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    We had our puppy shipped with WestJet Cargo on Jan 10, 2017.
    She arrived in Calgary from Abbotsford at 11:26 am.
    Her flight was supposed to leave for Winnipeg at 4:05.
    Plenty of time to get her ready for the next flight.
    No one put her on the flight!!!

    I waited at the cargo to find out she wasn’t on the flight.
    The shipper received a call that was garbled with lots of background noise. All she could figure out was that the puppy would be shipped at midnight! She called me at 8 pm when she received the message. I was still waiting in the cargo as the cargo from the 6:59 flight was not in yet and didn’t arrive until 8:30 ish.
    They did not try our cell phones or email or try to get a hold of me.

    I had the cargo track her. The lad working at the cargo was very nice.
    He found out the puppy was still sitting in Calgary.

    They put her on a flight that arrived in Wpg at 10:15 pm. (not midnight)
    I made a special trip to the city to pick her up and ended up waiting for almost 4 hours because they did not put her on the flight.

    There were no other dogs on the flight. There was no reason for her to miss the flight other than negligence.

    Her water was a block of ice!!!! Her blankets were ice; she had obviously peed and it froze.
    All those hours waiting in the cold!
    This is not right!

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    If I could say no stars I would!

    I was flying my 14 year old daughter home for Christmas to be with her Dad on WJ6330. The flight was to leave Salt Lake City at 8:30pm arrive Calgary at 11:01 pm. I called ahead when we booked to ask if they had an unaccompanied minor policy to which I was informed there policy was 11 and under and she would have to fly on her own as an adult. On the 27th of Dec. at 6:30pm we arrived at the airport in Salt Lake to find out the flight was operated by Delta.

    We went to the Delta ticket counter and were informed they had their own policy and it was 15 and under and it was going to cost us $150.00 US to fly her home. The ticket agent was not helpful at all and informed us that this was Delta and that is their policy! What Westjet does has no bearing on them, to which I replied I didn’t buy a Delta ticket I bought I Westjet ticket and it went seriously downhill from there!

    No compassion whatsoever but that of course is the next complaint I will write on Delta’s website. Once we got her on the flight and home, which I will tell you was delayed 2.5 hrs(she arrived home at 2:30 am being that they don’t live close to the airport) I called Westjet and they were anything but helpful. No apologies, no compassion, no anything! They informed me that

    I booked the flight and I should have seen that it was “operated by Delta” and therefore should have checked Delta’s policy. It was my fault, and my problem, and there really wasn’t anything they could do. More like there wasn’t anything they WOULD do! I truly liked Westjet prior to this incident, never had an issue, but I guess since I haven’t had any issues before I have never seen their true colors. It was truly a disappointment.

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    For Christmas we took our children and their children on a holiday to Mexico. Flight left 2:45 on the 23rd of Dec. When we were descending into Puerto Vallarta, I noticed that we were suddenly ascending! We were about half hour in the air again when Pilot informed us that due to a Volcano eruption three days before we could not land and we were being taken to Cabo San Lucas airport.

    When we finally got into the airport terminal in Cabo it was getting late. Finally after standing in a huge line up we were redirected to another area.
    We waited again for another hour or so. All in while with three very tired and hungry little people.

    We were told that some people were going to The Holiday Inn and the rest were being sent to the Best Western! We were told we had to be back at the airport by 6 am. It was already around eleven pm. By the time we got to the hotel we had another wait in a line up to get our rooms and such.

    We had eaten lunch in the airport before we left Calgary so needless to say we were all very hungry and nothing open to get something to eat. We finally got into our rooms at midnight. Since we were supposed to be back at airport at 6 am. No one slept very good. I was waking up every half hour! Clock went off at 4:30 and being very hungry we got up as planned to meet the rest of our family for breakfast.

    When we got to the desk the young fellow told us that plans had changed and we did not have to be at the airport until 11 am. Many of us had not been notified so here we are up wandering around a hotel lobby and nothing open. Finally we went to the airport and were boarded with some confusion on our flight. We arrived at our Resort finally at 5:30 the next day.

    This trip supposed to be eight days and we ended up getting 6. We had two of our grandkids that got sick. Needless to say it was a terrible start to what should have been a dream trip. We were never given food vouchers although we did have the free continental breakfast at the Best Western. Once we made our destination we took a few days to relax and then just about time to leave we were starting to unwind and we were off to Airport and headed home.

    We paid a lot to make this a great Christmas for our family and I feel we were cheated out of two days! I sent in a complaint and was told because of the season they were busy and that my file had been seen but that they would contact me at a later date. That was two weeks ago and I have heard nothing from Westjet!

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    I’d like to know why our flight out of LA (1101) to Toronto on December 29th 2016 at 12:40 pm was cancelled due to a winter storm… there was no storm. I’ve confirmed this with weather channels, limo drivers and friends that live in Toronto.
    An Air Canada flight departed at the next gate in LA on that same day, a few hours later.
    We were told there were no West Jet direct flights to Toronto available that day (29th). We flew to Edmonton and sat for hours waiting for a connecting flight to TO, a 24 hour hassle.

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    I booked a flight, specifically a direct flight. Suddenly I get an email from WestJet that they changed my flight to a stop over. I called them and they would not compensate me for their error. This upsets me extremely due to the fact that I paid for a direct flight and they changed it. Which means I can no longer trust westjet, how can I have faith in this company now? I can’t. I will never fly westjet again.

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    I want to complain about my flight from Calgary to Edmonton on dec 23 2016.

    I flew into Calgary from Amsterdam and my layover was to be only 1:15 hours. The westjet flight was delayed they told me before I gave them my bag while exiting customs. But no time was given as to how long delay was. I would have just kept my bag and rested in car if this delay was over one hour.

    The plane left 2 hrs late leaving Calgary. Arrived in Edmonton at 5:30 pm. Was supposed to arrive at 3:15 pm

    Then I waited 50 minutes for my bag to find out there were no more bags coming and my bag was not arriving. But I asked a westjet employee at the baggage carousel and they said don’t worry more bags are coming. This was after waiting 30 minutes.

    I waited until Xmas eve to receive my bag at 3pm, it arrived at my house.

    Then all I got for answers is oh it’s a snow storm and the icer is busy or the construction at Calgary airport is causing issues or my bag missed the plane because of construction and the new baggage dept is not good. Well to me all westjet could say was it’s everyone else’s fault. Not once would they admit they made mistakes and sorry.

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    Me and my daughter were traveling today, Dec 24th from Saskatoon to Honolulu with layovers in Calgary and Vancouver. First flight we were trapped on the board for almost an hour and could not get off in Calgary because the gates were not ready which resulted us being late for the next flight but, this time we could not leave Calgary airport for 1 hour 30 min because of “deicing” which again left us no time to go through customs in Vancouver and added unnecessary stress on this holiday. Then not just we landed later( that created a conflict with my car rental as I was an hour late) our luggage was lost!!! Seriously? On Christmas Eve! How convenient! All we could get was flip flops for my daughter as everything was closing early. And now on Christmas Day we are stuck with no clothing, no swimsuits and all shops closed for holidays. I’m very disappointed with our service and flight today. I’m a single mother that worked hard all year so we can afford this trip and now what?
    I think 50% of our ticket price to be refunded would be fair and of course , the luggage, hope it will be found soon.

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    On Friday December 9 I had to travel from St. John’s nfld to thunder bay. I was told by the stewardess my plane was waiting for me to board. I got a driver to bring me to the plane, got there 5 minutes before my plane was departing and was told I couldn’t board the plane and had to wait 5 hours for the next one. I explained I was going to my aunt’s funeral and was going to miss it because of this delay as I watched the plane still sitting on the runway. Then on Saturday December 16 th my son in law came from Toronto to St. John’s and his luggage was missing. He was moving here so everything thing he owned was in this luggage and he still hasn’t received it. Westjet was the only company I would travel with but as of now I’m not happy with all these mistakes in less than 1 week!! Looks like I will be traveling with a different company from now on . Very disappointed with Westjet.

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    The website locked me out of the check-in when I entered in my foreign passport instead of my Canadian passport. It would not let me reset so I called the help line and they say they cannot help with check ins. Now calling to cancel flight with Westjet to go with another airline as not worth the hassle.

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    I TRIED to get a ticket online on Black Fri and I couldn’t get the site to work. I kept hitting the button and nothing would happen. So I phoned them instead. When I was online the flights were $422.00 per person. When I called them they brought that amount up to $700.00 each person. I said I have the site right here and it says $422.00 and she said there must be something wrong with my computer. I knew she was lying and I hung up and went back online. This was at 11:30 pm at night and I was very tired. I went back and found the same page saying the flight was $500.00 now and I was too tired to call back. When I did call the next day I asked to speak to a supervisor and they just wouldn’t do that. They booked me a flight at their $700.00 and needless to say I feel EXTREMELY ripped off by Westjet. Then when they didn’t put the weight restrictions on my ticket I called yet again and this is exactly what I was told by their own EMPLOYEE,, That “there is no weight restrictions on the bags as long as I don’t put bricks in it.” When I told this to my sister she said she had never heard of that. So again I go back online and find that it’s actually 50lbs and if I showed up over that they were going to charge me. This company is a scam and I will never use them again as long as I fly they won’t be my carrier.

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    I am so terribly disappointed and upset over your luggage policy to Mexico, and luggage weight to anywhere. I go every year for a holiday for 2-3 months to Mexico. We were allowed 70#, now it is 50#. To begin with your Westjet suitcase, weighs 9#, so in essence. I only have #41, it is impossible for a woman or family to travel for any length of time, with only 41#.
    Tell you what I am going to do. I am going to cut your suitcase brand (I paid $80.00 Canadian for it) away from the housing, get 1-2 large gunny sacks and tie the sacks to the housing with twine, and thus the weight would be 5# or less. I should have compensation for the 20# of luggage I am no longer allowed. You keep taking, taking and taking, but your flyers never get anything in return. Grow up you people we are not Robots.

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    I recently flew Westjet from Victoria to Toronto and return as my Sister passed away and I attended her funeral. Not having all the funeral arrangements completed I was unable to provide address and name of funeral home and elected to advise Westjet after my return. My brother flew from Calgary Air Canada and was able to get a rate for bereavement. After my arriving in Toronto and finalizing all the details I returned to Victoria and contacted Westjet with all the information. I was advised that Westjet no longer provides this service. Very disappointing at such a stressful time.

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    On Oct 22, 2016, my sister-in-law and myself were booked on flight 3411, Quebec City to Toronto @ 6:30 pm the @ 9:00 pm on flight 673 Toronto to Calgary. Due to bad weather, when we checked in our flight to Toronto was changed to the flight leaving at 10:00 pm. Our flight out of Quebec City was only 20 minutes late. Arriving in Toronto, we were called before disembarking to say we had to pick up new boarding passes at the gate. We were back onto our original flight 673. As we were boarding, a baggage handler said we would probably not get our luggage on this flight. When we arrived in Calgary, our luggage did not. We went to the baggage attendant to ask about our luggage and said it was probably going to arrive on the next flight. At this point we had been up 22 hours. We asked if it could be sent to the hotel which was only 5 minutes away.

    Her response was after checking our baggage tags in the system that as far as she was or Westjet was concerned our luggage was not lost as it was not in the system. WE then told her we were flying the next day to Kelowna on flight 3351 @ 12:45 pm and asked what would happen to our luggage. She told us Westjet would check to see our final destination and send it there. We told her our Saturday flights and our Sunday flights were booked independently of one another. She said it did not matter our luggage would be sent to Kelowna. We found she was totally unhelpful and had no intention of trying to help us. When we arrived in Kelowna we thought our luggage would arrive as well based on the little information she provided.

    This was not the case. When checking with the Kelowna baggage attendant she informed us our luggage was sitting in Calgary unclaimed and she proceeded to fill out the necessary forms to have the luggage sent to Kelowna and then forward to us via bus to Trail, BC. In hindsight we asked the Kelowna baggage attendant if we had checked in the morning at the baggage area would we possibly have gotten our luggage and she said yes. IF the Calgary baggage attendant had been willing to be helpful and said this was a possibility, we would have done so but she just kept saying our luggage would be forwarded to Kelowna. After a 22 hour day and no luggage and this poor excuse for an employee, We expected more.

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    I was flying from Abbotsford to Calgary then Toronto on October 28th 10 pm flight WS106, and I wanted to check in my 2 bags that I paid for by the way, and the lady at the check in desk tells me that I am not allowed to check in my laptop!? I travel a lot and have checked in my laptop like a million times, no one has ever told me that, as long as it’s with my other luggage. So she asked me to take it out of the bag and carry it on the flight to calgary then to Torronto which was very annoying!!

    The funniest thing is that I was travelling later from Toronto to Abu Dhabi and I did the same thing but no one asked me. So I told them I have my laptop in one of the checked luggages to see their reaction, and they told me it’s okay !!!!

    Westjet should advise their staff not to give falsefull information to travellers. You won’t be happy if I gave you falsefull information!!!

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    I travelled from Fort St. John to Kamloops. Our flight was delayed in Calgary to Kamloops for over 3 hours. I was very upset when the pilot crew showed up and was advised we had to wait so they could go for dinner. Then once on plane we were delayed due to no staff to push us off.

    I was very upset as I was meeting my husband to go on our wedding anniversary date. Due to the lateness of our flight we had to make other plans.

    Very upset customer.

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    Having travelled from London to Orlando via Toronto, returning the same route, the baggage handlers managed to crush the aluminium frame of my new suit case and cause additional damage to the carcase, along with damage to a second case which is inconsistent with normal handling.

    Having tried to contact Westjet using various email address’s, my attempts failed and when looking for contact details, unless you wish to use social media; which I don’t, it is almost impossible to easily find contact details, which I guess is about right as no one wants to receive complaints.

    Additionally, have checked the Westjet website before booking our flights it clearly indicated that the flight across the Atlantic would have seat back TV’s, which it didn’t (both ways) and even the app constantly failed and access was very intermittent.

    All in all, disappointed at my first Westjet experience and am still trying to pursue a complaint for the damage to my suit cases; which had been purchased new for the trip, perhaps no the best thing to have done.

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    I flew to Bermuda with a suitcase of equipment for a contract job I was to do but unfortunately my luggage/equipment was tagged with a completely different person’s name and was sent to their destination in ARUBA!
    3 weeks later my luggage arrived in Bermuda after a load of dramatic incidents. I spent a week there doing nothing while assuming my bags would be there in 3-4 days. WestJet said they would pay for accommodation for the week but I had to pay and they would reimburse. Well its been almost 2 months now and I have not heard a word even after submitting my invoices. I travel every 3 weeks to Bermuda but am now flying with Air Canada unfortunately as I don’t feel I should give WestJet another penny!!!!!!

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    On August 18/16 on flight 439 from Toronto to Edmonton (leaving 320pm arriving Edmonton 530 pm) I was very unhappy with the baggage dept. I had bought a brand new suitcase and although it was not ripped , it had a mark on it. If you have staff not interested in their job, find an efficient team. Several people on that flight were upset with the baggage handling. I was very happy with everything else. The trip was very nice and all the staff were great. I always go out of my way to fly WestJet , and I am always pleased with the service. But please address the baggage handlers as they are giving you a bad name, they may need more training or more common sense. I always travel WestJet and will continue to do so, please look into this problem.

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    I booked my flight on line for myself, my daughter and grand-daughter. When it came to booking our seats, I got mine and my daughters but there was nothing to click on for infant. The only option was lap held for infants. After going to see about where to put her car seat, I came across a section that said if you want to book a seat for your infant to call the 1-888 #. I did so and talked to a representative and explained that I wanted to purchase a seat for my grand-daughter. I gave her my conformation # for the flight. She apologized that the web site does not clarify better on seats for infants, and said I could cancel my flight, rebook at a higher cost and then be able to get a seat as well for my grand-daughter. I think this is ridiculous as I should’ve been able to have this option to book a seat for her as well when I originally booked my flight. You need to update your web site, to make this option there for getting a seat for infants. My grand-daughter is 4 months old and should be in her car seat strapped in for take off and landing, not being held for the entire flight.

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    I booked a WestJet ticket from Calgary to Toronto, for CAD $531.46, dated May 19 – 23rd 2016. I informed a customer service representative in the call center that I was unable to be on the flight due to an inevitable personal matter. I tried explaining to the representative that I was forced to move to a different province to be with my family, but the agent rudely interrupted and reminded me that the reason for missing the flight is irrelevant. I asked for a full refund, pleaded for a fraction of the refund, however my actions were futile. The representative explained it is my responsibility to call WestJet if I was unable to attend the flight, which I unfortunately did not know nor do. I also begged to have the amount charged for taxes refunded, and abruptly, the representative replied with an emphatic no.

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    We booked a flight and paid in full in February 2016 to fly from Victoria to Honolulu Direct as we always do at Xmas. This is August and our travel agent tells us we have to fly to Vancouver first. Our flight leaving Victoria at 6..15am which means we must wake at 2.30am to get to airport. On return also we have to stay in Vancouver overnight. Sure, we cancelled and now we got the refund. But 6 months it took for the refund? What about the money on interest Westjet made for the 6 months? We is our interest?

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    I booked return flights from Kelowna to Vegas this coming Nov. The original flights were
    Non-Stop between Kelowna and Vegas both ways. Now on our return, we have to first
    fly to Calgary then Kelowna. I chose these flights purposely for direct flights. I’m not happy
    at all with the change.

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    I recently travelled from Grand Cayman to Winnipeg and back (via Toronto). The main reason I use Westjet are the tvs. The 4 hour flight from Cayman to Toronto (and vise versa) was fully packed, and my tv screen didn’t work! First time no sound just picture, other way sound and no screen images! It was very frustrating! And because it was a full flight the flight attendants could not move me anywhere. I didn’t have a book or anything to occupy my time and it made for an uncomfortable flight. I was very disappointed! I can see it happening one way, but both ways!!! Come on!!! This will make me think twice before using westjet again.

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    I am letting you know this though it has do with the airport security but I think you should be aware of this situation. On July the 12th at 3:00pm I flew WestJet from Toronto Pearson to Vancouver and when I arrived there was no lock on my suitcase and a bottle of 100ML cologne worth $90 missing from my suitcase, the box was however still there, and also the zip on my makeup bag was unzipped. My friend that I travelled with said her elastic rope was missing from suitcase and the contents moved. This is a complaint when we returned on July 20th flight at 12:15pm to Toronto. I was asked to lift my suitcase on to weigh scale by a young check in clerk and my friend was not there as she was at another check in. I was struggling to lift my bag. If this is standard practise for older passengers then what about those who have disabilities? The service staff needs to be trained and more attention given to baggages.

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    On March 22 2016 I checked in my one bag with Westjet in Calgary. They were a full flight that day and I didn’t think my one bag would
    fit anywhere. As it turned out I was right. When I got home, went to retrieve my GPS, but it was not in my bag anymore along with the attachments.
    So I contacted Westjet Baggage Claims, it took a few weeks even for me to get everything they asked for. They agreed to refund me only for the GPS with proof of purchase. I had to out of my own pocket buy another GPS…OMG and all the extras. I’m not impressed with how one is treated once they have lost items out of my own bag in the care of Westjet bag handlers. Not impressed. I’ve lost out on a few driving jobs just because I did not have a proper GPS. The cell phone does not really substitute to drive legal in a truck. It’s now July 23 2016 and was promised months ago for my refund. Guess what…I still do not have my promised money. This email was from June 16, 2016, but they told me that they didn’t read my email right after they asked me what refund I would prefer.
    It took another whole week…that is how they treat claims. Why? LZWS000567029 this is how I am known by, not as a person that has been violated.

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    We recently flew WestJet on “ws 23 7th July 1pm”. We were upset during the flight due to the excessive noise created by 6 passengers who were clearly drunk, we complained about the noise to the stewardess and they were spoken to numerous times but nothing really happened, in fact one stewardess actively seemed to encourage them during this time flirting with them and seemed to be trying to protect them from any issues. They continued this almost through the entire flight they also at one point were quite threatening towards other passengers, we were quite distressed. Why were these people allowed to continue drinking until nearly 3/4s of the way through the flight, why was nothing done . This flight made me and my wife concerned for our safety on the flight.

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    July 18, 2016 my flight was cancelled from Boston to Toronto. Absolutely no compensation offered. Reason given was weather and air traffic control. The weather was good in Toronto. Flight rescheduled for next day. Had to stay in a very low end cheap hotel that was extremely over priced as there was a conference going on in the city and hotel pricing sky rocketed plus the hotel was 20 mins from airport…expensive transportation. My first time to Boston was severely tainted by this very unexpected expensive experience. I will never fly Westjet again. I personally feel Westjet didn’t do enough to for their guests. I’m now sitting in the airport waiting for my rescheduled flight and hear over a PA that a Delta flight is delayed, they are being offered free sandwiches. We got absolutely nothing for this trip, cost me an additional $500 and my daughter lost a day of work which could cost her her job. Worst experience of my life.

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    This is the reason I don’t fly with west jet. I booked a college for work flight. We both were flying to Fort St John. I had to book it on his corporate card and my corporate card. His flight was $596.00 and 2 mins later mine was $665.00. Contacted help desk and the lady said that is how it works and that she can’t help or make changes. Not very helpful at all.

    This is the reason our company never uses Westjet I personally have over 600K air miles with Air Canada, 400K with Lufthansa and 300k with Air France. They don’t charge a guy for everything and even would honour the same bill as above. Lucky as this will be the last time I will ever use your services and the same will go with the other 15 people that work for me.

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    My complaint was also brought up to a guest manager Mr Jacky in Vancouver airport. I arrived 1.5 hrs in advance to fly to Winnipeg for a reserved family gathering and fishing lodge trip. There was a very big line up at the check in counter as there were very few employees available. I have had previous problems, bad experiences with West Jet and fly a lot with you. Because of the long delay from shortage of employees i missed my flight and was rescheduled with another non direct flight and this caused a lot of missed plans, reservations and created a lot of family anxiety in which i was very upset.

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    Recently, my family travelled from Calgary to London Gatwick on your new international route. I am writing to share our unpleasant and disappointing experience. I am decidedly unhappy in the decisions made by your airline to try and deceive passengers like myself.

    To start, when my 4 family members and I booked our flights we researched the type of plane we would be on and were satisfied with the new, state of the art, 767 being promoted. This is not the plane we eventually flew on and as we now know, this was part of the deception to lure people onto booking with you. At boarding we were even told by a check-in agent that the new model had equipment failure requiring an older plane being put into usage. Highly unlikely this was true considering upon return 2 weeks later then 3 weeks later our return flights were both in older planes.
    Instead of state of the art we were flown on a very old broken down 767 with,
    – Broken seat trays
    – Broken speaker plug ins
    – Seat pockets hanging off
    – Ripped seat covers
    – Seats with no cushion left from age
    – Seat recliners not working
    – During our return flight washrooms were not maintained and repeatedly out of toilet paper and towels

    This is just the beginning of my complaints as we also experienced further deception from all Westjet promotions stating availability of Westjet Connect. I, and my daughter, each spoke separately to a Westjet agent who stated this would be available to us yet, it was not. Meaning, we did not have our own entertainment for our 8 & 9 hour flights because we understood it would be available. But, we had
    – No tablets available for private movie viewing, not on this plane
    – Viewing screens in the ceiling along the centre of the plane so fuzzy they were unwatchable
    – Movie sound tracks that didn’t match the film track
    – No WiFi/Internet access throughout the flights as stated from your agents and your ‘Edibles and Entertainment’ brochures aboard flights

    I would also like to point out my final complaint which is in regards to my 81 year old mother being removed from the wheel chair I ordered ahead of time and forced to walk no less than 1000 yards down difficult inclines to get to the plane gate then even further to get to the plane. We were asked at check-in if she could climb stairs to the plane which she could, slowly. But, there were no stairs just inclines which are extremely difficult for her footing and cane usage. When I left my mother to be taken by Westjet staff to the plane this is not how I expected she would be treated. She has a number of health problems and this was not something that should have been forced upon her.

    I have flown my family and myself by Westjet many times over the years and have been happy to support your airline. But, if this is how you are going to treat customers on international flights this will be our first and last trip with Westjet. To add to our unhappy trip I will also mention the 4 changes in departure times from booking to leaving, the 1.5 hour late departure due to flight plan changes and the 2.5 hour wait on the tarmac due to lightning (the only reasonable delay).

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    I flew Westjet May 15 2016 flight was in the evening and recently June 29, 2016, both my experiences are bad. I had given a complaint to the flight attendant about the rude staff I encountered. Just recently June 29 with my flight ws437, I ask for water because I was very thirsty and the seat belt was off and the attendant “Phong” chided me saying “you have to wait until we are ready serving drinks” and walks away. I was only asking water…when he was ready serving drinks I ask for 2 glasses, for me and my husband and he gives me that face, looks like he don’t want to give water too…I am running a furniture retail store and I know the importance of customer service. Here the fact is this happened to me twice and with the same attendant. This bothers me a lot and especially how he treats people.

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    I missed my flight to Vancouver by my own folly, I didn’t hear the announcement of gate changing and I apologize, accept the flight change and change fee. I was very humble and polite.

    What I don’t appreciate is the attitude of attendees, they were all acting like I am unreasonable and accusing them when I was just simply accepting the fact I missed my flight because of my mistake. I did not blame anyone but myself, I didn’t fight to be on the fight, I respectfully asked for a solution and take it. I deserve to be treated respectfully too, not to be reprimanded like a child, and I don’t know what I have done to deserve eye rolling.

    I hope Westjet could simply take more care on the guest service, because American and Canadian airlines are quite known for rude and unprofessional services. And as someone also in hospitality industry I feel very sorry for you.

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    June 20, 2016

    Upon arrival at gate 72 for WestJet 0160 flight from Edmonton to Calgary, the flight was delayed 49 minutes to depart at 12:19. I was told to be at the gate by 12:10. I arrived at 12:05 and the plane was there, no gate attendants and the jet way would not be pushed back for another 6 minutes. Needless to say they admitted to having NOT paged me by name, eventhough I was only 2 gates away.

    I was offered another flight on Air Canada, which I accepted. Then 45 minutes later was told they could not do it (by the WestJet mgr who offered AC in the first place). I was provided a $15 food voucher whichwas supposed to make me feel better.

    I am now waiting to board a flight 4 hours after the original flight. And they are delaying departure because they are waiting for 27 people to transfer from an inbound flight.

    The fiasco continues and I am still in the departure area outside gate 49F

    Now scheduled on WestJet flight 3397

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    I consider myself well traveled having visited over 40 countries and flown with many different airlines. However, West Jet’s customer service has to be the worst I have ever experienced. We flew to Gatwick via Toronto in partnership with Delta. West Jet 4 and supposedly West Jet 6336 were our flight #’s.
    A over 2 hour delay from Gatwick meant we were not going to make our connection. The dismissive, couldn’t care less attitude of the West Jet desk was beyond reproach. Pretty much it was left up to me to change my flight via telephone with a Delta rep. She could do nothing as West Jet had the booking and she could not change it.
    Arriving in Toronto we were then almost too late for the last flight to Atl. The WJ person passed it off to a Delta rep and between them basically said too bad you’re not going to make it
    even though we had over an hour to connect. They claimed we had not made a change to our flight even though we had a confirmation code HYODQ4. After much heated discussion, we got on the flight but then our bags would not scan through due to mis matched codes . They were clueless. Eventually after wasting a lot of time and appearing totally incompetent they over rode the system . This however was just another comedy of errors as customs could not link our bags to us due to the wrong codes. We were dismissed to a room to watch a screen as we’d been given a code 2 status. With less than 10 mins to take off we spoke to the passport control who was the only helpful person so far and he connected our bags to us. We made the flight with minus 2 mins to take off. In Atl. only 1 bag from a party of 4 actually made it off the flight. This was the final straw. I have never been so disappointed and disgusted with an airlines customer service in my life. Be assured I will never fly with WJ again and will spread the word to all my fellow travelers. As far as I am concerned the new name needs to be WORST JET.

  35. 5.0

    On our flight from Fort St John BC to Vancouver BC (flight 3203) June 9, 2016 we found the plane to be filthy.

    We fly exclusively with WestJet and found it very disturbing that a basically brand new plane could look so bad.

    I got wet towels from attendant and washed table both inside and outside, down the pocket and my seat. These places were covered in a red sticky substance. The attendant thought maybe red wine.

    The rest of the plane as we looked around was just as bad with paper chips etc all over the floor.

    As I left the plane I mentioned that this plane needs a full cleaning.

    As I say we travel Westjet and I know people can be messy and is not the attendant’s job to keep it fully plane but this one definitely needed it.

  36. 5.0

    I travelled June 11th, 2016 on WS214, scheduled to depart at 01:00 am.

    I am called to travel every week for my work. I can assure you that I WILL NEVER FLY WESTJET AIRLINES AGAIN, AND WILL NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE, EITHER.

    In all the years I have travelled, and the many times I have been tolerant of WS staff, both at counters and flight attendants with their lack of professionalism, rudeness and total disregard towards their passengers.

    1 – Flight WS214 Calgary to Montreal – I upgrade so that I can have a little rest and quiet time on the re-eye flight, as I had been travelling all week, and been up with no sleep for near 24hrs.

    2 – Seated in seat 1F, right before take-off, I see the leading flight attendant closing the door, while talking to the other flight attendant, not paying attention to the task she was currently doing (closing aircraft door). Then to notice the second flight attendant supposedly doing cross-check, passing her hands on the door handles, but not whatsoever doing a visual inspection to the door – #1 – That, for a seated passenger to see, is quite scary and instills quite an insecurity feeling as to the possibilities that this door might not have been closed shut in a safely manner, and according to safety procedures.

    3 – upon take off, I see the flight attendant (I am seated in seat 1F and can clearly witness) is leaning, with her whole arm resting on the aircraft door handle – Do I feel safe??? Absolutely not!!!!

    4 – 15 minutes into the flight, seat belt sign is still on, there is much turbulence – I try to sleep, but the two flight attendants seated in front are ”shooting the shit” – talking loud, laughing and showing photos on their cell phones….I have to wave at them a couple of times, as they could not hear me, when finally one the flight attendants asked what was the problem. Exasperated I told them that we could hear their whole conversation, that this is a re-eye flight, and we are trying to sleep. No apologies from either one of the two flight attendants.

    5 – 30 minutes into the flight, beverages were distributed. When the two flight attendants stop by my seat, without saying anything, one of them bluntly hands me ear-plugs (!!!??? WTF I say to myself). I tell the flight attendant who hands me the ear-plus that I do not need them – she says: ”well, you want to sleep, don’t you!” …..If travelling on WestJet was offered no charge, the flight attendant would have every right to dictate to me what to do, but considering that my ticket fee + the upgrade I paid $100.00, ensuring continuing business for WestJet – hence ensuring HER salary, I can honestly say to WestJet management that maybe they should review their training course to their staff, and teach them that customers are everything.

    To witness flight attendants being totally unprofessional, and oblivious to the passengers, is to me unacceptable.

    I will never fly WestJet, ever again.

  37. 5.0

    I traveled in from Regina on the 1 June flight 3263 to Grande prairie. When I checked in, my bag pulled fine. When I arrived, one of the wheels did not turn. I didn’t report it at the time as our flight was already a hour late, and it was midnight. When I checked in on the 7 Jun flight 3264, they made a note on my file in Grande prairie, and said to report to baggage when I got into Regina. When I did, they did not bother to check my file, and gave no help or suggestions. I was made to feel as though I was lying, and was very disappointed at the lack of help. I was not going to report this, but I was a airline employee myself many years ago, and would of never handled it the way those agents did.

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