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    I was traveling for SFO to BOS on August 31 2016, at 9:15am on flight VX352. I believe it was a full flight. I was in group B.
    As usual the flight crew was asking for people to volunteer to check their luggage I assumed a full flight meant that they might run out of room or that a full flight means that people would not move as quickly on a off the plane which may cause delays.
    I was walking down the plank to the place when one of the on ground flight attendant said that all spaces were full and she would have to start checking baggage. There seemed to be no choice. She was very adamant and a bit nasty as well. She took my luggage along with a few others.

    When I got to my seat I noticed that 3 bins above me were empty. When I asked a flight attendant she said that more people were getting on the plane so we had to check baggage.
    This was completely false. The bins remained empty. This was incredibly infuriating. Now I had to wait for my luggage which in turn made all my other travel plans late for the day.
    All because this very unfriendly Virgin flight crew woman at SFO lied about bin space.

    Again I assume she was worried that the flight wold not take off on time, because lately Virgin is always running late. Unacceptable service. I used to love flying Virgin. The planes were always clean, the flight crew always friendly and accommodating. Lately the complete opposite. There is no need for an unfriendly crew on the ground or in the air. If you don’t like your job, leave it.

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