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    We bought West Jet flights thru – Itinerary # 7390593147262- West Jet ticket REF. LFZWML. In Dec 14,2018 our flight # 3458 was changed by West Jet to Flight 3460 for some landing issues. I was noted to require wheelchair and cannot ascend/descend stairs and my wife just needed wheelchair. Our disability help needs were all provided except for flight 3460 that was changed by West Jet. This said flight boards in Gate B1C which is at the ground level of the runway. Without any wheelchair provided we have to struggle to walk with our canes with pain for at least 3/4 hour thru the customs and to gate B1C. We have to walk at the outdoor grounds. That Dec 14,2018 -it was raining mixed with freezing rain. We asked for assistance because it was slippery and the answer from the West Jet employees were that they were not warned and notified that we were handicap requiring wheelchairs in which case they can not help us at all. Two male passengers have to help me instead and carried me thru the airplane stairs because I cannot climb stairs without assistance and to get to the plane requires going thru several stairs. Another passenger has to put my carryon bag containing my medical equipments up to the upper storage. When we landed in Ottawa, same situation repeated without any wheelchairs or assistance provided. We have to walk again from the plane thru the customs and to the lobby with more pain this time requiring several sitting stops thereby taking us at least an hour walking.

    Question: Why West Jet did not provide us with a wheelchair assistance on our flight 3460 but provided us in our other flights.

    Request : Because of these pains and sufferings we thereby demand a full refund of $677.54 plus $2000 dollars for pains and sufferings suffered.
    We have the names of the people that witnessed the situations and also that helped us and can give you upon request.

    P & I

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    Our flight was cancelled due to weather but other airlines still flew out. Then they didn’t even have curtesy to get us a hotel room. Then they booked us the next morning. Our flight was delayed again and we switched out gates 3 times. I will never fly with west jet again.

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    My wife booked a flight to Edmonton to be at the birth of our grand son but a few days before the flight she came down with a medical problem and the doctor that performed the surgery informed that she could not fly for over a month . We informed westjet about the medical problem and tried to rebook at a later date but they informed us that because we booked a basic fare status they couldn’t help us . We didn’t want any money back even agree to take a penalty but they wouldn’t do anything for us only take our money and run with it .we even explained that we had a doctors note . That way I see this is that is westjet is stealing from the public .now they can sell that ticket again and make more money . I think personally that Transport Canada should investigate this matter

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    My wife and I had left from Toronto to Calgary in November and it was a nightmare. Our flight was delayed twice and after hours and hours of waiting patiently the manager was not polite at all. Yes, we did receive a food voucher but that did not make up for the experience me and my wife had gone through. I am so very disappointed with West Jet at the moment . Please train your employees to respect your clients as their behaviour can lead us to not book with West Jet again. We are loyal customers of West Jet and to have such an experience was very traumatic to say the least, The staff were ill-mannered and did disregard any comments we had.

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    Stopped from boarding due to plane being too small ( new way of saying you overbooked). Put in a bad hotel (delta ). Lugguage stayed on flight after I was told it wasnt. Called customer service who was useless. 28hrs waiting for flight, missed all connections in uk due to your error. Spoke to 8 of your representatives who agreed with the lack of service you give customers. I have missed a days work and have to pa more to get home. So even thogh the flight was cheep it may have cost me up to £1000 due to your company being incompitent. And to this point im still in the airport and have found no westjet customer care and advised by your staff there is not one . You staff advised me that you dont like face to face complaints. This says alot about your company. I am advised that my lugguage may be in uk but will have to wait until I arrive before anyone can be sure.
    This has been a very painful and emotional trip that you have made even worse and offered no customer care at all.
    Very disappointed at the service you have provided and I will endevour torefrain from travelling with you again. No compensation has been offered and I will be speaking to a westjet rep on landing in uk. If I am not satisfied by the outcome I will take the matter to social media and inform as many people as I can be bothered to.

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    This has to be one of the worst trip ever. My husband was trying to get to Sydney Nova Scotia for a funeral. He made it to Halifax when he was told that no flights were leaving for Sydney till midnight the next day .The funeral was the next day at 2pm!!!!!!!! So he had to drive . Then on Saturday Nov 17th he boarded his flight in Sydney to head home gets to Halifax and finds out that his flight was cancelled and they knew this BEFORE he left Sydney .So instead of telling him before he left Sydney he flew to Halifax to be greeted by a layover time of 14 hours. What did he get when he talked to West Jet “Oh Well ” Are you kidding me. The best part is when he leaves Halifax tonight He gets to have an 8 hour lay over in Toronto. So instead of being home today at 1:14pm he wont get home till 9am tomorrow. Not impressed WEST JET. You use to be my go to airline I don’t think so anymore. Did not try and help my husband at all. Just told OH WELL. Worst customer service I have ever seen.

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    Representatives at SJD ( San Jose Del Cabo )International Airport stated they weren’t representatives !!! Had the absolute worst experience with West Jet Travel. There was a mistake in my travel itinerary stating my flight was missed yesterday, the representatives were of no use and no help whatsoever. After several attempts to find out where I could buy another ticket, my dad had to physically get behind the kiosk and type in how to book a last minute flight back home with another airline. The customer service hotline wasn’t going through. The representatives working there stated their manager could come there and try to help but he won’t be there for another 40 min. This was of no help as I was trying to get onto the same flight, if not that another flight back to Vancouver (YVR). Never booking with West Jet Travel because of this horrifying, anxiety ridden and stressful experience.

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    My mother of 94 years old, myself and my sister boarded our flight WS3535, from Montreal to Toronto with a connecting flight to Regina on October 5. We waited on the tarmac for over an hour before taking off, therefore missing our connecting flight. When we got to Toronto an attendant met us at the gate with a wheelchair for mom and took us to a Westjet customer service desk so they could issue us new boarding passes and we had hoped would issue us a hotel room and vouchers for food. The latter was not going to happen because it was not Westjets fault we missed the flight. It took some time and pleading for my mom’s sake to get a voucher for a hotel room. Finally a shuttle to the hotel picked us up around midnight to take us to a hotel. Stress and fatigue took a toll on all of us, especially, mom. The next day we were shuttled to the airport only to find out our flight was delayed to Edmonton, with a connecting flight to Regina. Luckily we made the connection. What has happened to Westjets service? I was flying only with them because they used to be awesome. Some sort of compensation would be appreciated.

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    I started the check in process 24 hours before departure and got this error message every time I got to step 3 of 6 of the check in: “We’re sorry, your transaction could not be completed. Please see a WestJet agent at Guest assistance to complete check-in when you arrive at the airport.”

    I booked my flight using RBC Avion points so I called Avion at 18776362870 and the issue was Westjet changed a letter code for the flight so they have to reissue my ticket which could take until the next morning. Codes need to match for check-in to be successful.

    I don’t understand. I booked the EXACT SAME FLIGHT within the hour that I booked the Avion flight with Airmiles for my husband since we are travelling together. HE CHECKED IN SUCCESSFULLY. What was the difference? The rep at Avion lied. She told me every ticket on this flight had their letter code changed and every passenger has this issue. What a bit fat lie! Never booking with Avion again. Avion reissued my ticket but I’m wondering why there is this problem? Why didn’t they fix it in the back end but let the consumer into the mess? I still haven’t checked in to my flight.

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    WestJet used to be my favourite airline because of their top notch customer service but now it seems they just want your money. I have been trying to find their codeshare agreement with Aeromexico to see who is responsible for missed connecting flights when one airline causes the delay but have been unsuccessful. Air Canada is a member of the Star Alliance and passengers are rebooked free of charge and provided with accommodation if passengers miss the connection. The greed and dispassionate attitude of this company has lost me as a customer.

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    Travelled with dog to Toronto airport – summer 2018 – terrible service!
    Waited to get my dog over an hour, and service was very rude, to say the least. I paid $160 return for the dog to have a crate space. During the wait he was left on the runway in the hot sun and it appeared that no one gave him any water; I was told when I booked the dog that Westjet would provide water to the dog. Phoned to complain at Westjet but didn’t get ANY satifaction.

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    So I had no issues with WestJet until now, flights were delayed in both directions from Toronto to Fort Myers and from Fort Myers to Toronto due to waiting on staff from another flight (scheduling problem), to top it off we checked in online (Fort Myers) and got our confirmed seats , once we got to the airport we check our baggage and asked the attendant if we couldget a seat with our daughter, he said no because the flight was full (we had no issue with that) but once we got our boarding passes our seats were completely changed. Not only are we now sitting apart but also within no proximity to our teenaged daughter. Such an annoyance!!

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    We are super delayed for almost 6hrs and 35 mins now. Our original flight was supposed to be 8:20am and we are told that we are delayed for 2:50. We didnt get any email as to the delayed of flight because we arrived here at McCarran Intl Airport at around 5:30am. We only rvaneceived the email at around 12:00 pm. I have two kids and they dissapointes because of too much waiting and while doing so they called for how many times as to the time of flights: 11:45am, 11:50 and the last is 2:35pm.

    We are so confused and also annoyed at the same time because we still have a connecting flight to Saskatoon. We already missed our first connecting flight…

    Our flight no is W1501 going to Calgary original flight time is 8:20am.

    Ivan G.

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    This complaint pertains to both Delta and West Jet. I have been trying to change my existing Sky Miles Rewards to West Jet Rewards. I call Delta and fight my way through their unuser friendly automated menu and then wait for a call back for up to 45 minutes. I tell the Delta Rep that I want to do only to be told that I must contact West Jet to make this change. I then contacted West Jet, waited on hold for 30 minutes. I explained to the agent that I wanted to convert existing Sky Miles to West Jet Rewards. This agent told me I had to contact Delta. When I said “No, no, no”, she hung up in my ear. Neither airline knows what they are doing!!. Welcome to the era of Cooperate Bullying and a true lack od customer care and service.

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    We recently traveled to Sydney, Nova Scotia with our son/daughter-in-law and six month old grandson for a family vacation. However, our return trip was completely unacceptable, which is the reason for this complaint.

    We were all scheduled to return home on Tuesday, July 17th, leaving Sydney, NS at 5:45 a.m. Much to our surprise, when we woke up and were ready to head out, we learned that our flight had been cancelled. When we called for assistance and were advised that it was cancelled to a staffing issue and that they had us all booked on different flights, going out on different days. The agent then tried other options for us, finally advising us that we would have to check in at the airport if we needed to change anything.

    We went out to the airport, and the first agent began to say that it was because of fog that the flight was cancelled. My husband immediately told the agent that we knew it was a staffing issue because we were already told by a West Jet agent on the phone. That response quickly ended that conversation.

    The agent then advised us that our son/daughter-in-law and grandson would be going out later that same day however my husband and I would be leaving the next morning.
    The agent then asked what else she could do for us and when our son asked to have their baggage fees waived, the agent said she was unable to do that but was there anything else she could do of course he got angry. A second agent then intervened and said “can’t you see the fog – didn’t you drive out in it.” We were furious that once again an agent was lying about why the flight was cancelled, so my husband called her a liar which prompted her to call security. At that point we left.

    What’s funny about all of this is that the background you could hear an announcement that the Air Canada flight was ready for boarding and that all passengers should be through security – how was it that that flight was able to go but ours was not? In addition we received an email at 10:19 p.m. July 16th (after we had gone to bed) saying the flight was cancelled. How would they have known there was going to be fog the next morning?

    Although our son and daughter-in-law were very upset that we were not flying with them to assist with our grandson what’s more upsetting and maddening is the calls that we needed to make to arrange things at home (in Victoria, BC).

    I am a caregiver for my mother who was staying at a respite place during our vacation. I first had to make a call to the facility to ensure she could stay one more night which would have been the 17th at an additional cost of course. I then had to call the day program she attends to say she would not be attending and therefore did not need to be picked up on the 18th as she was having to stay another night at the facility. With all of this I was then forced to call my employer, requesting another day off in order to deal with all of this.

    We then had to arrange with the people who were looking after our pet to see if they could keep him another night, which also meant rearranging pick-up/drop off of him.

    Our extended family was also impacted by this situation in that they too had to come out to the airport to retrieve the vehicle we were using during our stay – meaning they too got up early not one day but two days.

    We have always appreciated West Jet and how accommodating and kind the staff but this return trip home definitely has us looking into another provider. Who wants to fly with a company whose agents will lie for them, not owning what is their mistake by not having enough crew to fly a plane.

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    I bought a flight ticket on line from West Jet and the ticket was suppose to take me to and from Regina to Toronto , Toronto New York, New York Washington with the same rout back to Regina .

    On August 03/ 2018 I flew from Regina to Toronto and the connection flight supposedly to take me to LGA ( La Guardia Airport) at 12: 25 Pm local time was delayed and was told to stay put till further notice. The further notice that was totally ( un-professional in the way it was handled ) says ” flight is cancelled go home ‘ . I asked for a reason. once again the same answer ” flight is cancelled go home ‘ was the answer I and other people in the hundreds that was destined to go to New York.
    The worst thing is that , My self and the other people stranded, were rounded up and were told by this person who never even introduce who he was and told us to follow one the Porters to escort us god knows where, desperate that we were thinking that hopefully there is a flight for us, followed the Porter to only take us from the congested place to some kind hallway with no return gate that is locked one way. Every one is scrambling to know to where we are and what we do from here etc… etc cause the porter done his job and left. The hallway leads to the place where we collect our luggage, sure enough we did so.
    I called west jet help desk and reason for the cancellation and if there other rout that I could use and otherwise if there is accommodation provided, the answer was there was no flight till the next day 5 o’clock and to reach my destination can not be possible till the morning of August 15 and no other explanation was given.

    With no option left, rented a Car and drove for 13 hr to Washington DC . I called west Jet to find the reason to why the cancellation and the answer from west Jet was the was storm in New York at the time and flights were cancelled. However, this reason is absolutely a lie because in August 14 at 1 o’clock in the morning I was In New York and the was no Storm or any kind of weather that could possibly disrupt the flaying to La Guardia air port. Hence, the west Jets deceiving answer to refunding the unused flight ticket was if it is due weather interruption ” West is not responsible of any wrong doing as such is not responsible of any refunds either” was their repose.
    It is Pathetic that West Jet is viciously hangry to sale and collect incent peoples money and carry no responsibility bon its shoulder to deliver the service but to dump and or abandoned its customer in the middle of no where.
    On top of that the handlers of west jet should obviously learn let alone the professional level but at least the basics to at least listen and might even learn from the west jets customers. my conclusion is that I will never, ever fly with west jet ever.

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    June/2018, my husband and I were going home to BC from Edmonton.

    I was told at check in, I must lift my suitcase on WestJet weight scale. My answer was, I had hip replacement, and not able to do it myself. WestJet answer,” it is your suitcase right”?
    My answer, ” yes”. Then it is your responsibility to lift it, I was told.

    My husband who was beside me, and had his own suitcase, wanted to do the lifting. I told him , no!
    He had recent colorectal surgery, and was also told not to lift. So I lifted, and immediately felt pain in my hip, and back. Came home, and went to my Doctor to check me out, and help me with my pain.

    WestJet has no protocol in place to help people like me. Send numerous emails to them, but they are not interested.

    It is only a matter of time, before someone else hurt themselves by lifting baggage. It is a business decision by airline to weigh baggage. Therefore, it is their responsibility to make weight scale safe for people.

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    You used to be my favourite airline and I would only fly with you…your service started to slip under the previous CEO and now sucks under this one. You are not 1 iota better than Air Canada…which is an insult you now deserve. Sad to see that the westjet of old is gone. When there are alternatives trust that I (and many others) will now take them because you no longer put the customer first.
    How can you possibly say I’ve posted a copy of this complaint before….many people may have written it but I have not

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    I booked a flight online through Westjet to Edmonton form Victoria. when the ticket was sent to me, the flight arrived too late for a dinner meeting. I called back to see if I could get an earlier flight. ARC is the broker who makes changes according to my bank statement. this change cost me an additional $269! they I discovered they changed the return flight, not the one to Edmonton, and I had to phone once again. even though this was THEIR error, they charged me an additional $270 to correct THEIR error. so my initial flight costing $220 US ended up costing $887.00.

    every time I called to discuss this, I got the runaround and nobody ever called me back as promised. this will be the last time I ever use Westjet.

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    I escorted my son to the Saskatoon airport this morning for a 6am flight. We arrived at 545 and saw the line was quite long. So long in fact, the westjet employee asked the customers to form the line in the shape of an L so that other customers could get by to other airlines.
    When I got into the end of line with my luggage there were about 10 people ahead of me. While I was waiting in the line, my Son went and printed out his luggage tags which took less then five minutes because there weren’t any line ups for the kiosk machines.
    In the 5 mins that he was at the kiosk, the line did not move and there were still 10 people ahead of me to check in their bags.
    While I was in line the westjet employee told everyone this was for the line for people that were already checked in and had luggage tags.
    He continued on helping others at the kiosks and returned to come back and ask me if I had my luggage tags. I told him we were already checked in and my son was printing them out as we speak (I could actually see the tags coming out of the machine) and he told me it didn’t matter and that I needed to start all over again and go to the back of the line and then he left again.
    I chose to stay in my spot seeing that my son was returning with the luggage tags and there was
    still ten people ahead of us. The line still had not moved yet.
    He then proceeded to come back to me again as we were putting the luggage tags on and told me I had to go to the back of the line. He told me that I had budged in front of all the other people, which was not true because they had joined the line AFTER me while I was waiting in the line for my son to bring the luggage tickets.
    I couldn’t believe it. My husband and I travel all the time and we do this all of the time with westjet or any other airline when we are traveling together. If the line up is long, one of us will wait without luggage in the line up while the other one prints out thenag tags. We have NEVER been told this is not okay and to get out of the line and go to the back and start all over again.
    He was so rude! It was like he was on a power trip and he was the line up police.
    Me standing in the line didn’t effect him or anyone else.
    Unfortunately, I didn’t look at his name tag otherwise I would definitely like to report him.
    I think employees like that should not be working with airlines. He obviously DOESNOT have customer skills. I understand his job is to help the customers with their checking and keep the lines running quickly and effecient. But I was not causing ANY problems for anyone. I was very surprised and disappointed with your westjet employee.
    Your employees are usually very friendly and helpful and I actually try to book as many as my flights through westjet that I can. But, after this morning, I was so furious. I will think twice now.


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    On Saturday, July 28, flight WS 120, Vancouver to Calgary. I was in seat 2D. A mother with two small children boarded and was given seats 3D & 3F.

    One of the children was a baby in arms, while the other was over two. the baby was crying and the other was screaming loud, and kicking my seat.

    I did not think that children were put into WestJet Plus, but I guess I was wrong.

    It was an uncomfortable ride. I have two more booked in the next couple of weeks, hope this does not happen, and is not a regular event.

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    Pathetic airline, totally unprofessional crew.

    You guys apologies when you don’t mean it. Sorry is just a word for you guys. Why don’t you stop running airline when you cannot manage things and run on time.

    All you care about your benefit rather than what customer goes through. Totally a fake company. You should stop calling yourself Canadian airlines.

    People who have connecting flight can board but who are just going to the destination they have to wait. All crap

    Will never fly westjet nor does its partner. Big shame to the airline

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    Totally un-professional service at lga, your representatives has just one word to say “we don’t know”.

    I wonder how westjet treat people when the flight is booked through partner airline. I feel that westjet has special treatment for passenger who book through them rather than booking through partner airline.

    Was scheduled to board at 4:25 pm and then to 6 somwthkng and then to 7:25 and now 8:25 and you all have one word to say “we don’t know”.

    You don’t see that spending each hour at the airport adds additional cost to the passenger and negative reviews to you.

    Being Canadain, Totally disappointed with westjet.

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    The worst airline, the on ground staff were atrociously rude. The airline being run like an inefficient government organisation. They behave like the customers work for the airline and flights are always delayed. My flight to from NYC to Toronto was delayed and my flight from NYC to Toronto was cancelled, there was no notice of cancellation being sent and nor were the ground staff helpful in rerouting passengers or recommending hotels.

    Also the air hostesses were so slow at serving that half the customers on the plane did not get served their snacks and beverages.

    In summary never fly this airline

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    Booked a vacation to Oahu. Put us in a hotel that charges a resort fee (not mentioned until the ticked was paid for), the hotel is under construction too Check out time 11 AM, flight leaves at 11 PM. Only the wife could check in online, what’s the point if both can’t, some BS story about passports according to the flunky when I called them. Ended up not going and eating the cost (at least I saved the fee, a day of doing nothing except spending money for food at the airport). Since I control my companies travel expenses, Westjet booking are now forbidden.

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    Super disappointed in lackadaisical staff and security regarding our recent connecting flights. We were bounced from our 7 month booked connecting flights 3 hours before we were scheduled to leave our main flight, then told on the landing tarmac that our original booking was to resume. Security took an hour to get through because there was only 2 stations open in Vancouver. We ended up being 7 minutes late for our flight which subsequently left. Apparently security was doing a “trial area” or something and there were dozens of angry passengers in the line up… not calming or reassuring when you’re trying to keep a family exhausted from a red-eye flight patient. However, we spoke to 3 different people about our concerns of missing our flight and were told every time “don’t worry, all these passengers are connecting on 9:00 (ish) flights… they’ll hold the planes.” Clearly there is more in house training in honesty that can be taught. It would’ve saved us a dozen emails to employers and family about our arrival times. The employees at the gate, while being as accommodating as they could, complained and chided amongst each other about security’s procedures and the timing of them, knowing that virtually ALL the incoming Hawaii passengers would miss there connections… not exactly professional.

    1. I booked a bereavement flight. Was told I would be seated in a special seat where the people in bereavement would sit. I was sat in a seat with little babies crying all around. Was not told the flight had no tv unless you down load an app and could get it on your phone maybe. Cramped into a little seat where nothing could fit under the seat. Called to ask if was given the bereavement flight discount and was told just one was. Have to book flight back within 14 days of time if booking and it would be sixteen days. I am greaving the loss of my family member. My thoughts are not clear because of the grief. Would have thought the airline would have and little compassion and try to make the flight a little easier for a person going through a struggle already. I really don’t understand why you would not get the whole flight under bereavement the little extra time with immediate family is a very needed part of grief when you have lost a loved one. The time with my family is very much needed.

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    West Jet is a GREEDY Company that is not loyal to customers!

    West Jet states that they would refund your payments if you cancel a flight. However, in small writing, this scamming company will not refund your money but place it in “West Jet” rewards fund.” What the HELL!. I would like my money returned to my credit card, not in a fictitious account. This is a SCAM. If they will not refund your money when cancelling then states this before customers purchase tickets. FYI, other airlines refund the money back to your bank! This is a SCAM, West Jet STOLE MY MONEY!!!!

  28. 2.0

    On Jan 1st 2018 my wife and I were booked on WS2644 travelling to Toronto enroute Liberia Costa Rica. As there were no connecting flights we decided to overnight in Toronto, spending a quiet New Years. Upon arrival we were paged to the West Jet counter where we were advised that our luggage had been left in Fredericton as the plane was overweight. They informed us that they would TRY to get our luggage on the flight later that evening, failing that it would be in several days as the morning flight could not made it before our Costa Rica flight left (Which was not daily). So rather that sending a enjoyable New Years in Toronto we stressed over how we would manage with no tropical clothes etc. We were advised we could purchase $100. of items to tide us over, really on New Years day outside of security. We did manage to purchase clean underclothing etc then spent more time than it was worth trying to make a claim through the complicated automated systems, which we still haven’t received. Our luggage did get in on the next flight and by 10PM I had picked it up on the carousel so much for our quiet New Years Day!

    This arbitrary decision, not to load our luggage appears to have been made with a monumental lack of forethought. It certainly did not take into consideration any trauma of stress that such a decision could and did have.

  29. 1.0

    My wife and I recently flew with West Jet for the first time from Ottawa, Ont to Fort Myers, FL. It will be the last time. There were a few major issues. Having purchased expensive Premium Plus tickets I was shocked at the shoddy service. For starters upon boarding there is supposed to be priority seating for getting onto the plane. Its basically every man for himself. There is no announcement made by these attendants your company has working at the Gates. Yes they did announce “wheelchair bound people may now board”….but thats about it. Everyone just takes it upon themselves to go ahead of whoever and just get on the plane. Nothing is said about having to wait your turn till you are called to come forward. What am I paying thousands of dollars for if only to have people in economy seats get on before me! Total chaos. The attendants just dont care from what I saw. I did ask the attendant why we were not called to board and she said “I did call your zone”. Thats just not true.

    When I called and booked the tickets I asked if the service on West Jet in Premium Plus was the same as Air Canada’s first class in regards to a hot meal and drinks etc. She said “oh yes its just the same”. Also untrue. I’ve flown first class with AC and that is excellent service you’re given. We only flew with West Jet because AC doesn’t have a direct non-stop flight to Fort Myers. Next time I don’t care if I have to change planes with AC it will be worth it. Not only is the service on the jet way to slow I couldn’t believe it when the flight attendant told me you can have a cheese plate or a ceasar wrap sandwich. What! So much for the hot meal I was told I’d get!! Never again.

    Lastly was the incident that went during the flight. My wife and I sat in the second row of seats in Premium Plus. The couple in the first set of seats (in front of us) are in front of the bulk head of the plane. After we were up in the air and the seat belt sign was off we notice this woman come from the back economy seats and starts chatting with this couple in front of us which we could tell were her parents. She had plenty of room to stand there and then decided to seat herself on the floor of the plane in front of them as her father would hand her food he was given as well as all the wine he kept asking for from the flight attendant! She remained there the entire flight! This is just not right! I was shocked your flight attendant would allow that to go on. Not only is it dangerous to have her sit there the entire flight on the floor in the event of unexpected turbulents she was in economy seats! Where does she get off having free food and wine for 3 hours! What is wrong with your employees! In any event the only way I would ever reconsider flying with West Jet again is having some sort of reimbursement or complimentary air tickets. I understand your moto for your airline is around the lines “FLY WITH US AND GET FIRST CLASS PREMIUM SERVICE AT CHEAPER PRICES THAN OUR COMPETETORS” or something to that effect. Not!

  30. 5.0

    While on board a Westjet flight from Calgary Canada to LIBERIA Costa Rica flight # ws2262 my wife and myself were boarded and I asked to move to another seat as it was a red eye and would probably sleep part of the way . The crew had no problem with me moving 1 row back and to the other side of the plane .after we took off and we leveled out I was talking with my wife and a young lady seated directly across from me joined in the conversation . We , myself and this young lady carried on our conversation and the stewardess came by with the drink tray . I asked this stranger if she would like a drink and she accepted . My wife and I rack also got drinks , the conversation between myself and this young lady varied on for quite some time . I learned she was given the trip by one of your service staff ( stewadessses ) at some point the stewardess came and old me I was being unruly and disturbing others who were trying to sleep . She then asked the young lady to move seats to sit with her directly behind myself and threatened me with arrest ?? . I was very dumbfounded and stopped speaking all together . As we were descending the people on the aircraft were biginning to wake up . I asked the woman in front of me if I had kept her awake and she responded no . I also asked the gentleman who was sulking beside me and he. Also said not at all as he had also just woke up . The stewardess was now seated directly behind me with her friend again told me to stop speaking as I was upsetting other passengers ? Again threatening me with arrest ?? For being unruly . The only reason I could see she was upset with me was that I had been speaking to her friend for hours , and she assumed I was making advances towards her . Myself and my wife were flying last minute to Costa Rica and I was just talking . Their was no covesation I could think of that could have been coscrewed as sexual in nature and my wife was seated right in front of her . My wife was upset as she was concerned for me as we disembarked .worried about the treats of arrest . I would like for your staff to look into this and contact both the woman who slept in the seat ahead of me and the gentleman sleeping raise me . Both customers can attest to the fact I was not loud or unruly and did not in fact keep them awake as we flew .this was a case of your stewardess some how coming to the conclusion that I was making advances towards her guest and was jealous of my advances of which there were none

  31. 5.0

    I flew last year a high number of flights from Calgary to Regina and back and forth for work and still do, my problem is the big people sitting next to me which are next to me, I could count on one hand out of maybe 40 to 50 flights that I had a normal size person sitting next to me, they take part of your seat , you are squeezed by them and no room to move around, what can we do so these people have to buy two seats or another type of resolution, this is so maddening that I feel like being rude, this last flight I had to tell her to keep her arm off my chest, she didn’t care so I pushed it off all the way from Calgary.

  32. 3.0

    I just took a trip using Westjet. My flight out of Vancouver was 1.5 hours late leaving and then on return from Los Angeles I arrived early at airport to be told that the flight was going to be 3 hrs. late leaving. The flight was supposed to leave at 8:40 p.m. but did not leave till 11:40 p.m. which meant we arrived in Vancouver at 2:30 p.m., didn’t arrive in Surrey till 3:30 p.m. What a horrible end to a lovely visit to LA. We did receive a $15 food voucher but I had to work the following Monday. arghhh!

  33. 5.0

    Just called them because of some missing bagage. They are so extremely unprofessional and not willing to help at all.
    She starts, she one very “clever lady” called Michelle, employee number 1033, asking me questions and needed to find the answers as quick as I could since she didn’t have time to wait. Never ever dealt with such an unprofessional person who is supposed to help the customers. Maybe WestJet should invest a bit more in people a higher education and manners instead of the first crap they find. Anyway just a little advice :).

  34. 5.0

    We were scheduled to fly to Fort Lauderdale via Toronto from London Ontario on Dec 16th 2017.

    We boarded our plane in London at 5.30 am and 3 hours later we departed for Toronto .. due to a host of problems which were communicated to us very poorly and in such a way that it sounded like a joke, both by 2 very incompetent rude flight attendants as well as the captain!

    We communicated we were worried about our connection, but got no response.
    Finally arrived in Toronto at 9.00 am . Then had to wait on the tarmac because another plane was in the way!
    No attempt was made to get us to the next plane on time and needless to say, we missed our flight!and had to wait 7 hours for the next available flight.

    It was a very bad experience and caused us a lot of stress as well as beiing treated poorly.. had we not gone a day earlier we would have missed the cruise in Florida!

    We expected better from West Jet!!

  35. 5.0

    Coming from Zihuat. My bag was destroyed. By the time, I got from Calgary to Edmonton a handle was broken. It definitely looked like it had gone through the wringer. Not the same bag that I left Zihuat. With, that’s for sure. I don’t know how you handle these situations but I am hoping I get some compensation. The bag has to be trashed and cannot be used for future trips. And, I travel all the time. Thanks for reading this and let me know if you can compensate me.

  36. 5.0

    I have had a less than pleasant experience flying west jet for my holiday.
    Flying the first Sunday in December out of Saskatoon on a foggy morning our flight was delayed while other planes left to the extent that we were late getting into Calgary and missed the connecting flight to Puerto Vallarta. We were told the flight couldn’t be held up 25 minutes to let us make the connection so I lost one day of my holiday.
    Although I was not convinced this was true I accepted the loss.
    Then on the following Sunday the flight from Calgary to Puerto Vallarta was delayed. The reason given was issues with the luggage belt in Calgary so it does seem that fight can be delayed.
    Then we sat on the tarmac for half an hour more while staff argued over how many people were on the plane only to find that the correct amount was on. In the meantime we had a hope of making a connecting flight go up in smoke.
    On the flight I and the person traveling with me inquired if there was anything west jet could do to help me make a Saskatoon connection Sunday evening. We knew there was an air. Canada flight out later than west jets flight but the fiasco on the tarmac made even that in question. During the flight a communication to Calgary was made by the flight crew with no attempt to assist me with regard to the air Canada flight. We asked the flight crew if they could arrange for me to leave the plane first to help me try to make the connection and no assistance was offered.

    I arrived in Calgary with no ticket to anywhere
    . Coming off the ramp I had to stand in line for a ticket Monday morning and a hotel voucher neither of which I wanted. No one would help me with an air canada connection which would enable me to get to Saskatoon in time for my important meeting.
    I tore through customs got to air Canada got a ticket and got to Saskatoon with no help from west jet.
    I have an unused west jet ticket from Calgary to Saskatoon.
    I believe west jet could have assisted me with an arrangement with air Canada to enable me to make connections to Saskatoon and yet made no attempt at all to provide assistance.
    I have an unused west jet ticket, lost one day of my holiday and had to buy an air Canada ticket in order to get home to Saskatoon.
    I believe it was possible to receive assistance on the return flight and I hope you can at least provide some exchange or credit for my unused ticket.

  37. 2.0

    Why is it that an airline looses a bag on a direct flight from Ottawa to Halifax with only about 25 people on board. But they also seemed to have displaced 4 other passengers bags as well, to be told by a customer service rep that the bags were sent to Toronto makes no sense. The airlines complain about the levels of passengers with carry on luggage only, and not enough room in the overheads for this volumes What do you expect when passengers don’t trust the level of baggage service they receive from the airlines. We pay to much for a service that needs major changes if the airlines don’t want Canadians to opt for the cheaper competition. I really don’t expect them to resolve the issue as this will be the second time in less than a year that this has happened. Its bad for us that their were items we won’t be able to replace as Christmas gifts,but hey the airlines don’t seem to care; whats new!

  38. 5.0

    Hello, I am a member of Westjet rewards and hold a westjet MasterCard. I have always loved to travel Westjet. Mainly because of the great service. I am very concerned that Westjet is not up to their past reputation for great service to their clients. I re entry flew Westjet to Orlando. Upon my return on December 1st from Orlando to Halifax (direct flight), my flight was canceled due to a malfunction of the internal communication system. I realize that it was important that this system was working properly, however, it should have been checked ahead of time. My flight was scheduled for 11.25 am. I arrived at the airport at 9am. Spend the whole day waiting for the flight to be cleared and did not find out the flight would be canceled until the late afternoon and the new flight was scheduled for the next day. I realize that problems do happen. The Westjet representative booked the majority of us in a hotel, the Allure. This was a disgusting hotel with a reputation of bed bugs, cockroaches and prostitutes. One of the clients had encountered blood spatter on the walls and when they mentioned it to the hotel representative, she said it was most likely a drug user. “Really” come on Westjet, out of the approximately 144,000 rooms in Orlando, we are booked at this hotel. I don’t expect a five star resort, but one that is clean, safe and free from bugs.
    On a positive side, our flight attendants were awesome, especially Sandra. The pilot was also great. On another negative side the washroom on the plane was dirty and smelled of urine. Westjet what is going on?
    I used to love Westjet. Hopefully, this will not happen again. Sincerely, Rosalie Johnson.

  39. 5.0

    I have been flying with Westjet since their inception. On November 8th, 2017 I left Calgary for Toronto and then on to Barbados. The trip leaving Toronto was 1 hour late as they announced that they did not have a Pilot. When one turned up he was very dischevelled – uniform wrintled and his hair uncombed. Looked like he had not been to bed etc for a few days. The service was terrible on this flight. No announcement re: the menu and when I finally asked if I could purchase a meal was told “oh, we are all sold out”! I had last eaten at 3 A.Ml coming from Calgary. So by the time we landed in Barbados, I had not had anything to eat for 10 plus hours. Why do you have a menu on Board when there is no food on Board? I surmise that only the Plus customers got fed that day. I saw no evidence around me on this very full flight that anyone else had eaten. In the five and a half hour flight we had 2 cart sevices so I had had 2 cookies and 1 Pkg. of Pretzels. No additional water was ever offered. I noted that on the second cart service – one hour before arriving in Barbados that people were all requesting Water! A lot of dehydrated passengers – myself included. Then upon leaving the plane , the said Pilot appeared in the cockpit doorway (looking even more dischevelled) remarking “well I had a good rest”!! I have given this whole performance a lot of thought and am inclined to come to the conclusion that this was a industrial unrest performance by all the Crew as there have been some rumblings recently within Westjet’s employees. It was certainly my very worst flight with Westjet.
    Just thought you should know!

  40. 5.0

    I traveled from Ottawa to Toronto on Flight 3461 on October 18 this year. Plane on time but because my wheel chair was not ready and delays in getting me to another gate for my connecting flight to Calgary, I arrived to a closed gate. I was issued another ticket on next available flight,. This meant a delay to final leg of trip to Comox of over 4 hours. I asked for a pay phone to notify my daughter. No such animal at Pearson, I needed either a cell, a computer or tablet (which were all packed up in my checked luggage – nor did Westjet offer me any other solution. I talked with other passengers who this had happened to and they were all offered food vouchers for their supper since everyone was being delayed 4 hours. The reps did not offer me anything. I was very disappointed in the service or lack of on Westjet<s part. This is the first time in all the flights with this airline that I had this type of poor response or help. I will think twice about any other trips to come.

  41. 5.0

    This so called wonderful west jet airline “preselected” me for
    extra screening at security. Despite the fact I was flying with three small kids. They didn’t care. It’s enough work flying with little ones and now I was pulled aside at every security for extra screening. And since we had connecting flights to the US it was even worse. Thanks west jet you were so helpful in your random screening selection and made my trip with little ones a nightmare.
    I’ll only ever chose west jet as a last choice on any trip I take.

  42. 1.0

    I had booked my direct round ticket flight from Calgary to Houston and back more than 1 month back with WestJet. On return journey (Houston to Calgary) I was not informed that WestJet has cancelled the flight and put me on Delta flight via Salt Lake city. On finding nobody at the WestJet counter, I was in a panic mode and had to frantically call my husband who in turn contacted WestJet to find out that I was transferred to Delta Airlines.

    While I paid for direct flight, had to travel with 1 stop and had to cancel an important meeting in Calgary.

  43. 5.0

    Hi there,
    I was in flight WS566 from Vancouver to Calgary. I checked my bag at the counter and got them to put s fragile sticker on my checked by as a had a few expensive items in the suitcase that was bubbled wrapped carefully. I was told to put the checked bag on a separate conveyer that was for oversized and fragile items. When I arrived in Calgary I went directly to the oversize/fragile area waiting for my check bag. I waited as they placed all the bags on the platform but mine was not there. I went directly to WestJet counter to find out where my bag was at. The gentleman at the counter search the computer and said it must be in the I erchecked section. I explained to him that it wasn’t there. So he went back looking for it.
    I went to the careassel for WS566 with just a few bags left on there since everyone finally got their bag I see mine passing on the caresssal. I grabbed my bag and went to the counter to let them know that I got my bag off the regular place they put every ones bag. Before I could tell the they told me the have my bag and the got it from the oversized/ fragile area. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from them. I said no you don’t have my bag because I gust got it from the WD566 careassal. All he could do was walk away and go behind the counter.
    I am very disappointed in how my bag was handled and went in the regular conveyor that drops the bag down a stamp when my bag has a fragile sticker. Also very disappoint how they handled looking for the bag to tell me they have my bag when the didn’t ( the did take my boarding pass with baggage sticker to look for my bag on the computer) so I don’t understand how the could say they have my bag when I physically got it off the conveyor myself. This has been the first time I have checked a bag with WestJet in years. I usually do carryon. I fly every two weeks on a chartered fight with WestJet to Fort McMurray. I am shocked to see the way WestJet staff handles their clients. WestJet was my go to airline and now I am looking at taking NewLeaf. I feel like WestJet is starting to be like another Air Canada with the don’t care attitude and the increasing of their cancellation price.

    I hope you all return back to the old WestJet you use to be when you cared.

    This excludes my charted flight to WestJet when we are tested great by our regulars we take care if us every 8/6 rotation.

    I have pictures of my bag with the two red stickers that say fragile but the section is not allowing me to paste the picture.

    I hope yo here back from WestJet.

    Stephanie Letain

  44. 5.0

    On July 25th at midnight we arrived from Calgary to Vancouver and once we got our luggage and we are waiting for our last luggage it never showed up. This piece of luggage had all of my clothes in there plus my new shoes that I had bought for work and all my summer gear considering we just came from holidays with my family. Called on the 26th and called and they kept saying considering that it’s comes from Calgary that it should be here by tonight well tonight I called again and there is no luggage considering that it had some of my kids stuff things and everything I needed for work. all of my summer clothing in there I now stuck wearing clothing items that do not work for summer. All they keep telling me is that considering that it came from Calgary to Vancouver that it should be here tomorrow .if it’s supposed to be here why is it not here why is nobody putting a little bit more effort into trying to look for this luggage that is marked with an orange ribbon and you can’t miss it. They gave me $100 to supply me with stuff that I would need until I got the luggage back what what is $100 really going to do? Then when 48 Hours hits they give me $250. THAT’S NOTHING! My work shoes alone were 200!!!

  45. 5.0

    I purchased through WestJet tickets to Charlotte, NC. The trip down was fine, with your partner Delta on the final leg of the journey. On my return July 11, 2017 there were problems. My flight from Charlotte to NY on Delta was late and I would miss my flight. 20 minutes on the phone Delta could not contact Westjet. They changed my ticket to Detroit, where it was hoped I could connect with Westjet but no telephone confirmation could be made. At Detroit the were sending me to Houston where I could connect with Westjet but NO telephone confirmation could be made. That flight was late taking off, with a sick person on board. Then to get me home, Delta changed me to Mpls-St, Paul and a Delta connecting flight to Calgary.
    It would seem as a partner, Delta has a difficult time connecting with Westjet and Delta went out of its way to get me home.

  46. 5.0

    I came to the airport early as I always fly with west jet and requested if I can be put on an earlier flight so I don’t have to wait 12 hours before my flight I was treated very rude as I only requested to be put on an early flight and told them my emergency and I was told by check in agent named Chris from Edmonton airport don’t sell your story to us no meand no I couldn’t believe what I heard this is the last time I ever fly west jet as I have been a westjet customer past 5 years sad to say they have agents like this who will probably say this to another customer again I reported it to the manager but I would like someone to please look into this further if they would like me to stay and fly with westjet again!

  47. 5.0

    I booked a flight on line last evening only to discover it never was processed ! Why I would guess that instead of closing full flights West Jet allows customers to go through the process to book then times them out when flights are full ! When I attempted to rebook this am the flight had gone from 478 dollars to 560 ! Very very frustrated and feel that West Jet really is out to scam people . Should have followed my gut and booked with Air Canada . Hearing more and more negative about West Jet . Shame on you

  48. 5.0

    I’ve flown many times with WestJet and have never had a problem. However, the last flight I took from Kelowna to Saskatoon on May 9th told a different story. I traveled in the Plus section, checked in three bags, and had breakable tags put on the luggage. I understand that items can get broken, but when you wrap breakables in packing paper, wrap with bubble wrap and place in between clothing, the chances of items breaking should be close to nil. All three of my bags had broken items. I bought a Swiss Wenger hard cover bag so that my breakables would be protected. In all, one large Japanese earthenware platter broke and the other was fine, one small casserole dish broke and the lid was fine, two crystal glasses broke, two small black earthenware dessert dishes broke, and two of my Royal Doulton 1815 small plates, which I had just bought at Lakehouse in Kelowna broke. Somewhere on this flight WestJet baggage staff treated my luggage like garbage. I’ve brought many breakables back in my luggage and have never had this problem. I’m very disappointed with this service.

  49. 5.0

    [Ticket#2017040710041538] Order ref: 894157055

    On 25/12/2016 my flight was cancelled by the airline itself and the reason was flight maintenance. I was sent to a hotel by Westjet Airlines and stayed overnight until I booked another flight by myself.

    I paid to book for another flight to get to my destination.

    Now I contacted your customer service ad they are telling me the reason was ‘no show’, what does the mean? That i didnt show up? Well, I did but the flight didnt. so its not my fault and i would like my money back and also compensate for all the hassle.

    I have emailed and also sent an online complaint last month but i have not heard anything from you.
    I am still waiting for your reply..


  50. 5.0

    We were on vacation to Mexico from april 22 to 29. at Palladium Katenah. We were a group of ten. We had problems everyday with the WIFI and the APP they told us to use. Reservations for dinners in the restaurants were a nightmare and as WIFI only works in the lobby we spent too much time there trying book meals. We were told to take an excursion to coco bongos night club where we would be safe and pay a little extra not have to wait in line. This was for dancing and a show. Not only did we have to walk 2 blocks to the club from where the bus dropped us off down a dark alley way but when we got there we were told we had to pay 200.00 US for a table! This clearly is not what is advertised and the rep at the hotel knew how old we were in our 40s to 50s. This was a place for 20 year olds. It was over packed and dangerous. We were told to stand and wait for the show. We were pushed and jostled while half naked women in the ring were dancing. As a member of our group was starting to panic we told an usher we had to get out of there. He took us to an exit where two bouncers told us we couldnt leave and we will find you a table somewhere. We explained in every way possible that this is not for us and this building is dangerously overcrowded and the heat was intolerable. They finally let us leave being very rude in the process.We walked 4 blocks as now we have no transportation to get back to the resort. We found and payed for a shuttle after waiting as the first one wanted us to sit on boxes in the van! We are all disappointed that this club is advertised as safe and for all the money we lost 800.00 US for nothing ! West jet vacations and the resort excursion reps need to fix this…this was clearly a money grab and not appropriate for our age group and totally unsafe.

  51. 5.0

    Our flight WS 611 from Ottawa to Calgary on April 23, 2017 was rerouted to Saskatoon officially due to power issues with the runway lights. At least this was the little information that was shared with the passengers on board the plane.
    No other planes where re-routed from YYC and landing / takeoff continued during the same time our plane was sent to SK delaying the flight by 3 hours.
    Passengers have the right to be informed of the true reasons for any flight delays and information should be shared timely and frequently which didn’t happen at all during this flight.
    The lack of communication and explanation is unnecessary stress to the passengers!

  52. 1.0

    My Wife and I were married in Holguin, Cuba on April 4th 2017 with 63 guests in attendance.(Not sure how many were WestJet customers.) Booking # 1976435
    For our flights there, including a transfer in Toronto, we upgraded to Plus seating for an additional charge of approximately $400. This was so we would be able to carry her wedding dress in our laps because, unlike other airlines, there is no other storage option available. We were not willing to risk a wedding dress being in lost luggage on our big day.
    Our return flight also included a transfer in Toronto with 1.5 hours to make the connection. We have taken this exact flight before and it has never arrived in time to clear customs, collect and transfer luggage, pass through security and sprint through the airport to catch the plane. The WestJet Rep. in Cuba told us our best bet of making our connection was to once again upgrade to Plus seating so we would be the first to de plane. This cost an additional $200, cash only, This flight was delayed by an hour so we still missed our connection. The flight attendants announced when we landed that our baggage would be on the carousel within 20 minutes. This took more than another hour.
    My biggest complaint is that for all flights, especially the Holguin to Toronto leg, random guests were invited up to Plus seating for no charge. My bride and I were seated in the 4th row while non paying guests enjoyed the extra leg room in the first row. We immediately voiced our concerns to the flight attendants who told us that the guests who were invited to the front, including the 3rd and 4th rows, had paid for the upgrade. This was overheard by some of these guests who later told us that they had not paid anything extra.
    Other people on the flight who we did not know but had met in our travels offered to reimburse us for our upgrade as a wedding present but we could not accept this.(Thanks anyway if you’re reading this!) They then stated that they would be making complaints on our behalf. One gentleman from the media even offered to do a story about this but we are hesitant.
    I never expect, nor think we ever deserve, preferential treatment but as the owner of an adventure travel company I can tell you that when I know my guests are celebrating a special occasion I go above and beyond to give them the VIP treatment. Much like Sunwing did with free upgrades for our parents.
    We both feel very disrespected to be charged in full as bride and groom while others enjoy the upgrade for free and to be lied to on top of it.
    There is a reason I refuse to travel with Air Canada. WestJet, you’re usually better than this!

  53. 5.0

    So leave it up to West yet to wreck The end of a good vacation so flying from Toronto to Edmonton Saturday, April 8 WestJet flight 441 extremely late kept asking at the counter they said oh yeah you’ll be fine yeah right so dick around on the runway for an hour after we were already late why couldn’t you guys have found a different runway
    There were nine of us that had connecting flight from Edmonton to GrandePrairie which we missed because we were all late so Why could the connecting flight not have waited for us would’ve been cheaper than putting us all in rooms and giving us a meal vouchers at that point you just want to get home but all we had to go to Calgary the next morning change planes there again running around in airports after we should’ve all been home the night before
    I have been made to wait for other people connecting on my flight so why couldn’t they do it for us
    And then the Unprofessional Way the WestJet stuff handled situation And just brushing it off like it was nothing they should at least give us all free travel vouchers or compensation in some form cost me a taxi cab ride home because my ride could no longer pick me up

  54. 5.0

    After arriving from Victoria to Calgary ws220 arriving on time, a plane was in our gate getting de iced we had been waiting for over 45 min and then having to run to the other side of the airport to catch my connection in less than 10 min to Edmonton ws3143 now after all that running and exhaustion here we sit waiting to de ice, there are 5 planes to be de iced and we have been sitting on this plane for over an hour now, no air circulation , no staff offering water. I travel west jet every 3 weeks I can tell you I most certainly will find another airline to travel with. I know you cannot control the weather, de icing machines, how long we sit but you can control your staff to at least offer something to ease the wait.

  55. 5.0

    I bought a ticket from Westjet which apparently was going via canada in transit. These tickets were sold without notifying consumers that transit visa may be required. When contacted westjet interagent I told flights do not go by any other routes and tickets were non-refundable. Westjet has put me out of pocket. In looking at other airlines they go as far as stating that transit visas may or may not be required and some assist with the Visa request.

  56. 1.0

    I flew from Cancun to Calgary and experienced courteous, pleasant kind agents, who greeted me very friendly. Calgary to Kelowna was fine. I experienced courteous, pleasant kind agents who greeted me very kindly. From Kelowna to Vancouver, I experienced an agent who was pleseant and kind and had said “Cheers” to all the people in line prior to me approaching the gate to have my ticket and ID verified. When it was my turn, the smile left his face, he looked away, and he wouldn’t make eye contact with me. He did not greet me or speak to me. He grunted “oh” to me when I made a comment about my ticket wasn’t scanning at any of the airports I had been in all day. He handed my ticket back, then crickets. I walked toward the hallway to ensure I had just experienced what I did. The agent had said “cheers” to everybody but me. He became friendly again to the people behind me and was chatty once again. I made a complaint to Westjet to have the situation addressed. Crickets. No response to my complaint. When I called in my complaint the agent made excuses for the male agent saying he must have been busy or distracted. I said no. There are video recordings of our interaction. If my skin colour was not dark, I wouldn’t be exposing this discrimination/racism because the agent who says “Cheers” over and over to all the customers in line, prepping to board would have treated me equally as a customer. He needs to practice his fake smile and remember it’s customers who keep him employed.

  57. 5.0

    On December 10 2016, I was scheduled for a flight aboard WS1, departing at 5:50pm from Calgary, Alberta to London Gatwick Airport, England. After sitting there for about 1/2 hour to 40 minutes on the plane already, we finally started to leave. After sitting there for another 10 minutes, the Captain came on to tell us there were engine troubles, so we pulled back in, with the reassurance from the Captain that we’d be leaving in about 15 minutes. This is about 6:40pm. Ok great, no problem!

    An HOUR passes, with the plane sitting there, NO word from the Captain what’s going on. Finally, about 7:30pm, the plane pulls out again, drives towards the landing strip, but stops just before reaching it. We hear mechanisms being played with on the plane, testing the wings and such, during this the Captain comes on and says we have to pull back in cuz of engine problems caused by the cold weather, something about the oil filter. This confuses me as all this should have been checked for, before passengers even get on the plane, no?

    By 8pm, and not leaving yet, many of us are getting very concerned. Not much communication happening from the Captain. Paranoia raises in me and others around me, worried for the plane having to be worked on TWICE since we boarded. The Captain comes on and says that the work may take another HOUR! So he offers the option for anyone wanting to get off the plane, they may do so to stretch their legs or get something to eat.

    I, along with most of the people, get up to leave. At the front tho, the stewardess tell us we must take all our belongings with us if we want to leave. WHAT!? How inconvenient even more. Not only did the Captain miss mentioning that, I had to squeeze past people going the opposite way as them. On top of that, I had multiple things with me, so in no way would I have wanted to carry it all with me just to leave the plane for a few minutes, unless I just lied and left things behind, but I didn’t. So I stayed on with the EXPECTATION now that this flight, being TWO HOURS late already, would compensate with maybe a fee meal (an overnight 9 1/2 hour flight with NO free meal is absurd. Other overnight flights I’ve done have always offered free HOT meals). The idea that people would leave a plane and not come back, when all their personal belongings are still on the plane, is ridiculous. I understand that WestJet can’t be held accountable for items that are left behind, but why would ANYONE choose to just LEAVE the airport without their things? Why would ANYONE choose to just MISS their flight after waiting TWO HOURS already to leave?

    FINALLY about 9:48pm, everyone has been loaded back on. Still nothing really from the Captain explaining what the issue was or when we’ll be up.

    By 10:07pm, we’re still sitting there. NOTHING from the Captain (I read that you gaureentee Captian’s will keep in communication with the passengers every TEN minutes if they’re able to?).

    Finally, 10:30pm, the Captain assures us that all is fixed and we are on our way.

    4 1/2 hours later! This is unacceptable.

    Now, I’ve flown with WestJet many times in Canada, in different kinds of weather, without any issues. I would think that a CANADIAN company wouldn’t have this many engine issues because of the weather. These planes are to be built knowing Canadian weather gets brutal, aren’t they? I understand planes can’t be made resistant against everything, but certainly ones that flies in winter often would be.

    After this, along with my boyfriend having a nightmare of a time trying to come here from England just a couple months prior with WestJet (you’ll have an email from him too, Steve Williams), I really don’t feel like you are a smart company to deal with for international flights.

    I expect more for this inconvenience and time having spent on your plane without any remuneration while in your care for over 12 HOURS. I have received your “gesture of reconciliation of 200 WestJet dollars”. I do not accept this as payment for the stress these experiences have put my boyfriend and I through.

    On your website, you offer reimbursements of up towards full refunds of tickets, depending on the situation. Well my situation held me up for over 4 hours and the distance of my flight was greater than 3500km, which, in itself, equals £600. This is what I expect back. NOT in WestJet dollars. I do not want to fly with your company again. I do not want to be on your unsafe machinery for any of my future travels. I do not want to return to Calgary in June on any of your flights. Between the way my boyfriend’s travels were ruined all because of your lack of organization and misunderstandings who was and wasn’t allowed into Canada, as well as his original flight being cancelled from Toronto because of ENGINE ISSUES, to my ordeal of engine issues due to weather and lack of communication from any of the staff, I do not trust being on your planes.

  58. 5.0

    We travelled to Phoenix Feb 29, 2017 via Westjet. The new international wing of the airport with its attention to optimum efficiency was impressive. The most frustrating thing was that WestJet had only one attendant checking passports so the wait to get to immigration and security check was around 20 minutes. When we arrived at the front of the line I asked the attendant why WestJet did not have more attendants helping her she said “Good Question”. Please complain to them…..So I am.

  59. 1.0

    We are sitting in Lihue waiting to board our plane. We will board flight 1875 to Vancouver. We have been advised that our connecting flight WS544 will not be available. Rather than departing at 0815 we have been advised that we will be placed on flight 208. This flight leaves at 1615. This us totally unacceptable. We booked this schedule many months ago and have scheduled events in Calgary before we even leave Calgary. Being advised when we are about to board is unacceptable.

    Neither my wife or I will sleep on the way home. To expect us to be awake for well in excess of 24 hours and then operate a motor vehicle makes WestJet explicitly liable should something occur due to sleep deprivation.

    I called and after a minimal amount of effort I was assured there were no connecting planes therefore too bad for us.

    The bigger WestJet gets the worse they become. Basically just go screw yourself ….no customer service.

  60. 5.0

    I was in flight 1699 from LAX to YVR on March 9th, 2017. The ticket was booked through my company so I paid additional fees to upgrade to Plus. As soon as I boarded the plane, one of the flight attendants (older than the other 2, glasses and curly hair) was very unwelcoming and just plain rude. Her station was right in front of my seat (1F) and I could hear her complaint and critize other passengers. She never offered any assistance whatsoever either with my luggage (even though I asked) or my jacket. I was traveling with a group and the plane was half empty, so I asked one of the other attendants (a much nicer one) if somebody could move to the empty seat next to me. She said of course and then the rude flight attendant interfered and said that he could move after we launched (although the plane didn’t move for another 10-15 min).
    Once on he air the nice flight attendant came to get my coworker to move and as soon as he sat down the rude attendant came and very loudly asked him if he was going to pay for the upgrade. Neither of us we informed that he would be charged and in addition a few other seats in Plus were empty as well and I have upgraded complimentary in the past. My coworker ended up paying $85CAD and he didn’t even get any dinner or drinks at all. He had 1 cup of coffee. When she came and asked me if I wanted anything I asked her what were the options and she told me to look at the menu instead of at least given me a couple of options.
    I thought the benefits of being in Plus or Business class was great service, but that was obviously not the case. That woman has no idea of what customer satisfaction is and she made my experience very uncomfortable and tense. Thank you westjet for hiring people with no class.

  61. 1.0

    My wife and I recently booked a trip reservation code UAEFSW and was very dissatisfied with the plane and service. On the flight down we had a very poor audio on the entertainment service and had very cramped seating. On our return, we arrived in Toronto on time but were held outside the gate because the ground crew was not available to park the plane…and the gate was empty. That coupled again with NO in flight entertainment service. I was told, “it was not a new plane so had limited and/or no in flight entertainment service”. Maybe that should result in a reduced fare cause paying over $550. you would expect better service! I trust you take this complaint seriously, for I know a board member that may want to see what type of service you supply since it seems to be opposite what is marketed and sales promoted!

  62. 5.0

    I was on flight WS566 from Vancouver to Calgary Feb 27th 14:40 departure. During this flight there was a lady sitting behind me with her knees up against my back seat and she kept moving vigorously harassing me. After tolerating her for 15 minutes hoping that she would soon stop but she didnt. I turned around and politely ask her to stop but instead she responded by hitting my seat even more aggressively.

    To this I took my complaint to a flight attendant, I believe her name was Corna, in her cold and unwelcoming attitude, she says there is nothing she could do for me.

    So I finally decided to just stand and lean my self against the armrest. It was during this time beverages were being served and I was asked again in a cold and unwelcoming manner to sit down because they could not serve the drinks with me standing. So I comply.

    When the same flight attendant went to the row behind me, she politely and kindly asked the lady to lower her legs. the lady replied saying it was me who was pushing back against the seat. To which I immediately say I did not move one inch nor was my seat was even reclined.

    In a tone of disrespect the flight attendant then told me to “SHHHH”

    I am shocked to see how my action and stand for my complaint would be viewed as the one causing trouble on the plane where clearly someone else is doing the exact same thing but worse and there appears to be no consequence.

    Not only was I falsely accused. But I felt there was absolutely no customer support in any manner that was handled professionally. I cannot help but wonder if I was discriminated because I am a small female asian where as the the lady behind me and the flight attendant were both Caucasians. I am suffering from multiple sclerosis with severe fatigue and chronic neck and back pain.

    In summary, I have never felt this unsatisfied, humiliated and betrayed in my 25 years of flying experience.

    I ask Westjet to investigate this matter and promptly respond as to what went wrong. I need explanation as to how they should deal with passengers being harassed and if there are any protocols being followed or if there is even one.

  63. 2.0

    Just booked a WestJet vacation package to Cuba and had a very unpleasant experience. Felt very rushed with the process. When I asked for the rep. to verify information, I could hear her sighing on the other end. When asked if she could confirm the dollar amount for a travel voucher, the answers was “10% like it says on the voucher”, when I specifically asked for the dollar amount. When I asked if the seat allocation was for the return flight as well, she snarled and replied “I guess you didn’t understand stand me the first time…” This complaint may sound petty but her attitude has put me off, before I’m even on my trip. I’m just sorry I put up with her attitude! I just thought WestJet costumer service was supposed to be too-notch…so much for that! After being rushed off the phone , I noticed she misspelled my name; then had to spend another half hour calling back and correcting (at least second rep was friendlier).

  64. 1.0

    I am legally blind, and when my husband booked a flight for me, travelling from Edmonton to Toronto, he requested I be given assistance. He was told I could get a wheel chair to my departure gate, and would have a wheelchair waiting for me at my destination, Toronto.
    There was no wheelchair at either end of my travel. I was helped by a man, who thankfully turned out to be a very nice gentleman, but, for all I knew, he could have taken me to a secluded area of the airport and done anything.
    The same happened at Toronto. No wheelchair, no Westjet employee to help me. I was apparently standing in everyone’s way at the entrance from the plane to the airport, and someone complained after about 30 minutes. Then, and only then did a Westjet employee,(i am assuming) approach me to offer help. She took me to the baggage area, and walked away. No offer to help me find where my suitcase was, no offer to help me retrieve my suitcase. When I phoned later to lodge a complaint, I was told that this was standard operating procedure, that they are not required to, nor do they offer any assistance past getting you to the luggage area.. Then, and only then was I told my Husband could have had an assistant fly with me for only the cost of the tax of the ticket fare. Should this not be told to any person booking a flight for a disabled person? I was told that it is up to the person booking the ticket to know and ask for this special option.
    Only another blind person understands the fear at being at the mercy of anybody that would take advantage of my situation. To be dropped in the middle of a totally unfamiliar place, not knowing which way to turn is very very unnerving.
    Where is this great customer service that all the Westjet commercials go on and on about??? Certainly not at Edmonton or Toronto airports.
    I am posting a warning on social media, and on a website with the C.N.I.B warning anybody to seek a more “disabled person friendly” airline. It seems , despite what their claims are on their commercials, Westjet looks after their bottom line first and foremost, not their customers.

  65. 5.0

    We were on flt.1464 from Edmonton to Phoenix Feb.. 26th on the 4:30 pm. seats 8 C&D. There was a couple sitting in 7 E&F. no one was in D. I noticed the lady who was sitting in the middle seat had a blanket on her lap, first I thought it was her coat then realized she was hiding her dog under the blanket. When the stewards would come around she would make sure the head would not come up. They asked at the beginning of the flight if they could move to end seat which he did/she moved to the window seat and the dog sat in the middle seat. This was not a tiny dog/med. size.. As far as I am concerned, not knowing your policy, do not think it is right for the dogs to be on laps or sitting in the seat. There has to be stricter rules for pets. I don’t dislike animals but there is a place for them.

  66. 5.0

    I would like to make a complaint concerning a flight that had been book through WestJet under my name of Charles Campbell and Kenneth Foisie for February 25, 2017 Flight # 441 PNR # WOWRKT, Leaving from Toronto 6:15 pm and arriving Edmonton 8:33 pm which never took place. Upon waiting to board the plane an announcement came across the PA system that this flight had been cancelled. We understand that things happen and yes we were upset that the flight had been cancelled but this has been a total inconvenience to us as we were on a time schedule for things to be done. Not to mention the time it took for my wife to drive us to the airport and return home which is 200 miles round trip and to find out 20 minutes after she got home through a snowstorm that she had to return to the Toronto airport to pick us back up, once again in a snowstorm, plus having to refuel the car and to do another round trip of 200 miles again. Yes a new flight had been rebooked but not until Feb 27, 2017 and now my wife has to lose a days pay from work plus gas and another 200 mile trip. We feel that West jet owes us some compensation for all the inconvenience of our mileage, gas, time and inconvenience for all of us for the cancelling of the flight. I know if we had of cancelled our flight we would get charged a cancelling fee. So we are asking for some compensation towards our next flight with WestJet. We use WestJet for our flights, on a regular basis, if you check we probably had booked close to 10 flights last year between myself wife and our son plus a flight for our sons dog. We would like to continue using WestJet on a regular basis so please look into what can be done to compensate us at a respectable price point. I do know other airlines do offer compensations when it has been at the airlines end. Looking forward to hearing what you have to offer for the inconvenience at WestJet’s end…Our time and money is as important as WestJet’s…

  67. 5.0

    We were flying on Feb.3/17 from Winnipeg/Calgary/Vancouver/Lihue. We had engine trouble in Calgary and missed our connection in Vancouver. Westjet gave us vouchers for food & hotel that night in Vancouver. The next day were had to take a 8:00A.M. flight to Los Angeles and sit there for 6 hours before taking a flight to Lihue. We finally arrived a whole day later than we should have. We were staying at quite an expensive resort and had to pay for the day we missed, as they said it was not their fault. Wondering if Westjet will reimburse us the $532.00 we lost?

  68. 2.0

    I am not one to complain because I totally understand things happen, no one controls weather.
    Unfortunately our flight on Feb. 10/17 had many time changes. When we checked in they told us right away that they were afraid the way things were going we would not make our connecting flight….again ok things happen. We were told that there was an 11:00 pm flight that we would be able to catch to Edmonton with no problems. Ok perfect thank you West Jet. But……we arrive in Calgary to find that the flight they said we would be able to catch at 11pm was full and we would have to wait until the next day for the next flight. We were told that Air Canada had a flight that was canceled and filled up with those people. The lady we dealt with was pleasant and we have no complaints with her we totally understand there was nothing she could do….but our question is why were we not booked on the 11 pm flight right away when we were told in Cabo that we would not make our connecting flight? We had asked to be compensated for our room but because she said due to weather they don’t do that….again understandable weather… But the pilot had apologized to us on the flight for the delay to not having enough forms for customs on board from the previous flight. I don’t understand why we were not automatically booked on the the 11pm flight knowing how many people were on that delayed flight that were not going to make it to their connecting flight to Edmonton. I think its not fair that we had to pay extra 200 for a hotel room that we should have not had to pay if West Jet had prioritized their paying customers.

  69. 5.0

    Hello Westjet, just had to write you and air my concerns, the above conf code resulted in us having to return early to Winnipeg on Jan 14/17 due to a family funeral, you on top of our Plus fare you charged us $181. X2 for the return which we accepted, only to hear an onboard announcement outbound from Maz to YVR that any economy guests could upgrade to Plus for 120.Cdn, further after transferring our bags early and waiting what appeared to be hours to return to Winnipeg from YVR we arrived in Winnipeg only to find two of our 4 bags did not arrive, Your baggage people were queried and advised they had been advised the bags did not make it on the flight, they were delivered the next day but we stood for an eternity by the baggage conveyors watching economy fare passengers collect their bags without incident.

    As we had to cancel our vacation to return to Winnipeg under great duress for prep for attending an overseas funeral, i understandably was very upset to hear of the onboard upgrade to plus fare after being charged our fee for guests playing hundreds of dollars less and being able to sit in plus for less than we paid on top of our original plus fare, this was indeed a deep emotional time for us and to have these incidents happen, including the decision of someone in Vancouver to leave our bags off caused us excess duress during a time we didn’t need any extra stress in our lives, we have travelled a good number of times on Westjet, and have to now ask under the above set of circumstances where is the incentive to fly Westjet again, please understand that we are still wrought with the death of a close family member, but do take exception of the incidents that affected us on our return trip to Winnipeg to attend an overseas funeral, we feel things could have gone much diff on getting us back to Winnipeg under these circumstances

  70. 5.0

    My flight was cancelled on Christmas Eve! After delaying flight for 7 hours, our flight was cancelled. I had to wake up at 7am after leaving airport at 2am to find out about the status. I was put on 7pm Christmas day flight which was further delayed an hour! I spent my entire Christmas Eve and day on airport alone. My sister’s flight was delayed 7 hours in Europe on a random day. She got huge compensation. I got to spend my Christmas Eve and day alone sitting at the airport. I think this is so unfair.

  71. 5.0

    I am currently flying with West Jet, stuck in La Guardia airport due to “weather conditions” in New York that are making it impossible for the plain to land. My flight home (Toronto) was scheduled for 7:50pm on February 7th. The flight was delayed three times before they finally told us that it was going to be canceled. I find this to be the first bad decision. Winter is winter. While airlines cannot predict the weather, they can make a better judgement call based on seasonal temperatures. Freezing rain and fog in winter typically last for a while and are par for the course. Our flight should not have taken so long to be eventually cancelled -a decision many of knew would happen. By this point, it was 11:20pm and we had waited for several hours before a meal voucher was given. When the flight was finally cancelled around 11pm, we were told that we could re-book our tickets at our gate or at the other desk in Terminal C.

    This is where the real unprofessionalism began. The staff in Terminal C re-booked my ticket alright, however, the next available flight was at 12pm the following day -it is currently 4:30am and I am still waiting. When we asked about meal vouchers and a place to sleep (a hotel) for the night, we were told that we should sleep on the hard and uncomfortable chairs in Terminal B, where I currently am. There was no sympathy or empathy for the fact that our flight had been delayed 3 times and then canceled and that now our next flight wouldn’t come until 12pm the following day. I do not have a place to stay in NY as I was here for business for 2 days. The staff were rude and disrespectful and essentially told me everything but “fuck off” and go sleep on the street. When we told Terminal C that we received meal vouchers for the initial delays from Terminal D, they basically told us that we should “go back up stairs to get our meal vouchers then -because they had a ‘different practice in Terminal C”.

    I eventually had to go back to Terminal D to get meal vouchers, and I alerted them that their colleagues downstairs were mean, rude and uncaring. I was given a pithy “Sorry about that” by the desk and then received meal vouchers. However, I am still sleeping on these hard chairs, with an already existing bad back. This is highly unacceptable. While weather conditions are not an airline’s fault, it is not the customer’s fault either. I should not be sleeping on hard chairs, or even waiting this long for the next flight. I don’t think I will ever fly West Jet again and I have alerted my company to consider a new flying partner. I am disappointed in West Jet lack of support.

  72. 5.0

    On Tuesday January 31, 2017, I arrived at 12:30 pm to your check-in counter at John Wayne Airport to board your flight # 1755 to Vancouver, British Columbia. I was greeted by your agent who is a young man in his late twenties or early thirties, dark hair, and wearing earrings in both ears. I advised him that I needed wheelchair assistance, and I had my carry-on inside one of my two luggage bags I was checking in. This is possibly why that one luggage may be a few pounds overweight. The first suitcase weighed 46 pounds and the second suitcase weighed 54 pounds. He said that I would have to remove the carry-on from the second suitcase in order to reduce the weight from 54 pounds. After I did what he asked me to do which was to remove the carry-on, the second suitcase weighed only 38 pounds. I asked the agent that since I’m a 76 year old wheelchair assist passenger, if it would be possible to check-in my carry-on luggage? He firmly replied that that would be against the regulations. When I told him that on my initial flight over to John Wayne, from YVR, on flight #1754, the airline had gladly checked-in my carry-on, the agent sarcastically replied: “they don’t follow the rules at YVR, but we do. We will check it in for you at the boarding gate”.

    While I was removing my carry-on bag from the second suitcase, your agent leaned over to his side and whispered in the ear of a female agent (a young woman in her mid-twenties). She then came over to where I was unpacking my luggage to have a look. They then both smirked after pointing his finger at the front page of my passport where my personal information is located. At the time, I shined that incident off, and paid the USD 47.91 charge for the two suitcases.

    At the boarding gate, it so happened that the same male agent, and the same young female agent were the two individuals conducting the boarding and the related announcements. To my surprise, the male agent announced that the bathrooms on the plane would not be available until after take-off and anyone who needed to use the washrooms should do so before boarding. Five minutes later, he announced the start of boarding for families with children. After that, he announced regular boarding without announcing boarding for individuals who need special assistance e.g. wheelchair assist and elderly such as myself. At that point, I proceeded to the boarding gate, and asked the female agent why such an announcement had not been made? Her reply was “sorry, it’s just a mistake” in a dismissive manner.

    After boarding, I replayed the events that had taken place and I ended up with having a few unanswered questions that you could probably explain to me.

    1) At the boarding gate, the male agent announced that the flight is completely booked and anyone with a carry-on luggage can have it checked for free before boarding. Was the agent unaware that the flight was completely booked when I was initially at the check-in counter where he could have easily checked in my hand luggage?

    2) When the female agent had invited the female partner to look at my personal belongings in my second suitcase and pointed towards my personal information in my passport, did this have anything to do with my place of birth, which is Egypt, and my Muslim name, which is ‘Abdelhalim’?

    3) The fact that the male agent conveniently forgot to mention boarding for people with special needs, have to do with the fact that I was the only individual on that flight who needed assistance? By not announcing, he would be intentionally making my life difficult?

    4) Why was the luggage charge for the second suitcase $26.62 US while the charge for the first suitcase only $19.01 US.

    It is obvious that the male agent has some bias towards Muslim/Arab travelers and he tried to make life difficult for me. I’ve been living in North America for the last 51 years. I have 6 professional children, the oldest of whom is older than your agent and I also have a PhD in finance and business administration, therefore; I believe that both of your agents above, need to be re-educated in basic courtesy, and if they had been employed by one of my 5 companies, I would have fired them immediately.

    Please keep in mind that I’m the same individual who a week ago, sent a complementary e-mail for the treatment I received from your agent, Melody, at YVR airport when I was leaving Canada on flight #1754 on my way to John Wayne Airport on January 17, 2017. Perhaps you can send Melody to train your American agents to teach them about how to treat people with respect, courtesy and professionalism.

  73. 5.0

    My wife purchased a fare from Comox to Calgary in Nov 2016 for a flight leaving Comos on Jan 1/17 and return from Calgary on Jan 17/17. In the meantime there was a death in the family and instead of returning to Comox she wanted to fly to Abbotsford. The Customer Service person first contacted said that there would be a $75 charge for that change in plan. We thought that was a little high as the flight going to Comox flies right over Abbotsford and in any event the flight is shorter. But never mind that, so when she phone to make arrangements for her flight to Abbotsford she was then told there would be no refund for the Comox flight and a full fare charge for the Abbotsford flight. Having no choice as death waits for no one she booked it anyway with intention to inquire later.

  74. 5.0

    Westjet has not followed up on my claim regarding my missing baggage during my holiday in Canada in October 2016, the only reply being Allianz Insurance form being sent to myself and after completing and returning the form I was told I didn’t have a claim number. So hence after sending more emails still NO follow up from Westjet, unable to get direct contact other then this public forum is frustrating. NO acknowledgement on what the next step I need to take! Your client service people assured me on more then one occasion that I would be given the maximum amount of $250 to cover the cost of replacement of some clothing and toiletries. The details of my claim were forward to Westjet/Allianz within the correct timeframe and with all evidence attached. The date of the event was 10/23/16 PRN KUZUBZ ID claim no. WS777391 my overseas phone number is now my Australian number which I have emailed to Westjet. I am very disappointed with Westjet the delay in attending to my claim and upset that Westjet did not deliver what they promised.

  75. 5.0


    I flew with West Jet on January 13, 2017 from Montego Bay to Toronto. I picked up my suitcase from baggage and noticed significant damage to my suitcase. It was scraped and dented in many places. This is a brand new suitcase purchased for this trip. I immediately brought it to the westjet desk and the employee advised that that’s normal wear and tear and there’s nothing she can do although she barely looked at my suitcase. I told her I would barely consider the damage wear and tear and she advised to contact customer service. I am very disappointed with the way my baggage was returned to me because when I put it in West jets care it had no damage. Is there anything I can do about this?


  76. 5.0

    I flew with West Jet on January 13, 2017 from Montego Bay to Toronto. I picked up my suitcase from baggage and noticed significant damage to suitcase. It was scraped and dented in many places. This is a brand new suitcase purchased from this trip. I immediately brought it to the westjet desk and the employee advised that that’s normal wear and tear and there’s nothing she can do although she barely looked at my suitcase. I told her I would barely consider that wear and tear and she advised to contact customer service. I am very disappointed with the way my baggage was returned to me because when I put it in West jets care it had no damage.

  77. 5.0

    We had our puppy shipped with WestJet Cargo on Jan 10, 2017.
    She arrived in Calgary from Abbotsford at 11:26 am.
    Her flight was supposed to leave for Winnipeg at 4:05.
    Plenty of time to get her ready for the next flight.
    No one put her on the flight!!!

    I waited at the cargo to find out she wasn’t on the flight.
    The shipper received a call that was garbled with lots of background noise. All she could figure out was that the puppy would be shipped at midnight! She called me at 8 pm when she received the message. I was still waiting in the cargo as the cargo from the 6:59 flight was not in yet and didn’t arrive until 8:30 ish.
    They did not try our cell phones or email or try to get a hold of me.

    I had the cargo track her. The lad working at the cargo was very nice.
    He found out the puppy was still sitting in Calgary.

    They put her on a flight that arrived in Wpg at 10:15 pm. (not midnight)
    I made a special trip to the city to pick her up and ended up waiting for almost 4 hours because they did not put her on the flight.

    There were no other dogs on the flight. There was no reason for her to miss the flight other than negligence.

    Her water was a block of ice!!!! Her blankets were ice; she had obviously peed and it froze.
    All those hours waiting in the cold!
    This is not right!

  78. 1.0

    If I could say no stars I would!

    I was flying my 14 year old daughter home for Christmas to be with her Dad on WJ6330. The flight was to leave Salt Lake City at 8:30pm arrive Calgary at 11:01 pm. I called ahead when we booked to ask if they had an unaccompanied minor policy to which I was informed there policy was 11 and under and she would have to fly on her own as an adult. On the 27th of Dec. at 6:30pm we arrived at the airport in Salt Lake to find out the flight was operated by Delta.

    We went to the Delta ticket counter and were informed they had their own policy and it was 15 and under and it was going to cost us $150.00 US to fly her home. The ticket agent was not helpful at all and informed us that this was Delta and that is their policy! What Westjet does has no bearing on them, to which I replied I didn’t buy a Delta ticket I bought I Westjet ticket and it went seriously downhill from there!

    No compassion whatsoever but that of course is the next complaint I will write on Delta’s website. Once we got her on the flight and home, which I will tell you was delayed 2.5 hrs(she arrived home at 2:30 am being that they don’t live close to the airport) I called Westjet and they were anything but helpful. No apologies, no compassion, no anything! They informed me that

    I booked the flight and I should have seen that it was “operated by Delta” and therefore should have checked Delta’s policy. It was my fault, and my problem, and there really wasn’t anything they could do. More like there wasn’t anything they WOULD do! I truly liked Westjet prior to this incident, never had an issue, but I guess since I haven’t had any issues before I have never seen their true colors. It was truly a disappointment.

  79. 5.0

    For Christmas we took our children and their children on a holiday to Mexico. Flight left 2:45 on the 23rd of Dec. When we were descending into Puerto Vallarta, I noticed that we were suddenly ascending! We were about half hour in the air again when Pilot informed us that due to a Volcano eruption three days before we could not land and we were being taken to Cabo San Lucas airport.

    When we finally got into the airport terminal in Cabo it was getting late. Finally after standing in a huge line up we were redirected to another area.
    We waited again for another hour or so. All in while with three very tired and hungry little people.

    We were told that some people were going to The Holiday Inn and the rest were being sent to the Best Western! We were told we had to be back at the airport by 6 am. It was already around eleven pm. By the time we got to the hotel we had another wait in a line up to get our rooms and such.

    We had eaten lunch in the airport before we left Calgary so needless to say we were all very hungry and nothing open to get something to eat. We finally got into our rooms at midnight. Since we were supposed to be back at airport at 6 am. No one slept very good. I was waking up every half hour! Clock went off at 4:30 and being very hungry we got up as planned to meet the rest of our family for breakfast.

    When we got to the desk the young fellow told us that plans had changed and we did not have to be at the airport until 11 am. Many of us had not been notified so here we are up wandering around a hotel lobby and nothing open. Finally we went to the airport and were boarded with some confusion on our flight. We arrived at our Resort finally at 5:30 the next day.

    This trip supposed to be eight days and we ended up getting 6. We had two of our grandkids that got sick. Needless to say it was a terrible start to what should have been a dream trip. We were never given food vouchers although we did have the free continental breakfast at the Best Western. Once we made our destination we took a few days to relax and then just about time to leave we were starting to unwind and we were off to Airport and headed home.

    We paid a lot to make this a great Christmas for our family and I feel we were cheated out of two days! I sent in a complaint and was told because of the season they were busy and that my file had been seen but that they would contact me at a later date. That was two weeks ago and I have heard nothing from Westjet!

  80. 5.0

    I’d like to know why our flight out of LA (1101) to Toronto on December 29th 2016 at 12:40 pm was cancelled due to a winter storm… there was no storm. I’ve confirmed this with weather channels, limo drivers and friends that live in Toronto.
    An Air Canada flight departed at the next gate in LA on that same day, a few hours later.
    We were told there were no West Jet direct flights to Toronto available that day (29th). We flew to Edmonton and sat for hours waiting for a connecting flight to TO, a 24 hour hassle.

  81. 5.0

    On Friday December 16 I flew from London,Heathrow to New York, JFK. The flight was delayed by about 1hr. The pilot informed the passengers that had a connecting flight that we would be met by airline personnel upon exciting the plane.. I looked around,didn’t see anyone. I had to get my luggage and go through customs. I asked a number of people where is westjet. Iwas given directions,none of which were helpful.
    I then heard final call for my flight.There were lots of people around,so I continued asking and looking. Finally a baggage fellow said that westjet was right at the end of the walkway.
    When I got there,two female staff were trying to help a Spanish speaking
    woman. They told me that I was too late for my flight to Calgary,Alberta.
    They also said that the next one was on Sunday or Monday?
    Although they had finished their shifts,they helped both the Spanish lady and myself. We had to get a bus to la guardia airport , from there a plane to Montreal,find accommodation for six hours then get another plane to Calgary.
    It was not a pleasant experience. In fact it was somewhat stressful, what with dealing with different people, lugging around baggage, paying for land transportation,plus hotel accommodation. I was far from happy.
    There was a communication breakdown for sure. I would like to know how will westjet deal with my problem?

    Thankyou for your time,
    Jeffrey Gremo

  82. 5.0

    I booked a flight, specifically a direct flight. Suddenly I get an email from WestJet that they changed my flight to a stop over. I called them and they would not compensate me for their error. This upsets me extremely due to the fact that I paid for a direct flight and they changed it. Which means I can no longer trust westjet, how can I have faith in this company now? I can’t. I will never fly westjet again.

  83. 5.0

    I want to complain about my flight from Calgary to Edmonton on dec 23 2016.

    I flew into Calgary from Amsterdam and my layover was to be only 1:15 hours. The westjet flight was delayed they told me before I gave them my bag while exiting customs. But no time was given as to how long delay was. I would have just kept my bag and rested in car if this delay was over one hour.

    The plane left 2 hrs late leaving Calgary. Arrived in Edmonton at 5:30 pm. Was supposed to arrive at 3:15 pm

    Then I waited 50 minutes for my bag to find out there were no more bags coming and my bag was not arriving. But I asked a westjet employee at the baggage carousel and they said don’t worry more bags are coming. This was after waiting 30 minutes.

    I waited until Xmas eve to receive my bag at 3pm, it arrived at my house.

    Then all I got for answers is oh it’s a snow storm and the icer is busy or the construction at Calgary airport is causing issues or my bag missed the plane because of construction and the new baggage dept is not good. Well to me all westjet could say was it’s everyone else’s fault. Not once would they admit they made mistakes and sorry.

  84. 5.0

    traveled to Jamaica from Fredericton on Nov.2/16, first with flight 3409 to Toronto and then flight 2702 to Jamaica. Greta flight, comfortable seats and except for the very early departure, no complaints. Flight home was also in two parts, Flight 2703 from Jamaica to Toronto was good, seat comfortable etc. , no complaints.
    However the flight from Toronto to Fredericton was a totally different experience. Our Fight from Toronto( flight 3408) left at 955pm, arriving in Fredericton at 1am on Nov.10/16. The seats were good again were comfortable. The stewardesses were completely oblivious of their passengers. They did help get people seated and pass put the drinks and pretzels as soon as the flight was in the air, but from then on, the two of them sat in the last seat one back and diagonal from us) and talked and laughed VERY loudly the entire trip!!One gentleman even wrapped his coat around his head in an effort to drown them out. I looked in their direction several times and made eye contact with them,but neither of them made any effort to see if I wanted anything , or to walk down the aisle to see if the passengers were alright. Not once during the whole flight !!As we had been traveling all day, I had hope dot catch a nap on the way home, but all I got was a tension headache. I spoke to one of these ladies on departure and she didn’t even say sorry.
    For an airline that boasts about customer service, this was totally unacceptable. I have previously traveled on various flight, both local and overseas and have never seen such blatant disregard for customer comfort and satisfaction.
    I waited this long to write a complaint let myself calm down and think rationally about what I wanted to say. To say that I was disappointed and upset is putting it mildly and I am hoping that this situation will be rectified , as I am sure your records will give you the women’s names.
    I look forward to hearing your reply

  85. 1.0

    Me and my daughter were traveling today, Dec 24th from Saskatoon to Honolulu with layovers in Calgary and Vancouver. First flight we were trapped on the board for almost an hour and could not get off in Calgary because the gates were not ready which resulted us being late for the next flight but, this time we could not leave Calgary airport for 1 hour 30 min because of “deicing” which again left us no time to go through customs in Vancouver and added unnecessary stress on this holiday. Then not just we landed later( that created a conflict with my car rental as I was an hour late) our luggage was lost!!! Seriously? On Christmas Eve! How convenient! All we could get was flip flops for my daughter as everything was closing early. And now on Christmas Day we are stuck with no clothing, no swimsuits and all shops closed for holidays. I’m very disappointed with our service and flight today. I’m a single mother that worked hard all year so we can afford this trip and now what?
    I think 50% of our ticket price to be refunded would be fair and of course , the luggage, hope it will be found soon.

  86. 5.0

    On Friday December 9 I had to travel from St. John’s nfld to thunder bay. I was told by the stewardess my plane was waiting for me to board. I got a driver to bring me to the plane, got there 5 minutes before my plane was departing and was told I couldn’t board the plane and had to wait 5 hours for the next one. I explained I was going to my aunt’s funeral and was going to miss it because of this delay as I watched the plane still sitting on the runway. Then on Saturday December 16 th my son in law came from Toronto to St. John’s and his luggage was missing. He was moving here so everything thing he owned was in this luggage and he still hasn’t received it. Westjet was the only company I would travel with but as of now I’m not happy with all these mistakes in less than 1 week!! Looks like I will be traveling with a different company from now on . Very disappointed with Westjet.

  87. 1.0

    The website locked me out of the check-in when I entered in my foreign passport instead of my Canadian passport. It would not let me reset so I called the help line and they say they cannot help with check ins. Now calling to cancel flight with Westjet to go with another airline as not worth the hassle.

  88. 5.0

    I TRIED to get a ticket online on Black Fri and I couldn’t get the site to work. I kept hitting the button and nothing would happen. So I phoned them instead. When I was online the flights were $422.00 per person. When I called them they brought that amount up to $700.00 each person. I said I have the site right here and it says $422.00 and she said there must be something wrong with my computer. I knew she was lying and I hung up and went back online. This was at 11:30 pm at night and I was very tired. I went back and found the same page saying the flight was $500.00 now and I was too tired to call back. When I did call the next day I asked to speak to a supervisor and they just wouldn’t do that. They booked me a flight at their $700.00 and needless to say I feel EXTREMELY ripped off by Westjet. Then when they didn’t put the weight restrictions on my ticket I called yet again and this is exactly what I was told by their own EMPLOYEE,, That “there is no weight restrictions on the bags as long as I don’t put bricks in it.” When I told this to my sister she said she had never heard of that. So again I go back online and find that it’s actually 50lbs and if I showed up over that they were going to charge me. This company is a scam and I will never use them again as long as I fly they won’t be my carrier.

  89. 5.0

    I am so terribly disappointed and upset over your luggage policy to Mexico, and luggage weight to anywhere. I go every year for a holiday for 2-3 months to Mexico. We were allowed 70#, now it is 50#. To begin with your Westjet suitcase, weighs 9#, so in essence. I only have #41, it is impossible for a woman or family to travel for any length of time, with only 41#.
    Tell you what I am going to do. I am going to cut your suitcase brand (I paid $80.00 Canadian for it) away from the housing, get 1-2 large gunny sacks and tie the sacks to the housing with twine, and thus the weight would be 5# or less. I should have compensation for the 20# of luggage I am no longer allowed. You keep taking, taking and taking, but your flyers never get anything in return. Grow up you people we are not Robots.

  90. 5.0

    I recently flew Westjet from Victoria to Toronto and return as my Sister passed away and I attended her funeral. Not having all the funeral arrangements completed I was unable to provide address and name of funeral home and elected to advise Westjet after my return. My brother flew from Calgary Air Canada and was able to get a rate for bereavement. After my arriving in Toronto and finalizing all the details I returned to Victoria and contacted Westjet with all the information. I was advised that Westjet no longer provides this service. Very disappointing at such a stressful time.

  91. 5.0

    On Oct 22, 2016, my sister-in-law and myself were booked on flight 3411, Quebec City to Toronto @ 6:30 pm the @ 9:00 pm on flight 673 Toronto to Calgary. Due to bad weather, when we checked in our flight to Toronto was changed to the flight leaving at 10:00 pm. Our flight out of Quebec City was only 20 minutes late. Arriving in Toronto, we were called before disembarking to say we had to pick up new boarding passes at the gate. We were back onto our original flight 673. As we were boarding, a baggage handler said we would probably not get our luggage on this flight. When we arrived in Calgary, our luggage did not. We went to the baggage attendant to ask about our luggage and said it was probably going to arrive on the next flight. At this point we had been up 22 hours. We asked if it could be sent to the hotel which was only 5 minutes away.

    Her response was after checking our baggage tags in the system that as far as she was or Westjet was concerned our luggage was not lost as it was not in the system. WE then told her we were flying the next day to Kelowna on flight 3351 @ 12:45 pm and asked what would happen to our luggage. She told us Westjet would check to see our final destination and send it there. We told her our Saturday flights and our Sunday flights were booked independently of one another. She said it did not matter our luggage would be sent to Kelowna. We found she was totally unhelpful and had no intention of trying to help us. When we arrived in Kelowna we thought our luggage would arrive as well based on the little information she provided.

    This was not the case. When checking with the Kelowna baggage attendant she informed us our luggage was sitting in Calgary unclaimed and she proceeded to fill out the necessary forms to have the luggage sent to Kelowna and then forward to us via bus to Trail, BC. In hindsight we asked the Kelowna baggage attendant if we had checked in the morning at the baggage area would we possibly have gotten our luggage and she said yes. IF the Calgary baggage attendant had been willing to be helpful and said this was a possibility, we would have done so but she just kept saying our luggage would be forwarded to Kelowna. After a 22 hour day and no luggage and this poor excuse for an employee, We expected more.

  92. 5.0

    I was flying from Abbotsford to Calgary then Toronto on October 28th 10 pm flight WS106, and I wanted to check in my 2 bags that I paid for by the way, and the lady at the check in desk tells me that I am not allowed to check in my laptop!? I travel a lot and have checked in my laptop like a million times, no one has ever told me that, as long as it’s with my other luggage. So she asked me to take it out of the bag and carry it on the flight to calgary then to Torronto which was very annoying!!

    The funniest thing is that I was travelling later from Toronto to Abu Dhabi and I did the same thing but no one asked me. So I told them I have my laptop in one of the checked luggages to see their reaction, and they told me it’s okay !!!!

    Westjet should advise their staff not to give falsefull information to travellers. You won’t be happy if I gave you falsefull information!!!

  93. 5.0

    I travelled from Fort St. John to Kamloops. Our flight was delayed in Calgary to Kamloops for over 3 hours. I was very upset when the pilot crew showed up and was advised we had to wait so they could go for dinner. Then once on plane we were delayed due to no staff to push us off.

    I was very upset as I was meeting my husband to go on our wedding anniversary date. Due to the lateness of our flight we had to make other plans.

    Very upset customer.

  94. 5.0

    Having travelled from London to Orlando via Toronto, returning the same route, the baggage handlers managed to crush the aluminium frame of my new suit case and cause additional damage to the carcase, along with damage to a second case which is inconsistent with normal handling.

    Having tried to contact Westjet using various email address’s, my attempts failed and when looking for contact details, unless you wish to use social media; which I don’t, it is almost impossible to easily find contact details, which I guess is about right as no one wants to receive complaints.

    Additionally, have checked the Westjet website before booking our flights it clearly indicated that the flight across the Atlantic would have seat back TV’s, which it didn’t (both ways) and even the app constantly failed and access was very intermittent.

    All in all, disappointed at my first Westjet experience and am still trying to pursue a complaint for the damage to my suit cases; which had been purchased new for the trip, perhaps no the best thing to have done.

  95. 5.0

    I flew to Bermuda with a suitcase of equipment for a contract job I was to do but unfortunately my luggage/equipment was tagged with a completely different person’s name and was sent to their destination in ARUBA!
    3 weeks later my luggage arrived in Bermuda after a load of dramatic incidents. I spent a week there doing nothing while assuming my bags would be there in 3-4 days. WestJet said they would pay for accommodation for the week but I had to pay and they would reimburse. Well its been almost 2 months now and I have not heard a word even after submitting my invoices. I travel every 3 weeks to Bermuda but am now flying with Air Canada unfortunately as I don’t feel I should give WestJet another penny!!!!!!

  96. 5.0

    On August 18/16 on flight 439 from Toronto to Edmonton (leaving 320pm arriving Edmonton 530 pm) I was very unhappy with the baggage dept. I had bought a brand new suitcase and although it was not ripped , it had a mark on it. If you have staff not interested in their job, find an efficient team. Several people on that flight were upset with the baggage handling. I was very happy with everything else. The trip was very nice and all the staff were great. I always go out of my way to fly WestJet , and I am always pleased with the service. But please address the baggage handlers as they are giving you a bad name, they may need more training or more common sense. I always travel WestJet and will continue to do so, please look into this problem.

  97. 5.0

    I booked my flight on line for myself, my daughter and grand-daughter. When it came to booking our seats, I got mine and my daughters but there was nothing to click on for infant. The only option was lap held for infants. After going to see about where to put her car seat, I came across a section that said if you want to book a seat for your infant to call the 1-888 #. I did so and talked to a representative and explained that I wanted to purchase a seat for my grand-daughter. I gave her my conformation # for the flight. She apologized that the web site does not clarify better on seats for infants, and said I could cancel my flight, rebook at a higher cost and then be able to get a seat as well for my grand-daughter. I think this is ridiculous as I should’ve been able to have this option to book a seat for her as well when I originally booked my flight. You need to update your web site, to make this option there for getting a seat for infants. My grand-daughter is 4 months old and should be in her car seat strapped in for take off and landing, not being held for the entire flight.

  98. 5.0

    I booked a WestJet ticket from Calgary to Toronto, for CAD $531.46, dated May 19 – 23rd 2016. I informed a customer service representative in the call center that I was unable to be on the flight due to an inevitable personal matter. I tried explaining to the representative that I was forced to move to a different province to be with my family, but the agent rudely interrupted and reminded me that the reason for missing the flight is irrelevant. I asked for a full refund, pleaded for a fraction of the refund, however my actions were futile. The representative explained it is my responsibility to call WestJet if I was unable to attend the flight, which I unfortunately did not know nor do. I also begged to have the amount charged for taxes refunded, and abruptly, the representative replied with an emphatic no.

  99. 5.0

    We booked a flight and paid in full in February 2016 to fly from Victoria to Honolulu Direct as we always do at Xmas. This is August and our travel agent tells us we have to fly to Vancouver first. Our flight leaving Victoria at 6..15am which means we must wake at 2.30am to get to airport. On return also we have to stay in Vancouver overnight. Sure, we cancelled and now we got the refund. But 6 months it took for the refund? What about the money on interest Westjet made for the 6 months? We is our interest?

  100. 5.0

    I booked return flights from Kelowna to Vegas this coming Nov. The original flights were
    Non-Stop between Kelowna and Vegas both ways. Now on our return, we have to first
    fly to Calgary then Kelowna. I chose these flights purposely for direct flights. I’m not happy
    at all with the change.

  101. 2.0

    I recently travelled from Grand Cayman to Winnipeg and back (via Toronto). The main reason I use Westjet are the tvs. The 4 hour flight from Cayman to Toronto (and vise versa) was fully packed, and my tv screen didn’t work! First time no sound just picture, other way sound and no screen images! It was very frustrating! And because it was a full flight the flight attendants could not move me anywhere. I didn’t have a book or anything to occupy my time and it made for an uncomfortable flight. I was very disappointed! I can see it happening one way, but both ways!!! Come on!!! This will make me think twice before using westjet again.

  102. 5.0

    I am letting you know this though it has do with the airport security but I think you should be aware of this situation. On July the 12th at 3:00pm I flew WestJet from Toronto Pearson to Vancouver and when I arrived there was no lock on my suitcase and a bottle of 100ML cologne worth $90 missing from my suitcase, the box was however still there, and also the zip on my makeup bag was unzipped. My friend that I travelled with said her elastic rope was missing from suitcase and the contents moved. This is a complaint when we returned on July 20th flight at 12:15pm to Toronto. I was asked to lift my suitcase on to weigh scale by a young check in clerk and my friend was not there as she was at another check in. I was struggling to lift my bag. If this is standard practise for older passengers then what about those who have disabilities? The service staff needs to be trained and more attention given to baggages.

  103. 5.0

    On March 22 2016 I checked in my one bag with Westjet in Calgary. They were a full flight that day and I didn’t think my one bag would
    fit anywhere. As it turned out I was right. When I got home, went to retrieve my GPS, but it was not in my bag anymore along with the attachments.
    So I contacted Westjet Baggage Claims, it took a few weeks even for me to get everything they asked for. They agreed to refund me only for the GPS with proof of purchase. I had to out of my own pocket buy another GPS…OMG and all the extras. I’m not impressed with how one is treated once they have lost items out of my own bag in the care of Westjet bag handlers. Not impressed. I’ve lost out on a few driving jobs just because I did not have a proper GPS. The cell phone does not really substitute to drive legal in a truck. It’s now July 23 2016 and was promised months ago for my refund. Guess what…I still do not have my promised money. This email was from June 16, 2016, but they told me that they didn’t read my email right after they asked me what refund I would prefer.
    It took another whole week…that is how they treat claims. Why? LZWS000567029 this is how I am known by, not as a person that has been violated.

  104. 5.0

    We recently flew WestJet on “ws 23 7th July 1pm”. We were upset during the flight due to the excessive noise created by 6 passengers who were clearly drunk, we complained about the noise to the stewardess and they were spoken to numerous times but nothing really happened, in fact one stewardess actively seemed to encourage them during this time flirting with them and seemed to be trying to protect them from any issues. They continued this almost through the entire flight they also at one point were quite threatening towards other passengers, we were quite distressed. Why were these people allowed to continue drinking until nearly 3/4s of the way through the flight, why was nothing done . This flight made me and my wife concerned for our safety on the flight.

  105. 1.0

    July 18, 2016 my flight was cancelled from Boston to Toronto. Absolutely no compensation offered. Reason given was weather and air traffic control. The weather was good in Toronto. Flight rescheduled for next day. Had to stay in a very low end cheap hotel that was extremely over priced as there was a conference going on in the city and hotel pricing sky rocketed plus the hotel was 20 mins from airport…expensive transportation. My first time to Boston was severely tainted by this very unexpected expensive experience. I will never fly Westjet again. I personally feel Westjet didn’t do enough to for their guests. I’m now sitting in the airport waiting for my rescheduled flight and hear over a PA that a Delta flight is delayed, they are being offered free sandwiches. We got absolutely nothing for this trip, cost me an additional $500 and my daughter lost a day of work which could cost her her job. Worst experience of my life.

  106. 1.0

    This is the reason I don’t fly with west jet. I booked a college for work flight. We both were flying to Fort St John. I had to book it on his corporate card and my corporate card. His flight was $596.00 and 2 mins later mine was $665.00. Contacted help desk and the lady said that is how it works and that she can’t help or make changes. Not very helpful at all.

    This is the reason our company never uses Westjet I personally have over 600K air miles with Air Canada, 400K with Lufthansa and 300k with Air France. They don’t charge a guy for everything and even would honour the same bill as above. Lucky as this will be the last time I will ever use your services and the same will go with the other 15 people that work for me.

  107. 5.0

    My complaint was also brought up to a guest manager Mr Jacky in Vancouver airport. I arrived 1.5 hrs in advance to fly to Winnipeg for a reserved family gathering and fishing lodge trip. There was a very big line up at the check in counter as there were very few employees available. I have had previous problems, bad experiences with West Jet and fly a lot with you. Because of the long delay from shortage of employees i missed my flight and was rescheduled with another non direct flight and this caused a lot of missed plans, reservations and created a lot of family anxiety in which i was very upset.

  108. 1.0

    Recently, my family travelled from Calgary to London Gatwick on your new international route. I am writing to share our unpleasant and disappointing experience. I am decidedly unhappy in the decisions made by your airline to try and deceive passengers like myself.

    To start, when my 4 family members and I booked our flights we researched the type of plane we would be on and were satisfied with the new, state of the art, 767 being promoted. This is not the plane we eventually flew on and as we now know, this was part of the deception to lure people onto booking with you. At boarding we were even told by a check-in agent that the new model had equipment failure requiring an older plane being put into usage. Highly unlikely this was true considering upon return 2 weeks later then 3 weeks later our return flights were both in older planes.
    Instead of state of the art we were flown on a very old broken down 767 with,
    – Broken seat trays
    – Broken speaker plug ins
    – Seat pockets hanging off
    – Ripped seat covers
    – Seats with no cushion left from age
    – Seat recliners not working
    – During our return flight washrooms were not maintained and repeatedly out of toilet paper and towels

    This is just the beginning of my complaints as we also experienced further deception from all Westjet promotions stating availability of Westjet Connect. I, and my daughter, each spoke separately to a Westjet agent who stated this would be available to us yet, it was not. Meaning, we did not have our own entertainment for our 8 & 9 hour flights because we understood it would be available. But, we had
    – No tablets available for private movie viewing, not on this plane
    – Viewing screens in the ceiling along the centre of the plane so fuzzy they were unwatchable
    – Movie sound tracks that didn’t match the film track
    – No WiFi/Internet access throughout the flights as stated from your agents and your ‘Edibles and Entertainment’ brochures aboard flights

    I would also like to point out my final complaint which is in regards to my 81 year old mother being removed from the wheel chair I ordered ahead of time and forced to walk no less than 1000 yards down difficult inclines to get to the plane gate then even further to get to the plane. We were asked at check-in if she could climb stairs to the plane which she could, slowly. But, there were no stairs just inclines which are extremely difficult for her footing and cane usage. When I left my mother to be taken by Westjet staff to the plane this is not how I expected she would be treated. She has a number of health problems and this was not something that should have been forced upon her.

    I have flown my family and myself by Westjet many times over the years and have been happy to support your airline. But, if this is how you are going to treat customers on international flights this will be our first and last trip with Westjet. To add to our unhappy trip I will also mention the 4 changes in departure times from booking to leaving, the 1.5 hour late departure due to flight plan changes and the 2.5 hour wait on the tarmac due to lightning (the only reasonable delay).

  109. 5.0

    I flew Westjet May 15 2016 flight was in the evening and recently June 29, 2016, both my experiences are bad. I had given a complaint to the flight attendant about the rude staff I encountered. Just recently June 29 with my flight ws437, I ask for water because I was very thirsty and the seat belt was off and the attendant “Phong” chided me saying “you have to wait until we are ready serving drinks” and walks away. I was only asking water…when he was ready serving drinks I ask for 2 glasses, for me and my husband and he gives me that face, looks like he don’t want to give water too…I am running a furniture retail store and I know the importance of customer service. Here the fact is this happened to me twice and with the same attendant. This bothers me a lot and especially how he treats people.

  110. 1.0

    I missed my flight to Vancouver by my own folly, I didn’t hear the announcement of gate changing and I apologize, accept the flight change and change fee. I was very humble and polite.

    What I don’t appreciate is the attitude of attendees, they were all acting like I am unreasonable and accusing them when I was just simply accepting the fact I missed my flight because of my mistake. I did not blame anyone but myself, I didn’t fight to be on the fight, I respectfully asked for a solution and take it. I deserve to be treated respectfully too, not to be reprimanded like a child, and I don’t know what I have done to deserve eye rolling.

    I hope Westjet could simply take more care on the guest service, because American and Canadian airlines are quite known for rude and unprofessional services. And as someone also in hospitality industry I feel very sorry for you.

  111. 5.0

    June 20, 2016

    Upon arrival at gate 72 for WestJet 0160 flight from Edmonton to Calgary, the flight was delayed 49 minutes to depart at 12:19. I was told to be at the gate by 12:10. I arrived at 12:05 and the plane was there, no gate attendants and the jet way would not be pushed back for another 6 minutes. Needless to say they admitted to having NOT paged me by name, eventhough I was only 2 gates away.

    I was offered another flight on Air Canada, which I accepted. Then 45 minutes later was told they could not do it (by the WestJet mgr who offered AC in the first place). I was provided a $15 food voucher whichwas supposed to make me feel better.

    I am now waiting to board a flight 4 hours after the original flight. And they are delaying departure because they are waiting for 27 people to transfer from an inbound flight.

    The fiasco continues and I am still in the departure area outside gate 49F

    Now scheduled on WestJet flight 3397

  112. 1.0

    I consider myself well traveled having visited over 40 countries and flown with many different airlines. However, West Jet’s customer service has to be the worst I have ever experienced. We flew to Gatwick via Toronto in partnership with Delta. West Jet 4 and supposedly West Jet 6336 were our flight #’s.
    A over 2 hour delay from Gatwick meant we were not going to make our connection. The dismissive, couldn’t care less attitude of the West Jet desk was beyond reproach. Pretty much it was left up to me to change my flight via telephone with a Delta rep. She could do nothing as West Jet had the booking and she could not change it.
    Arriving in Toronto we were then almost too late for the last flight to Atl. The WJ person passed it off to a Delta rep and between them basically said too bad you’re not going to make it
    even though we had over an hour to connect. They claimed we had not made a change to our flight even though we had a confirmation code HYODQ4. After much heated discussion, we got on the flight but then our bags would not scan through due to mis matched codes . They were clueless. Eventually after wasting a lot of time and appearing totally incompetent they over rode the system . This however was just another comedy of errors as customs could not link our bags to us due to the wrong codes. We were dismissed to a room to watch a screen as we’d been given a code 2 status. With less than 10 mins to take off we spoke to the passport control who was the only helpful person so far and he connected our bags to us. We made the flight with minus 2 mins to take off. In Atl. only 1 bag from a party of 4 actually made it off the flight. This was the final straw. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted with an airlines customer service in my life. Be assured I will never fly with WJ again and will spread the word to all my fellow travelers. As far as I am concerned the new name needs to be WORST JET.

  113. 5.0

    On our flight from Fort St John BC to Vancouver BC (flight 3203) June 9, 2016 we found the plane to be filthy.

    We fly exclusively with WestJet and found it very disturbing that a basically brand new plane could look so bad.

    I got wet towels from attendant and washed table both inside and outside, down the pocket and my seat. These places were covered in a red sticky substance. The attendant thought maybe red wine.

    The rest of the plane as we looked around was just as bad with paper chips etc all over the floor.

    As I left the plane I mentioned that this plane needs a full cleaning.

    As I say we travel Westjet and I know people can be messy and is not the attendant’s job to keep it fully plane but this one definitely needed it.

  114. 5.0

    I travelled June 11th, 2016 on WS214, scheduled to depart at 01:00 am.

    I am called to travel every week for my work. I can assure you that I WILL NEVER FLY WESTJET AIRLINES AGAIN, AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE, EITHER.

    In all the years I have travelled, and the many times I have been tolerant of WS staff, both at counters and flight attendants with their lack of professionalism, rudeness and total disregard towards their passengers.

    1 – Flight WS214 Calgary to Montreal – I upgrade so that I can have a little rest and quiet time on the re-eye flight, as I had been travelling all week, and been up with no sleep for near 24hrs.

    2 – Seated in seat 1F, right before take-off, I see the leading flight attendant closing the door, while talking to the other flight attendant, not paying attention to the task she was currently doing (closing aircraft door). Then to notice the second flight attendant supposedly doing cross-check, passing her hands on the door handles, but not whatsoever doing a visual inspection to the door – #1 – That, for a seated passenger to see, is quite scary and instills quite an insecurity feeling as to the possibilities that this door might not have been closed shut in a safely manner, and according to safety procedures.

    3 – upon take off, I see the flight attendant (I am seated in seat 1F and can clearly witness) is leaning, with her whole arm resting on the aircraft door handle – Do I feel safe??? Absolutely not!!!!

    4 – 15 minutes into the flight, seat belt sign is still on, there is much turbulence – I try to sleep, but the two flight attendants seated in front are ”shooting the shit” – talking loud, laughing and showing photos on their cell phones….I have to wave at them a couple of times, as they could not hear me, when finally one the flight attendants asked what was the problem. Exasperated I told them that we could hear their whole conversation, that this is a re-eye flight, and we are trying to sleep. No apologies from either one of the two flight attendants.

    5 – 30 minutes into the flight, beverages were distributed. When the two flight attendants stop by my seat, without saying anything, one of them bluntly hands me ear-plugs (!!!??? WTF I say to myself). I tell the flight attendant who hands me the ear-plus that I do not need them – she says: ”well, you want to sleep, don’t you!” …..If travelling on WestJet was offered no charge, the flight attendant would have every right to dictate to me what to do, but considering that my ticket fee + the upgrade I paid $100.00, ensuring continuing business for WestJet – hence ensuring HER salary, I can honestly say to WestJet management that maybe they should review their training course to their staff, and teach them that customers are everything.

    To witness flight attendants being totally unprofessional, and oblivious to the passengers, is to me unacceptable.

    I will never fly WestJet, ever again.

  115. 5.0

    I traveled in from Regina on the 1 June flight 3263 to Grande prairie. When I checked in, my bag pulled fine. When I arrived, one of the wheels did not turn. I didn’t report it at the time as our flight was already a hour late, and it was midnight. When I checked in on the 7 Jun flight 3264, they made a note on my file in Grande prairie, and said to report to baggage when I got into Regina. When I did, they did not bother to check my file, and gave no help or suggestions. I was made to feel as though I was lying, and was very disappointed at the lack of help. I was not going to report this, but I was a airline employee myself many years ago, and would of never handled it the way those agents did.

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