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    Toronto, June 18th, 2018.

    To whom it may concern;

    I am writing to formally complain about the missed TP 1949 flight on April 16th, 2018 with TAP airlines.
    My claim was formally logged in the book at Lisbon for additional information.

    On April 16th, I was boarded on the flight TP1949 from Porto to Lisbon, where another Tap flight was to bring me to Toronto.
    The flight TP1949 was delayed in Porto and I missed my connection at the Lisbon terminal, amongst a group of other passengers on the same flight.
    When our flight TP 1949 arrived in Lisbon, there was a representative from the TAP airline who was waiting for us at the gate and facilitate the transfer through the airport and the passport check. He made us run and was in constant contact with the customer service representatives from TAP airlines at the boarding gate, so it was absolutely evident that the flight was going to wait for the delayed passengers of flight TP1949. However, when we arrived at the gate to embark for our flight TP259, the gate had closed in the last 10 minutes.
    We were told that we couldn’t embark and that the next flight to Toronto would not be before the next day.

    The TAP customer service attendant brought us to the TAP kiosk to negotiate a solution, where I was rescheduled on another flight to Toronto on April 17th, 2018, with Air Canada 1917.
    I was provided a taxi voucher and booked into a hotel for the night where diner and breakfast were provided.

    I am claiming the following:
    The price representing the cost of my return flight ticket that I original purchased (cad $761.01), along with the cost of my baggage ( 75 Euros) that I had to pay additionally, the food and drink I purchased while waiting for my rescheduled flight and the next morning necessities ( 25 Euros).

    I am also outlining the stress of the delayed flight, the run through gates and corridors at Lisbon airport (and this for no reasons since it was already decided that the flight was not going to be waiting for us), the wait for several hours in line at the TAP kiosk to be rescheduled onto a different flight, the retrieval of my luggage at the arrival ( belt 9) , the wait for a taxi outside the airport, the exhaustion arriving past 10 pm in our hotel, the inconvenience of having missed a day at work for which I had to take a day off for and the disappointment on how this event was handled by TAP airlines.

    I would appreciate for all of the above, an additional compensation for the inconvenience caused by your TAP airlines mismanagement along with my occurred expenses.

    I have receipts available for you:
    Flight tickets (cad $761.01), my luggage ( 75 Euros); the boarding pass; the declaration filled by the TAP customer service team; the copy of the Complaint form #26167406, receipt for food and drinks ( 25 Euros), my Air Canada boarding pass.

    In trust that I will receive a response to my claim, please accept my thanks.

    Best regards,

    L. Walters

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    In June I travelled from London to Sao Paulo via Lisbon for a short business trip. On the way my luggage was lost in Lisbon. I was told I would get it back but nobody could confirm when.

    I advised by a member of Tap Portugal that I would be compensated for the basic / necessary purchases that I needed to make until my bag arrived.

    I did this, and once home I immediately submitted my compensation claim via the website. However, it has now been 4 months and nobody has replied, despite me chasing and calling every few weeks. I am now at a loss of how to get this resolved, as they do not seem to care about responding to their customers.

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    Reading all these stories from other passengers I now realize that the awful experience we had with TAP is all too common. Here is a summary of our experience on our June 2018 flight from Barcelona to Accra, via Lisbon.

    A late departure from Barcelona (due to a previous TAP cancellation) resulting in a missed connection in Lisbon despite assurances from the pilot that the connecting flight would wait.

    Absolute chaos during a total of 7 hours at the customer service office in Lisbon airport where we waited with our child while they assigned a hotel to stay until our flight the following day. After waiting 5 hours we were told there were no hotels available and we should find our own. After insisting we later found out this was not true.

    Queuing in Lisbon airport late at night for a taxi to the hotel. Being ignored by taxi drivers who don´t want to take TAP passengers with a taxi voucher. Why? Because when we arrived at our hotel it was full and the taxi driver wasted 2 hours with us while we contacted TAP to find another hotel. TAP only gives the taxi drivers a flat fare (8 euro voucher) to take clients to the hotel.

    Eventually arriving in Accra 24 hours late only to find out our bags were missing. We were told by the TAP representative that the bags would be sent on another plane the following day and this was because they need to save weight as they can´t carry enough fuel on the plane.

    I have contacted TAP several times and have only ever received an automated reply saying they will contact me. That was three months ago.

    It is amazing that such a large European airline is allowed to operate with such poor levels of organization and service.

    One piece of advice to TAP: problems do not go away by sticking your head in the ground, but clients will.

    One piece of advice to potential TAP passengers: find an alternative to TAP.

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    My husband is wheelchair-bound with a permanent disability. I paid an extra $50 for each of us, round-trip (total $200) because he needs the extra leg room and because I need to assist him with meals, seat positioning, and going to the toilet. I did not notice upon check-in, that check-in agent (a woman who seemed to be in a hurry to leave) had given us SEPARATE seats, when I had booked 12 A and 12 C a few months ago. She gave us 7G and 8H. At the gate when I did notice, I asked about it and got no help or assistance from the gate agents who did not seem to care at all. They all seemed in a rush to get everyone on the plane and out of their responsibility. Upon boarding the plane, even the cabin crew said they can’t do anything about it. We had to wait, and wait … and hope that the person assigned beside my husband would be nice enough to exchange seats. Fortunately, he was nice enough to agree, unlike your ground staff who exhibited no customer support, compassion or effort to correct their mistake. What is the point of giving us seat options for an extra $50 each, if you will just put us anywhere you want? AND, my husband has a disability which you know of… and yet you do not give him any consideration/priority and instead, separate us? You have no idea what stress and worry you gave us. This has NEVER happened on Japan Airlines (most compassionate and respectful airline in the world), Southwest, Delta, Singapore Air or Air Canada. And we travel a lot. Travelling with a disability is hard enough as it is, and we hope that airlines will extend a certain level of assistance and have the decency to correct and solve a problem of your own making. Not ours. We trusted TAP to provide quality customer service but instead, no one helped. None of you. I am expecting a REFUND of $100 to be credited to my account. Which is not even enough for the anguish you gave. Aside from the fact that you separated the wheelchair frame from the wheelchair parts bag (both of which were to be claimed at baggage claim, not the gate) and it had to be located in Boston- Logan where we had to wait for about an HOUR as airport personnel (not TAP) tried to find it. Imagine the exhaustion and fatigue of my husband as we worried about his wheelchair. I may decide to write to Portugal’s Tourism Department regarding your poor treatment of people with disabilities, TAP’s CEO and bosses, and whatever other government office is willing to listen to me, in the fervent hope that no other future special needs traveler using TAP, will be subjected to the trauma of such a horrible experience. You charged us for seats you were not able to provide, and you will likely keep doing it to fatten your profit margin. You did not even give proper handling to his wheelchair. It starts with compassion and care and sadly, you have failed. I am posting here, because TAP’s complaint page won’t take my complaint, I keep clicking “send” and there is no confirmation. Unbelievable.

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    I hope you will read this letter and want to learn from customer experience to change how you run your business.

    There we were, shuffled into what’s known as TAP Hotel/VIP GRAND. A hotel with sectioned off areas treated like the poor. Only allowed certain amenities. We were shuffled, like cattle.

    How many people did I speak with at the airport, taxi, lobby, elevator and at dinner who all experienced an attempt to quiet unhappy consumers? Every person I spoke with had experienced the same. We were all good little customers, following direction as we were told, as there were no other options to get back home. We were kept quiet by TAP and instructed there is no live person to speak with about the unacceptable policy you have fluffed off, much like a kingdom treating its peasants with rations.

    I work in a hospital and was due to return to work on the day you allowed me to return home. I had my father with me in a wheelchair, because he cannot walk without excruciating pain after a little while. Another woman from Amsterdam was trying to get to work in Brazil as a tour guide. Another family was escorting their mother who has Alzheimer’s in a wheelchair. I noticed on my fight alone there were 3 who couldn’t get to the gate fast enough because wheelchairs leave the plane last and could not get to the transfer flight from one TAP flight to another TAP flight; starting in Faro and ending in Lisbon. YOU KNEW WE WERE COMING AND WE WERE 1 GATE AWAY FROM ARRIVING. THE AUDACITY REMINDS ME OF OUR PATHETIC PRESIDENT TRUMP. Whoever is running your show has the same disrespect for people’s lives. I had to rearrange many other schedules at the hospital and another person who had to delay their vacation because my economic flight was given away to someone else. Does this happen to first class?

    The wheelchair assistant was on the walkie-talkie giving the gatekeepers a play by play of our distance. We ran and were one gate away from our destination and we were told our seats were given away. I did read the article in the Portuguese News last week about how airline staff are treated when a flight changes. I imagine this was the reason for the quick turnaround. What about how we are treated?

    The TAP employee who gave us vouchers included one for breakfast and said, “I should inform you the breakfast is the worst meal at the hotel, and we should come to the airport early… Now don’t forget what I said about breakfast.” We went to breakfast and it was very nice with many options. Minus the coffee, it was a great breakfast and service. The dinner, however, was pathetic. The hair-thin 2 palm-sized, slices of veal, with small, dry potatoes. The vegetable was shredded cabbage and onions, I guess, with gravy. Let me reiterate, the veal was as thin as a piece of transparent onion layer. Everyone was still hungry and told we could purchase a “full” dinner. One woman joked, it felt like we were foster children in an orphanage fed leftovers, decorated with gravy. It was cheap and shameful. It was not equal to the food served on an airline (chicken with some sort of sauce on the plane the next day.) The dessert is even better on the airlines. At the restaurant, we were allowed a small, square, spongy, orange foam glob.

    Someone said it’s because the “Brazilians and Chinese took over of Portugal-TAP.” I defended both cultures and countries and said it has nothing to do with a country but did suggest greed money. Another said the Brazilians’ are trying to bankrupt the government to buy off their last shares of TAP on the cheap. There are terrible bias’s people have. There are lots of rumors. In the end, I lost 8 hours of wages. I lost a decent meal at dinner. I lost my flight back to NY and it affected the lives of other coworkers. I lost j1 of 3 vacation days I have left for the rest of the year. After which I will not get paid for time off. I do expect compensation more than your $600.00 that the company seems to think is acceptable. It’s not.

    My father was also affected by his lost day and expects compensation for his air flight and a decent meal. The frustration with so many TAP consumers was palpable. There were frustrations from my family members, childcare was affected, colleagues’ schedules and vacation… it doesn’t’ seem that TAP cares. There is a disregard for customers’ needs. Please review your policies and management of transfers. It’s time.

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    We are thoroughly disgusted with TAP and strongly urge others to consider carefully before booking flights with this very poor, almost dishonest, company ! We booked flights directly with TAP to fly from Amsterdam to Faro on June 20th 2018. Both of the two flights were delayed and we missed their connections resulting on us being 8 hours late upon arrival. This was after 1am in the morning and we had to pay for taxis since the rental companies were closed. We have filed 3 complaints and phoned TAP but basically they acknowledge receiving the complaints and request for compensation AS IS THE LAW – but they rudely do not reply. We will never fly TAP again. They are a disgrace to a country that we otherwise adore. Shame on you !!!

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    Our bags were temporarily lost on February 19, 2018. After receiving out luggage a few days later, we submitted a claim and were acknowledged. However, after a month or so, on rechecking, our claim had been lost. We tried to use the online system to resubmit, but were shutout because our claim # could not be found and we had passed the deadline to baggage claims. We were, however, able to establish our claim (2018-75864) but there was again no progress. I finally got through to a complaints officer in June who advised me to resubmit by registered mail, which I did, and received an acknowledgement in July. The complaint website now acknowledges our claim number and indicates that it has, a yet not been able to contact me. We would very much appreciate some action, since, we also have a second payer, who will not proceed until our claim with you is resolved.

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    On March the 15th 2018 I took a one hour flight with Tap Portugal (TP1023). In this fligh an important piece of luggage was lost.
    In the airport I did all the corresponding paperwork and patiently waited for a responce that never came.

    From my home in Argentina I called several times to see what was happening. Nothing. Always nothing.
    On the first call, they told me I should wait, because they had 28 days to see if they could find my luggage. So I waited. Once the 28 days were over, and after recieving no email or call or any kind of contact, I called again. This time they told me I should get a refund for my lost luggage since it was no longer probable it would reappear. Happily I filled in all the important information, and I was told once again to wait for a response. This time I got an email with my complain number (2018/79044). This was the first and last email I ever recieved from the company. (oh but from the newletter i get them every month…)

    I waited for one month, no anser. So I called again. The people were all nice and fine, yet no solution to my problem. What did they say? “I will put you on the list of urgent matters”. I cannot even trust that what they tell me on the phone is true anymore. Anyway, urgent matter or not, I got no answer once again. No phone call, no email, nothing. This situation repeted itself for more than 6 months, and several calls in between (at least 8).

    The thing is, no one is paying me the calls to portugal, and they are expensive. Still the comany doesnt care a bit. Every single time I call, Im told the same thing: “We cannot do anything from here. We did all we could”. All we could? and what was that? to press a couple of bottons?! That is nothing, no contact, no emails, never an update on my complain, never someone who can actually do something about it. Last time I called, I was even told “we can do no more. But if you want to keep persuing with this you should take legal action”. Is this really what will happen? I am starting to believe, you actually steal peoples belongings and wait for them to forget it and keep the things to yourselves.

    This is not only unbelievebably unrespectfull but also borders with ilegal. There are no records of missed items that were given back to their owners, no register, no phone numbers, no contact. Not even the people in the call center have contact.

    I am trully ashamed of and furious with this company. They lost all the trust I had in
    them, and now I trully believe that they are actually doing this to everyone. It all looks a little bit dark when not even the people inside know who to call or what to do….
    I trully advice you to carry all important belongings in the plane, since you do not know if you are going to get your things correctly otherwise.

    I am sick and tired of waiting and waiting and waiting. My piece of belonging is very important and I use it for work, so of couse I had to buy a new one, which cost me a lot of money. Not to mention all the money and energy I spent calling an office that is there to solve noones problems. And the worst is, no one is going to solve my problem or pay me the refund they should.

    This is unbelivable. Shamefull. Disrespectfull.

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    Like many others I registered a complaint online (on 28th May, 2018). The standard online response of not yet able to reply was received and since then I have spent over two and a half hours in a queue waiting to speak to a (non-existent?) Complaints Team. Seven calls to the web-assistance team have resulted in transfers to the (non-existent?) Complaints Team – again time wasted in a queue with no answer. The web-assist team gave me an e-mail address to write to. The automated response simply acknowledged the existing complaint and provided an option to review the same status of the existing complaint or register a new complaint. Unfortunately the website is currently down for upgrades so you can’t do either!!! This airline is a disgrace to Portugal and its people!

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    I filed a complaint on 2 January 2018 and submitted all relevant documents online. It was acknowledged as Complaint number 2018/486. My ticket number was TP 047-5913943489. I am yet to receive a response on action taken or not taken almost 8 months later Whenever I check the status online, I get a message to the effect that they are sorry they did not contact me but will do so soon. I cannot believe that this is an airline which is member of Star Alliance. Their customer relations is pathetic.
    My flight from Amsterdam to Lisbon was cancelled and I had to spend a night without any assistance given. I was then put on a flight the next day which was also delayed and I missed a connecting flight to Praia.. Upon arrival in Praia. my luggage was not on the flight and was only delivered after 2 days, without nay apology or compensation as required under EU Regulations. To make matters worse my return flight was also delayed for more than 3 hours and I missed a connecting flight. As a business Class Passenger, I expected better service and treatment.

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    the airline is not very clear about their luggage fees. I was told in Miami that if you pre-paid for your luggage online you will save. I looked everywhere for the fee or a place to pay but nothing. When you mention it to the staff they smile and say the airline does it on purpose. Service once inside the airplane was nice and the food was decent. Nothing for sale on the airplane so what they give you is what you get. The plane to Portugal was old and tight. The plane on the way back was new and comfortable with a nice entertainment system.

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    This airline does not care about its customers or even its reputation. I submitted a claim in January 2018 (Reference 2081/486), which h was acknowledged with promise that they would revert to me. To date I have not heard from the airline. My complaint relates to a cancelled flight in Amsterdam after which no due assistance was given for accommodation, etc. I was put in another flight the folioing day to Lisbon and on to Praia. Upon arrival in Praia my luggage did not arrive until over 48 hours later. The Airline did not explain anything, has not bothered to apologise and to pay due compensation. To make matters worse, my return flight a week later was delayed and I missed connecting flight and no assistance was given. I submitted all relevant documentation to TAP in
    January 2018. Am still waiting.

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    I travelled on a TAP flight from London Gatwick to Lisbon on 11th July 2018. My bag was apparently lost at Gatwick and took four days to recover and deliver just before I was due to come home. The lost baggage service was chaotic and the staff didn’t appear to care. It took over 20 telephone calls and considerable persistence to eventually have the bag delivered. You pay a fee for each bag carried by this airline and the customer care is simply very poor and the complaints process confusing and frustrating. The website is slow and not user friendly. I would not recommend travelling with TAP if you could avoid it.

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    I travelled on a London Gatwick to Lisbon TAP flight on Saturday 11th July 2018. My luggage was apparently lost at Gatwick and took 4 days to be delivered. 20 phone calls and considerable persistence were required to eventually have the bag delivered to our holiday villa just before we were coming home. The service was chaotic and not user friendly. They appeared not to be interested and the complaints process was confusing and not easy to use.

    You pay for you luggage to be carried by this airline and my experience of TAP is not a good one. I am just one of many people with the same story to tell about TAPs appalling customer service.

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    WE have damaged luggage from A TAP flight 1136 on 19/6/18 Porto-Lisbon-Malaga and on arrival at Malaga Airport at 0020 on 20/6/18 waited an hour at Lost & Found to register the damage. This was done and we were given some paperwork and told to phone the next morning a number on the paperwork the gave us. The next day we phoned the number but only could get a Spanish speaking person. After getting some assistance from the Hotel we were told to register via a web site which we did. Due to our tight travel schedule we left it at that and now having returned back to Australia went in to that site to complete our claim. We ere then sent back a reply to contact TAP direct. We completed the TAP complaint form with photo several times but the form would not send from TAP’s complaint site saying there are some errors in the form but no errors appear (nothing in red).
    What a waist of time, and TAP say they want their customers to have a greta experience.
    Can someone from TAP contact me so l can get some compensation for the damage they have caused.

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    Complained about a cancelled flight April 2018. Was not informed and only found out when I tried to check in the day before departure. I have been calling every week since May, and I get the same old ‘I will put an urgent response on this’ and nothing happens. I think that the urgent response is ‘delete’ and ignore until the customer gets fed up and backs off. Its very clever that you cannot speak with the person dealing with your complaint, some poor customer service employee has to take the flack, and then pass it onto the complaints department, If they exist! Ryanair and Easyjet get some bad press, but I have never had a bad experience with either of these budget airlines, and will be using them in the future. TAP…no chance

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    While traveling with a group of students as their teacher and chaperone, we were placed on an overbooked flight from Seville to Lisbon. Because one of my (minor) students had not selected her seat online, she only had a reservation and was not guaranteed a seat. Unbelievable. With the flight overbooked, and a connecting flight with Delta to catch, I gave up my seat to my student so that my group of students could make it home as scheduled. The airline did not care that I would have to leave my high school students to travel alone across the world, and they certainly didn’t care that a minor was going to be left behind alone. I have been fighting with Tap Air for weeks now trying to receive compensation for not only this flight, but the expenses I incurred for having to change my connecting flight and stay an additional night in a hotel. TAP did put me on a later flight, but because I was not able to make the original Delta flight, I had to reroute to Madrid rather than Lisbon in order to find an open flight to Atlanta the following day. I was just a teacher trying to do my job and get my students home safely, and now I’ve spent over $1,000 out of pocket.

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    Your flight from London to Lisbon back in April left a plane load of people stranded after you ran out of fuel and had to make an emergency landing in Porto. You then left hundreds of people, including my son and his wife stranded at the Lisbon Airport for an entire day. The only way to get to final destination by the next day was to book and pay for two more tickets and take the loss. Thankfully I booked their flights in Toronto through a recognized agency who were forced to repay me for the tickets. They told me they would never recover the money from TAP Air Portugal as they were extremely difficult if not impossible to deal with under these circumstances. As I have been unable to get any compensation for the inconvenience and time missed for the family reunion we had planned I now completely agree with my travel agent. They will have a hard time continuing to do business here in Canada or the United States under their present structure.

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    Hi, Pls let me start by saying that I was very happy with all three recent flights we made with TAP. I have a complaint about being charged for extra baggage. As I booked through expedia I was told the only way to add the baggage onto the tickets for my husband and 2 of my sons was to telephone TAP direct. I was given the UK phone number and after being cut off a number of times finally spoke with a gentleman who confirmed which flights I had paid for baggage and which flight i needed to add baggage to. I then gave him my credit card details for payment of 66 Euro’s for adding 3 bags. I was then put through to a customer survey and i gave the gentleman top reviews. Silly me did not take the gentleman’s name and with all of the last minute things to do before a holiday i did not check my credit card to check that all was fine with payment, so It was only when I got to the checkin counter that I was told that i had no baggage allowance for the three people that i believed i had paid for. I was then charged 171 Euro’s to get our bags on board the flight. I have receipts for each of these payments of 57 Euro’s and have evidence of the phone calls to TAP Portugal on 23/6/2018 and would like a refund of these charges. I have again tried to contact the company by phone now to sort out the issue however i was put on hold for approx 5 mins and then put onto another customer survey. I again tried to call them again a further 3 times however the phone seems to connect but there is no sound at all. I am disappointed that there is no email address or reliable telephone number for me to call and feel that i am wasting more money to telephone the UK from Australia to try to claim my baggage allowance back. I do hope that i will hear back from TAP Portugal soon to resolve this matter

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    The Complaint procedure at this airline is utterly appalling.
    Today I will try for the sixth time to gain a response, having been fobbed off on 5 previous occasions with the promise of a reply within ‘X amount of time’.
    I have used TAP and been very happy with the service, but have not previously needed to complain.
    A very bad joke with regard to customer service.
    *please note, the only reason their star rating at the top of this page is so good, is that people do not click on the stars at the top of their complaint page*

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    No reply whatsoever from TAP. Really, such BAD service!!

    Complaint registered on your website. About one week ago (no reply received from you) and also on today’s date another message.
    Requested and Confirmed one wheel chair. Wheel chair NOT PROVIDED!
    Name:- Victor Blumenfeld
    email:[email protected]
    Boarding pass in Boston for TP218 on the 18/06/2018. Number on pass:-0472547647402.
    TAP 146-651-503.

    Not able to walk easily I was forced to struggle to the departure gate – no assistance whatsoever. Worst treatment that I had to suffer.

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    I am deeply dissatisfied with the way in which TAP have dealt with my complaint – or rather not dealt with it. There was a problem with my flight to London City on the 21/3/18 and we had to return to Lisbon. Initially I was told they had 90 days to respond to my complaint. As they failed to do so, I called someone last Wednesday for an update. He informed me I would receive an email by Monday outlining you offer of compensation. I have not received an email. When I try calling I’m told it is not possible to connect me. The customer service is utterly appalling and I am at a loss as to how to move this forward. I would never recommend this airline…disgraceful national carrier, unhelpful staff, and poor customer service.

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    On June 20 I was flying from Casablanca to Lisbon for business meeting and had to return to Casablanca to continue business before I return to my home Cairo. First the whole luggage was lost, I filled in a complaint at lost and found. Next day my company reached them after several trials where they confirmed that my luggage was found in Casablanca and they will send it to me. Temp was 16 and raining, my jacket was in the luggage, then I had bad influenza also my medication was in the luggage. Of course spent a lot to buy the essentials that I can live with. After 2 days they delivery the bag MISSING MY LAPTOP AND PERFUME!!! Tried reaching them by all means, no reply either to me or hotel or the company so I had to go to their head office in airport where I have mistreated by the lady there asking just to fill in a complaint where their site is not working well. I had to reach out to police to report the case in town and in police airport. Then I sent them all the documents will no reply whatsoever to anything, no even reply on how they can compensate you not only for lost luggage but even bad time anyone can experience while traveling. So sorry this is the National airline for beautiful Portugal with its lovely people. Will never recommend it to anyone

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    I lost my 2000 dollars tickets for trying the #tapexperience!!! The flight was delayed and now I’m immersed in a nightmare! I have so many things to do in my work and I have to spend time writing complaints, letters and making phone calls because of losing money that it’s not mine and on top of that TAP agents in the front desk mistreated the passengers–they yelled on us and denigrated us when asking questions. What a horrible experience and terrible company! I’m still in shock! I’m so disgusted with this company! #taphorror !

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    My flight was cancelled on June 13, 2018 and I am trying to fill out the complaint form on the website. It will not allow me too, stating there are errors, but does not tell you the error. I am so frustrated. When I call there is no one that can help me. They tell me the form must be filled out on line but it is impossible. I am also trying to submit the claim for my two daughters who were on the same flight. Flight number 837.

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    COMPLAINT! June 2, Lisbon to Miami FLIGHT TAP 223:
    Mr Lester Bennett
    Lisbon – Miami 24K
    Mr Luis Martinez Garcia
    Lisbon – Miami 24H
    Mrs Catherine Bennett
    Lisbon – Miami 25K
    Mrs Hailey Furman 8C
    Lisbon – Miami 25H

    Lester Bennett, Luis Martinez Garcia and Catherine Bennett are ALL 66 to 74 in age. YES, it does take a bit of time for us to get out of our seat, BUT then are we to sit on the plane to EVERYONE EXISTS?? We waited until most of the last rows BEHIND us exited. Maybe there were still 25 people. It seemed that we had enough time to get up and get our bags, BUT rude, pushing passengers PUSHED BY US as we attempted to get our few carryons. The TWO flight attendants in our cabin propped against the wall and loudly said “SIT DOWN UNTIL ALL THE PASSENGERS EXIT”…

    Is that the way you at TAP treat elderly passengers…as SECOND CLASS by not allowing us to take OUR TURN and exit. Just because there are uncaring and very rude passengers behind us does not excuse the flight attendents from helping us and giving us that courtesy…instead rebuking us in very loud voices and leaning against the wall with NO intent at all in helping us.

    I do like TAP and did buy another ticket Nov 27 from MIA to LIS. Our family goes 3 times a year to Spain, but decided that the new airport in Madrid was too big for the quick turnaround to Malaga, so we tried TAP. I HOPE THAT WE CAN CONTINUE TO USE TAP.

    Thank you,

    Dr. Lester Lamar Bennett

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    TAP cancelled our flight TP0782 without any explanation whatsoever , we received an email advising us the bad news

    ” TAP informs you that flight TP782, departing on 2018-05-10 from LIS, arriving at ARN is canceled. If within the next 48 hours you don’t received more information, please contact TAP or your travel agency.
    We apologise for the distress this may have caused you.”

    We then receive an email saying that WE have to phone them !!!! on a Portugese number , I ignored this and mailed back saying that someone should phone me instead , no one bothered to contact us, so to be able to travel at all we had to take action , I spent 2 hours on an expensive mobile call to TAPs joke of a customer service in Portugal, eventually after being sent around , misunderstood and poor English language experiences we got to talk to a guy who was willing to change our ticket to an early morning flight instead of the late evening one we had booked , we did not want to loose out a full day of our holiday and got him to book us early the morning after. This obviously meant we had to take a hotel night at the airport ( Hotel Star Inn ) at our expense and we are now seeking compensation for this night. We had to take action , we had to contact the airline , we had to sort out the hotel , absolutely useless customer service dept.
    Never TAP again !

  28. 5.0

    On November 27, 2017, I booked airfare with TAP Air Portugal (“TAP”) through The justfly website did not specify the baggage allowance for the ticket, but had a link to the TAP website. On clicking through to the TAP website, the baggage allowance page clearly stated, that with transatlantic discount tickets each passenger is allowed one carry on and one checked bag. I relied upon this representation in booking my flights with TAP. Upon check in at JFK, on May 4, 2018, we were advised that no checked bags were included with our discount tickets and that there was a charge of $90.00 per bag for a total of $180.00 for my self and my husband. We had no choice and paid the fee.

    On May 18, 2018, when attempting to check in for our return flights on May 19, 2018, the website indicated that we could not check in because our flight from Alicante to Lisbon had been cancelled. I called TAP and spent 2.5 hours on the phone to reschedule our flights home. This inconvenience caused us to cancel plans and ruined the last day of our trip. The rescheduled flights were with another carrier, Air Europa, and I was told by TAP that I could not check in or pay the baggage fees on line or on the phone with the TAP representative, and that it would have to be done at the airport. I again questioned the checked bag fees, because your website still indicated that there should be no charge, and was told that it did not matter what TAP’s website said there would be a fee for checking our bags. We did attempt to check in on line for the Madrid/New York portion of our flight on the Air Europa web site, but were unable to do so.

    The confirmation which I received from TAP with the revised flight and carrier information was in Portuguese, and we had great difficulty determining even the name of the carrier as we do not speak Portuguese and were in Spain at the time.

    Upon arrival at the airport in Alicante to check in for our return flights we were told that the fee to check both our bags would be 300 euros. We were also told that it would have been cheaper to add the bags on line the day before. We explained to the Air Europa representative that our flight had been cancelled, that we were unable to check in on line, and that the baggage fee from JFK had only been $180.00. While apologetic, the representative said nothing could be done.

    I am very dissatisfied with my experience with TAP. The terms of your website baggage policy were inaccurate and misleading. I booked the flight based upon the understanding that the checked bags were included, and would have never have paid $1,400.00 for the flights had I known that I would incur an additional $500.00-$600.00 in baggage fees. We could have easily booked with another airline, but were traveling to Portugal and felt that flying TAP would enhance the experience. I note that within the past few days TAP’s baggage information page has been completely modified to reflect your policies. This only confirms my argument that the information provided on your website was inaccurate and misleading. Additionally, our return flight was cancelled without any notice, alert or email of any kind. TAP clearly had my email address, but made no attempt to contact me. Rebooking cost us precious time out of out trip and caused us emotional distress. As a final insult, we were forced to pay 300 euros to check our bags for the return trip, and fly with Air Europa-not a pleasant experience. A copy of the receipt for the fee charges is attached.

    TAP mis-represented the ticket conditions, cancelled our flight, and caused us excessive stress on our vacation. This is unacceptable.

  29. 1.0

    Tap Portugal lost our luggage in our flight from Lisbon to Geneva on March 03. It was our 1-week skiing trip. We spent hours during our ski trip trying to get our suit case delivered to Zermatt. Our luggage was found after 4 days. As result we had to buy some ski clothes. You cannot ski without ski pants or gloves. Though TP confirmed that our expenses will be covered by them, we didn’t get any responses to our claim from Tap Portugal. It’s almost 3 months since our trip. We are calling to customer support every week, and receiving just the same response “Somebody will contact you shortly”. TP didn’t give any updates or direct phone to compensation department. It’s the worst customer service, no one knows what they are talking about, it’s also impossible to speak to a supervisor. Tap Portugal really DON’T care about their customers.

  30. 1.0

    One star out of five.
    Is there a certificate and licence to trade in the UK? Why is TAP so awful???
    The worst response ever to my case has been left unresolved since SEPTEMBER 2017 and it’s nearly JUNE 2018!!! TAP has no one at the end of the phones, no humans on the receiving end of email complaints and do not give a damn about any customers or offering compensation.


  31. 1.0

    I recently purchased ticket for my sister and special need daughter ticket confirmed. my sister arrived at the airport at reasonable time. when my sister arrived at the airport she was told that the flight had already departed. To my amazement went to the ticketing desk. I was advised to check in at 11.50pm prior to departure which was around 1am in the morning. The ticket purchased did not confirm check in was a day before the departure. I have been arranging for refund from March 2018 and still chasing. TAP Portugal complaints are the worse complaint team i have ever encountered. I will never never again have any dealing with TAP Portugal.

  32. 1.0

    I recently traveled from the uk to Portugal using tap for the first time, everything was going well until we arrived in portugal to find the airport transfer to the hotel which I booked through your company was the wrong one. I booked and paid for a 16 seat mini bus but only an 8 seat mini bus was waiting. The customer desk didn’t help us at all so I’m the end I had to pay an extra €460 to get to and from our destination. I’m waiting for an answer off you to resolve this and for a refund as I’m just a normal hard working man and can’t afford to lose that much money due to Your mistake

  33. 5.0

    I tried registering a complaint today for a delayed TAP flight that caused me to lose my onward connections and I was put up overnight to be boarded the evening of the following day. The complaint process is a nightmare. The procedure is not user friendly. I live in Oeiras Portugal and the drop down menu has not got this provision and so you cannot move beyond this point. Surely I cannot be the first person to point this out.

  34. 5.0

    As a charity worker I wanted to book a cheap flight from Dakar to London, I booked a flight with TAP flight number TP1484, on TAP website it is published that up to 20 Kilo of checked in luggage is free, TAP charged me £61.40, I complaint to TAP complaint numbe 2018/72753 on 22nd of March 2018, did not get a reply at all, I chased my complaint again and again, but still no reply today….. My flight from Dakar to Lisbon (TP1484) was delayed by 2.5 hours and as a result my connecting flight with TAP (TP344) from Lisbon to London City Airprt was delayed by 25.5 hours.
    On my return to London on 12th of April I made a claim for compensation under EU law, but still have not heard from TAP team. I called TAP London number (03456010932) to ask for an update, but was told they are unable to update me and suggested that I should go on line and complaint about my previous edit complaints as well as my compensation, TAP customer services are dreadful , it is ve unlikely that I will fly with TAP in the future, and I will do my best to warn my freinds and releative about TAP customer services poor customer relationship.

  35. 1.0

    Just flown with TAP FROM LONDON GATWICK to Lisbon on checking in we were ytold we had no baggage allowance dispite being told on booking we had upto 23kgs it cost us £260.000 for 2 suitcases flight ok.connecting flight Lisbon to Toronto 45 minutes late taking off therefore arrived nearly 1 hour late it took one and half hours too claim our luggage causing us to miss our train connection to Montreal so we had to book hotel for one night in Toronto. I tried to call TAP in Portugal waited for 28 minutes in a cue no answer. People of the world unite don’t travel with this airline and put them under for the good of mankind.

  36. 5.0

    My husband Richard and I flew on Mar 11, 2018 flight TP 262 from Toronto ON to Lisbon Portugal and then on Mar 12, 2018 flight TP 1909 on from Lisbon to Faro. In Toronto we were told that we would have to pay for each of two pieces of luggage that we put in the hold. We had understood when we booked the flights that we were allowed one free bag each. Nowhere in our literature did it state that we were on a discount flight and would NOT be able to check one bag each! We were given to understand when we checked in, in Toronto, that this charge would include our trip back to Toronto from Faro!!
    On April 09, 2018 we flew flight 1906 from Faro to Lisbon and then flight 259 from Lisbon to Toronto. When we checked in on April 09 in Faro we were astounded to be told that we now owed 150 euros for our two bags on the flight home to Toronto. We questioned this charge and were told that it was indeed too much and that we should go to the TAP booth when we arrived in Toronto to see about getting a refund for part of the cost. When we checked in Toronto we were told that we would have to phone TAP about this issue. My husband spent THREE hours on the phone trying to talk to someone about the problem. When he finally got through he was told that we would have to go online to try to resolve this.
    I can`t believe the ridiculous charge!!! All told it has cost us about &450.00 when we were led to believe that there would be NO CHARGE AT ALL.
    I would appreciate a response. We have been so disappointed with customer service so far!
    Thank you,
    Mary Agnew

  37. 5.0

    On March 24 2018, my wife and I were booked on TP 1908 scheduled to depart from Faro to Lisbon at 11:15. We arrived at Faro airport 2 hours prior to departure time. We checked in and went through security as required. There was no indication that the flight would not be departing on time until about 10:20, when the departures screen indicated that the flight was canceled.
    We were told to check with a TAP agent. It took some time for the agent to receive information about what we should do. Eventually, we were told that a bus would be arriving with passengers from Lisbon and that we would be returning to Lisbon on the same bus later in the afternoon. We received little information until late in the afternoon. The bus arrived and eventually departed for Lisbon at 6:00 pm. We arrived at Lisbon airport at 9:00 pm.
    The planned tour of the Gulbenkian Gallery, which we had arranged for the afternoon of March 24 had to be canceled. Essentially we missed almost a full day of our planned three day stay in Lisbon. The only faint recompense we received for the interruption was a 15 Euro meal voucher given to each of us.
    We travel internationally at least twice a year, but have never before used TAP. Given this experience, we are unlikely to book again with TAP, or to advise our friends and family to do so.

  38. 5.0

    My wife and I were booked on TAP Flt. # 223 from Lisbon to Miami on 4/6/2018 business class with more than a modest price point. The attendants on the flight seemed totally disinterested in our comfort. After asking us if we would settle for pasta in lieu of “beef tenderloin” because they were short on the beef they made cursory round in the cabin with wine, water and liquor. Our food was a real disappointment, tasteless and falling into the “toy food” category. Before the lights went out we asked for assistance in finding an English speaking movie on the TV. The attendant seemed really miffed that she had to aid us in our quest and was unable to accomplish the task. The lights then went out and our “Sky Goddesses” disappeared behind pulled curtains for six hours until it was time for the cold cut offering, no salt and pepper etc. We have now been on TAP twice, first and last!

  39. 1.0

    TAP cancelled my flight by just sending an email. They do not pick up the phone when I want to ask why they cancelled it. I will lose my job because of the delay.

  40. 1.0

    I was supposed to fly back from Copenhagen this Saturday 7th April for a family gathering. When i arrived at the airport, i was informed that the flight had been cancelled and that the earliest flight i could get was at 16.30 (i was there at 10am for a 12.20 flight to Lisbon). The replacement flight was via Amsterdam and was supposed to be a fast connection. But the second leg was also delayed and i had to wait there for another 4 hours. In the end, i left my house 7am and arrived in Lisbon past midnight – missing the family gathering and very angry.

  41. 5.0

    I flew TAP Boston to Madrid with a plane change in Lisbon. The first flight from Boston was delayed, so the connecting flight in Lisboa was missed. They booked me on a connecting flight that was 14 hours later. Half hour before this flight was scheduled to board, they canceled it – no explanation. It took another 3 hours waiting in line with other angry people to reach the desk. During this one of the desk people got up and walked away. Many other people walked away, and it still was hours in line waiting for vouchers and flight info. By the time I finally reached the desk the guy said that his shift was done. I begged him to help me as I had not slept in 36 hours and was about to throw up. He did, I was his last. He quickly gave me a website to get compensation for a room that I was to book up to 90 dollars. By now it was 1100 or 12 and I had no internet and no way to book, none less a taxi. He gave me a flight that was the next day after noon and would not arrive in Madrid until 530 almost 36 hours after my flight. I was going to see my son in school and was missing his whole weekend. They also told us that they could not guarantee the same thing wouldnt happen. Some people were not on my flight but had the same thing happen. They didnt even get a new boarding pass, only a number for the next day to get it. I then decided to get my luggage out of checking and find another way to get to Madrid. It took 4 hours in baggage claim for them to find my luggage. I cried when I saw it. I felt like I was being held hostage in the airport. Now I was barely awake and it is after 3 in the morning. I spoke with the baggage claim guy and he looked online and found a ticket TAP leaving at 655 in the am. I then crawled with my baggage and slept in front of the ticket window which opened at 5 so that I could change the flight. She changed it. I prayed. I made it, but my luggage did not. The next day I called and they had it at Madrid airport and I had to take the train to go get it.

  42. 1.0

    I am contacting you following a 36h delay with my flight from Senegal to London. I was due to leave on the 29th March at 1.50 am and we were told at 4am that the flight would not leave. We had to disembark and after a very chaotic situation and no staff from TAP to explain what was going on, we were sent to a hotel at 7am.
    At the hotel, we were given no information whatsoever, I had to call TAP’s UK call centre to find out what was going on and send messages to TAP on facebook/twitter which cost me out of plan charges for my phone plan of £88.04.
    In addition, our bags were kept in the plane and we had no items of first necessity such as toothbrushes, toothpastes, water bottles etc. I spent £15 on these items.
    Eventually, we left on the 30th at 5am from Dakar and I only arrived in London at 5.40 pm. My flight back was initially to London City and I ended up in Heathrow, which means I had to arrange additional transportation to get home (Uber £40).
    Given the long delay, I missed the wedding I was coming back for in London.
    By the way, I tried to file a formal complaint on your the tap website,it keeps crashing.

  43. 5.0

    The baggage policy of Tap Airline states that 1ea checked bag is allowed free of charge per passenger weighing not more than 23 kgs. My wife and I were travelling on TAP Flight 1015 on Wed. Feb 21, 20118. Our checked in bags were only 17 kgs and 18 kgs. respectively. The TAP ticket agent charged us 35 Euros each (total of 70 Euros in total) at Madrid airport check in. When I told him the TAP baggage policy, he would not listen. I am asking for a refund of 70 Euros on my return flight on Wed. Mar 28 2018, TAP Flight 1902 along with an apology., failing I will report this matter to the Better Business Bureau, Consumer Affairs Department and publish this matter on the Business periodicals that I deal wilth around Europe..

  44. 1.0

    We purchased 2 round trip tickets on Portugal Air from Newark NJ to Venice via Lisbon on Oct 26 2016 for travel in June of 2017. We had to make a change 2 days after purchase and had to pay a fine of $660.00. Due to illness we were forced to cancel our trip and we were given a 1 year extension. Unfortunately our youngest daughter died after a 2 day illness and we could not use the extension due to our grief. We are seeking some financial compensation from TAP. We have sent the DOCs dept at TAP her death certificate her birth certificate showing the relationship.. We know that receiving full compensation may not be possible but are willing to accept a reasonable amount to use for future travel. We have called at least 15 times and have not had this resolved. We feel that the language barrier is being used against us.

  45. 1.0

    Sadly, much like everyone else’s experience. Flight from Lisbon to Fortaleza on 25th November 2017 held up by 5+ hours and we were advised to make claim for compensation. Laughable experience with completely useless online experience and in calling number given. No acknowledgment of my complaint. Given address in Lisbon to write to “Building 25 RCRDTO 1704/801 at Lisbon Airport. Most likely a skip

  46. 1.0

    My reservation from JFK to LISBON was canceled without informing me presumably because the flight was overbooked. I was denied boarding and TAP Portugal did not follow any of the Involuntarily Denied Boarding (IDB) Protocol. I was not rebooked immediately. I was not compensated.
    My itinerary was TAP Portugal Boston to Lisbon with a layover in JFK (New York). The BOS-JFK leg was code-share with Jetblue. I checked in as usual and had boarding pass and passport in hand. When I attempted to board my flight to Lisbon I was denied boarding. Someone from TAP Portugal had gone into the system and canceled my reservation. The agents at JFK told me I was rebooked for the next day (March 10th, 11:30 pm TP 204). When I arrived at the airport, 5 hours in advance on March 10th, there was again no record of my reservation. I had to beg (no exaggeration) to get a seat on that flight. Upon boarding, I was again denied until a further problem could be resolved. My journey was no less than horrific. No explanation of how this happened was provided. I was made to feel stupid. I was not given any compensation. I lost a full day of my vacation including hotel and day-trip plans. Both flights were overbooked but instead of following Involuntarily Denied Boarding (IDB) Protocol, my reservation was simply canceled through no fault of my own. According to the law I know I am entitled to $1350 of compensation (CFR › Title 14 › Chapter II › Subchapter A › Part 250 › Section 250.5).

  47. 5.0

    My wife and I booked a flight TAP 1015 for Wed Feb 21, 20118. We had 2 checked bags weighing 17 kgs. and 18 kgs The agent at the gate charged us each 35 Euros (70 Euros i total) for our bags. When I told him that we are allowed one checked in bag free of charge, but he would not listen and made us to pay. This is ridiculous and bad customer service from TAP I have logged a complaint thru Resolver and they have escalated the complaint since they did not hear from TAP. I personally have logged a complaint to TAP, but NO answer as yet. My next move is to complaint to Portugal Tourism and also to I A T A authorities. i also want to find English newspaper in Portugal and write an editorial. I am in FARO at present and will be going back to Madrid on 28th March. I am not sure what should I do if they charge me again 35 Euros each. The TAP’s baggage manual states that each passenger is allowed one Checked in bag free of charge weighing up to 23 kgs. I have traveled extensively and this charge was given to me for the first time. This could be warning for me not to fly with TAP any more and warn others to do the same.

  48. 1.0

    Worst airline to fly with, try walking instead.
    I asked for a vegan meal on each flight I took from Lis to Tor and Tor to Lis and I never got any.. 2 times in a row they neglected me.

    And on my second flight that I had booked long in advance, they cancelled my seat the day off the flight forcing me and 4 others to buy a new ticket for over $1700

    They blamed us for them cancelling our tickets forcing us to buy new ones. We want our money back and that’s fair to expect

  49. 1.0

    Complaint number 2017/165296 Flight TFIPQ4

    We travelled as a couple. We had many many issues with our journey.
    Flight cancelled. No notification of this either by email or at airport. (Compensation due)
    Shambolic customer services and information in Lisbon Airport.
    Spent night in hotel. Costing transport x2 and hotel and meal costs for 2. (compensation due)
    We lost 40 hours accommodation and meals of holiday. (compensation due/accommodation)
    We had our bag damaged. (Compensation due)
    Costing 2x trips to airport and full afternoon wasted , waiting for its return. (Compensation)
    We made compensation claims on our return.
    We got no response other than one to acknowledge.
    We sent seven further emails – all unanswered.
    TAP are behaving illegally under EU Law by not compensating its customers .
    Why do you continue to ignore our compensation claim?
    Why are your ratings so low.
    Why are you not responding publically to the myriad of complaints?
    Why are you not following EU Law – why take so long?
    Please respond to our complaint.
    We as customers met the conditions to fly , we paid on time , we arrived on time , we cleared customs and security on time , we met the conditions to fly, at no point did your company meet the condition of service that you advertise.

  50. 5.0

    I was booked on a TAP flight Reservation # S73ODC on 04 Feb 18 out of Toronto. My connecting flight out of Fredericton was delayed for several hours and as a result I missed my flight. Multiple attempts to reach TAP air to inform them of the situation and to possibly arrange an alternate flight was unsuccessful. There was no response from the 1 800 221 7370 help line. This was very frustrating. After a night in Toronto, further attempts the following day also proved futile. I was left on hold for hours until both my minutes and patience ran out. Can TAP Air not provide better customer service and a means to communicate. I also contacted Expedia who stated they were also unable to contact the airline and sent an email which they assured me I would receive a response. I have not received any reply. This is very poor customer service. I would appreciate an explanation of how to contact the airline when things go wrong. I feel some attempt should have been made to rebook me at a later date or even respond.

  51. 1.0

    On Jan 13 of 2018, when I arrived to Rio de Janeiro an agent from TAP airline came to me and told me that they didn’t know why, but my luggage didn’t arrive in the plane with me, so she asked for all my personal information in order to deliver my luggage to the my house; Information I had to update on the worldtracer webpage because was updated incorrectly by this TAP agent.

    I didn’t receive it on Jan 14 like I have been told, and neither on the 15th and 16th. The worst thing is that my three days in Buenos Aires I had to stayed in my house waiting for nothing when I was suppose to work which it was the reason of my stay in Buenos Aires.

    On Jan 15 I call TAP and inform them that I didn’t received my luggage and I was leaving Buenos Aires, so I asked them to send my luggage to San Carlos de Bariloche Airport, where I traveled without luggage, clothes and my personal stuff because YOU have all my belongs with NO news, I couldn’t even organize myself because of the luck of information.

    It’s been more than one week now and I still have no news, I called more than 20 times to Portugal and nobody solved my problem, all they say is that they have request to the airport for news and they didn’t get any yet. When I ask to talk with a supervisor they always told me there ain’t any. Also when I call after business hours or on weekends the agents tells me that they cannot do anything because they are not TAP but a third party service. What kind of service is this?

    I have lost new clothes, my smoking, tie and shoes, a photography camera, 5 perfumes, my sunglasses, presents I bought to my family and many more things. I have also lost the work I was suppose to do in Buenos Aires, my time and all the international phone calls I placed.

    I recorded some of the calls I made for legal purposes and I wont stop posting on social media about your bad service until my luggage is with me.

    You are the worst airline I have experienced, the reason why Im also going to complain to Star Alliance because you don’t deserve to belong to that group.

    Now I find myself in a position where I cannot organize myself, I don’t even have a proper answer on this and I cannot continue living and working without my belongs.

    Here are some information you may need to follow this complain:
    TAG NUMBER: TP444006 and then changed to TP554255

  52. 5.0

    I would give a Minus Star if thats possible. We are a family of 6 travelling together, first time in Portugal, and we plan to fly out of Lisbon to Fez. We bought our tickets back in October. It was very hard to contact the customer service – we tried calling 3 days in a row to call about check in luggage but to no avail. Either way we plan to fly out on the 26th of December. So the night before on the 25th we checked in online, only to get notified that we are being bumped from a confirmed status to be on stand by. We got to the Lisbon airport early next day (our flight was at 2 PM, we were in the airport by 11AM). We went to the check in counter who would not check us in, and asked us to go to the customer service who would then reroute our flight to Casablanca through Barcelona. We waited for an hour at the customer service only to be greeted by a very rude staff who treated us as if we are not even paying for the tickets, and he shoved us back to the check in counter. There we were given tickets to stand by at the gate so we went through customs (mind you i am travelling with limited mobility due to a knee surgery). We went to the gate and asked about the standby status. We were told to wait until the last of the passengers were aboard before we are given any status update. Finally when there were no body else, we approached the counter. Soon after another family of 6 also approached the counter. Although we were there first, the lady at the counter preferred to talk to the family of 6. She offered them 4 tickets to be on board and gave them 10 seconds to decide. Only when they said they need to reconsider, then the lady gave that option of the same 4 tickets to us and told us to decide right away. We said yes immediately only for her to say that the option no longer exists as we took too long to decide and the gates are closed. Then the support counter offered to get us on board on the flight to Casablanca via Barcelona. He said he had a confirmed 6 seats for us available. Again me and my limited mobility rushed through in a wheelchair, to go through customs and security again, and we even waited for the Support Guy at the security only to have him tell us once we pass through security that the gates to the flight to Barcelona has already been closed. At this time, we were waiting in the waiting area for them to tell us what to do, and another guy from the Support team came by and told us that only 4 of us are going to receive any compensation because there were 4 available seats on the original flight to Fez (the one where we already said yes and they closed the gate on us and wont let us board). We asked him to check if there are any earlier flights because we are on a tour in Morocco – we have had hotels and buses and tickets booked – and we were kept waiting for 4 hours, the support team kept saying that they will get their supervisor and the supervisor never came. At last the support team said that he would go and find his supervisor at Gate 15, and he went and never came back and he left just like that without nothing to tell us. At this point 6 hours later from when we first arrived in the airport, we were given no compensation whatsoever (so much for passengers right in EU – or treatment from so called Star Alliance airline)… we received an email confirmation from our travel agent that our flights have been rerouted to another airline (Air Morocco) on the next day. We asked for any compensation for our hotels and tours and buses booked, and we were told to just write our complaint (so much for trust and reliability from supposedly a good airline company – even Ryan Air and Jet Air has better decency and treats the customers with way better dignity). When we asked about the compensation from hotel and dinner and money that we were supposed to receive we were even told to get our compensation from Air Morocco (imagine how the airline just tried to shove off their responsibility – and its not just one person, but its 8 people from the airline in 1 same day). Finally my injured knee could not take it anymore and since we are travelling with 2 elderly people, we took the meager offer they gave us. Being a business traveler who travels at least once a month, this is the worst experience i have ever had with an airline (and not even a budget airline) – and to think that 8 people from the same company tried to push us from one spot to another and just ignore their responsibility, really makes me question the culture of this company, and also as a first timer in Portugal, this leaves me a really bad impression of the country overall in general. 8 people in a day all being deceitful, is this the culture of the company or the people in general?
    If you happen to take this airline, please be careful and pray that you dont experience the same thing like what we had. They would not care whether you travel with a wheelchair or travel with elderly, they are just bad people working in an industry that do not understand what basic service is – or perhaps its just bad company culture.

  53. 5.0

    TAp airline is sooo awful. Make sure you Invest in a better airline if you don’t want stress. I’m so sorry to say, but this is just the honest truth their staff are literally useless. No help no support no communication. The only words they must have been taught during training is sorry “I can’t do anything” Tap literally destroyed my family holiday recently its so sad, and their lack of support even makes it more upsetting no structure in the organization whatsoever. No one has a clue what they are doing. Can you imagine to even process a refund the woman we called at TAp said we have to wait for 40 days and another thing she said she couldn’t tell us how much either or even find out how much we would be refunded so we have to wait for 40 days to see what would happen. Which airline does this no email confirmation no acknowledgement can’t get through to any one waste all your call credit on the phone for hours to speak to someone and when you do get through it’s like speaking to a brick. I could go on but honestly I don’t think this flight is fit to operate. They do have the skills and resources to operate in such an international market like aviation. I really suggest there needs to be some auditing if their service. It’s one of the worst especially for traveling outside of Europe to Africa and other places its more like one of them really uncomfortable coach rides to somewhere far but only that this journey is in the air. I hate reviews and don’t have time for it but TAp really need one as it is ridiculous.

  54. 5.0

    I fly with TAP each year Lisbon to Fortaleza there’s are my obversations
    1. Flight normally overbooked,3 of our group recently did not know whether they had a seat on the plane until 30 minutes before takeoff
    2 Virtually impossible to contact TAP by phone
    3. Food on flight Awful
    4 Web site could be improved by a 12 year old student, sorry ,I should have said a10 year old
    5. Baggage details relating to surf boards on web site impossible to understand, Booked and paid for 2 bags.,my surf bag within the size quoted on the WEB site which should have been taken as normal baggage,however I was charged €100 extra no allowance for 2 nd bag ,no refund.
    6 Web check in is a joke as they do not issue a boarding pass

    6 TAP staff in Fortaleza (Aparecida) there to frustrate not to help

  55. 5.0

    TAP airways have ignored our complaint twice so far even though it has been escalated via the Resolver website (i encourage you to use this site as it is very good and free , it aids in escalating the case and keeps a record of time limits) TAP were a disaster . They lied to us on many occasions and have not refunded us , ,compensation for cancellation of flight , compensation for lateness of flight (over 28hours) , hotel room , taxi fares , lost day of holiday accommodation , lost time to have damaged bag repaired , loss of lifespan of bag , time taken to repeatedly make complaint , no service on all planes, No apology , no email , no compensation , no truth , no customer service. i do not have faith , if they look after there planes the same as customers then what are we flying in? Is there plane maintainance as bad as the service , do TAP care , would they look after you in an emergency ? , would they be capable? I think not , whole company should be audited for competence , they owe millions in compensation – will any of us get it – I doubt it very much . Keep complaining people over and over again , escalate your complaint , go to media , make a noise. Good Luck , you are going to need it!

  56. 1.0

    Dear Sir or Madam

    This is a copy of an email I have sent through to your refund department over 4 weeks ago, I have sent it on several occasions.  I am now having to book alternative flights with you at a cost of over £700 as I have not received a response.  I’m very disappointed with the usually wonderful service I receive from TAP.

    Booking Ref: QZDCTT

    On Saturday I tried to book a flight from Manchester to Lisbon, when I was about to pay, the screen changed and told me there was a problem and I should call the number on the screen.

    I rang this number and a lovely lady was extremely helpful and explained that that flight was no longer available and the flights that were available were almost double the price.  She was very helpful and found me flights from Heathrow to Lisbon for a few hundred pound more than the Manchester flights, but I was worried that the flights had all gone so I accepted these flights. I am unable to make these flights as well as they are for the morning and not the afternoon as requested.
    The very next day I received an email from TAP to ask if I wanted to continue my booking from Manchester, for the same price as the day before.
    I called TAP and they said I am unable to change these flights but I feel that I was given incorrect information over the phone and I was forced to book the flights from Heathrow, but I would have waited until the website was working again and booked the Manchester flights.
    As this is an error made by a TAP representative, I would like to know if there is any chance of having these flights refunded so that I can book the flights I really wanted and they were a lot cheaper to.

    We are regular flyers with TAP and have always found you to be a very helpful company.
    I very much look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    Abi Chadd

  57. 1.0

    It would be zero if that’s possible.. I have never used such an incompetent customer service in my life. I have now filled out three complaint forms due to a delay. You have stated that you have tried to contact me but I have no messages. The web forms are ridiculous. You ask if I have complained before and I state yes. It then asks to input the complaint number. The complaint number given is six digits and the form says it must be five. IS YOUR IT TEAM REALLY THIS STUPID AND INCOMPTENT. I could carry on with what else is impossible to complete on your complaint forms but I lost the will to live.

    I could also now go into the lack of being able to contact you by phone but it probably makes it easier to say that I unsurprisingly didn’t get through.

    You are quite possibly the worst company I have ever dealt with on customer service. You should be heavily fined by the ombudsman and quite frankly forced to pay significant compensation to all the individuals who have wasted their time trying to sort out your rubbish service

  58. 1.0

    I ordered an airline ticket from Oslo to Natal for January 2018, and included, in the price was an overnight stay at a hotel in Lisbon. Quite accidentally I heard that a hotel was not included any more, and when I wrote the Oslo Office, I was informed that the offer had expired on Sept 1. Since then, I have several times tried to get in touch with the office, but that has been very hard. I either get a short note not answering my questions, they don’t answer the telephone, and the email is returned with the message “invalid” mail address. Now, finally,, my email (to the same address) went through, and I was told I could re-book my flight for a day later, which means I have to get to Oslo the day before and pay for a hotel there. They also claim that the hotel in Lisbon was not included in my purchase, which is contrary to the written statement I have from when ordering the ticket.
    In all, I am so frustrated by the extremely bad service from the people at the TAP office, that I just cannot believe they represent a serious airline. As of now, I do not know what to do, and I am trying to get to the right people to file my complaint. I do not, however, know where to turn.

  59. 1.0

    I have been trying to complain for a week. Your web form has “validation problems”, your contact centre won’t get involved, you don’t respond to/acknowledge email or Facebook messages.

    We were delayed getting home by over 48 hours due to your total incompetence in managing the fall out of the cancellation of our flight from Lisbon to London (TP362). We are a family of 4 with young children. Others were elderly and in wheelchairs and were treated equally as badly:

    – Left in the airport until the early hours of 3rd September with either no information, late information, or lies from the few staff available.

    – Moved between 2 different hotels, the second being low quality and with such noisy aircon and next to a railway that much-needed sleep was impossible

    – Rerouted via Geneva to get us home with a 1hr connection there. Flight delayed by 1h20mins meaning we missed the connection. NOTHING WAS DONE BY TAP TO REROUTE US AFTER THIS POINT. We were at the mercy of Service Air with one bit of advice in Geneva being “collect your hold luggage and ask Air France if they can help”!!!!!!

    – Only finally got home with much persistence and having shown staff in Geneva that direct flights to london that day were for sale.

    – One of our car seats didn’t arrive in London. After over 48 hours delay, much of which spent in queues, we couldn’t wait any longer to fill in another form/wait on hold with your call centre only to be told they can’t help (usual response)

  60. 5.0

    My checked in luggage from Lisbon to London Heathrow on 29th July, 2017 was just returned to me. It was delayed more than a month. I’m extremely not satisfied with your quality of services. Since my luggage had been disappeared, I tried to contact you by e-mail many times. But I haven’t got any reply from you. I expected a much higher level of service from your company, and I am quite disappointed. My husband and I were very upset with it.
    After the disappeared of my luggage, we have to buy everything in London to continue our travelled. It cost us a great deal. I expect a full compensation of the cost of replacing my stuff. I’ve been waiting for the reply from the airline

  61. 5.0

    I am having some questions regarding cancellation and refund and I’ve been trying to call your customer service number 1-800-221-7370 like millions of times at different times. The call was never picked up. What’s the point of having a customer service number listed there with no one answering the phone at all?!!! I’ve emailed you guys multiple times too but I guess it’s quite consistent with your customer service in general – no one replied!!!

    This whole thing is extremely frustrating. I need clarification before booking tickets!!!!!

    If someone sees this and intends to help your customer out, please feel free to reach out to me via email.

  62. 5.0

    TAP has the worst service! We were flying from Boston to Venice back in February. TAP has delayed our flight waiting for some other passenger which resulted in our flight being a bit delayed coming into Lisbon. We still made our connection in Lisbon just to learn their systems kick us out of our next flight. 15 people in the cue behind us still made it onto this flight and there were empty seats!!! We had time to board and TAP denied us boarding!

    This resulted in a lost day of vacation, extra night in the hotel and a loss off day ski pass! TAP is unwilling to take responsibility!

    Furthermore, TAP’s first reply (after urging) was to inform us they take full 60 days. Well, according to the EU rules, they only get 45 days!

    TAP single handedly brings down perception of the STAR ALLIANCE with this poor customer service!

  63. 5.0

    TAP has refused to accept responsibility for lost baggage

    On 7/18/17, my son, flew from Lyon to Lisbon on TP471 with a connecting flight, TP209, from Lisbon to New York (JFK) on TAP. His baggage did not show up at the JFK baggage claim

    1) I reported the bag missing at the airport to a TAP Baggage official and was given a piece of paper with a phone number to call and we gave our home address for it to be delivered the next day.

    2) When we did not receive the bag, we called TAP the which referred me to Ground Force to create a tracking code During that call I described the bag, gave them airline sticker code

    3) After a week, I called Ground Force to check on the bag. They told me they did not find the bag.

    4) They asked me to send a contents list. I was sent a text message on 7/24 and 7/25. On 7/27, I sent the “Contents List” to the email address “[email protected]” -Please see the attached screen shot from my sent file-

    5) On 8/9/17 I received another text that my case was closed. I called Ground Forces immediately, and they had no idea about anything! They were able to locate my file with the tracking number, but they did not know: a) the color of the bag, b) the tag information on the bag and c) they had a different baggage number. I provided all of that information on my very first call!! They also asked for the contents list which I sent on 7/27

    6) I was then sent to TAP where they knew nothing also and said if I hadn’t sent the contents list (which I DID!) that they could do nothing for me and suggested I send the contents list again, quickly.

    I have no confidence whatsoever that TAP can or will find my son’s bag. To make matters worse, the representative told me that they have none of the information I gave them to locate the bag and are, conveniently, closing the case with no compensation to me for the cost of the lost luggage and contents!!!!!

  64. 1.0

    We were booked on flight number TP691 (19u05- 20u50) on the 31/03/17 from Luxembourg to Lisbon and onwards to Dakar. These flights were NOT booked separately and were booked through TAP Portugal. Our flight from Luxembourg to Lisbon should have departed at 19u05. but didn’t leave until 23u. This delay made it impossible for our connecting flight to Dakar TP1481 (21u55 – 00u55). However, this is not the full story!
    The plane ticket we received for the flight from Lisbon to Dakar indicated we were on the overbooked list, so even if we had no delay, we would never have made the flight. After having processed all this information, our plane finally arrives 15 minutes later than indicated.
    Arriving in Lisbon, two of us were told that we were scheduled to fly to Casablanca the next day and then fly onwards to Dakar. We were told the airline has the right to do this because their job is purely to get their passengers from A to B. There were three of us in total. Our third companion was lucky enough to get the direct flight to Dakar that same evening. (Lucky him!)
    Our trust in TAP has now diminished. The next day we went to the airport to ask if we could fly direct that evening.
    Embarrassingly we were sent to the wrong information desk for business passengers. Despite this fact, the staff member was willing to help us. We were told that it was impossible to put us on the next flight because it was overbooked!
    Whilst wandering, somewhat puzzled, we meet another confused TAP passenger. Would you believe it, he had the same sad story. His flight was normally via Casablanca but he was advised that a direct flight was now available. We went to another customer service agent to see if a direct flight was available. Thankfully, the direct flight was offered.
    This chain of events has left a black mark on Portugal’s national carrier’s airline.
    Customer care was severely lacking from start to finish.
    We are looking for compensation with regard to the following:
    1. A 3-hour delay on our flight from Luxembourg to Lisbon.
    2. The overbooking of the flight from Lisbon to Dakar.
    3. The booked hotel in Dakar and the cancelation costs.
    4. Compensation for the calls we made trying to get more information from TAP Portugal.
    For our delay in Luxembourg we are looking at compensation of a minimum of 400 EUR per person.
    For the overbooked flight, we are also expecting financial compensation because, normal airline procedure is for a financial offer to be made to those who are inconvenienced through the airline’s overbooking error.

  65. 1.0

    I took the TAP flight from Lisbon to Geneva on 13th of May, 2017 at 15:00. My baggage was rummaged and the inside zipper from the pocket was broken. In additional the luggage feet and the handle were broken too. The tag number is 0047 TP 322716. I am waiting for the immediate explanation of this situation and the companionship of this damage in the amount of 70 EUR. I fly frequently and it is first time the luggage was rummaged and damaged so violently.

    Also, the staff in the plane is very rude. I must admit I am shocked by the low quality of this airline. Avoid it if you don’t need to take TAP!

  66. 1.0

    I booked a flight with this airline on Monday the 8h of May 2017 for my wife and one year old son form London UK to Fortaleza Brazil, received confirmation of the reservation via email within minutes and was told to expect confirmation of the tickets sale once payments were processed as there appeared to be problems with their system. The next day when I contacted them and asked why the payment had not been yet processed I was told that the problem persisted and that I’d be able to pay at the gate, but on the day before my family was due to fly my wife called to ask specifications about provisions for our child only to be informed that the reservation had been cancelled due to an internal TAP procedure that does not permit for payment 72hrs in advance of long haul flights.
    Almost two hours of my time later the complaints department informed me that as all I had was a reservation and not ticket TAP accepted no liability, refused to reinstate the reservation and advised me to try buying a ticket on the day at the gate. Needless to say I will never again make the mistake of using their services in the future and would warn other prospective travellers against using this airline.
    the booking reference was: U8WXPW

  67. 5.0

    On April 1 we flew from Milan to Lisbon and then on to New York. My suitcase arrived with a broken strap buckle. We immediately filed a report and responded when asked for more information. We got replies that they are working on it but it is over a month to respond to a $5 issue. Don’t check luggage with TAP if you can help it.

  68. 1.0

    Reservation: X6PUDT
    My parents were on this reservation. First flight to JFK was weather delayed and they missed their connecting flight to Lisbon. They were REBOOKED by YOU for the exact same flight 24 hours later on May 5th. They made this flight but BARELY only after being told their boarding passes were invalid and my sister came off of the plane to help them on. No one could explain to them why their boarding passes were invalid. They were then supposed to have a flight from Lisbon to Barcelona at 4:10pm May 6th. Their boarding passes that YOU printed out for them again did not show up and were not allowed to board a flight that was no where near fully booked anyway and the plane left without them while their daughter, sister and brother-in-law took off in the plane without them. No one could give them an explanation, no one apologized, no one was compassionate. My mother speaks poor English and I truly believe this was racist and she was taken advantage of. I called customer service and they had no idea what was going on and told me to call the TAP desk at the Lisbon airport directly. I called and a security guard picked up saying no one was there and that I needed to call customer service. You can see how circular that was for me. This was 100% your mistake during the original rebooking you had done. It doesn’t make sense that you helped check them in, give them boarding passes and then NOT LET THEM ON THE PLANE with no explanation. You eventually put them on a flight over 4 hours later. You can imagine the stress and confusion for being treated this way for no reason and with absolutely no explanation. We would like a refund for this delay, non-clarity, unprofessionalism, incompetence that was 100% your airline’s fault and no one else to blame.

  69. 1.0

    After 4 months they cannot fix their systems so I can log in to check/change/cancel flights. The iPhone/iPad app won’t login in either.

    Spend ages on hold waiting for them to answer the phone

    Facebook Contact / Messages are patronising and ineffective. Months to answer simple questions.

    Helpdesk has no facility to give you a reference / ticket number….Endless repeating the same steps for the same issue.

    Horrendous experience dealing with them at all levels, days and days to answer emails, refunds take forever with hefty undocumented penalties..

    Every flight booked has has major issues. Staff are completely useless and entirely uninterested and uninvolved when you ask for help. Snotty patronising responses revealing they haven’t even read what you sent them.

    Complaints system doesn’t recognise a valid postcode so won’t let you submit a complaint online. You only have the option to complain about a flight you have taken and no other matters can be complained about.

  70. 1.0

    Hi bought a ticket just before 8am this morning. I have been trying to contact someone at the airline to cancel it. There is a way ticket can be cancelled within 24 hours. It’s 9 pm now and I still have not been able to get a response. Emails, fb messages, tried calling and Skype calling, even wrote on their FB wall. All with no response. Are they going to ignore me for 24hours so I lose my money??? Unacceptable. I live in South Africa, I can’t keep calling Overseas and being on hold for 25mins! The South Africa contact details on website don’t work. The airline has even read my messages​ on social media but have not bothered answering.

  71. 1.0

    We are a married couple who wanted to celebrate our 7th Wedding Anniversary in Morocco during NY time of 2016 and trusted TAP for our flights. Our schedule was to fly Zürich to Marrakech on 29/12, spend 1 night in Marrakech and start our 3N/4D Sahara Tour on 30/12, at 8 AM.

    Unfortunately, then due to your delay, our plan turned into a mess. On 29th December, we were supposed to fly from Zurich to Marrakech via Lisbon with details:
    MARINA (Booking Ref: 6Q3XGK)
    JOEL (Booking Ref: 6QKPUU)
    Flights on 29 December:
    TAP933, Zürich at 6.20 AM, arriving Lisbon at 8.15 AM.
    TAP1452, Lisbon at 9.25 AM, arriving Marrakech at 11.05 AM.

    The flight was DELAYED. What was also not appreciated is the fact that we were made waiting inside the plane without no information what was going on. Only after more than one hour later of sitting in stress, confusion and cluelessness, we were informed about the Navigation Problem.
    As consequence, we missed our connecting flight to Marrakech at 9.25 AM. Due to the full seat of all flights to Marrakech that day, we had to spend a night in Lisbon and flew on the following day. We tried to explain to the staff that we really had to fly on the same day because we already confirmed/paid several arrangements but we still had to fly the next day on December 30th 2016, at 9.25 AM.

    Due to this delay, we have suffered loss of:
    1)1-night Accommodation Riad in Marrakech of 30 Euro.
    2) Because when we landed on 30 Dec, we had to leave directly from the airport to our (already paid, scheduled) Desert Tour. That means: We MISSED A CHANCE TO SEE MARRAKECH completely. I planned some surprises for my husband on this day but it was all ruined.
    3) Delayed departure of our already paid Desert Tour (cost total of 800 Euro, for 3N/4D) starting on 30 December. Instead of leaving Marrakech at 8.00 AM as scheduled, we had to leave at around 12 noon (as we landed 11 AM, custom, baggage, etc). Therefore we missed 4 hours of the tour, thus leaving out some of the destinations planned, and arrived so late in our hotel.

    As a recent winner of the Best Airline, I believe you are sensible enough to carefully take action with full awareness and responsibility to the loss of your passengers. Our Wedding Anniversary holiday was somehow ruined due to this.

  72. 5.0

    Having booked a flight to Boston, USA, with a connection in Lisbon, Portugal, scheduled to leave from Frankfurt on December 23, 2016, at 11h40 (Booking reference TP/YN26HX, Tickets numbers 047-7894581912 and 047-7894581913), the undersigned presented themselves at the TAP Portugal check-in counter early on the morning of December 23 and were the first ones in the check-in line-up. Before proceeding to the check-in, an employee explained that our flights were overbooked and that the airline was looking for volunteers to change flights. We mentioned that if the alternative flights proposed could fit in our schedule and upon proper compensation, we would accept to make such a compromise. We were then told that we would be check-in for our initial flights and that someone would get back to us if we were still required to change our itinerary.

    Once in the gate area, as the boarding for our first flight, to Lisbon, was starting, FPS Duty Officer for TAP Portugal, Mrs. Khan, called us and offered us two alternative routes in exchange for a compensation of 300 Euros each. One of them was to fly to Montreal, Canada, instead of Boston, as we had previously mentioned that our final destination was located in between these two airports. We were told that the route to get to Montreal involved a flight from Frankfurt to London Heathrow, leaving at 16:00, a lay-over of 1:15 in London and then a flight from London Heathrow, leaving at 18:00, landing in Montreal at 20:45. Even if the arrival was 3:00 later than our initial flight, we accepted to make the change, even if we had a 6 hours drive following such late arrival in order to get to our family in time for Christmas, in good faith and considering the compensation offered.

    Quickly FPS Duty Officer Mrs. Khan called the Ticket Agent and sent us back to the departure area to get our new flights tickets, where we introduced ourselves to the Ticket Agent at the desk 685 and explained that we had been re-booked on a flight to Montreal. He already had the information and proceeded to make the change. Although the name of the destination was not written on the boarding pass, all the information (dates and times) were conform to what we had been told by TAP Portugal and we did not even considered that all representations made by the TAP Portugal agents could be wrong. We honestly relied on all verbal representations made to us by the airline.

    Upon our arrival to London Heathrow, we went to a screen to check our boarding gate for our next flight, only to find out that there was no flight going to Montreal! We then tried to match the flight number on our boarding passes with a flight on the screen and realized that our flight number was associated to a flight going to Toronto, Canada, and not Montreal. Toronto is a 12 hours drive to our final destination and it was absolutely impossible for us to fly to Toronto and make it to be with our family in time for Christmas. If we would have been told that the flight offered was going to Toronto, we would have never accepted it, even if the amount of the compensation would have been higher than 300 Euros, because it was simply not reasonable for us to take that route.

    Moreover, TAP Portugal omitted or neglected to inform one of the undersigned that, being a EU citizen, he could not board a flight going to Canada without a prior approval from the Canadian Customs because the regulations to travel to Canada had recently been changed and an eTA-document was required in advance to enter the country by air. As we were initially supposed to fly to Boston, all verifications had been made to enter in the USA by air and the required ESTA approval had been issued. Had we been told that such an approval was required for Canada as well, I would have made the application right away in Frankfurt to get the approval in time for our flight to Montreal from London, but no such information was provided to us as we were directed to Canada by the TAP Portugal representatives. Therefore, as we arrived the gate with little time before the gate was closing and tried to explain to the Air Canada representatives that we were going to Montreal, we were told that even if we wanted to board the flight to Toronto, the EU citizen would be denied the access to the flight unless he had the eTA-document.

    We were told that no other flight was leaving that day to go overseas and that the next flight to Montreal was only scheduled for the next day, therefore on Christmas eve the 24th of December, at 13:00.

    We were therefore stuck in London Heathrow, with no place to stay and no other option than having to argue with Air Canada and Lufthansa representatives in order to try to get in the December 24th flight to Montreal – or any other reasonable flight. However, it was impossible for us to make it in time to be with our family for the Christmas eve reunion. We had to call our family to tell them we would only join them one day late. More importantly, we lost precious Christmas momentsq with our loved ones that we only get to see once year. This is the damage that is the most important and of the highest value to us. Had we known that we would miss an entire day of vacation and that we could not make it in time to our Christmas eve with our family, we would have never accepted to make an itinerary compromise to help TAP Portugal deal with its overbooked flights issues.

    On top to all that, TAP Portugal had told us that the luggage initially checked-in with them on December 23 would be re-routed to follow us in Montreal. However, the luggage of one of the undersigned, bearing the tracking number 0047 TP 570520, was missing. For an entire week, we were told that it could not be found anywhere in the international baggage system. We were traveling to Florida 4 days later, but no matter where we would call, we were told that summer shoes were not considered as “essential items” to be purchased and reimbursed because our problematic flight landed in a cold area and not in Florida. The undersigned without luggage therefore had to fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida with her winter boots! The luggage was only returned on the 29th of December, with only 1 hour in advance notice – and the delivery guy did not respect the hour of delivery agreed such that he left for another town with the lost baggage and we had to drive to him in order to get it otherwise it was being sent in West Palm Beach with the driver! TAP Portugal was in charge of forwarding the luggage following our flight change but clearly there was an issue as the baggage cannot be located anywhere and, once finally found, was never even properly delivered! Needless to say, in this holiday seasons where we had a lot of activities planned, different weather to dress for and gifts to give, the lost luggage caused a lot of trouble and inconveniences.

    In light of the above, the 300 Euros voucher received in compensation for a change to a later flight to Montreal on the same day of December 23th is absolutely not sufficient to cover all the inconveniences, troubles, stress and suffering we have been through.

    Furthermore, we are currently fighting to get our voices heard, as we already filed a claim on December 27th through the TAP Portugal claim system, and there is no update of the status of our claim since then. Until this day, January 27th, one month later, the status of our claim is still “in analysis – 27/12/2016”. Even the 300 Euros vouchers, which in no way can be disputed as it was offered by TAP, were not paid. We have received no information, instruction or update whatsoever from TAP, and everything is leading us towards the conclusion that not only TAP had no care for the compensation regulation applicable in the EU, but that on top of it TAP will not even honor it’s own commitment.

    Do govern yourself accordingly.

  73. 1.0

    I took a flight yesterday (January 14th/2017) with TAP Portugal from Madrid-Lisbon-Luxembourg. I checked-in my luggage in Madrid’s Airport (T2) and it still hasn’t arrived to Luxembourg’s airport. I put a claim in the airport and called to TAP later on to have more information, but they had none. I have all my winter clothes + highly valuable personal objects in my luggage. It is a red Samsonite whith approximately 20kg weight. The TAG number in my luggage is TP031098 and the flight numbers I took were TP1023 (Madrid-LIsbon) and TP692 (Lisbon-Luxembourg). I am very disappointed with the experience and worried. Any help from your side will be more than welcome. Thanks.

  74. 5.0

    I flew from Rome FCO to Lisbon last 02 January on TP837 and later on the same day from Lisbon to Miami on TP229.
    I checked in (in Rome) my luggage.
    In Miami my luggage (with a tag that reports all my informations) did not show up. Immediately I claimed it at TAP PORTUGAL assistance and I received a practice number.
    From Miami I had to take another plane (with another Airline) in order to reach my final destination, without my luggage this time.

    From that moment I tried to contact TAP PORTUGAL on the number they gave me at the assistance desk but for 4 days nobody was able to tell me where my luggage was. On Saturday 7th January I finally received a call from a TAP PORTUGAL representative who told me they found the luggage and they were going to send it to my address with FEDEX.

    The luggage did not arrive until the 9th of January and it arrived all scratched and ruined.
    I lived ONE WEEK without the majority of clothes and all the shoes I have in the United States, plus all my personal item.

    In accordance with the “EU regulation on air carrier liability in respect of the carriage of passengers and their baggage” that lists all the passengers’ rights, I officially requested a compensation for this disservice and for the inefficiency of the system that was not able to find my luggage within 5 days, and also to repair my luggage that is scratched and ruined.

  75. 1.0

    On January 6th at 6:45 am, I left San Diego and expected to reach Barcelona on January 7th at 11:50 am. However, While on a connecting TAP flight going from Newark to Lisbon, we sat on the runway for three hours before the passengers were informed that the plane had a defective part. From there, we waited three hours in a line to get our hotel vouchers (around midnight). The TAP representatives had taken down everyone’s phone numbers, ensuring us that we would receive a phone call the next morning regarding the next available flight to Lisbon. However, the next morning, I just so happened to see the TAP representative the airline sent to give us an update wandering in the lobby. The other passengers seemed to not know who he was. We were never informed that he was there, we never received a phone call or text, etc. If I hadn’t asked the hotel supervisor if he was there, many people would not have known what next steps to take. The representative gave us very vague answers regarding when the plane issue would be solved and how we should go about booking new flights. He said the plane “might” be fixed around 3 or 4, but to head to the airport asap.

    From there, we took the shuttle to the airport (arriving at 1 pm) and we waited in line for another three hours for what we thought was a line to re-book and check into our new flight. However, the staff was completely unhelpful and rude when I asked what the issue was and what was taking so long. There was no communication between the staff and the passengers. Multiple lines had formed in which many people were cutting others. There was absolutely no order and the staff absolutely refused to accommodate any requests. They saw people cutting in line and forming new ones and they said and did nothing.

    By the time we got through security, it was 4:30 pm. The flight to Lisbon (flight 2624) was supposed to depart at 7:30 pm. Instead, we left at 11 pm and in that time, no TAP representative made ANY announcement regarding why weren’t boarding yet. All the other airlines in the terminal kept informing their passengers to expect delays due to weather, etc. I repeatedly had to go up and ask what the issue was and the staff was extremely rude and patronizing about it. And, when I asked why they weren’t even making announcement regarding the food vouchers, they rudely replied, “Have you seen the line? We were only supposed to give out a few.” Why just a few when there are 250 passengers waiting to get to their final destinations? They clearly didn’t want people to know that they were obliged to give passengers food vouchers for being stuck in the airport all day.

    I’ve never encountered an airline that absolutely refuses to communicate with customers efficiently or effectively. The majority of the staff was rude, patronizing and unaccommodating. It should not have been the passengers’ responsibility to see what the problem was. They should have informed us about everything from the start. I was supposed to arrive in Barcelona at 11:50 am on Jan. 7th. Instead, I arrived at 10:40 pm on January 8th. I was traveling alone and had to walk back home in the middle of the night because of this. I missed an important deadline for work AND a friend’s wedding!

    I expect to be FULLY COMPENSATED for this inconvenience. From the awful service to the lack of communication, this is the worst travel experience I’ve ever had. Plus, I was given an additional layover in Madrid.

    Trip number: 11058066475
    Original flight information: TP1040

  76. 1.0

    AVOID TAP!!!!

    My bag was lost on a flight from Boston connecting via Lisbon to Malaga. I only had one checked bag and that was lost. I filed a complaint online and was given a claim number. I contacted their customer service online, via email and via phone several times but have not received any information on my bags. This seems to be a frequent occurrence for TAP. I filed a detailed complaint asking for compensation. This has cost me many hours and a spoiled stay in Spain as I did not have my belongings and was holding out hope to receive my bag, so I did not want to buy replacements. Customer service is rude and not helpful, with long wait times.

  77. 5.0

    Ticket #0479341259087
    Flight: Boston to Florence, Italy (via Lisbon, Rome).

    Your Company oversold flight #TP 846 and arbitrarily decided that my seat wasn’t going to be getting on the flight. I have paid Euros 1,147.24 euros on January 5, 2017, for a flight from Boston to Florence (Italy), preferring to pay a higher fare to ensure my flight and due to a very urgent commitment in Italy. I missed my appointment in Italy due to your Company delay (over 7 hours). Your flight from Boston to Lisbon was the worst ever (indecent food, toilets not clean, among others). The woman that talked to me, as well as to many other passengers, in Lisbon, had absolutely no sense of how to treat passengers and said I could not fly from Lisbon to Rome. Though overbooking is an ordinary practice among airline companies, I know my rights. Flight from Lisbon to Rome was delayed (of course, I missed my flight and my appointment in Florence). Flight from Boston to Lisbon was the worst flight experience ever (I have been flying overseas from 1977 and know what’s the meaning of flying!). If I do not receive a full compensation for Euros 1,147.24 within 10 days plus other expected compensation for overbooking, I will report this case.

  78. 5.0

    On the 24th of december 2016, i was supposed to go from Prague to Sevilla, with a connecting flight in Lisboa. My first flight from Prague to Lisboa (TP1307) arrived as schedule at 8:30. However, the departure of my second flight from Lisboa to Sevilla (TP1102) had five hours of delay. It was supposed to leave at 9:20 but actually left at 14:35. The information crew only told us that the plane did not arrive yet in Lisboa, and the departure would be around 12:00, and the airport will give us food in the meantime. During the 5 hours, we received neither food or water, and the plane only left at 14:35.

    On Janurary 2nd of 2017, i was supposed to go from Sevilla to Prague with a connecting flight in Lisboa. My first flight from Sevilla to Lisboa (TP1105) that was supposed to leave at 12:10 had 3 hours of delay. The flight actually left Sevilla at 15:06.
    As a consequence, i missed my connecting flight from Lisboa to Prague (TP1304), which was supposed to leave at 13:10. Once in Lisboa, the information crew said that the next flight to Prague was only the next day. The scheduled departure of the flight the next day (TP1304) was supposed to be at 13:30, but in fact left at 14:10.

  79. 1.0

    Resolver Ref: RES606102
    Company: TAP Portugal
    Service: Flights – departure UK
    Issue: Flight delay/cancellation
    Sub-issue: Delayed flight
    Date Raised: 5th January 2017 at 12:20pm

    The flight TP 369 (30th Dec 2016) was delayed for nearly 4 hrs.This has originated additional expenses for me as i had to organise additional transportation upon arrival (around 300£). Airline didnt even offer meal vouchers to the passengers. they said that as the delay was showing to be of 2h55m, it was below the 3hr threshold for compensation/vouchers. The truth is we boarded more than 3h30m after the scheduled departure and the actual departure was around 4hrs after the scheduled time. i would like to ad reimbursement of dinner costs (25£). It felt that it wasnt just a coincidence that the delay on screens was showing to be just 5 mins below the 3hr threshold. Very cheeky! Disgraceful.

  80. 1.0

    Resolver Ref: RES606102
    Company: TAP Portugal
    Service: Flights – departure UK
    Issue: Flight delay/cancellation
    Sub-issue: Delayed flight
    Date Raised: 5th January 2017 at 12:20pm

    The flight TP 369 (30th Dec 2016) was delayed for nearly 4 hrs.This has originated additional expenses for me as i had to organise additional transportation upon arrival (around 300£).
    Airline didnt even offer meal vouchers to the passengers. they said that as the delay was showing to be of 2h55m, it was below the 3hr threshold for compensation/vouchers. The truth is we boarded more than 3h30m after the scheduled departure and the actual departure was around 4hrs after the sheduled time. i would like to ad reimbursement of dinner costs (25£).
    It felt that it wasnt just a coincidence that the delay on screens was showing to be just 5 mins below the 3hr threshold. Very cheeky! Disgraceful.

  81. 1.0

    Service with staff at check in Lisbon airport (Mr Rúben) was very patronising and rude. Obviously I couldn’t understand why every other airline lets a car child seat and a suitcase as standard hold baggage with no extra charge and TAP doesnt. Staff should be sympathetic to the passengers and not make them feel they are stupid to have assumed this as this is standard in other international flights specially when its very difficult to get information on your website as most links are broken (for example if one attempts to use the “luggage simulator” it sends you back to deals on various flights. -not very helpful, makes one wonder if it’s not on purpose so that you need to pay extra at airport to check in extra luggage). Additionally as a frequent flyer I have never encountered such a difficult e ticket or reservation email to check in and check details of flights and passengers as the a email received is in an ancient format resembling prehistoric typewriting- definitely not user friendly. Good luck sorting TAP out.

  82. 1.0

    I have booked a flight 2 days ago and during the booking it asks me for my passport number and my first and last name. I have a long name and thought I should put my full name (first names and surnames). However the site would not allow more than a certain number of characters and I put down my second first name, which is the one I am known as. I called them today to ask about this and after being put on hold for more than one hour I was told that I had to pay £33 to change my name. I explained this wasn’t about a new passenger, it was about the restrictions on their site. She ended putting the phone down on me while I was asking her for a complaints number or email address. Appalling.

  83. 5.0

    I was flying on Tap last week from Austin to Valencia on TP1094.
    My luggage did arrive without wheels, completely destroy because it was treat very inadequate during the travel. I understand that they are luggage, but they have to be treat as that. Anyway the problema was that I arrived to airport several hours after and anyone wanted to give me a complain process, and now I am looking up the way to do it properly. I want a compensation because of that. They are three luggage broken and I am going to complain.

  84. 1.0

    Prior to buying tickets on your airline, I spoke with someone at customer service and asked if it would be possible to bring an Emotional Support Animal, a cat, on board. I was told yes. That I would need to submit the documentation to your medical department and it would be approved as long as I had the documentation. We flew to Paris via American Airlines, and my son’s cat was approved with medical documentation from the United States. Now, I have been told that the only ESA allowed on TAP Portugal are dogs. However, cats are allowed in the cabin and we can take her for $150.00. My son suffers from stress and anxiety and the cat is helping him cope when flying. Moreover, when I have asked to talk to a supervisor, I was told no. I have never been treated so rudely and would have not booked on your airlines if I had been told this prior to booking. I am looking into having a lawyer in London look into this for me. I have all the agents names and dates of who I talked with.

  85. 5.0

    My name is Villar and on November 13th my mother and I had a flight reservation with TAP Airlines that departed from Lisbon, Portugal to arrive in Seville, Spain. Due to a change of plan, we missed our flight but made it to Seville by car. We, however, were not informed that if we miss one flight, it will affect the other flights. My mother and I were scheduled to depart from Seville, Spain to arrive in Lisbon, Portugal on November 19th. To our surprise, the airline told us that we did not have a reservation because we cancelled the November 13th flight. They also informed us that they sold our seats on the plane. We were outraged at the lack of professionalism from both TAP Airlines . We had to go to a different airline and book another ticket to get back home. We spent an additional $1600 on airline tickets plus a train ticket since there were no flights leaving Seville. We had to take a train to Madrid. I have never experienced such incompetence from the airline. A quick email informing us about the changes would have sufficed.

  86. 1.0

    1) I flew TP0356 from Lisbon to London on the 20.11.2016 and your cabin manager woman was found to be sickeningly homophobic, I am a STAR ALLIANCE GOLD MEMBER (TK ELITE PLUS) i fly more than 80.000 miles a year.

    2) Flight was delayed, I arrived at gate around 2pm, flight took off 3.15pm.

    3) There was no toilet facility at the gate, gate was surrounded by cordon and immigration agent was checking passport before you entering into the cordon, once you enter u are not allowed to go out, so no toilet.

    4) I am gay transexual male, wearing pink shoes, pink nail varnish etc.

    5) I was so desperate for toilet, almost releasing on me, once I entered the plane I put my bag on my seat 6D, and approached to the male cabin crew who escorted me to use the toilet at the front.

    6) Passengers were all entering the plane and back toilet was out of question because if i was to go back toilet i cannot come back to 6D as everybody was walking from front to back.

    7) We met the cabin manager woman, the male cabin crew told her in english that I must use the toilet urgently, i also said in English however she did not even look at my face, she looked at my pink nail varnish and pink shoes then looked at the male crew and responded him back in portuguese by raising her voice with anger.

    8) Male cabin crew said ‘sorry I tried’.

    9) I sat back at my seat..the pain was torturing, I was in so much of abdominal pain that moment.

    10) Once boarding was completed, same cabin manager woman took the american white male passenger seated in 4D to the toilet opened the door to him and laughed with him.

    11) I told the male cabin crew that this is a discrimination and i will make complaint, once I mentioned ”complaint” the male cabin crew changed his behaviour and said I can now use the back toilet.

    12) When i was entering the back toilet the crew at the back called the manager to the front and told her on the phone that I found clear discrimination and will make complaint.

    13) I came out of the toilet, pain was incredible, sat back on my seat and a minute later this cabin manager woman came stood beside me, she raised her voice and said I quote – ”ah haaa do u want my name huh?? complaint huh?? do u want my name”.

    I was in so much pain I could not even answer, she left.


  87. 5.0

    I write to you as I want to complain and receive my compensation for the big, huge delay I suffered on my trip from Caracas to Madrid with a stopover in Lisbon (Caracas-Lisboa TP 0174 transit to Lisboa-Madrid TP 1028) with supposed flight departure on the 15th of November.

    We boarded the aircraft (15th Nov) with 3 1/2hs of delay. After an hour we were told that the aircraft has a technical issue and everyone unboard. They offered us accommodation and rescheduled the flight for the next day. On the 16th of November, 1 hour before the rescheduled flight with TAP, we were told that everyone would fly directly to Madrid with 2 Spanish airlines (AirEuropa and Iberia) instead of TAP, as the aircraft wasn’t fixed yet. Around 40 people, including me, even after TAP had reassured us that we would fly on that day, we were told from AirEuropa that the aircraft didn’t have space and food enough for us. TAP told us that we would fly on the next day, 17th of November to Paris with AirFrance. We were given accommodation for one more night and on the 17th at 17.35 we finally board and flew to Paris with AirFrance (arrival to France on the 18th).

    Also, my luggage has not arrived yet. In conclusion, I flew 3 days after my supposed departure, I could no more use a ticket I have bought for a flight from Madrid to Toulouse with Iberia (18th of November), and 2 days after my arrival in Toulouse still not have my luggage (that included the dress I was suppose to wear in my concert on the 19th of November). As I am a professional pianist this severely damaged my performance. I’m really unhappy about the way TAP treated me as a customer till now and I hope to find a quick resolution to my complaint.

    1. I am writing regarding our horrific incident that happened August 20th, 2017 when we were denied boarding at gate 45 from TAP employees as they refused to allow us as well as 8 other passengers (1 of which were in a wheel chair) to board on our flight 25 minutes prior to departure.

      My family and I arrived almost 3 hours prior to our flight, more then sufficient time to complete check-in, security and boarding procedures.
      I even spent almost 20 minutes with the check-in representative to have my 5 year old son to sit with me. I booked him and I together at the same time, I indicated his age and yet they sat him rows away from each of his parents. She was unsuccessful changing our seats which I can’t comprehend.

      All Of out boarding passes indicated Gate 44A which we were waiting to hear to be called. At 18:20, we got suspicious as to why we weren’t boarding and after looking at the monitor, we realized that the gate had been changed to 45, when we arrived at the gate, we were told that the gate had been closed 25 minutes before our departure. There were absolutely no warnings on the PA system, we heard many last calls notifications but none were for Toronto. There were 10 people on this flight that got denied boarding . With 10 people checked in and not on board, a reasonable employee would start to take action perhaps get on the PA system, call out names etc.

      I travel 4-6 times a year and have never encountered such terrible service from an air carrier.

      After being rudely sent in numerous directions and to different locations in the airport, TAP customer service made alternative arrangements for the 2 travellers-1 in a wheelchair to go through at no extra cost. Perhaps because the woman in a wheel chair was being escorted by airport crew and they acknowledged that they had messed up. However when the rest of us approached customer service desk, we were told that we needed to pay a ridiculous amount to alter our flights. There were absolutely no other options. When we demanded answers, they walked away, rolled their eyes, and whispered to each other. I could not believe what I was seeing and experiencing.

      I don’t even have a word to express my feelings that day, TAP employees were extremely rude, not 1 person apologized, or show any empathy or willingness to help, all they did was was deflect and send us in other directions to different departments. We finally left the airport around 11pm, we spent the entire day at the airport suffering and feeling helpless. Not how we expected to end our vacation.
      Given that we were not offered, nor did We travel on a replacement flight and have to endure such horrendous service, we are seeking compensation under EC Regulation 261/2004 for this flight plus our money back for altering our flight, hotel expenses etc.

      Ironically, when we tried to board the following day, our flight was NOT displayed on the airport monitor until much later AND was delayed 2 hours.

      I sent a complaint to Tap over 3 weeks ago, I have NOT received a response.

  88. 5.0

    I had a cancelled flight on 31 August, since registration of my claim I have tried several times to get resolution without success. On 9 Nov i was told I would only get 25% cash unless I took a travel voucher

  89. 5.0

    Actually I did not want to waste my time to bring this to your attention but on second thought before the end of the year may be it is better that you know!

    – [ ] It was my first time in Portugal and it was a traumatic experience flying through Tap Portugal. My original ticket was from Warsaw to Lisbon.

    The airline was overbooked and I was not able to fly! To console me the stewardess in charge of those who were boarding told me that I will be compensated due to this discomfort. She led me to the counter where I was rebooked and told me to get my compensation as soon as I reached Lisbon. She did not even inform me that I was supposed to be booked in a hotel nearby to have a place to sleep. Good enough the lady who gave me the new booking told me that it was the responsibility of the airlines to give me a place to sleep that evening and she led me to the counter where I was booked in a hotel and I was checked in including my luggage. The guy was good enough to lead and show me the hotel.

    Meanwhile, I lose my ticket from Lisbon to Porto. I had to make a new booking. I also lost a day of my meeting. I was rerouted. I had to go to Milan before going to Lisbon. I did not know that the worst was still to come. When I reached Lisbon, my baggage was lost. I was lining up in the lost and found of ground forced, but I am number 92 among those who have lost or damaged their baggage. Instead of working things out in Lisbon for my lost baggage and my compensation, I was advised by one of the airport officer in charge of the lost and found for ground-forced to work things out in Porto so that I will not lose my flight to Porto. I did exactly what he told me and was able to report my lost baggage in Porto.

    Since 6 days had passed and my baggage was not arriving, I thought that I already lost it. Good enough that I was bringing in my backpack my dirty clothes. Meanwhile I had to pay extra for the laundry. And since it was very expensive for me to pay for the laundry, I had to wash some of my clothes while in the meeting of bishops in Joao Paulo Hotel, Sanctuary of Our Lady of Sameiro, Braga. Finally my baggage arrived on August 9, 2016. I was overjoyed!

    On August 11, 2016 I was on my way back to the Philippines… I took again Tap Portugal. It was more than one hour delayed. When I finally reached Lisbon, I went to the servicing center of Tap Portugal to claim my compensation that I was supposed to receive because I was not able to fly from Warsaw to Lisbon due to the overbooking of the airlines last August 1, 2016. I explained to the man assigned everything that happened to me but he was looking for a document that I was rebooked due to overbooking of the airlines which I did not have because the only thing that the stewardess in charge of the boarding told me was to work things out in Lisbon as soon as I arrived. But this, I was not able to do because I lost my baggage and I was catching for my flight to Porto.

    But to no avail, he said that he could not process my claim unless there was the document that he was looking for. Instead he gave me this card through which I could start the process of the claim.

  90. 5.0

    Booking number 4UOV2B
    Oslo -Casablanca 05. October 2016, return 12.october 2016.
    The flight from Lisboa to Oslo 12 October at 8 o clock was cancelled.
    I was rebooked : Lisboa- Copenhagen, departure 17:00 and Copenhagen (TAP Portugal)- Oslo (SAS) at 22:45. I landed in Oslo 23:55 -More than 10 hours after original schedule.
    I filed a complaint form on the day of travel (duplicate 23285652) but it was stressful and i dont know what happens next.
    I am seeking compensation under EU regulations. In this case
    600 Euro. I also lost a doctor’s appointment, but because of the unfortunate circumstances they did not charge me a fine for not cancelling on time.

  91. 1.0

    Dear Tap,
    I lost my watch on one of your aircrafts. After several payable calls to your hotline in which I got wrong telephone or email contacts, I finally got the correct person to contact. This was a handling agent outside Tap who responded quickly to say my watch was found but sent back to Tap. They also gave me a contact email: [email protected].
    I have now contacted this email three times without any reply. I know it is my own mistake that I lost my watch. But the incompetence of your hotline and the ignorance of the persons behind this email address are really frustrating. If you could please help me and tell me how I can get my watch back?
    Best Regards

  92. 5.0

    Damaged luggage Reference Number: FC PT SI 2016/15947

    On 06/25/2016 TAP flight from EWR to LIS damaged my bag >> when I retrieved my bag in Lisbon baggage claim it was noticeable showing a hole on the side that was punctured into my bag…after filing a claim at the airport with GroundForce and many atempts talking with TAP “Fale Conosco Agent” Ana Barra/Supervisor and Sandra Neves/Agent (note: calling tel: 707 205 700 Fale Conosco phone call is charged per minute in Portugal and it doesn’t even work outside of Portugal) they refused to pay for it by claiming it was normal transit damage per EU standards. It’s funny coming to read todays Portuguese news, it reads that TAP’s President Fernando Pinto announced airline company will reduce internal costs by 150million euros. I see clearly where they are cutting the costs, by not paying for their passangers damaged and/or lost luggage. Beware when you fly TAP this can happen to you! Will continue the complaint by writing a letter to EU commission Directorate-General for Energy and Transport.

  93. 5.0

    I was speaking to one of your operator and she rudely hang up the phone. In the meanwhile I was trying to find a solution to my problem! It was my second call with the same attitude from the operator. Your employees are really rude and even if your flight is cheaper, I’m so upset about the way I was treated! I will never do business with your company and recommend it to anyone! Working in New York and travelling all the time my company as well will never book flight with you!

  94. 2.0

    Was booked to fly Lisbon to Madeira (we are Americans traveling Portugal for 32 days) 4 August. That flight did go – late – and ended up circling Madeira (Funchal) and returning to Lisbon. We were given no help to find our luggage or know what to do. Two hours later we got our luggage and got through the Lisbon airport customer service line to rebook for 8 August (now only 3 nights since we had to leave Lisbon 11 August). the Aug 8 flight left even later (over 2.5 hours late) and tried to land 3 times (even refueled at Porto Santo)…but after removing a sick passenger at the refueling airport tried one more time. Got back to Lisbon about 1 am. NO help at all as what to do. All TAP personnel disappeared and after calling 15 hotels laid on airport floor from 2 – 5 am. Though we wasted over 4 hours calling/on hold with TAP we never ever got through…and did get an email saying “check in for your August 11 return flight”. Funny since we never got to Funchal/Madeira. This is Sept 12 and no luck in USA either reaching anyone. We are out hundreds of Euro (the difference in new hotels vs. our original reservations) and our airline tickets to/from Funchal. I have a complaint filed with TAP online but was told it takes 60 days!!! It is hard to believe that this is good/acceptable service. Our next attempt will be through our CC company and through the EU agreement on flying standards. Why is this the way TAP? Very disappointed. BUT thank you for not landing in bad conditions (thank the pilot).

  95. 1.0

    Our family booked TAP Flights through Expedia to travel from London Heathrow to Rio De Janeiro (Via Lisbon). Our first flight from LHR was delayed however we just made the connection to Rio – sadly 3 of our 5 suitcases did not. (Many other passengers’ bags did not arrive also) – it was chaos at the TAP desk and took about an hour to register our bag loss. We were given a telephone number to ring to check if our bags had turned up but either no one answered, it was engaged or the office closed – which was very frustrating.

    When the suitcases did turn up (36 hours later) our bags had been gone through and several valuable items had been taken – we were extremely upset. We had saved up for 4 years to go to Rio as our son is a member of Team GB and as soon as his selection was announced we booked our flights with TAP (through

    We tried to speak with TAP representatives in RIO but either could not or found them very unhelpful – giving us a UK telephone number to call !!

    We informed the British Olympic Association in RIO and they helped by providing a translator to try to contact the airlines but were equally frustrated by TAP’s response (or lack off) and were also very angry that when our bags finally turned up valuable items had been stolen.

    As you can imagine these flights were very expensive and the loss of items made them even more so.

    In truth we were dreading the return flights for the remainder of our holiday.

  96. 2.0

    I flew TAP PORTUGAL on August 16 onboard flight 0203. We were at the check-in and the specific seats we paid for were not reserved. The lady at the check-in sent us to customer service, and there we were sent to the TAP office (balcao de vendes). The lady at that office, by name Andrea, told us senseless excuses as to why our seats had been changed. Finally she told us that TAP did not guarantee the specific seats that we paid for and they put us somewhere else in the plane. Very disappointed. Be aware of how TAP responds to customers.

  97. 1.0

    TAP airline does not like Americans. This is the second time I fly with them and I noticed that they completely discriminate against Americans.

    A check in representative started speaking to me in Spanish and I told her I didn’t not understand I only speak English. She snarled at me and told me that I was in a Spanish country and that I should know Spanish and if not learn it and they my last name was Spanish and how stupid of me not to know Spanish. I could not believe she said all of this. I went on to tell her that she is the one who needed to learn English to better communicate with clients and how dare she even go there with my nationality. Out of spite, she forced me to check in my carry on that fit perfectly in the overhead bin and started screaming at me in front of passengers who watched in disbelief. I am now afraid my baggage will not arrive because of her discrimination and hate against Americans.

  98. 5.0

    I am claiming a refund on flights I booked on the 19/07/2016 for my son from Ghana to London and back. I phoned your office on the same day (19/07/2016) to notify you of the cancellation and the claim of a refund.

    The one I spoke to assured me that the booking has been cancelled and a refund has been request and that I should hear from them in seven working days.
    I am still waiting for a response and it is costing me money because my bank account has been overdrawn and I am been charged £2 a day! And I m getting really upset and frustrated.
    REFUND ID:216306146001

  99. 1.0

    Not happy with the services at all. My flight was cancelled and I was not informed. Three months on I am still waiting for the refund. They say a refund was issued but nothing has been received by my bank.

  100. 1.0

    All three pieces of my luggage has still not arrived and it has been 48 hours. I was told since it had not arrived Friday with me then it would arrive the next day at the same time. I have been calling all day with no response. When someone finally answered they put me on hold for over 20 minutes and then hung up. I am supposed to leave for a trip tomorrow and have none of my belongings!!! Very frustrating and unprofessional. I have flown with this company four times and this is the second time they have lost or delayed my luggage.

  101. 2.0

    In Lisbon where I checked in I asked the flight attendant to request that I claim my bags at Milano where I will stay in transit for 5hrs, she said that it wasn’t possible and assured me that my bag as well as my sister’s, who was flying with me, would arrive to Cairo’s airport (my final destination). While I boarded in Milano I was informed by the EgyptAir flight attendants that my bags weren’t on the flight because TAP simply never got them through. When I arrived Cairo i made sure to file a report and track my luggage. To my shock, I wasn’t only told that mine and my sister’s bags NEVER flew, but that they will arrive in the same trip the day after. How unprofessional, audacious and irresponsible of TAP’s staff. You not only misinformed me, and refused to coordinate to avoid such problems, but also failed to perform your duty.

  102. 1.0

    It’s confirmed! TAP=TAKE ANOTHER PLANE!!


    The cheap ticket I purchased ended up costing me twice (rising from US$1298 to US$2298) and I only found out about the hidden implications and extra costs I had to pay for as I was beginning my return trip!


    Here’s what I learned the hard way:

    If you fly on TAP PORTUGAL via Lisbon to other destinations (with a same day 2-3 hour layover arranged by the booking system/agent for your convenience on your forward trip), your return trip via Lisbon may include a layover of even as little as 2-3 hours spanning across 2 calendar days (e.g. arriving in Lisbon at 10 PM on July 10, 2016 and departing 3 hours later at 1 AM on July 11, 2016), you are highly likely to end up paying almost twice what you paid for your US$1298 cheap ticket, AND you will only find out about this predicament (and cost) after you’ve gone through self-service check-in, obtained your boarding passes for both legs of your return trip, and also obtained your checked baggage tags – when you get to the tagged baggage drop-off counter OR if you have no checked baggage, you’d only find out at the very last minute as you get through the boarding gate about to board for your return trip.

    Although TAP Portugal ticket sellers very dutifully ascertain the travelers’ compliance with US visa requirements before selling air tickets which include travel to US destinations, they/their booking systems selectively do not bother to do the same BEFORE selling air tickets to travelers going via Lisbon (in TAP’s own home country, whose visa requirements they should know best!!). During my trip, they only informed me of my need for the Lisbon airport transit visa required by Portugal for US residents as I was about to go to my boarding gate for my return trip to the US at the end of a 5 day trip to attend a funeral in England (I did not need this visa on my forward trip’s layover which their ticket sellers made sure was within the same calendar day, however, TAP informed me as I was about to board my return flight that I needed an airport transit visa for my return trip’s layover which spanned across 2 calendar days, even if the actual number of layover hours in Lisbon were the same 2-3 hours on both the forward and return trips) – in the end, their selective advance ascertainment of visa requirements before selling air tickets for flights going through Lisbon almost doubled my air travel-related costs due to US$1000 in extra costs including US$750 in ‘re-booking’ costs, plus $250 in ancillary costs (incl. an extra unplanned hotel stay near London’s Heathrow airport, cab fares, food, and taxes).

    In addition, when I complained about the above to their manager at London Heathrow airport, I found the manager grossly lacking in public relations skills; Lisbon airport is too small to handle the increase in air traffic resulting from TAP’s new aggressive marketing campaign championing Lisbon as the go-through hub/gateway to Europe and other destinations – planes land in far off landing strips, passengers disembark onto the tarmac through staircases with their carryon baggage and get bussed over quite some distance to the terminals; going through the Lisbon airport entailed long lines due to understaffed and clearly inexperienced staff at security checkpoints (which may also potentially imply increased danger to the travelling public);

  103. 1.0

    Rude customer service. The worst I have ever dealt with. Phone representatives hang up on paying customers. One flight attendant stole my laptop and took it all the way to brazil. Lucky for me I had a macbook pro and apple provides a lojack service which allowed me to lock the laptop completely. I called about the incident and the representative hung up on me. I called back 3 times and 3 times they hung up on me. I will never recommend TAP to anyone and I will be posting a blog about the horrid way the representatives treat PAYING customers. Continental will be getting much more clients.

  104. 1.0

    I bought tickets from Tripsta agency flying from Boston to Barcelona on July 1st with connecting flight in Lisbon on July 2nd to Barcelona. We also bought airline tickets from Vueling for July 2nd at 15:40 pm from BCN to Majorca.
    Problem- Flight from Lisbon to Barcelona on July 2nd was cancelled and I heard that from my friend who is also traveling with us on the same date and same flight. I was never informed about flight cancellation from either TAP or Tripsta. We have rented a house in Majorca Starting July 2nd until July 9th.

    On 06/16 I called Tripsta as soon as I heard from my friend that the flight from Lisbon was cancelled and asked to be rescheduled for the same flight like my friend at 9 am or similar on July 2nd, so that we can get on time to Barcelona to catch flight to Majorca at 15:40 on July 2nd.
    Agency confirmed and said they will send us confirmation. On July 17th, they sent us confirmation with totally wrong dates. Tickets issued have dates July 2nd leaving BOS-BCN with connection in Lisbon arriving to BCN on July 3rd.

    We have already bought tickets from Vueling for July 2nd at at 15:40 BCN- Majorca.
    We have also rented and paid for the whole house in Majorca for 7 nights starting July 2nd.
    I have been on the phone with TAP and Tripsta since 2am EST in USA unable to sleep, just for TAP to tell me that agency placed request for July 2nd BOS-BCN and Tripsta telling me that they cannot do it, that actually TAP changed our dates. Neither one is willing to do anything to have us on the flight where the rest of our family and friends are. Who gives right to any one to change my dates without my consent?
    There is room in 1st class, but no one wants to accept mistake and put us there, I already complained to IATA by sending them email.

  105. 5.0

    My family and I booked flights with TAP from London Heathrow to belo Horizonte Brazil with a change over in Lisbon . The first flight was delayed meaning we missed the connecting flight so had to stay in Portugal for 24 hours until next available flight, this also had a knock on affect as we had transport booked in Brazil. I have been seeking compensation for this delay complaint number 2016/67818 ever since but TAP seem to enjoy giving their unhappy customers the runaround.

  106. 5.0

    The food on my recent flight to France was absolutely bad. I found it bland and cold. Not sure if that is how the airline serves in all flights.

  107. 5.0

    I was flying on Tap yesterday from Lisbon to Frankfurt on TP576 and onward to Malta on KM 329.
    My luggage did not arrive in Malta for some reason. The luggage Tag number is TP804071 and my Baggage Irregularity Report which I filled in MLA had number MLAKM14288. Luggage was a rigid black upward baggage, of United Colours of Benetton make, and had various stickers on it, such as Triathlon Malta and Buff. Still waiting for an update.

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