air. I am an Etihad and Cathay Silver member, but decided to give Eva Air a try, based on the good reviews I have read about your airline. I bought my Royal Laurel / Premium Laurel ticket, with reservation number KEA 76Q and checked-in at JFK Terminal 1, between 9:20 pm and 9:45 pm, November 13, 2017. My flight was on November 14, 2017 at 12:20 am, flight number BR 31 with connecting flight in Taipei to Manila. I took BR 271 in Taipei, which departed at 9:10 am and arrived Manila on November 15, 2017 @ 11:45 am.

    During my layover in Taipei, I had already messaged my family, especially my husband that I have the best flight experience with Eva Air, based on the excellent in-flight services, excellent food, attentive flight attendants and the forever clean toilets. But to my frustration and dismay, I was the last to leave the airport because 1 of my 2 pcs of luggage was missing. I filled up a missing luggage report and in all fairness, the Philippine staff were very efficient on assisting and updating me on the lost luggage until I finally got it on November 17, 2017. But, I am still furious because I was told that my luggage was left in New York unattended and not tagged.


    When I checked in, I made sure with the lady at the counter that my pcs of luggage be tagged properly, with Manila as my final destination, but what happened? I know the tags should be very sturdy and hard to cut but why was it missing from my luggage? I saw a TSA note that they opened my luggage, but shouldn’t Eva Air take responsibility to make sure that the luggage arrive at my final destination?

    I have the following questions for Eva Air;
    1. Was the girl at the counter inefficient and irresponsible to tag the luggage properly?
    2. Shouldn’t your New York staff be more vigilant with your passengers’ belongings, especially after a TSA inspection?

    Passengers entrust their luggage to you with the fate and confidence that they will reach their destination safely. I pay more for my travels as I want to fly in comfort and with my luggage being prioritized upon arrival. I despise having to encounter inconveniences during my flights. I hope you will work or improve on this issue and until then will I consider Eva Air as one of the best airlines I have ever experienced.

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    1) In-Town Check-in Issue
    We flew from Hong Kong to Seattle via Taipei on September 21. I had called EVA airways counter at Hong Kong station in-town check-in counter a day before regarding their closing time so we can check in for the next’s day flight. Person on the phone said 8 pm. When we arrived at the counter at 7:40, the counter was already closed. We asked the ground staff and they saif that it should be open until 8:15 or so… Frustrated having made the trip with our luggage, I contact EVA for reimbursement for the round trip taxi fare. They spend a few weeks looking for “phone records” and conclded they were not able to issue a reimbursement.

    2) This was after the changed the departure time of our Seattle-Taipei flight, AND changed th date of its operation dates, months after booking.

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    I took the flight from HKG to TPE, then transferred to San Francisco on June 30. The flight numbers were BR 0872 and BR 0028. When I got my luggage back in San Francisco, I realized that my luggage was damaged and some items inside the luggage were missing. Those items were SK IIs which were the cosmetics, and the Louis Vuitton bracelets which I brought on May when I went back to HK. I would like to know how should I claim the lost to the airline? I tried to call the EVA Air office in SFO. I tried many phone numbers that I searched online. Unfortunately, until now I cannot contact anyone who can help me. I suddenly feel helpless and furious. Also, when I went back to HK on 05/26, the flight numbers were BR0007 and BR 0891, my luggage was delay for two days. I got my luggage back on 05/28. In two days, I didn’t have my clothing, cosmetics, the items I needed, and I have to buy everything. I paid from my pocket. I don’t think this was fair for me because I needed to pay for the airline’s mistakes. To be honest, this was the worst part I was with EVA Air. I usually takes many other airline, I have never encountered those issues that I had just had with EVA Air. I am not sure how Eva Air handles all these luggage because the experience what I had either the luggage got damaged, or delayed. I really had nothing to say about that. For now, I just want to have some help, but I can’t find anyone to talk with me. I feel upset with these kind of experience. If I would have had a free airplane ticket from EVA Air, I were sure that I would not take EVA air again. This is the worst experience I have ever had. Please ask one of the stuffs from the correct department in SFO to contact me. I would like to claim my lost and the luggage damaged. Awful airline and customer service.

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    The customer service from this airline in Japan, specifically Okinawa is absolutely terrible. My husband and I had a shocking experience at the Naha airport. We did not travel together and were told that due to the airline’s credit card policy, my husband would have to re-purchase his ticket with a different credit card than the one I originally used, at the time of check-in. He was never given that option however and simply told too bad he would not be able to make his flight and we would not get a refund because he could not present the card the tickets were purchased with (because I had it with me and had flown a few weeks prior).

    We had called weeks in advance of his flight to make sure nothing like this would happen and were assured it wouldn’t be a problem for him to just re-purchase the ticket at the same price and then refund my card. He was treated so rudely at the ticket counter, and ultimately completey ignored. The EVA staff would not make eye contact and were avoiding him and walking away when he asked for help. This went on for hours until he missed his flight.

    Finally my husband enlisted some airport security personnel to intervene on his behalf and EVA reluctantly started helping him. They botched a solution of having me email pictures of my credit card (a terrible procedure for my security) and agreed to let him fly but told him no flights were available for 24 hours. Which was a lie, because I called the US EVA air number later and they said there was an earlier flight and switched his ticket. One of the women working at the counter felt sorry for my husband and could see he was not being treated right and ended up offering him a ride home after the fiasco.

    What a nightmare, he missed part of his sister’s wedding because of it. We will never fly EVA air again.

    I have been trying to file a complaint and talk to someone in customer service for weeks and have been completely ignored, no response.

    Not to mention the seat room is cramped, and staff are uppity and rude in Japan, Taiwan and San Francisco (least of all in San Francisco). I was 7 1/2 mo. pregnant on our last flight with them and given no extra kindness or consideration, was snapped at for standing too long in an open space near the lavatory.

    Awful airline, awful customer service.

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    I am a gold card member frequent flyer between London and Bangkok and beyond. On the last two occasions in April 17 and booking in May 17 I have had to find an alternative airline to fly with as EVA Air booking service in London was unable to assist me because

    1. Flight London – Bangkok – Brisbane return was quoted at £12500 which was not viable. Flew Thai Airways £3400 business class and no problems booking.

    2. Flight London – Bangkok – Cambodia return. Asked for price and could I use my mileage points, Booking office unsure of procedure to price including air miles redemption and said they would come back to me within 24 hrs. No return call. waited but due to time restraints had to book with Thai Air again whose customer service was brilliant and could no help enough.

    If EVA AIR wish to retain me as a frequent flyer and I fly every month to Asia and beyond, they need to beef up their appalling Customer Service. The Planes and cabin service are great but everything else needs work. I would have thought compensation would be appropriate for the hassle and inconvenience caused. .

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    I am flying EVA Air from Newyork to Taipei on BR 31 and BR 67 to Bangkok and I bought a V class ticket and I am not earning any mileage from your Infinity Mileage Club or even Thai Airways too.And I bought a Promotional fare ticket it is unfair I don’t revive any mileage at all .in the future if I see a promotional fare I will not fly with Eva Air for my future trip to Bangkok Thailand .5 star Airlines cannot earn any mileage at all and I hope you can change your rules for earning Mileage in V maybe earn 25%.

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    I am flying Eva Air from Bkk to Taipei on BR 206 on June 1 and the plane leaves 2:15 and arrives Taipei 7:05 am and the next fight is BR 30 Taipei to New York and the flight leaves at 7:50 .I hope Eva Air can adjust the time for BR 30 to Leave at 9:00 am so we can have enough time to arrive at the gate. Or maybe adjust the Departure time for BR 206 to leave at 1:15 am. And the transit time is only 45 min hope we can have an hour to transit in Taipei.And my ticket is a promotional fare and EVA Air don’t give any mileage at all and I am already Enrolled for your Eva infinity mileage club. And it is not fair that I don’t earn any mileage at all and even Star Alliance cannot get any mileage that is not fair too.

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    I was a passenger on a flight from Taipei to Houston on January 12th. After several times trying to inform the flight attendant that my tv monitor was not working, she finally came to tell me that it was broken and that there was nothing to be done. She offered me a magazine instead. I paid several hundred dollars for No television for a 13.5 hour flight. No source of entertainment or distraction for 13 hours. That is completely absurd. Horrible experience and not worth what I paid

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    I just came off a flight with your airline from Bangkok to Heathrow. I paid 21000 Bath (£503) for upgrade to elite class.
    I was given a menu to choose my food. When I was asked what I would like, I said the chicken please. The stewardess said sorry no chicken left. I was very upset as the cabin was only half full. Also my case was one of the last off I noticed. Everyone had I label on with elite class my case had no label on. Paying £503 I was not give the service I paid for
    Flight number BR0067 25 November seat 27 October.
    This is the first time i used Eva Air and am very disappointed.

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