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    My nephew who is autistic booked 3 flights to Southampton with Flybe in August 2018 to go to a power ranger convention. The convention has been cancelled and Flybe was contacted for a refund. The flights cost over 300.00 pounds and we were told that flights are non-refundable which is not made clear or we would not have booked with this company, all my nephew was offered was 26.50 for these flights which through no fault of his own he was going to have to cancel. As a result he has decided to travel anyway for a pointless journey rather than lose so much money. I am totally disgusted with Flybe and will not under any circumstances book with them again and will warn others against flying with them.

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    Shocking service!! Attended Southampton airport to take a flight to Amsterdam I have taken several times with the same baggage. To be told I would be charged £40 to put my baggage in the hold when it was under the 10kg stated and had been on this same flight several times before. The staff were both rude and unhelpful just telling us to queue in several places without explanation! I was able to return with the same luggage at no additional cost so no consistency in their police’s either. Am left not knowing where I stand with hand luggage for this company and as such will never be using again!!

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    Although this is not a complaint about Flybe . The cabin crew were brilliant and we were looked after on board. The flight was smooth. However, the experience getting on caused concern . My mother of 84 who suffers from vascular Dementia and is also confined to a wheel chair baring being able to transfer. Somehow even though being aware of mom’s condition we had problems in Edinburgh. I chose to take mum to the gate after registering at special assistance because we were early. We were escorted to the gate eventually . Left feeling bad because we were holding the plane up. The language from the driver of the lift vehicle to the plane to his work colleague was disgraceful Whxh also frightened my mother as she thought it was directed at her. It was then realised we had been seated at the front. The cabin crew were brilliant and changed our seat to the back of the plane making it easier. I thought this would be the end but no the passenger who had the seats we were in was rude to the cabin crew and made me feel bad . In all I had a mother who was now very nervous . It also made me feel bad as I was now aware the flight had been delayed and felt it had been partly our fault . In all I felt drained on return to Southampton . Southampton as usual were brilliant the special assistance was there at hand for mum . I have nothing but praise for them on the outward flight to Edinburgh the Married couple who took us were brilliant as was the couple who collected us in return .

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    This travel with the Etihad airways was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with any airline. The flight was late, the transfer desk crew was rude and uncooperative, and nobody was ready to take responsibility of ‘their’ passenger. This was shocking for me as I considered this airline at par with the better airlines.
    This is what happened.
    I had reserved return ticket from Lahore to Manchester, and back via airline reservation code “WKDNQF”. And reservation code “WTGVBE”.
    My return was planned on 4th of August. But as I had a long list of patients to be operated upon; I gave them a go-ahead for and early date of booking for surgery, and my appraisal for job contract next year; only after reserving and confirming my ticket on an earlier flight, paying 60, 000 PKR extra for this date transfers. That turned out to be a virtual nightmare for me.
    I checked well in time for the flight, however, the flight from Manchester to Dusseldorf got hold up for hours in a manner that when I reached the airport in Dusseldorf my connecting flight to AbuDhabi was missed and I was stranded at the airport. I tried contacting FLYBE administration but they refused to cater to the issue. When finally, the Etihad air crew came in at 8 pm they gave me boarding passes for my new flights, I asked specifically to cater for my baggage which was loaded in the earlier flight, they casually said it’d be taken care of. But it proved out that nobody moved a muscle for the issue. So spending so many hours at the airport, getting on a flight to AUH at 2105, rather than the scheduled 1130.
    When the flight finally reached AUH, there was another cold shoulder waiting for me, I explained my situation to the guy at the transfer desk, he refused to take any notice of it saying that it was not Etihad flight so they are not responsible for any compensation, I asked him that I’ve come off an eithad flight and now gonna board another of your flight that is 16 hours of time in transit. At least provide me some hotel stay or cater for my needs at the airport. But he bluntly refused saying that its none of the airline’s business. I wonder how?
    Now, after that grueling humiliation I finally boarded the flight to Lahore. And reaching there was another surprise for me. My baggage was still in Dusseldorf.
    And that means, I reached my destination with a delay of 24 hours, which I had to spend at the airport because the airline was not taking responsibility of their passenger. Despite the request I made to your staff My baggage has been delayed. I missed my appraisal for job, the hospital and patients are threatening to sue me for such irresponsibility, where I was delayed by the incompetence of the staff. Moreover, the emotional trauma of being left at the airport in such a manner that the airline did not provide me for the basic rights of travel as declared for the flights operating and originating in EU.

    Munib ur Rehman.

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    On Sunday 29th July I was in a party of 4.on arriving at 4 o’clock the last three flights to the Isle of Man had all been Liverpool airport.we were took back to the check in level.we were then stood or sat on floor for nearly 4hours before they decided what to do with us. My mother who is 82 was with me and even she had to endure that hard floor. There was no food or drinks offered. When they finally decided what was happening we were all shipped out in taxis to hotels miles away from party ended up in Widnes. When we checked in at 10.30 pm we were told there was only one meal voucher per room meaning one meal and one drink between two people. . But guess what restaurant was shut . So no food. Oh I forgot to say the problem with the planes was weather related. Strange that the other airline that1 flies to the island had no trouble.. ending this sad statement you would not treat animals the way this company treated us. Absolutely disgusting. It’s time the Isle of Man government looked into the ways these companies treat and rip of us residents. Oh and on the Monday morning the first two flights were cancelled again. Enough said

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    I was on Flybe BE146 from Newcastle to Southampton last night – meant to take off at 4.40pm – after 2 further delays it stated online we left at 8.20pm – we did not – it was 8.55 by the time we were eventually on the runway. Very little communication given. I eventually got home at 1am. Another passenger said it was easy to apply online for compensation – but I can find NOTHING on the website allowing me to do this. And calling the customer care number they just give you another one to call. This is the 5th time this year I’ve been on a delayed Flybe flight. Unfortunately I have only the option of using them. MOST unhappy

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    I would like to log a complaint about the service i received from a member of your customer helpline desk. I rang today ( 2 may 2018 at around 11.20 ) asking why i couldnt login with my son’s details to get his flight details and to check him in when it was time. As his name etc was not working and i had received a conformation email or i had deleted by mistake. The man on the phone tells me it is my fault and that he can login to it. I told him it can not be my fault as me and my father live over 200 miles away from each other and both of us couldnt login. He went on to blame me and to say its my connection etc. I told him the spelling of my sons name and what i had been putting in to try and login and it was not working. He was very adamant that all the fault was my own. It wasn’t until i stated that my son was not going to be travelling with myself but his grandfather that has a different surname to my son and that there could be an issue with allowing him to board that he admitted that there in fact was a spelling mistake. So not only did i ring up to book my child’s flight and i told that person how to spell his name and they still got it wrong but the person i was in touch with today was very rude and happy to pass blame on to me the customer.

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    I was served a cup of hot tea, which slid off the table as the plane was still climbing. The scalding tea went over my legs and stomach. I told the hostess what had happened and asked for something to help me with the tea which had gone everywhere. She asked me if it had slid off the tray and when I said yes, she said ‘oh it’s because the plane is still climbing!’
    She gave me a couple of tissues, when I asked for more explaining that I was covered in the tea, she told me to wait whilst she finished serving and she would get me some more. Which she eventually did.
    My legs and stomach are quite badly burnt and have blistered. At no point was I offered any burn relief, cold compress and sat the remaining way home on the plane in quite severe pain.
    My legs have now blistered and are raw, making it difficult to walk as it is at the tops of my legs. I submitted a complaint today to get a standard reply that due to the unusual weather conditions ( surely that is not because we have had sunshine for the past 2 days!?) it will take them longer to get back to me

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    I was travelling from Glasgow to Dubai via Manchester airport, however on my return journey my connecting flight from Manchester to Glasgow was cancelled. I was booked onto the Edinburgh flight a little later only for that flight to be cancelled. However it was the indifference to the passengers that was appalling as no explanation was given and their attitude was disgraceful. I was eventually put a flight later that night but the lounge I had booked to enable me to do some coursework for university only allows you 3 hours so I was kicked out like a criminal. Thanks heavens I don’t need to depend on Flybe to get to Dubai.

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    Worst airline I’ve ever experienced. I have to use them quite regularly for business. It’s very much the exception that they are on time. The communication is catastrophic. You are rarely informed on time. Their website is useless for even obvious things like checking a flight status.

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    Had 2 flights in 2 months that have been cancelled due to snow conditions, which is acceptable. However on both occasions we were not informed until 30 mins after the departure time. We were then sent around the airport like headless chickens because the staff had no idea where we should go, as if flight cancellations arent a regular thing. Finally after waiting in a 3 -6 hour queue, depending if other people give up and leave. The staff member advised she could rebook my flights for the next day. Having recieved a email link 2 hours after the flight cancellation, i stated i had already rebooked my flights and just needed accomodation/food vouchers etc. The things everyone is entitled to. The staff member stated that there was a different queue dealling with accomodation, as if its some special request that they need a specifically trained person to do. Is this not the 21st century? Pick up the phone and book something!
    After about 8 hours in total and talking some hard truths to multiple staff members, myself and 16 others from the flight had accommodation/food vouchers and new flights sorted.
    Flight cancellations happen everyday, yet on both occastions with Flybe it took 8 hours to sort out. Being a multimillion dollar company, i cant understand why there is no deal in place with the hotels. Being that i was in Dublin and Amsterdam on both occasions there are over 100 hotels that flybe can have a deal set up. Where in the event of a flight cancellation, you call each hotel and book whatever remaining rooms are available. Why this took 8 hours to do for 1 flight i have no idea! In conclusion, flybe is cheap but you get exactly what you pay for. SHIT SERVICE!

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    Do not fly with this airline. They are incompetent, inefficient and ineffective and indifferent to passengers. I feel foolish for trying them for a third time.
    Out of three flights from Dusseldorf to Manchester this year, two were badly delayed and on both occasions I was unable to continue my journey home from Manchester to North Yorkshire because of the 2 hour plus delay in each case. One of the three flights was more or less on time but 2 out of 3 is bad.
    At the airport on the day they waited until it was almost time to board before announcing that the aircraft we were due to board had not even left Manchester. Then after a hour or so bothered to tell us that our 17.50 flight would be 19.40. Needless to say there was no plane at 19.40.
    Oddly, the person who opened the boarding gate (who denied being employed by Flybe), on announcing the delay, told me then that there was a Flybe flight “after 7pm”. How did she know this at 16.55 when it took the Flight Departures Board at the airport another hour to put that information up?
    I will never use Flybe again and I urge you to avoid this terrible airline at all costs. They make Ryanair look good.

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    Missing avios points. Being a regular flyer with flybe or flymaybe as we call then in the northern isles, I collect avios points. After each flight I log in through their website and enter flight reference numbers into claim points section. After checking my most recent statement I noticed 8 missing flights from my account, a 50 minute phone call to avios was useless, over an hour to flybe again useless so I had to email flybe to claim my missing points which was again useless. Why do companies take the piss out of people.

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    Myself and my husband got to Southampton airport yesterday at only to be told our flight to Glasgow BE898 would not be leaving at 8.20 pm but at 11.05pm. We were given a voucher for £5.00 each and had to wait. The plane arrived and we boarded at just after this time, but never took off until 11.25pm. At this point I myself was in agony. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. I had only took enough medication for my weeks holiday and my journey home to Glasgow at the flight times given to us when we booked. Result I had to fly home in agony as my medication had now ran out, by the time we arrived at our home in Glasgow it was 2am and I was totally shattered and in very bad pain. I did not get to bed until 4am as by the time my medication had kicked in. My husband and myself were suppose to be up at 6am to go to our place of work, both of us were in no state to drive or attend work and have lost a day’s pay because of this. The captain of the plane we were on BE898 told us the reason for the delay was due to staff phoning in sick. We then could not land at the time we were told as flight paths had been lost. I feel this was very inappropriate service we received. I will say the staff on our plane were excellent at the job they had to do through no fault of their own. We are now out of pocket for 2 days wages.

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