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    I was in Lahore airport on 16/10/2018 and an elderly lady had her bag checked as there was an electrical item in her bag to be checked. It was simply an electric toothbrush but the security lady was intimidating and checked all her jewellery examining each item thoroughly, which was in a pouch and also started to count all her cash in an envelope which was well within the allowance allowed! Her behaviour was abhoring and i felt very sorry for the old lady who was getting very frustrated at the check of her bag taking each and every item out for all public to see even though she had found the toothbrush right at the top!
    I suggest these checks should be in private as now a lot of people saw this lady had jewellery and cash in her bag and anyone could try to get their hands on it.

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    With great concern I want to submit my complain regarding ill behaviour of head office Quetta staff. On 5th Oct 2018 when I arrived at main entrance the security guards stopped me and told that it’s lunch break you can’t enter and couldn’t wait even inside premises but I checked pia website the timing is from 8am to 7pm without any break I got an emergency my flight take off time was 4 past 50 pst kindly take strict notice to save pia and make pia the best airline in the world

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    I happened to avail PIA flt PK 204 from Dubai Intl Airport to Allama Iqbal Intl Airport Lahore on 20 Sept 18. Onboard apart from the abysmal condition of the aircraft which was nothing less than criminal negligence in maintenance and the general condition, what was more embarassing and painful for me was the uncouth, rude and sarcastic attitude of the hostess, one named Miss Anum. Miss Anum was i believe the living manifestation of all that is wrong with the national carrier and it is by employing people like her that PIA is in the condition it is today, unacknowledged and ignominious. On my way to the lavatory she remarked most rudely half shouting, “Can you pass from here, ” pointing towards the aisle and the meagre space afforded due to the food trolley, at which point all the passengers were looking atvthe scene being created. To which i told her that it is my 3rd time that i am trying to get to the lavatory and that she could reverse the trolley sinve it was only at tge edge of the aisle and let me pass. Moroever, in my previous encounters both Miss Anum and the male steward turned back passengers by staring at them and with unprecedented facial gestures that i have yet to see on airline travel. On returning to my seat i called for the stewards via my overhead bell and on the 4th attempt i was successful on getting their attention. This time again Miss Anum came to me and i asked her for the onboard complaint register, to which she said that they have it and told her to bring it to me to which she said that she would. About 15 mins after this the Steward (named Asgfaq) came to me and apologized and informed that complaints were now posted online and no register was present on board. This speaks volumes of the professional acumen and sense of responsiblity of the stewardess in question who didnot know such an important detail of her job.
    I am a frequent flyer of PIA and have never been embarassed in such a manner. Being Pakistani nationals one can bear that yhe aircrafts are of old vintage with no leg room neither with any infotainment system whatsoever but the stained and dirty interior with broken meal trays is an abhorrence that near me is beyond comprehension.
    Aforementioned i humbly request that an inquiry be made into the matter by the responsible individuals so that a pertinent apology maybe rendered timely. Failing which i shall again pursue the matter with the utmost conviction to ensure that justice is served.
    A comprehensive account of the happenings would be shared on contact by the concerned customer care representative.

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    I was due to travel back from Islamabad to Manchester on 03/09/18 at 12:40pm. We arrived at the airport at around 10:15am only to be informed that our flight had been cancelled. We received no prior notice of this. The PIA representative at the counter was extremely rude and dismissive and informed us that the flight had been cancelled due to technical issues. He lied and said they had contacted us via phone and email and when we asked for proof he was unable to provide this. We had confirmed our flights 2 days before at Kotli Azad Kashmir and were not made aware of any cancellations. The PIA agents also informed us that the flight got cancelled the previous evening – I feel this is insufficient notice! He failed to offer us an alternative flight but rather advised us to contact our travel agent and to go home. I feel this is extremely poor customer service on PIAs part. The PIA agent then walked away from the counter and another agent replaced him. In total we spoke to about 4 PIA agents before someone actually listened to our concerns. None of your agents were wearing name badges and refused to give us their names, one of your agents even started smoking in front of us without being on a break and was on a personal phone call whilst he should have been reassuring his customers. We kept being told to sit and wait. This went on for about 5 hours. Finally, we were offered an alternative flight to London and a later flight for the 07/09/18. We refused these options as London airport is 6 hours away from our home address and the flight for the 7th was too late due to school and work. After hours and hours of raising our concerns, finally we managed to get the agent to agree a flight for 04/09/18 at 11am to Birmingham (our original flight was to Manchester). We were not offered any apology, no compensation or travel fare to get us to a hotel. I feel we have been treated very poorly by PIA, we travelled 5 hours from our address in Pakistan to get to Islamabad airport only to be disappointed and mistreated. We had used all our money thinking we would be going home on the 3rd September. We had to borrow money from relatives who had come to drop us off at the airport. We had to pay further money to arranged overnight accommodation at Kamran Lodges in G-10/4 and for food and then the taxi back to the airport in the morning. Also, an expensive taxi from Birmingham to Rochdale (which is a 3-hour journey) I feel absolutely disheartened and extremely upset by the way my family and I were treated by PIA and we deserve adequate compensation.

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    On 24 August 2018 my son was traveling from Karachi to Faisalabad by PIA flight at 11:55 am. Because the plane size was small so they left my son luggage at Karachi airport by saying that it will reach on 26 August 2018. After receiving the bag my son found that the wrapping which he had from Karachi airport was half cut and his new shoes and one Kg almond’s packet was stolen.. this is very bad from Pakistan International Airlines.. the authorities should check from the cameras and catch the culprit and remove him from the job. We also need compensation.

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    I would like to compliment the PIA staff for being the most gracious ,patient and compassionate. Hats off to the staff as dealing with noveaux rich Pakistanis is tbe worst nightmare for any airline staff.
    I would like to share an exoerience with everyone on my Flight 798 on tbe 17th of August from Toronto to Lahore.
    I had booked a business class ticket for myself since I cannot sleep with lot of noise. I have three grandkids who are oretty boisterous and I know that parents have a tough time controlling these hyper kids of this century.
    Anyway while boarding the plane I was quite amused yet littke resentful at the way the Toronto staff was shouting at the Pakistani people who would keep on breaking the line.
    Anyway I got a window seat 3c and looked forward to have a good sleep after dinner. I put my earphones as the kids in the seats besides me were creating quite a racket.
    After an hour I was awaken by a lot of crashing , shouting and high pitched voice of this boy aged around 5 or 6. I went up to the air hostess and requested her to ask the the parents as I had an exhausting day and wanted to rest. She’s was extremely apologetic to me and promptly got me tea and snacks to cool me down. The kid came and stood on my head and demanded his dad to get him the same snacks. The snacks were awesome by the way. When the air hostess got him he refused to eat it as it was not the same as mine and he started shouting at his father. The mother sitting at the back didn’t say a word to the kids and was oblivious to the racket they were creating. Other passengers were sleeping peacefully and I felt that maybe I’m over reacting.
    Anyway when I went up to go tbe toilet the staff sitting there started consoling me as they said tbe kids were really obnoxious ad they keot on ordering food and wasting it. They were complaining about the parents who had no control over their kids.
    Anyway this happened during the entire flight and as I couldn’t sleep I started work on my laptop. Well it was good for my staff as I worked on tbeir increments during the rest of the flight which I didn’t get time in Toronto.
    Anyway we landed in Lahore on time and I gave compliments to the PIA staff specially the airhostess Sumaira.
    As I was getting my luggage I got a call my daughter asking about my flight. I remarked that it was the worst flight of my life as two really spoilt and rude kids didn’t let me sleep. The mother of tbe kids heard me and started shouting at me that a fifty year old educated woman should have better sense and patience with small kids. To that I just replied it is a mother’s fault if the kids are not behaving. She started getting more aggressive and I just ignored her and walked ahead . Her husband also joined in her high pitched ranter and called me a “bhudi khoosat”.
    I was mad though little does he know that a sixty year old person is by no means a “bhudi
    “in Canada. I was quite proud of my walking abilities as was walking almost 10,000 steps everyday.
    Just wanted to share this incident with everyone. I just woke up at 1 30 am with that incident haunting me. I have never seen such rude and aggressive behaviour and my hands are shaking when I write this.

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    PK709 from Lahore to Manchester, first flight was cancelled and rebooked for the following week with 7 days notice. Second flight was delayed more than 3 hours. No food was offered or served but had to pay to upgrade to the lounge for food and wifi. Customer service is non existent, basicaly an airline which does not care about its customers. Flew with the airline after 30 years since by bad experience then, nothing has changed, matter of fact it has got worse. Will not be flying with PIA again.

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    I would want to start with the fact that I love my country and would want to support it by all means but not when I know I am paying for the services to be 5 stars and its not even worth a single star. For the sake of Pakistani economy we are paying thousands of dollar but in return all we are getting is a direct flight of 14 hours with no working tv and no proper reception for passenger. Along with that if one ever make a mistake to want to reschedule the flight there is no way that you could do it for free despite having a policy. If and individual complains about these problems to the staff or the management, one common answer you get to hear is please complain about it on our website. Like, excuse me what are you here for then? Now, its time for PIA to upgrade it’s standard to the level where they charge us or we passenger move to other Air lines because with PIA we are buying stress with our own money.

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    Junk Airways, I am not happy to say that but. I had bad experience with PIA many time. But this flight PIA 0782 was the worst flight, I ever had. Just horrible, I will sue them for their poor service, specially that captain of the airline must get fired for making stupid move on departure.

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    I purchased two tickets to Barcelona and return for my husband and I on March 28 2018 and paid the full amount with my credit card. i was issued two tickets with PNR number and seat numbers for going on PK769 on July 1 and and return on PK 734 on July 17 2018.. Two days prior to our departure i confirmed on PIA website our seats. On the day of departure at the Islamabad airport i was told that my ticket was NOGO therefore i will have to buy a new ticket at the higher price or not accompany my husband. We were going for an important meeting and could not afford not to go so we ended up buying a second ticket for myself which was 40K more than the original ticket which has already paid. Upon contacting PIA we were told that there was some mix up at the finance department resulting in cancelling my original ticket. i have asked them to refund my second ticket which i had to purchase at a higher price because PIA did not honor my original ticket but there is response from PIA. This is disgusting. The return flight from Barcelona was delayed by two hours and was filthy, seats had food on it and the floor was wet due to urination, the Captain and the crew were courteous but showed helplessness.

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    I am writing this complaint but wondering:

    a) Whether anyone from PIA is actually monitoring/responding to these complaints?

    b) Whether any action is even going to be taken to refund me or compensate me for the disgusting service?

    It’s 1st August (7pm) and I am sitting in a small, smelly & disgusting room at PIA’s Skyrooms in Karachi.
    My wife & 3 small children and I were meant to be flying on PK304 to Lahore this afternoon at 3pm.
    I had booked the tickets on 8th May, almost 2 months ago and we arrived in Jinnah Airport very early and were the first to attempt check-in when the desks opened.

    We were told that the flight has been moved to tomorrow morning.
    We had no notifications or warning prior to check in.

    We appealed to several officers (all useless) and eventually learned that PIA had changed the plane for this flight to a much smaller one than was originally planned so some people could no longer be accommodated on this flight…

    Is that my fault…?

    Our permanent residence is in the UK and we wanted to travel throughout Pakistan so we had booked hotels for our stay.

    After much running around and appeals to various people, we have been booked onto the flight tomorrow morning and been given a room at this disgusting hotel for the night.

    My issue is that I have booked my hotel in Lahore which I cannot now cancel & will be paying for the night there which I cannot use due to PIA’s incompetence.

    Also, I have 3 young children stuck in a disgusting room which is worse than the condition of prisons in the UK.
    Their impression of their mother country is tarnished because they have been watching me complain & appeal to PIA all day.

    I’m sure they will never want to travel to Pakistan when they old enough and certainly will never use PIA which also goes for me.

    Unfortunately there is no alternative carrier for domestic flights in Pakistan otherwise I would have happily paid double to fly with any other decent airline. PIA hold the monopoly and are abusing their position.

    I expect PIA to provide a refund on my hotel booking in Lahore for the night I will miss and it would only be an appropriate gesture of good will for PIA to refund my tickets for this nightmare journey between Karachi – Lahore.

    I have travelled to many places (alhamdulillah) & can say with authority that PIA (along with Aeroflot) is the worst run, most disorganised airline I have come across.

    I await PIA’s official response and will post the outcome here.

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    I was flying on flight PK792 from Birmingham to islamabad, with my mother who is disabled and she needs assistance to a high level, she needed to be put into her seat via an isle chair. Upon boarding towards the plane we were the last few people to get on due to continuously waiting for assistance, in the end The man in charge of PIA at Birmingham airport came over and started shouting at my mother about how she is delaying his flight how she is to blame and he threatened to take our bags off if my mum dident try and get on the airplane herself even after fully knowing she is disabled and she cannot move. He was so rude, it was disgraceful a person who has no morals, respect, humanity in them is representing such a big airline. All he cared about was the flight going, did not at any stage care about customer service or his passengers. I was told he is the manager of PIA at Birmingham; if PIA continue with managers like this they will definatley be out of business soon. Absolutely disgusting with the service of PIA at Birmingham airport

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    Right now sitting outside PIA office at central plaza, only office in kl area, and its closed, rest of 18 airlines offices are open but PIA is closed, to enjoy long weekend and no official notification about timings in Ramadan on internet… Cant avail student discount online, but believe me when i will be having enough resources i will never be flying on PIA…. Bakamal service

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    I am a regular traveller by PIA. Today was utter disappointment when i had asked for 2 wheelchairs and didn’t receive either instantly..having to wait for half an hour. My grandmother who cant walk much because of her knees and her brother who is on dialysis flying from PK 305 on 8th May 2018 received none. Instead the person in the office kept waiting in his office while i had to run around asking every person ifcthere were any available. Wheel chairs should be available in a larger number and at all times. Buy more if be needed be but dont make the elderly and sick wait for it.

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    Worst customer service – 20+ times staff hangs up the phone or tells you a lie.
    Impossible to get in touch with the Toronto office!
    They want $250 to refund fee for rescheduling a flight and additional $300-400 for the new dates even though the new dates online were $500 cheaper, what a scam. Now I am waiting for a refund that may never be issued by this corrupt business.
    The way this company is being run and losing market value, it could be bankrupt within 12-18 months. Please fix your customer service!!!

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    I travelled from Islamabad on 16th March 2018, I had paid over £400 more for a Business class ticket than an economy ticket. There was no Business desk check In when asked why was told to stand in the economy as business desk was closed. Two members of my family who had economy tickets along with other passengers were seated in business class making it completely full. The airline had overbooked so passengers had to be seated in business class and were given the full business class service having only paid economy class. This is disgraceful and business class passengers should be refunded some money. The aeroplane was originally scheduled to fly out at 15. 30pm and then changed to 17.30 and then 23.00. Received a phone call on the day to inform us of the delay.

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    My flight changed about 3 times. My last email said 3:15am arriving at 7:05am. We did not arrive until after 8:30am. My driver was waiting over 2 hours. Then in flight I get my food and my food tray is broken and whole food tray falls partly in my lap and the rest onto my carry on bag tucked under my seat. The flight attendant says no worries and picks up some of my food. He replaces a few items and then has me share the small tray with my neighbor. Mind you there is still items from my tray on the floor and food on my bed. They never replaced my meal just a few things on my tray. How ridiculous is this. My whole appetite was gone.

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    Rude and Unprofessional cabin crew. Wouldnt provide me with female cabin crew name to make a complaint. Spoke to gulam mustafa another cabin crew member who was unhelpful too. Informed the manager of cabin crew that unhappy with how we were spoken to by member of the team. Therefore would be putting complaint in. During collection of baggage at Islamabad airport the cabin crew member brought airport security and pointed my family out. I approached the cabin crew member and asked why she was intimidating us. She ignored me and carried on. I then spoke to amir khan who listened to my complaints and asked me to carry on with collecting my baggage. 5 minutes later Amir Khan came back to me informing me that the cabin crew had been rude to him to and asked me to put a complaint in. Highly unprofessional and rude staff on PIA

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    I am from Canada and live at a distance of 3 hours from Toronto booking office. I am looking to change my reservations and trying to call Toronto booking office for the last two days and have made more than 20 calls. The admin office line is never picked up and nobody attends the call.

    There is only one time I had been able to talk to a lady on the sales line in Toronto Booking office, she noted my name and number and said someone will call you after 2 pm but again nobody gave me a call.

    PIA call center in Karachi says that we cannot change the ticket and you have to visit the booking office whereas no one picks up the phone in Toronto booking office.

    This is really pathetic service from PIA and one of the reasons national carrier incurs huge losses. Had it been other air lines, this would have been changed just over phone call.

    Khuda ka khoof karo yar kuch aur PIA par reham karo.

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    Me and my family are frequent flyers with PIA specially the route from Muscat to Gwadar and Turbat. Our relation with PIA is of years and years and established with very strong bonds.
    Recently on 15th February my son and wife traveled from Muscat to Turbat flight PK 0198 while their luggage was left behind here in Muscat with Tag number pk103376. It is since then still in Muscat till date and not been sent to Turbat even though baggage claim has been done at the Turbat Airport. It is not the first time this sort of thing has happened but in past on many occassions or almost on every flight this is happening.
    Mr. Rafiq of PIA responsible here in Muscat is not offering his services properly. Neither dealing with passengers in a good way nor officially doing his duty. It is due to him all mishaps are happening. We hear from many people here complaining about him.
    It would be a chance of great pleasure if our complain is heard and acted upon in a proper way.

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    The staff wasn’t available to check passengers in at 5:05 pm for a 7:00 pm flight. They were supposedly having lunch. Just bad customer experience!

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    I am travelling from abroad and unfortunately have connected flight to Islamabad from karachi. At first pia delayed pk368 and then issue me a revised itinerary for pk 366 which may be fly on 12 noon but still waiting @ 10 25 for boarding to start. I have been sitting on uncomfortable chairs since 5:45 morning.
    What should I do for this pathetic service and sufferings.

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    Got web booking. Needed to know expiry of PNR and how long I have to make the payment!
    Called their travel line 111-786-786. Was hold for 17min before Travel agent slammed down the phone as soon as I said hello. Did that again on the second try. Tried 3 times after that . No body even picked up. Logged on to airblue, got ticket and necessary customer care in record time! Pakistan’s corrupt politicians have done an excellent job of running this once great airline in to the ground!

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    I want to share my worst experience having with any Airline. I was purchased the ticket from PIA to travel from Abu Dhabi to Lahore as a direct flight. But today you people makes me surprise changing my flight schedule from Abu Dhabi to Karachi than Lahore. This change has been made without my prior approval or consent and intimation.

    PNR Number GZFCHS.

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    I flew from Islamabad to Jeddah on 22 December 2017 on PK 741.
    The bathrooms were very dirty and everytime a bathroom became dirty instead of maintaining it, the staff would put up a sign saying out of order.
    I asked to speak with a supervisor. The lady Nasira (supervisor) was sitting with the captain and I had to wait for a long time to meet her. Then she appeared very annoyed.
    When I told her what the problem was, she became furious and started verbally cursing.
    I could not believe an international flight supervisor can be so rude and illiterate. I made a video to show the customer service of PIA . She called the security and asked me to delete the video. I have a small video still available to show on social media. I want to first show it to the PIA staff so they know who they are entrusting their passengers with. One of the staff members told me that Nasira has high blood pressure so that is why she gets angry easily.

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    I purchased two online tickets and then cancelled one of them three weeks before travel date and I followed all the guidance provided by PIA per the refund policy – it has been over 4 months now and I have still not had a refund!

    PIA customer service staff have not been helpful in resolving the problem and they keep on saying send an email to the refund team which I done several times.

    At one point the refund team stated I will receive a refund but I have still not received a refund.

    I have received poor PIA customer service!

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    I know nothing will be done with this complaint but still I’m writing it on this hope that someone might take notice of it. i was due to travel on 24 dec 17 on a domestic flight PK 323 from quetta to lahore. the flight was cancelled without any valid reason or weather problem. On asking again and again the reason for cancellation, PIA staff was unable to answer any reason for this cancellation. On further probing i found out that it was due to poor planning that the same airplane was due to come from dubai and then was to be directed to quetta via lahore. Since its giving more business to them for flying to dubai as compared to poor quetta passengers therefore they preferred to operate flight to dubai instead of flying it to quetta. It gives me pain to just see the insolent and apathy attitude of PIA, which was once the leading airlines of world. Being a Pakistani, i have felt that passengers or their comfort no longer matter for PIA. even much younger airlines care much more for their customers than the old PIA. This is likely to accentuate the existing deplorable condition of this old white elephant. This is so offending that i missed my international flight and my pilgrimage to Saudia only due to a poor planning of PIA. If this mail is at all reaching to some high up then please do not kill this institution bit by bit. Just finish it ….. sadly yours…

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    My mother travelled to Pakistan from London Heathrow last month, and they misplaced one of her suitcases. She returned on the 26th of November, and nothing has been resolved since. I’ve sent multiple emails and tried to call them so many times. I received a response to the first email, and managed to get a call back – but since then I’ve heard nothing!!! I keep calling everyday, but nobody answers the phone!! I don’t even know who to contact anymore. Any number I find online ether doesn’t ring or doesn’t get answered.

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    It is submitted that yesterday I booked my flight PK 372 from khi to Ibd. Upon arrival we could not find our bag, later it was told by Mr ejaz sheikh that baggage is left at Karachi due pay load issue, which is not acceptable reason.
    Despite my contact to baggage claim , there is no news of baggage arrival nor any body contacted me despite number of reminders. Furthermore no body even told me whereabouts of my bag.

    I would request u to please take action against the individual who are spoiling name of national carrier service which has good name / repute for decades.

    FLIGHT PK 372
    29 NOV

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    They do not care about the elderly and people requiring their help
    Neither they give them proper seats nor the treatment that is given in other airlines
    No response is received from [email protected] i had written an email on 16 Nov 2017 and have
    not got any response yet even after reminding them
    If you call on the sale office they are really rude they do not want to help the customers
    They act like they are doing a favor by talking to the customer
    No proper guidance is available overall services are very bad
    I am very sad that our country’s airline is going down like it is heart breaking
    My experience has made PIA my last option if anyother airlines are going i would never use PIA
    I can only hope that the services are improved and PIA gets back on its feet but PIA is really pushing customers away from itself

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    I am speaking on behalf of my parents who I dropped off at the check-in desk. We were stopped mid-way while checking in the luggage by the manager of the PIA department who told us we must have everything wrapped at the Excess baggage company station otherwise they are not allowed to accept the luggage (Cost £46). When I challenged this as we have travelled like this in the past we were told it was a new policy from PIA which he then changed to saying it’s a new Heathrow policy (just stated a few months ago), I knew this was incorrect as I had already checked on both the airline’s and Heathrow’s website for any rule changes so was confidant they should accept out luggage however we had little time to argue as we would have risked being late for our flight and he said he would have to close the check-in desks any minute so either wrap it or leave it.

    When I did my research while my parent were on holiday I could find no info on the Heathrow website that made me think he was telling the truth (I e-mailed them and they said “The acceptance of hold baggage at check-in is a decision made by the airline”). I phoned the airline customer service who said they had no new rules so when I collected my parents 1 month later I had a chance to challenge the same person we spoke to before and when I spoke to him with the research I did he changed his story/reason why we needed to have our luggage rapped and when I questioned it he changed reason 2 more times. I had also read the PIA online doc which has a section that basically lets them at their own discretion refuse luggage for very vague and general sounding reasons that are impossible to challenge).

    P.S. my parents had no problems on their return flight and were offered the service of wrapping but were told it was optional. As a third-party company did the wrapping and the airlines customer service said they can’t do anything as it’s an odd situation that I should speak to Heathrow (who said its the airlines issue) but I knew I’m not going to be able to make a complaint to anyone who will actually be able to get me a refund as it’s my version vs their version of events.

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    I flew out to Pakistan on PK758 on 21st October and the back to England on PK757 on 4th November. I was not impressed by your cabin crew service or the state of the aeroplanes.
    Both on the way there and on the return journeys the aircraft entertainment systems did not work. The cabin crew calling/seeking assistance system did not work.
    The leg room is appalling tight anyway and the seat in front of me was broken such that it was permanently in decline position nad could not be moved!!!
    On the return journey I asked for a blanket and after half an hour still didn’t get one.
    Can you look into this and compensate me for the discomfort and lack of proper service from your airline.

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    Sir / madam
    I want to inform you regarding a fraud that happend with us at Jinnah airport flight was PK 0890 on 23-10-2017 ( monday 330 am) . While boarding we asked Pia staff members if we could upgrade to business class by paying the amount. They agreed and charges 22000 per person. We were 5 which makes 109,000 rupees! When we reached the plan there was no business class in the plane. They fooled us ! The flight was for bangkok . We immediatly informed the crew of the plane regarding the fraud. They called ground staff and they addmited after i started making the video. I have all proofs. I have boarding pass. The video in which they admitted. Kindly let me know how to deal with this and get my refund

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    Recently I booked my coworker’s ticket from Jeddah to Islamabad via PIA . I was surprised to know that PIA is charging SAR 300/- for wheelchair services, whereas when I booked his ticked they did not ask me for such charges but once he reached near the stair on his departure time one of PIA’s Staff members stopped him and asked him to pay SAR. 300/- and if not they will not allow him to board the Aero plane.
    My coworker was unable to climb the stair due to an accident.

    I checked with the other airlines and our national carrier is the only one charging for this kind of service. All around the world disable citizens enjoy facilities but it seems PIA strictly follows the term ‘nothing is free’.

    My major concern is, why they did not charge / inform me when I was purchasing his ticket whereas I had told them for wheel chair services and how they can stop a disable passenger near the stair and threat and harass him to pay cash money without providing any receipt. (This is something like someone is selling potato on the streets and surely not giving an impression of an international airline).

    The above said attitude not only caused monetary loss but also caused mental and physical harassment.

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    I booked for travelling from Islamabad to Karachi and back in Economy (I was told by PIA its now called Executive Economy). I was surprised at the cost which was Rs 46,250/-.
    My outbound flight was PK-369 on 11 September 2017. I was given the seat 4D which is economy class ( In A-320 only rows 1 and 2 are for executive Economy something I only learnt when I boarded the aircraft). I protested to the cabin crew showed my ticket which clearly showed executive economy – they said that I could claim my refund and they did not accommodate me on the empty seat in executive economy saying that my boarding card is for economy.
    On my return flight, on 15 September 2017, I got a call from PIA stating that the flight is all economy and I will get and economy ticket and can claim a refund.
    On reaching Islamabad I proceeded to the reservation (where I had bought my ticket), after calculating, the reservation officer said that my claim will be only Rs4,400!
    Surprised by this amount, I asked him is he saying the economy return ticket to Karachi is (46,250-4,400=)Rs 41,850?
    On checking it was about Rs 20, 202. So I asked why is PIA charging me (46,250 – 20,202=)Rs 26, 048 extra? He gave me some reply on fare basis etc etc . Then said that I could go to the Reservation office in Islamabad for any refunds as here the rules say I will only get Rs 4,400.
    This is how PIA is ripping off passengers to earn more revenue.

  36. 1.0

    On 31.08.2017, My Flight PK 0367 L departed 3.25 hours late from Quetta to karachi at 21:45 instead of 18:20 which was its scheduled time.
    The service was so bad that passengers were served with unfresh sandwich, mild hot tea and mild cold drink. The policy of PIA was breached by not serving Dinner to passengers!
    Few of the passengers asked for comments Card of PIA which despite commitment was not provided. Such a careless attitude of the Crew & worse service is a big question mark on PIA

  37. 5.0

    On 26 Aug 17 , I traveled from Quetta to Islamabad in PK 352 at 1540 hrs, My complaint is about use of cell phones, crew is cuppose to check that everyone has switched off the cell, which they did not even when the plane was takeingoff ppl were using phones, secondly ppl don’t switch off the cell even the entire flight , I hape you will take proper notice of my complaint, Regards

  38. 1.0

    Unfortunately PIA customer service has a lot to be desired. I booked my family return tickets to Islamabad but within days had a work related issue which meant that I needed to bring my travel plans a week forward and return a week early. Unfortunately the customer service lady in Karachi wanted to charge extra for the changed return date which was still off peak. I ended up cancelling my tickets as no one could make a decision or willing to listen. To make matters worse I was charged a cancellation fee. No wonder people are reluctant to travel via PIA. I ended up obtaining tickets from another airline, which is a sad loss to PIA. I wanted to travel via PIA and support our own airline. PIA needs to improve their customer service and listen to people to attract business. Currently this is not happening which is why the airline is in the state that it is currently in.

  39. 5.0

    I am a frequent flyer by PIA considering it as a national carrier I always prefer to travel through PIA and being a staunch Pakistani I always have pleasure in doing so.

    But unfortunately, I have had some unexpected experience during my journey from Karachi to Dammam on 15th May, 2017. I was bound for Dammam through PK-242 scheduled to leave Karachi at 9:55 pm. At the outset we were informed that flight is delayed for one hour which is bearable however. We were asked to board the aircraft through stairs, bearable too. Surprisingly the plane was not of PIA but symbolled as PEGASUS with flag of Turkey at the tail end and PIA written in Urdu at the front end. Passengers boarded the plane however but there was another surprise for us. There were mixture of crew like PIA crew and Turkish crew. Captain however seems to be a Turkish fellow and may be the co-pilot too.

    Travelling to your homeland once in a year certainly has a great feeling one can only imagine but this sort of happening make us sad as we are here in “Pardes” and contributing towards growth of economy of our country. We do not want to go into depth whatsoever, that what is the root cause of this scenario.

    • Has PIA shortage of Aircrafts?
    • Has PIA taken Aircraft on lease from Turkey?
    • Doesn’t PIA think of the passengers while they were surprised and confused to see whether they were boarding the right plane?

    I have seen someone whispering “Might be we are boarding a wrong Plane, Let us go back”. And off-course there were families and alone passengers who might have been surprised too by seeing “PEGASUS” written on the plane instead of “Pakistan International”.

    Anyways, our obligation is to identify and pen down. Surely a day will come when we will regain our lost glory the world knows as “Great People to fly with”.

  40. 5.0

    I have arranged P.I.A tickets for my family scheduled to come bu 04th June, 2017 via PK 293 Multan to Abu Dhabi. The last day I have received information from my friend that PIA has changed the direct flight to 09 hours indirect flight without prior information. I have lost all my arrangements as well as my family visas are expired. I want to know who is responsible for this and where should I record my protest?

  41. 5.0

    This is a complaint for multiple delays in Lahore bound flight (PK 651) from Islamabad on 11 May 2017. The first delay was from 0900 to 1030, and after check in was informed that flight would now depart at 1115. Had to reschedule my meeting twice in Lahore. Deeply disappointed and when I asked counter to give me complaint card, they had none. I am a frequent flyer with PIA and this time I couldn’t stop myself from not launching the complaint. I hope some action is taken on this complaint against those responsible. I hope the mgt would keep me posted of that also.

  42. 1.0

    If I could I would give this airline and a lot of the people working for it a big fat 0.
    Inefficient, rude and lazy and the way they talk to their customers is so rude. My 81 year old mother asked for a blanket – one one flight never came and on another she asked 3 times and was rudely shouted at to wait her turn it was coming.
    No idea of customer service or any loyalty to their job or their company.
    If they did then I would not have had the horrible experiences I have had travelling with PIA from Heathrow to Karachi on a few occasions.
    Before booking tickets I rang customer services on two occasions to make sure there were films and I was told yes and there weren’t. Even the air hostess on the plane lied and pretended there was an error until she was forced to admit the truth by another customer.
    And to top it all – the staff themselves say bad things about their own airline!!
    ‘We get the rough stuff travelling with us and we get customers because we are the only direct airline to Karachi from Heathrow’ – says Mr Habib at Heathrow! Says it all doesn’t it. They are just not bothered! They don’t have to try because they just shout and take no tide of the rough stuff because they are not held accountable.
    They damaged my suitcase and a month later are still not answering their telephones and K2 even chasing and chasing for an answer and no response.

  43. 5.0

    I and my husband were traveling from Karachi to Bombay on 13th April 2017. The flight was delayed by 5 hours. We were not intimated of any such delay. In fact there were many passengers like us who were not informed and had to wait there in hot weather. That’s not all. The worst part was that we missed our connecting flight to Ahmedabad! Indigo airline did not have any seat on the same day. Other airlines had extremely expensive tickets. Here it should be kept in mind that we have to report within 24hours of landing. We had to opt for another option that was a bus or train. We are senior citizens. The above said delay not only caused monetary loss but also caused mental and physical harassment.

  44. 5.0

    I called up the PIA contact center to find out nearest PIA office in Karachi.
    He told me that it’s located at Hotel Metropole and the timings are from 8am to 8 pm.
    I reached Metropole office and their was No PIA office there. I was informed by a passerby that the office is in Sidco Center.
    I reached the office at Sidco center at 8:10 and the guard informed me that this office opens at 9 am.
    I again called the PIA contact center and the new agent confirmed and reconfirmed that the timings are 8:30 am.
    I fail to understand whether it is operating on Karachi time, Bombay time or Dhaka time.
    Can someone take the trouble to get the information corrected so that overseas Pakistanis are not harassed.
    Do I get an upgrade for my next flight for the inconvenience caused ??
    Frequent flyer no 114986616

  45. 5.0

    Good morning, Unfortunately I have a complain against pia. My flight departure time was 5:25 am then it’s changed to 7:15 am then again it’s changed to 8am, then again changed to 9:00 am.. we are waiting inside the waiting hall from last night 2 O’clock. This is not fair, all people are waiting from last night 2 o’clock. You should give us a concession in our ticket for this delay . All passengers, including me are so upset and sick about Pia.

  46. 5.0

    Habitual Delay in Departure of PK 212

    I would like to submit a complaint to make it on record that PK 212 from Dubai usually departs late causing frustration and anger among passengers. If its once a fortnight due to any specific reason, that could be understandable but delay on every second day is habitual. You may please check record of last one month and see exact departure times of PK 212.

    May I also mention here that before PK 212 was very punctual as the flight coming from Islamabad (PK 211) was returning to Islamabad as PK 212. However, on my inquiry I found that basic reason of PK 212 delay is that now flight coming from Peshawar (which apparently gets delayed due to poor condition of Peshawar Airport rather call it Bus Stand as I have witnessed) is going back to Islamabad. Even today flight from Peshawar (PK 283) is delayed for two hours.

    Please do realize importance of TIME, TIME and TIME. If people on work will perform their duties responsibly, we don’t see reason of delay. I hope Management of PIA is competent enough to bring discipline among their staff and sense of loyalty and commitment to their respective job.

    Thanks and regards,

  47. 5.0

    On Pia flight PK 247, I am travelling to Dammam from Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore. Plane is full of mosquitoes, no ventilation has been done before getting passengers on board. People may get affected from Malaria or Dengue. After getting all passengers on board, it has been announced that flight is delayed due to technical issue in AC.

  48. 5.0

    Humiliation & Harassment by PIA
    PK782 – March 9, 2017
    This complaint is on behalf of my family
    This is to bring the humiliation, harassment and distress caused to me and my kids by the check-in staff at Toronto Pearson Airport on PK782 on March 9, 2017 and during the entire flight
    Airline Reservation Code QTTRIF (PK)
    Firstly, we had confirmed seat numbers 45A, 45B, 45C & 45D and were denied boarding cards for our seats by PIA staff at check-in by falsely stating that our seats were NOT CONFIRMED even though we showed them the ticket print outs which showed confirmed seat numbers. I requested to call the supervisor who was even not helpful as simply stated that your original seats (45A, 45B, 45C & 45D) have already been allotted to someone else and we will accommodate you. This was the worst answer I could have heard because we have confirmed ticket and confirmed seats which we were deprived by PIA Check-in staff/Supervisor
    We were issued seats 25A, 25B, 25C & 25D where only one screen on 25A was working and all the rest were out of order.
    During the flight it was noticed that the main reason our confirmed seats (45A, 45B, 45C & 45D) were issued INTENTIONALLY BY PIA STAFF AT CHECK-IN to someone else (whom they would have known) as all the screens were working. I would simply state that this is harassment on behalf of PIA staff and denying us our originally confirmed seats (which I again confirmed by my travel agent that seats (45A, 45B, 45C & 45D) were fully confirmed)
    Secondly, there was announcement made in PIA is working on seats and they cannot be reclined. Imagine someone sitting straight for close to 14 hrs without being able to recline seats, I think this greatest distress caused to human being by PIA and fully proves the quality of services PIA offer and responsible for the current status of PIA.
    I would like PIA to investigate this matter and let me know the outcome. Even though, we all hear terrible stories of PIA all the times, but still I preferred PIA to fly which my biggest mistake of my life and will Never ever fly again on PIA because of the Humiliation & Harassment by PIA

  49. 5.0

    Luggages being left at Lahore airport has become normal with the airline in spite of space in plane. On 28 -3-2017 ,my two daughters travelled on PK -1295 from lahore to RYK but when they reach RYK they were told that their luggages were not brought by plane.This flight is air bus and much space is available in plane but no passengers’ luggages were brought .This created chaos among the passengers .No complaint forms were given by airport staff in spite of requests. Many passengers have no other clothes. It is a shameful attitude of PIA. A permanent solution should be developed so that in future such situations do not repet.

  50. 5.0

    My family who were suppose to travel from Faisalabad to Karachi at 18:00 Hrs, are having a lot of confusion, confusion is pertaining to the flight, as per the PIA Call Center, the flight will get delayed / cancelled, to be honest they are not clear about the flight schedule themselves.

    We are not intimated about the current flight from PIA, via email/sms or call, the Office Number for PIA Counter in Faisalabad which was provided to me by the Call Center lady is also not responding.

    Even after paying premium, we are getting less than satisfactory services from PIA, which is for us a no surprise, te only reason we had to book a flight via PA was that no other flight was going/coming from/to Faisalabad to Karachi, this is a mistake which i admit i did from my end, hopefully it will not happen again.

    The only thing I am asking you right now is that kindly confirm if the flight coming from Faisalabad to Karachi in today’s date at 18:00 Hrs is going to fly as per plan or going to get delayed / cancelled without any reason and what will the plan of action from PIA side to my family, will we be compensated for the time loss not to mention the frustrated, torture and inconvenience provided by PIA’s ever so disastrous management and operations.

  51. 5.0

    Flight number ;PK305,
    Lahore – Karachi
    6:00pm, 28th December 2016.
    Seat number :24B
    (family covering seats; 24A, 24B, 24C, 24D)

    This is a Complain for a rude and demeaning behaviour of air hostess Erum, and chief purser Almas on PK305 on 28th Dec, lahore-karachi.

    I want to place a complaint against air hostess Erum, and chief purser Almas. My mother and I were flying from lahore to karachi and closing towards the second half of the flight, your chief purser came right at my seat, targeted me directly, and in an extremely demeaning tone started to give me a lecture about photography being prohibited on a flight, not only was she rude to me but also to my mother! I was extremely taken aback and I cross questioned her about this new ‘rule’, so she said we can take our own photos but not of the plane (please note: my phone was kept switched off in my bag since take off, however I had a friend on another seat, who took a photograph with me earlier on using her own mobile) Air hostess Erum then joined your purser and spoke to me in an extremely rude tone, telling me how she’d delete things from my phone, and when I said Mine isn’t even switched on, she told me she would go to my friend, bring back her phone and prove me wrong? (Would she manhandle my friend to do that???)

    As a background to this story I had a friend sitting ahead of me in the plane, who came back to my seat for a quick chat, and we took a photograph together, (a ‘selfie’ to be precise) , at this point Ms Erum was passing with a trolly, she asked us to chat later but instead my friend scooted in front of my seat so your air hostess could pass comfortably. It seems like Erum took us having a good time to heart and went and placed a complain with your chief purser. Who then came over and started to bully and fight with me and my mother.

    Just to add we had been observing your chief purser for a while, and she was using this tone and telling off many passengers already in the flight but no one responded as many people aren’t too aware of their rights and take bullying and rude behaviour from aircraft crew. Aren’t they there to from to SERVE, not BULLY us? Isn’t everyone on the flight a paying customer who has rights? A passenger who chose PIA?

    A few points I’d like to break down
    -if there is a new rule, about no pictures during a flight why is not announced when all other big n small rules announced are before take off?
    -we asked for the rule in writing and nothing was shown (chief purer Almas said she had it in writing and would show it to us, to quote ‘it is in writing, dikhaati hoon mein apko’)
    -chief purser changed her statement from ‘no photos allowed’ to ‘you can take your own, but not of the aircraft’. We only took a photo of ourselves (to quote : ‘aap apni photo khench sakti hein not of aircraft’) I repeat we were two girls enjoying this flight, and chose to take a photo (SELFIE!!!)
    -while leaving the plane we asked for the pilot and were told he’s gone, and another male crew member started to argue with us telling us how this was a law passed in the National Assembly (if so WHY WASN’T IT ANNOUNCED??)
    -2 people apologised to me as they saw I was on the right but Ms Erum and Ms Almas had the same attitude even when we were out in the airport and at luggage collection.

    My family and I are frequent PIA flyers, please check my records, I personally fly internationally with my family about 3-4 times a year, and we have uncountable domestic flights, and never have we ever faced something like this. I’m still shaken from this entire episode. I have flown many international airlines and still chose PIA, i used too Feel a loyalty towards PIA. I am still shaken from this incident and today I faced a behaviour that has left me and my mother in disbelief.

    For now I am complaining here, I will decide what further action I want to take based on the the response and action get from the staff right now.

  52. 5.0

    I with my entire family was extremely disappointed at my most recent experience with PIA. We arrived at Allama Iqbal International Airport for our scheduled flight # PK205 at 21:00 from Lahore to Kuwait. Upon checking the electronic display in the terminal, I saw that the flight was listed as Delayed. I immediately asked the counter staff if he had any additional information. Despite my polite demeanor, he responded rudely, stating, “You can read. You know as much as I do.”

    After that I tried to get more and correct information from the other available PIA staff but everyone on the terminal tried to escape from the scene. With my 3 Kids and wife have been waiting from 18:00 to board our flight at 21:00. After a long struggle I was able to find one PIA Staff member and asked about the refreshment which PIA Staff should ask us as when they knew that the flight has delayed till 2:00 am. After my request we were served with refreshment at 00:00.
    The refreshment which was served was not good even and had some insect inside the pack of rice which I was eating.

    Here is where my frustration reaches its peak: another PIA Staff member assured me that the flight which was re-scheduled at 2:00 am will never leave at 2:00 am.
    As per Pakistan Civil Aviation (Air passenger Rights) Under D14. LONG DELAYS:
    D14.1.4 when the delay is 5 hours or more, the airline shall also offer to refund the passenger’s ticket (with a free flight back to his initial point of departure, when relevant)

    As per Pakistan Civil Aviation (Air passenger Rights) Under D16. BAGGAGE:
    D16.1 The passenger may claim for damages caused by the destruction , damage ,loss or delay of his baggage on a flight from an airline, as per carriage by Air Act 2012, Pakistan or Montreal Convention , 1999 Chapter XXI (both available on PCAA website). If the airline does not agree with the claim, the passenger may seek redressal in accordance with law.

    I believe PIA needs to take full responsibility for the inconvenience, items damaged in my luggage due to delay and expense I suffered due to your airline’s inability to plan for such problems, as well as the communication breakdown that occurred among your staff.

  53. 1.0

    I have a chance to travel to PIA from London Heathrow to Lahore Pakistan. The overall service fell far below the basic human requirements, let alone standard expectations. To start with, there was no air conditioning at all which was causing sweatiness and dehydration to the elderly, disabled people and children. There was no fan outlet either and no cold water facility. We were told that due to technical issue, the air conditioning isn’t working, but it cant happen on both the flights (inwards and outwards). The food was almost expired due to no refrigeration service available. After the dinner was served, no one came to collect the dishes and 90% of the passengers took their dishes back themselves.

    The entire plane was full of smell due to the sweat, making it extremely difficult to breath. This was an 8 hour international direct flight. The overall flight was lacking basic human needs and was compromising with the health and safety of the passengers along with the crew.

  54. 5.0

    On 31 July 16, I along with my family, travelled from Karachi to Peshawar onboard PIA flight PK 350. While disembarking at about 0815 hrs, my younger son who was occupying seat 15A (window seat) forgot to carry his Samsung Tab 4 (Model SM -T230). On realising the loss, I approached the PIA staff for the search at about crossed 1000 hrs. The PIA security in charge informed that no such tab was found from the aircraft which by then had already taken off for Dubai.
    Foregoing, I initiated a written complaint with the Station Manager Peshawar. I was assured of following by the PIA staff;
    1. The aircraft will be searched once again on return from Dubai.
    2. My complaint will be forwarded to PIA head office for perusal.
    3. Status of my complaint will be intimated to me on my cell number by evening.

    On not receiving any response from PIA, I contacted the local staff again today at 1300 hours. It was utterly discouraging to know that there was no progress, my complaint was also not forwarded to PIA headquarters and most of all I was told that PIA holds no responsibility in the loss of the equipment. However, subsequently I was informed that the staff has reluctantly forwarded the complaint.

    While I understand that passengers are themselves responsible to ensure safety of their hand luggage onboard the aircraft but as hosts, your staff should be morally upright that if they find anything which does not belong to them, it should be returned. This response also does not commensurate with the stature of PIA, our national carrier.

  55. 5.0

    I went to PIA office (Islamabad airport) to purchase a ticket at 1:07 am (21st July 2016). Your employee at the counter misguided me and my brother. We asked him to book ticket from Islamabad to Karachi on 30 th July 2016. He said that no seats were available for economy class and the ticket available costs 19000. I had earlier checked the ticket, it cost 11050. After that I told him to recheck the computer. After that he agreed upon the availability of the ticket that had cost 11050. I told him to book 2 tickets. He again misguided and replied that no 2 tickets are available on 30th(cost 11050)..I told him to book 2 tickets on 1 st august (cost 8200) .. he again replied that only one ticket is available on 1st August.
    I again told him to book 2 tickets on 29th July(11050). He again said that only one ticket is available.
    He was very rude and harsh to me any my brother.
    Since we were in hurry I purchased 2 tickets of different date and cost.
    All the flights from 29 July till 1 st august had more than 2 tickets available.
    He made me suffer with a loss of 3000
    I am really disappointed by your services.

  56. 1.0

    My complain is with the staff at Bradford branch especially the pia branch manager. I got price for my disability seat on phone. The staff asked for papers for which I asked what papers they needed to see. I took the papers with me of which I was asked to bring. I travelled 15 miles to the pia office saw Mr S on the counter, asked him if he could book the seat first. He said he does not know how to book the seat on disability and I will have to come back when the person is in. So I asked when she is going to be back, he said he does not know what time she will be back. How can he be the manager. He does not know what time his staff is going to be back so I said can you check the paperwork if everything is ok then he started making excuses that you will have to bring letter from your doctor I said can i speak to your manager he said I am manager so I said to him blue badge and dwp letter is the proof of me being disabled so he replied very rudely. I said can you please give the pia terms and conditions about disabled passengers. He did not know what I was talking about and he was ringing in different pia offices about the terms and conditions. Manchester office told him that what I produced him was right papers and he should book the seat but he did not want to budge. His behavior was very poor. He wasted my time. Would pia please train your staff properly. I travel twice a year to Pakistan and I am very disappointed now with this event. Every customer should be treated with dignity if you dont want to lose customers.

  57. 1.0

    This complaint is on behalf on my brother. He is an EU national, holding Italian passport. He lived in Pakistan for past 7/8 years, he was due to fly to Manchester from Islamabad on PIA. The PIA staff at the Islamabad airport refused to issue boarding pass on basis that he needs a visa on his Italian passport to enter UK.

    This clearly infringes his freedom of movement right within Europe. He missed his flight scheduled on 09/07/16.

    The PIA staff failed to recognise the proper EU rules.

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