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    Do not fly with this airline. They are incompetent, inefficient and ineffective and indifferent to passengers. I feel foolish for trying them for a third time.
    Out of three flights from Dusseldorf to Manchester this year, two were badly delayed and on both occasions I was unable to continue my journey home from Manchester to North Yorkshire because of the 2 hour plus delay in each case. One of the three flights was more or less on time but 2 out of 3 is bad.
    At the airport on the day they waited until it was almost time to board before announcing that the aircraft we were due to board had not even left Manchester. Then after a hour or so bothered to tell us that our 17.50 flight would be 19.40. Needless to say there was no plane at 19.40.
    Oddly, the person who opened the boarding gate (who denied being employed by Flybe), on announcing the delay, told me then that there was a Flybe flight “after 7pm”. How did she know this at 16.55 when it took the Flight Departures Board at the airport another hour to put that information up?
    I will never use Flybe again and I urge you to avoid this terrible airline at all costs. They make Ryanair look good.

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    Missing avios points. Being a regular flyer with flybe or flymaybe as we call then in the northern isles, I collect avios points. After each flight I log in through their website and enter flight reference numbers into claim points section. After checking my most recent statement I noticed 8 missing flights from my account, a 50 minute phone call to avios was useless, over an hour to flybe again useless so I had to email flybe to claim my missing points which was again useless. Why do companies take the piss out of people.

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    Myself and my husband got to Southampton airport yesterday at only to be told our flight to Glasgow BE898 would not be leaving at 8.20 pm but at 11.05pm. We were given a voucher for £5.00 each and had to wait. The plane arrived and we boarded at just after this time, but never took off until 11.25pm. At this point I myself was in agony. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. I had only took enough medication for my weeks holiday and my journey home to Glasgow at the flight times given to us when we booked. Result I had to fly home in agony as my medication had now ran out, by the time we arrived at our home in Glasgow it was 2am and I was totally shattered and in very bad pain. I did not get to bed until 4am as by the time my medication had kicked in. My husband and myself were suppose to be up at 6am to go to our place of work, both of us were in no state to drive or attend work and have lost a day’s pay because of this. The captain of the plane we were on BE898 told us the reason for the delay was due to staff phoning in sick. We then could not land at the time we were told as flight paths had been lost. I feel this was very inappropriate service we received. I will say the staff on our plane were excellent at the job they had to do through no fault of their own. We are now out of pocket for 2 days wages.

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