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    My son was booked to travel from Hong Kong Back to Singapore on April 9 2017. However his grandfather had suddenly passed away in Hong Kong and we had to delay the trip. First of all we called Tiger air as soon as this happened to change his booking and no one picked up the phone although we were calling for 1 hour. When we finally got through the next day they were not helpful at all. They should no sympathy and were not helpful at all. We told them what had happened and we had to change the booking but they absolutely refused and we had to cancel this ticket and buy a new one way ticket. This is totally unacceptable in anyway as any airline would help with these situations but Tiger air was totally not helpful. I am very disappointed with their services as customer service is very important and one should know how to deal with the situation at that time. I am still looking and hoping to get some compensation for this issue.

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    I wish to lodge a complaint against an unprofessional and dishonest handling of a booking issue by Tigerair: On May 6, I booked air tickets for my wife and I for a Singapore-Macau round trip. We then called up Tigerair to request to buy a separate seat for our 19 month old child. Although our child is under 2 and does not require his own seat, we wanted to get him a seat for greater comfort. The Tigerair officer, Suzy (staff ID 7701) handled the booking over phone; the cost was $287. A few minutes after we completed the booking over phone, she called and informed she had made a mistake – the price of $287 is only a “seat fare” and does not allow an infant to sit in it. She informed that an additional $300 was required to allow my child to sit in the seat. That obviously sounded extremely ridiculous (the total fare for my child became more expensive than our adult fares); after we questioned her about it, she changed her words and said the additional fee would be $150. We decided not to go for the separate seat and just carry our child in our own seats for the flight. We agreed to the payment of $150 for carrying our child in our seat and Tigerair has since charged us for it. Suzy had said that she would have to check with her supervisor regarding our request for refund of the separate seat purchase ($287). She said she would “escalate” the matter to have our refund processed. A week has passed and we have not heard back from Tigerair nor has the refund for the $287 been processed. I called Tigerair again on 12 May and spoke to a staff called Bill Tang, who responded saying that lead team was having lunch and would call us back after lunch – no one since has bothered to call us. We are very upset by the appalling service quality of Tigerair, and frankly, the dishonesty in handling the matter is shocking – why should the matter of refunding a customer for an error on their part even require “approval” in the first place? And how could they not have processed the refund at all after a whole week? If this matter remains unresolved after another 3 working days, I would like to inform Tigerair that I would be taking official actions to file a complaint to CASE and other legal authorities.

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    I am very disappointed in TIGERAIR, regardless they are budget airline, their online platform is ridiculous. Worse come to worst is their service and attitude.

    I tried to amend one of my company worker named A’s itinerary, his baggage allowance; but due to the additional charges is too expensive for him, i cancelled the amendment. I opened a new tab and start a new flight booking for another worker B, i did not realise the tigerair website “amended” my previous itinerary for A to a new date and name instead. I only realised they changed the name after when it jumped to a new page stating itinerary amended. I closed the tab and opened a new tab start all over again, it tried to overwrite A’s itinerary AGAIN. So I realised there is a glitch from tiger air website. I changed back the name by “new booking” successfully and no charges on me. But I did not realise and take note the date was changed too. I have to open a new incognito tab then i can start to book a new flight ticket for worker B.

    On the actual date for worker A to fly off then I realised his date was amended as he called me that the counter staff informed him the date is amended. I tried to talk to the counter staff they said I have to call the call center to settle as they are not authorised to make any amendment on cases like this. I called the call center and told them about the glitch that happened when I tried to make a new booking and amended my another booking instead, after my request for waiver on the name amendment was rejected, I requested to talk to one of the Manager called Fred Lim and explained to him, and even initiated to send him the original flight itinerary and the AMENDED itinerary which have no charges imposed on me. He ignored my message and insisted that the gate is closed and will have to arrange for the worker on the next day earliest flight and an investigation will be taken. He said he will pass this case to another staff as he is on night shift the next day and promised me someone will call me before noon the next day. However, right after the conversation was ended my worker called me said that the counter staff informed him that he can top up the admin charges for passenger name amendment and he will be able to board the flight. As his family is waiting for him in his hometown, he paid the $80 for the admin fees. I guessed Mr Fred Lim thought that the case is ‘closed’ no one called me and I called back the very next day around 9pm, no one is aware of this case and there is a staff name JM Tiu informed me that the case is locked by Fred Lim no one can access and he is having a meeting right now. I asked him for a small favour to pass a message to Fred Lim if i don’t received a call from him by the following day noon I will lodge a complain against him, Fred Lim and tiger air. Since then, no more call from Tiger Air. I wrote a feedback through their official website after 2-3 days after the day that Fred Lim was supposed to call, dated 15 March. Apparently, there is no response from Tiger Air too except for the automated no-reply email ‘We have received your submission to Tigerair 1703018787’

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