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    After 14 years of bronze membership with Qantas, I login to my account to see that 14 years of points (44,567 points) accrued have just been wiped with no warning. I feel that there is no justified reason for wiping a loyal and lengthy customers points from their account and particularly without any warning except of course to catch the customer out. I feel that this is grossly unfair and would like a response from a person over the matter.

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    After few times trying to contact you, have to give up each time after 45 minutes waiting, I finally could speak to Aaron, but he could not help me because I did not have a booking reference number (what a shame).

    Aaron advised me to send an email to [email protected], instead of waiting on the phone for 45 minutes.

    I flew to Auckland from Perth on 30/12/2016 on QF111, Booking Reference 3ZZSW6, the ticket was attached. My name on the ticket is xxxxx with my wife yyyyy, I tried to claim points for this fly in March 2017 for myself and my wife, My wife’s points were claimed successfully, but my claim was rejected. I guess it was because the name on the ticket was not matched with the Quantas Frequent Flyer Membership, and this was not the first time it happened.

    Now could you please:
    – Grant the missing to me, I could not do it again online because, it has already rejected.
    – Change my membership name to yyyyyyyyy to match with the name on the passport (my middle name zzz comes first) so that it would not happen again.

    I sent the email on 19/07/2017, I received no response from Quantas Frequent Flyer at all,
    WHAT A SHAME. If you cannot look after your existing customers, how can you try to get more new customers???

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    I have been trying to contact your 13 11 31 number to enquire about our Complimentary Lounge Pass, (by loading money onto Qantas Cash),which we did. The offer expired on 11th June and I know it can take 6 to 8 weeks to come through, it is well past the 6 weeks time frame.
    But my problem is I have been trying to contact the above number. This is the 4th time and each time prior to this has been 30 minutes and I gave up. I am on the line now and we are at the 40 minute mark and still no answer. I have emailed the Frequent Flyer and have had a reply, but what that was, was to call the 13 11 31 number, all that is happening is I am getting very angry with the LACK OF SERVICE. All I want is for someone to answer my question.
    Every time the 13 11 31 number tells me is that, there is “higher than anticipated call volumes, why isn’t something done about it?
    SUE BAIRD FF No. 6236804

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    I have been a Qantas frequent flyer since 1996. I recently applied to upgrade to business class using my points on a flight to Honolulu. I was waiting to see if my upgrade had been granted. I had 192,000 points to use only to log into my account yesterday to find my points had apparently expired, a fact I was totally unaware could even happen. I am furious that I have had no contact from Qantas regarding my upgrade and that they have taken my points that I had saved for this holiday upgrade.. And they don’t seem to want to assist me. Where is their duty of care and loyalty to their members???

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    I phoned 6 times to talk to a customer service officer, and waited over 30 mins on all occasions, I can produce my phone statement. When I got through I was told my work flights didn’t contribute to my points which is fine, however I now have 4 accounts between my husband and children and no way of putting all the points together, if I was confident I would travel with virgin in future to close these accounts but for my kids I will keep these open for now. Just ridiculous that the four accounts cannot be merged so we don’t lose the points. An administrative joke.

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    I am utterly disappointed that I have made two international flights to Europe this year, one for a family funeral and the other to spread the ashes, and have still not advanced to Silver, yet my 11 year old son who made the same flights with me has advanced to Silver status already and has only been a member since Feb 2016. I have been member since Mar 2002! I was told when I rang that it is because my flights were taken in different membership years, i.e. one return flight in February and another in June/July. However, I find this an absolute disgrace given the reason for the flights and the fact that I have been a longstanding member.

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